Prince Harry is ‘resentful of the role he was born into,’ doesn’t want that for Polo Baby

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex meet well wishers at Kingfisher Bay

There’s already been tons of speculation about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy and the future of Polo Baby. What will they name Polo Baby, and will that name ever be as great as “Polo Sussex”? Will Meghan and Harry have any babies after Polo Baby? Will they raise Polo Baby in London, while they work as full-time royals? And so on. Previously, we heard from “sources” that Meghan and Harry are determined to see Polo Baby have a “normal life.” I discussed that here, and I gave some weight to the report, because it sounds like Harry. Harry and William are alike in that way – they fetishize this idea of “normalcy” without really understanding how “normal people” live. Well, here’s more about Harry wanting Polo Baby to be super-normal:

Defying the norm! Prince Harry wants his future children with Duchess Meghan to grow up out of the limelight and lead relatively normal lives, a privilege that he and Prince William were not afforded.

“[Harry] grew up with the entire world watching his every move, which has made him very private and someone resentful of the role he was born into,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly in the new issue. “He does not want that for his own children.”

Even more, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan on being hands-on parents, picking their little ones up from school, involving them in charity work and encouraging them to pursue normal career paths.

[From Us Weekly]

As I said, as much as I dislike admitting this about Harry, he and William are a lot alike in their “resentful” nature. They still resent a lot about how they were brought up, and everything they went through with their parents’ divorce and then their mother’s death. William dealt with his resentment by hiding away in Norfolk, avoiding royal work and throwing tantrums. Harry dealt with it by being a “party prince” for a decade in between military engagements, and then marrying an American actress. I’m just saying… I hope Meghan is a good influence on Harry, and I feel like she’ll instinctively understand how to balance the public/private tightrope.

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex at the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex visit the University of the South Pacific campus

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  1. Sayrah says:

    I think they’ll get pregnant with another one before the first turns 1 and then they’ll be done.

  2. Lala11_7 says:

    I think Harry is very self-aware…and made the right decision when it came to choosing a life partner who provides the level of comfort he needs…and they’re both very intelligent and intuitive…so I believe they’re on the same accord regarding this…

    • Bella DuPont says:

      I hate to admit this, but Meghan + Harry’s kids will never, ever, ever have normal lives, titles or not. Consider this….they’ll be:

      – The first non-white kids born to senior royals;
      – Prince Harry + Meghan Markle’s kids
      – First (half) American blood royals

      It’s a wrap.

      Lol…..short of going to hide them in caves on some deserted island, they are destined to be in the public eye for large chunks of their lifetimes, whether they like it or not.

      I mean, just look at how the media thrusts the ugly, desperate, unsightly Markles (that no one wants to see), in our faces……now imagine cute, love-able Mini Harry’s and Meghans……

      If I were them, I would give them all the titles to be had and let them at least have access to all the advantages of their royal privilege because *believe me* (omg, been watching too much Trump!), they will suffer ALL the disadvantages of their position as well, regardless.

      • PrincessK says:

        And for all those reasons you have stated I think that it will be important to style them HRH.

      • perplexed says:

        Those are interesting points I hadn’t considered. Their lineage will be unique for kids born to a senior royal and that would make them fascinating to the public at large who might enjoy seeing a reflection of their diversity in the royal family (no one would have thought this possible decades ago).

        His kids would probably get less attention if he had married someone with the more typical British aristocratic background.

      • JustSayin' says:

        Those kids will most likely look white which isn’t so strange seeing as they will be…mostly white. I doubt they will look very “exotic” so no one will be that curious about them in that way.
        I know someone with Meghans mixture, half black, half white, who looks even more black than meghan and her husband is white with strawberry blond hair. Their kids look 100% white. They have pale white skin, one of the kids has auburn hair and the other blond. Both have blue eyes.
        I just don’t think people will react once they see what the child looks like.
        Also, not the first half black member . Queen Charlotte, anyone?

        Hopefully they’ll have normal lives outside of the public eye. They will not be working royals so they should be ok and the press should back off.

      • HeySandy says:

        They’re kid could also come out as dark or darker then Meghan. Genetics are really a crapshoot, just because one mixed race couple in the world had kids that looked like X, doesn’t mean another mixed race couple’s children will look like the first couple’s children. Hell, I remember seeing a story about two British twins, with a white father and a half-black mother. One was a pale redhead and one was dark skinned with curly dark hair.

      • JustSayin' says:

        Of course, you never know. We are all individuals at the end of the day but usually when someone is what 75%? white their phenotype tend to reflect that.
        And weren’t those twins biracial? Meghans and harrys kid will not be biracial, that’s meghans racial makeup.
        It really doesn’t matter either way. I just hope people and the media will leave them alone. There has been enough passive aggressive racism aimed at meghan and her mother, no need to attack the children as well.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Justsayin

        But it’s not just a matter of race though is it? It’s the other reasons as well…..they’ll be kids of the most charismatic senior royals currently being covered + American royalty.

        So many reasons for them to be obsessed over and covered voraciously.

        The only hope they have is if they turn out to be aggressively dull and completely unremarkable in every possible way, which seems unlikely.

        @ Princess K

        I agree

      • aaa says:

        Harry and Meghan would be doing a disservice to their kids to serve them up to the public because the public has a voracious appetite to see and know about the Sussex children due to the fascination with their parents.

      • Greta G says:

        Bella, You read my mind!

      • Megan says:

        Given that Charles travels with a yeoman of the wardrobe and lives a life of extreme protocol and etiquette, normal to William and Harry probably means putting your pants on by yourself and making your own cheesy toast. I believe they are rejecting the extreme trappings of royalty that Charles is so fond of.

      • perplexed says:

        To clarify, I tend to think of their children as being white because 3/4 of their make-up IS white. But there was such an emphasis on Diana’s “Englishness” (which basically is thought of as WASP), the fact that their kids will be even a little bit ethnic is unusual for kids who have royal blood. Even if the kids were a quarter Asian like Keanu Reeves, I think that would be unusual (for the set Harry runs in).

        Meghan Markle is light-skinned and I believe she has the advantages of being light-skinned (including acceptance by the public because of it — I have wondered how people would have reacted to her if she had looked like Angela Bassett or even Halle Berry). But that she’s mixed-race is still unusual for a royal bride.

    • K2 says:

      The thing is, Meghan is late 30s. The public are fickle and shallow. In fifteen years, the press and public will have lost the current intense level of interest, and the Cambridge kids will be the teenage stars drawing all the headlines. Harry knows if he can just shield his children through the school years, then they’ll emerge stinking rich, astonishingly well-connected, but without any responsibility or too much attention. Win all round, really.

      If I had to pick between being Harry’s kid, or William’s, I’d pick the first in a heartbeat. If they are smart about it their kid will get almost all of the perks and almost none of the downsides. Christmas at Sandringham, any door they want open, and scads of money, but no lack of privacy in any sense that really matters.

      • Gm says:

        Completely agreee with K2. As outsiders looking in this is the best plan if you want those kids to have the best of all worlds, sure there will be some scrutiny but probably less than what’s on George, Charlotte &Louis ( I saw many photos of William & Harry, few of Eugenie, Beatrice, Zara, Phillip when they were growing up and even as adults). Yet e, b, z, p have lives of privilege and wealth.

  3. Ali says:

    If these are his thoughts, he sounds extremely out of touch with his life of privilege. He sounds like every celebrity who uses public attention for their own benefit and complains when they can’t just turn it off.

    • Anitas says:

      Very true.

    • someone says:

      Not really. I can see that he and William appreciate their blessings and privilege. To be fair, they are the first kids that grew up in a celebrity culture, with blogs like this and other, really, really awful blogs, writting about them. The filth online and the amount of attention online is not healthy for any human being, that hasn’t chosen it. The royal family isnt’ or wasn’t about celebrity gossip, but was about service to the nation, in their own old fashioned way.

      We all are part of making this toxic to them. Let’s judge them by what they do, not who they date, their mistakes growing up. Anyone growing up under the microscope like this, will be resentful. Even celebrities have a limited scrutiny period, and not from birth-death. They need some privacy, instead of the whole world acting as if they own them, like expensive pets.

      • Lilly says:

        @Someone this is so well-said. I was embarrassed to find at mid-thirties I hadn’t gotten over a childhood incident. I thought I worked through so much of it, but when I was telling someone I realized how it was like yesterday. It truly is a different type of scrutiny now and, yes, let them feel their way through it. After all they’re really caring and kind people, so that gives me hope that they’ll find a great path.

    • Swack says:

      I take anything from “sources” with a grain of salt. But if they want the children to stay out of the spot light it can be done.

    • hmmm says:

      there’s a reason they complain though. Fame is a terrible thing.

      • BCity says:

        So true!! As eye-rolly as these stories can be, he has a point.

      • GreenOne says:

        It is and I guess that unlike every other celebrity who has chosen that life and could walk away, William & Harry don’t have that choice.

    • Redgrl says:

      @ali – this! Have to say – when Queen Elizabeth II goes to her reward, it is time for Canada to sever ties with the monarchy. Tired of hearing William and Harry snivel like petulant brats about their – as Kaiser rightly puts it – fetishized wishes to be “normal”. Neither has any clue what “normal” really is and as others have posted they just want all the perks with none of the responsibility. They had best prepare Polo Baby to go to school and get a real job if that is their view. Utterly galling.

      • mynameispearl says:

        Much as I disapprove of the monarchy as an institution, i get where Harry is coming from.

        He and William grew up under the spotlight, their parents had the messiest, nastiest, most public divorce in the UK, their father (at that point) was supposedly cold and distant, their mother was somewhat emotionally unstable, and was then tragically killed at a very young age. After she died there was continuous speculation that the Royal family somehow had a hand in her death (I dont believe it, but it couldn’t be nice popping up in the newspapers all the time).

        So all in all, I totally get why he’s not always totally grateful for his overprivileged life.

      • JayneBirkinB says:

        I agree with mynameispearl, the kids grew up in the 1980’s and early 1990’s when the media was voraciously interested in them, and their parents. Getting your phone hacked when you’re going through the awkward teen and early twenties while trying to lead a normal life is horrible. Basically they felt like they were stalked, but had no way to stop it. At least a normal person would have the legal means to stop it.

        I think the UK needs more laws to protect kids of famous people (not just royals) from getting photographed without parental permission. It’s still way out of hand.

        The kids may be raised out in the countryside, as Princess Anne did with her kids, to help protect them from so much media stalking, to return to London only for the Buckingham balcony scenes at TotC, etc.

      • Redgrl says:

        @pearl – so then renounce, stop taking tax dollars, find a job and support yourself. I doubt Harry nor William would last a hot minute. Meghan, on the other hand, would manage just fine!

    • Alix says:

      Let’s bear in mind that this is not a direct quote from Harry, but the tea-spilling of an anonymous source.

  4. Clare says:

    This this this is why their children shouldn’t be given prince/princess titles – if they want (rightfully) for their children to have ‘normal’ lives then it goes both ways. Perfectly happy for them to raise their babies in the country, and wish them well, but I hope they won’t be like William when it comes to being ‘normal’ (as in leave me/my kids alone, but keep paying our bills and let us have all the privilege and status)

    • Eliza says:

      Unless Charles is never king, they will inherit prince/ss titles no matter what.

      They can choose to not “style” them as prince/ss a la Eduard’s kids. And use a lesser title of Lord/Lady. I doubt theyd forgo a title and use Mr/Miss Sussex.

    • Sayrah says:

      This is true. You have to make appearances and do your job to be a prince/ss. Harry doesn’t look so upset with this long trip he and Meghan have been on.

    • PrincessK says:

      Not giving them titles will never make them normal. They will need to have bodyguards for all their lives, so they might as well be HRH.

      • aaa says:

        Not all HRHs have or need bodyguards, at least not 24/7 bodyguards.

        Presumably their protection will be based on if there are threats to their safety and not their titles.

      • GreenOne says:

        Lot’s of Royals don’t have constant personal security.

  5. Chaine says:

    I often wonder if the sons would have turned out any different in had Diana lived. And I don’t think they really would, because they’ve not got any realistic option but to stay on their life paths of being princes. Obviously, without her death, they would not have had such a traumatic experience, but there would have been other reasons to be just as publicity-shy and angry at paparazzi and disliking the public hunger for information and pictures about them.

    Harry seems to be doing better with it all overall than William, he does really well in the informal settings with the children and greeting regular people, and Meghan seems to comfort him and encourage him as they go through all of the formal public engagements they are doing in Australia.

    • Corporatestepsister says:

      If Diana had lived, they would have turned out worse. Diana was famous for whining about her lot in life and she played media games and I think her BIGGEST mistake was to introduce her sons to a way of life that simply wasn’t in the cards for them. She made the mistake of treating the press as abnormal and something to be avoided and she stupidly hammered on and on and on about how she wanted her sons to have as much of a ‘normal’ life as possible.

      Second, Diana herself was not someone who understood needing to work to keep a roof over her head in the way that we do. As a teen she lived in a posh place, as a child she grew up in a HUGE mansion and then a palace (Althorp) and after her marriage, her ‘work’ wasn’t of the type that was needed to pay for rent/health/utilities and she did jobs that were not demanding and left her with plenty of free time. She was never someone who could have taught her sons through example and she never knew what ‘normalcy’ was. Her version of normalcy was a life without constraints, rules, schedules, or scrutiny and that isn’t something that being a royal is all about.

      Harry and William are clearly looking for that kind of life and I am fed up with all this pity they keep asking for out of everyone around them. Both need to stop complaining and stop trying to shove their responsibilities onto everyone else around them. If Harry hates the idea of serving his nation so much, he should get out of the BRF and get off the backs of the British taxpayer!

      • Masamf says:

        No one really knows what would have been, maybe the boys would have turned out better than they did, or maybe they wouldn’t, we don’t know. And to claim that the boys would have turned out worse when clearly no one can read the future is just plain nonsensical. Diana grew up in a privileged life, but she was also raised with the morals of a person grows up, finds a job and works to support themselves. before she married PoW, she was working as a teacher and she was living a relatively normal life as any normal 19 year old. And I don’t agree that the life Diana introduced to her sons was not in the cards for them. If Diana had not introduced Harry to “the other side of life” Harry wouldn’t have turned out the way he is, there would be no Sentebale, there would be no Invictus, there would have been no participation with walking with the wounded, the list is pretty long of Harry’s achievements and I credit all that to his mother instilling in him the values that she did. William turned out to be somehow different from Harry but that is not to say their mother didn’t try to instill the same values in him that she did in Harry. If Diana hadn’t raised her boys the way she did, Harry would have turned out to be like prince andrew Duke of York.
        And I really feel for Harry and William, who wants to have a lifetime of being scrutinized, and judged by people that really know nothing about you, all their lives but really have no ability to change anything? I know I don’t. Even if Harry walked away from the monarchy, got a job and worked to earn his living and not take any tax payer money, there was absolutely no guarantee that he wouldn’t have been hounded by the media, absolutely none. He still would be Charles and Diana son, he still would have been the spare, he still would be alive and many would still be interested to know what is going on in his life, so his is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

  6. perplexed says:

    It’s fine for him to feel resentful. I’m just not sure I want to hear about it.

  7. Kerfuffle says:

    Concept of “normal” aside, Harry made a deliberate choice in his wife – someone who was comfortable in the spotlight and who he can support, but won’t need to caretake.

    But I hope Harry also remembers that there is definitely a trade off. “Normal” doesn’t live the life of fabulous wealth and privilege that he does.

    • Becks1 says:

      I hope Meghan will remind him of that – what being “normal” means (at least relatively) and that if he was a normal guy,he would not have the lifestyle that he clearly enjoys.

      • Nic919 says:

        Just the fact that Meghan is the only one who can understand the struggle to pay university fees shows just how far from normal the rest of them are, including Kate. Carole and Mike may have had to work regular jobs, but their kids were so spoiled that they have lead pretty empty lives.

  8. Dizzy says:

    Well, prince Edward’s kids aren’t prince or princess and Princess Anne’s kids have no titles so it is a choice.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Edward’s kids are only styled as Lady Louise and Viscount Severn but they are technically prince and princess. Anne’s kids couldn’t be prince or princess because their father declined a title.

      • aaa says:

        Even if Mark Phillips accepted a title, their kids would not have been styled as HRH Prince Peter and HRH Princess Zara because the Queen at most would have made Mark Philips an Earl. Therefore Anne and Mark’s children would have had titles but the titles would have been Viscount X and Lady Zara.

  9. Beth says:

    Harry might resent the role he was born into, but it is what it is, he’s a prince born into royalty. Does Harry really undestand what ‘normal life’ is? There’s more to being a “normal person, ” than being picked up by parents at school or going to McDonald’s. A child with parents who are a famous Hollywood actress and a lifelong wealthy prince, are never going to have a ‘normal persons’ life

    • CanadianGirl says:

      He doesn’t want real normal, he wants the “normal” his friends experiences: wealth and probledge without responsibility or scrutIny.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Everyone is confusing “normal” with their own lives. “Normal” to these guys is the aristocracy. Title, money, connections, freedom to do whatever without any kind of expectation of giving back or press intrusion. That’s the normal they’re referring to. Even HM is pretty much known to have desired the country life but fate intervened and she was thrust into this role.

      • Ali says:

        That is a really good point.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ MeghanNotMarkle : Yes, they want to be normal rich, like their very rich but not so titled friends. Not normal poor or middle class like most of us. Their definition of “normal” is very different from most other people.

    • SallyHoo says:

      I think Harry actually does want the “normal” life, even if it meant working a normal job and not getting all the perks. I think that’s why he valued his military service so much.

  10. Becks1 says:

    I think they will follow the example of Sophie and Edward – full time royals, who might fade from popularity as the years go on* and their children will be titled and will make appearances at royal events but the expectation from the beginning will be that they wont be FT royals when they grow up and the children will be raised accordingly. Part of what makes William and Kate’s demands for “normalcy” for the children slightly ludicrous is that their kids are NOT “normal” (whatever that means) and never will be. George will be king one day. They can limit the effect that has on him as a child, but his life will never be like Viscount Severn’s.

    *I say that their popularity may fade, but I’m not sure. Harry will always be Diana’s son and as long as her memory lives on, there will always be interest in him, and when his father is king, and then his brother, that interest will probably not fade. But, I can see as George, Charlotte and Louis grow up, the public focus may shift a bit to them and away from the Sussexes.

  11. CanadianGirl says:

    I feel like these stories are meant to lay the groundwork for the fact that the baby will follow the Wessex children and be titled lord/lady.

  12. BegoneOrangeCheeto says:

    I like Harry but the last thing I want or need to hear is some super wealthy aristocrat complaining about his life of privilege. I get the lack of privacy is annoying – but, come on.

  13. Leslie says:

    Honestly, with what I’m currently going through in my own life, it makes me even more annoyed when William and Harry complain about their royal life and whine about wanting a “normal” life for themselves or their kids. It makes them seem so out of touch. If William and Harry truly wanted a “normal” life, then they’d give up the millions that they don’t earn themselves that pays for their luxury homes and vacations, their wives’ outrageously expensive wardrobes, their elaborate public weddings, etc. But they don’t. They choose to stay and take the money and the adoration, yet complain every day about the public caring about them and wanting to know about them. They have enormous privilege. Sure, not every part of their life is great and their suffering may be real to them, but they are extremely lucky in what they have and never acknowledge that.

    Also, I think it would be a mistake on Harry’s part to take the publicity and adoration that he and Meghan currently receive and then hide their kids away like the public are a nuisance for wanting to know about and see their kids – which I totally see coming from him. Harry and Meghan are so public that trying to hide their kids would only harm the kids by making them resent their lives, too. If Harry truly wanted a normal life for his kids, he’d step away from the spotlight himself, give up the perks, and raise his kids truly out of the spotlight.

  14. Sue Dew says:

    You know what? I’m really really really tired of William/Kate/Harry whining about their entitled life in the spotlight. There is so much poverty, cruelty and just plain suffering going on in the world and they think they have it bad? My heart goes out to the real people in this world who know what it is to suffer, who try to feed their families and keep their heads above water just barely. So the Fab Four can just suck it up or move on!

  15. Cerys says:

    My heart bleeds for him! If he doesn’t want a Royal life for his child then he can remove himself from the line of succession and retire to the country. He can live off his inheritance from Diana and not the taxpayer. However I get the impression he likes the perks of royalty too much to do that, just like his brother. The two of them need a good dose of reality.

  16. Chisey says:

    I think that if they want their kids to have normal lives the best thing they can do would be to encourage them to have normal jobs when they’re older. Maybe I’m naive, but with 3 Cambridge kids I suspect that if Harry and Meghan’s kid decides to get a regular job and didn’t do anything flashy or dramatic, they would eventually be left to have a life out of the spotlight. But the trouble is that I think kids tend to follow the examples of the adults in their lives, so if all the adults they know say work and mean dressing up in a fancy outfit and smiling for cameras, then what are the chances that they’ll gravitate towards being an accountant or something? A part of me thinks the kid might decide to be an actor or actress, where their royal connection is a big asset.

    That said, in general i take the ‘normal life’ talk as way of saying that they don’t want press staking our preschool or anything. And while I understand that the public interest is the price for all the wealth and privilege they have, I do think little kids should be allowed to grow up without the pressure from the press stalking them. Of course, I am as interested in news about these kids as anyone else (I’m here after all) but I do hope there’s the possibility for a happy medium where the kids don’t feel hunted by tabloids or anything like that.

  17. Valerie says:

    My take on these kinds of statements, from both of them, is that the resentment comes from never having had a choice. Which they don’t, outside of complete abdication from the family/institution as a whole. They have zero option to be anything other than what their “roles” determine–which in the current world involves being trolled about every move they make; every word that comes out of their mouths; and every piece of clothing they wear. They can’t be lawyers, doctors, dancers, entrepreneurs, etc. Resenting that kind of constant objectification is pretty normal, I’d say.

    • Corporatestepsister says:

      They could walk away. This is what life is about, making hard choices and accepting the consequences in full. Neither have ANY business whining about their lives when they have the money to live VERY well without their titles. No support from me.

      • lanne says:

        But can they really walk away, though? The press will hound them forever as “sons of Diana” and “FORMER” prince is now a plumber” and “What would Queen think?” and “Betraying your heritage” and “That bitch Meghan made him do it!” There is no escape for PH and PW, unless they move to the Yukon, and even then, some DM rats would worm their way up there looking for them. That would be a million dollar photo right there. They had no choice in their birthright, and our social media world won’t let them go. At least they are protected as Royals. Quite frankly, that alone is the reason to stay. They will always be targets just because of who they are. Always. Their mother was hounded to death because she didn’t have royal security. Meghan has it bad from the media, and that must make Harry feel terrible. All of this is happening because of who he is, and he can’t do anything about that.

  18. Aerohead21 says:

    During his party days I could see “resent” being an applicable word. Lately I see an acceptance. In a way, he’s taking his privilege and platform and using it in a productive, meaningful way versus being angry and immature about it. He’s making appropriate “anti-establishment” choices that hopefully have a resounding and positive impact. This is probably what gets him more likes than William. He says he doesn’t like it and then works. He doesn’t whine in his caviar at the castle like oh poor me.

  19. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    He could just, you know, walk away from the titles and money. Nobody could stop him.

  20. paddingtonjr says:

    Whining about their lives and wanting to be “normal” seems to be the way William and Harry try to connect with the regular folks. Every life has its pros and cons and I can understand their anger at losing their mother in such a tragic way at an early age and having to mourn in public. However, their constant complaining insults those who finance the BRF’s lives while trying to make ends meet. The reality is, as cute and adorable as Harry and Meghan are, they are unnecessary and could live “normal” lives if they wanted to. There will always be some interest in them, but, as Charles and William ascend to the throne and the Cambridge kids grow up, H&M will fade more and more into the background and will just be faces on the balcony every so often.

    I do wonder why Harry left the military so soon. Andrew seemed to be able to have more of a “normal” life in the Navy than he has a working royal and he was closer to the throne then. Edward was able to have his own identity for a number of years after he left the Marines. The Armstrong-Joneses and Phillips children have lived most of their lives out of the spotlight, but benefited financially and socially.

    It will be interesting to see how the BRF changes in the next decade or so: TQ will not live forever and, for the majority of UK subjects, she has been the only monarch they have known. Charles will put his own stamp on the role as will William and George. Their reigns will most likely be relatively short: if TQ lives for another 10 years, Charles will be 80; even if he’s inherited the longevity of both his parents, he’ll rule for 20 years at the most. William will be in his late 60s when he succeeds Charles and George may well be into his late 30s before he becomes POW. Will H&M and their Polo Babies be more than a footnote in the BRF history by then?

    • Nat says:

      This timeline puts the possible future of the monarchy in perspective. Do you think it likely William will call for an end to the British monarchy when Charles is in his final days?

      • paddingtonjr says:

        Honestly, I don’t know if the choice would be up to William. I could see one or more Commonwealth countries deciding to leave, especially a country on a different continent such as Australia or Canada, once TQ passes. The continuation of the BRF and on what level also depends a lot on how Charles reigns and/or if William steps up once he becomes POW (or at least the direct heir). Commoners seem to make up a larger percentage of the wealthy classes than hereditary heirs now. The devout monarchists who love TQ are dying out and don’t seem to have the same reverence for Charles and the younger generations. People may take a “slimmed-down monarchy” to heart and demand that the BRF do more with less. It will be interesting to see what happens.

        If it were completely up to William, I don’t think he would call for a end to the monarchy. He loves the perks, but hates to work for them. If the monarchy were to end, he would be financially okay on a “normal” level through inheritances and trust funds from his mother and great-grandmother (the Queen Mother was very generous with her great-grandchildren) and the government would probably negotiate a settlement with the Cambridges. However, he wouldn’t have the same lifestyle and status; he would basically be a “poor relation” and a man without a country like King Constantine or the Duke of Windsor. Also, let’s be real: no matter how much they love each other, Kate Middleton didn’t marry pilot Billy Wales to become an RAF wife, she married Prince William to become the Queen of England and to give her parents bragging rights.

      • Nat says:

        My Canadian friends & family are most definitely over the British Royal Family. As an American looking in on things I can’t begin to understand the complicated sentiments attached to Billy Wales (love this moniker!) & company. But to stomach the idea of Charles & his 13 yeomen when you have Justin Trudaeu?!

  21. Chatty Cath says:

    Even with a ‘normal’ job there is so much inherited wealth behind them that ‘normality’ is just being rich. No debts, worries about housing, medical care, safety, anything that is ‘wonderful’ about ‘normal’ living. It’s an insult to the folk in the Realm so William and Harry had better be careful what they say. My Mum was disgusted Queen Elizabeth the Consort during World War Two. ‘We know what it’s like we’ve been bombed too’. And you didn’t lose anyone let alone your whole family, your house and all your possessions…

    • Alix says:

      What Queen Elizabeth said, after the palace was bombed, was, “…it makes me feel I can look the East End in the face.” because now she could at least relate more the the suffering of those who had also been attacked.

  22. BBeauty says:

    Regardless of what Harry wants, his kids will always be under a microscope like he is. Maybe if he moved out of England and left royal life behind, that would be different. I like Harry a lot but to hear him complain is offensive. The guy has been put in an enormously fortunate position, with wealth and power, and he complains? He never has to worry about a dime and he complains?? It’s actually disgusting. I hope Meghan has helped bring him back down to Earth because this resentful complaining stuff is bullshit. Both he and William could leave public life and yet neither of them do it. They want to keep the money and privilege but be left alone? Please. No one is stopping them from stepping out of the public eye.

    • veronica t says:

      Harry’s children will garner as much attention as Beatrice and Eugenie, which means the media will only mention them to mock them. It is a terrible thing, to be the child of the spare in England. I would move my kids away.

  23. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Polo is a the nickname for the name Leopold in my home country so I chuckle every time I read “Polo baby”. Leopold would make an interesting name tho.

  24. meh says:

    He probably should have thought of that BEFORE having a kid, hey?

  25. aaa says:

    I don’t have a problem with Harry (and William) reflecting on their childhoods, figuring out what caused them pain and distress and taking corrective measures when it comes to raising their own kids.

    In Harry’s case he is the son of a future monarch but his children are not. I think that it is very reasonable for Harry and Meghan to give thought on raising their kids to not be an integral part of the royal road show and ultimately prepare them to for adult lives that are for the most part non-royal.

  26. Digital Unicorn says:

    Both Wales boys have whinged in the past about feeling resentful which is understandable as this was never a choice for them but they can walk away. Being removed from the direct line of succession can be done although not easy as it requires an act of parliament and agreement from the Commonwunations. There rather family members who’d step up after Chuck, Andrew isn’t suitable but Anne and the Wessex’s r more than capable.

  27. Rocky says:

    How about normal being able to do what you want with your life. Their only option was to join the military and then leave to shake hands and smile the rest of your life. Or to be able to marry without your grandmothers permission. These are freedoms I would want my children to have
    No matter how gilded the cage is it’s still a cage.

  28. sunshine cookie says:

    If you don’t want a royal life for your children then don’t give them royal titles. That is the custom in the royal family. See Princess Anne’s daughter Zara.
    As William has three children already there are little to no chances that Harry’s children would ascend to the throne so I can understand he might want them to life a “normal” life without all the crazy papparazzi and such.
    We will see. I kind of think that Meghan wants titles for her children.

  29. Uppenyrcraut says:

    Their romanticising of “normal life” annoys the hell out of me. They mean upper class, well connected, privileged, moneyed life. Both the boys need to get a grip and get on with it.

  30. In the Know says:

    I WISH I had their kind of money and privilege to resent! I very much wish I did!

    • Alix says:

      You do. Billions of people would love to have the time, money, and resources to go online and bitch about people who are richer than they are.

  31. Svea says:

    I resent that they are resentful. It just reveals the level pf privilege. Harry and William sound like real millenials.

  32. Svea says:

    I resent that they are resentful. It just reveals the level pf privilege. Harry and William sound like real millenials.

  33. Julia says:

    If they really want their kids to have normal lives, they’d better hope that the Cambridges stop traveling together as a family soon. A plane crash or even car crash could take them all out and leave Harry as the heir.