Katy Perry in custom Alexis Mabille at the LA amfAR gala: dramatic or tedious?

Katy Perry attends The the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles

In the past, I feel like I’ve waged honest-to-God campaigns to get various celebrity women to change their hair. I truly feel like I did my part to get Jessica Biel to give up her shaggy, thick, awful bangs. So maybe I need to do the same with Katy Perry and her terrible pixie cut. It’s unflattering, it’s tired and she needs a change. Katy displayed her terrible blonde pixie at last night’s amfAR gala in LA. Katy was “the star” of the gala, and by far the biggest name there. She wore this custom Alexis Mabille gown which should be DRAMA. I guess it is drama, but I can’t stop looking at Katy’s sad hair. Okay, that’s it. The Campaign To Get Katy Perry A New Hairstyle has commenced.

Katy Perry attends The the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles

Robert Pattinson also attended the amfAR gala. Rob and Katy are old friends, possibly friends with benefits. I would imagine he was there to hang out with Katy, and because amfAR is a great cause. He wore Dior.

Robert Pattinson attends The the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles

Heidi Klum in Zac Posen – I have to laugh, she always wears the worst stuff. Or does she? Does Heidi just make everything look cheap these days? Would we like this Posen gown on someone else? Imagine this on Beyonce… I think I might like it so much more.

Heidi Klum attends The the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles

Robin Thicke was there with his pregnant girlfriend April Love Geary.

Robin Thicke, April Love Geary attends The the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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14 Responses to “Katy Perry in custom Alexis Mabille at the LA amfAR gala: dramatic or tedious?”

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  1. Pandy says:

    The green bow in the middle of the bodice … bunch of C Listers and R Pattz looking for his next gig.

  2. Kerfuffle says:

    That dress looks like Katy stole it from the wardrobe of Hello Dolly.

    Heidi’s dress could possibly look great on the person it was intended for, but it’s falling off of her and doesn’t fit. And for a model, she doesn’t really “sell” her clothes.

  3. Skyblue says:

    Did not need to see a picture of Robin Thicke this morning. 🤢

  4. mia girl says:

    LMAO at the pictures you choose Kaiser. 🤣 the second one of Katy Perry made me laugh.

    I’m definitely not a fan of her pixie, but I think this is the best I’ve seen it and her make-up is good (by her standards). But that feather neck dress thing is just awful.

    She was actually the honoree at the amfAR gala so Pattinson attended to support (maybe he spoke- who knows?). I saw pictures of Bloom there, but guess they didn’t walk carpet together.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      LOL…every time Kaiser talks about her haircut I’m like “what’s so bad about it?”

      I don’t think it’s that bad and she’s pretty enough to pull it off.

  5. Christo says:

    Her hair is particularly on point as well as the make-up. Though she can be annoying and have a tendency to overshare, I think Katy’s outfit captures the perfect balance of spectacle and glamor without jumping into costume territory.

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m going to go with tedious.

  7. Big Earl says:

    I like Katy’s pixie cut. It has finally started to grow on me.

  8. Ifeoma says:

    Wow, that dress is fugly. April is actually the best dressed here. Lol

  9. a reader says:

    I would love to see Katy grow her hair back out. I think she’s a beautiful woman with an unflattering haircut.

    And I absolutely CANNOT UNSEE how Robin Thicke’s girlfriend is basically a younger carbon copy doppleganger of his first wife. He’s gross!