Demi Lovato will stay in rehab for months more and she’s selling her mansion


Demi Lovato could have died from an overdose she suffered this July after taking an aftermarket opioid drug. We know what she took because the person who supplied her, a guy named Brandon Johnson, did an interview with the paparazzi. Luckily someone close to Demi had the rescue drug Narcan on hand and was able to revive her. Demi spent over a week in hospital battling a high fever and withdrawal symptoms. When she recovered she went to a rehab far from home. Demi has since reached 90 days sober and she intends to stay in rehab until the end of the year. Demi’s mom was on Maria Menounos’s podcast last week. She said that Demi is doing well and that she’s very proud of her. She also said that she knew Demi wasn’t sober before her relapse but that Demi is an adult and there’s nothing she could have done about it, basically. Here’s the news with her plan to stay in rehab as well as some quotes from Demi’s mom.

“Demi is planning to stay in rehab through the end of the year and is doing well and focused on herself,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “She is committed to the rehabilitation process.”

A second insider previously told Us that Lovato, 26, “will come back hard in the new year, but as of now, there’s going to be no work activity for the rest of the year,” as the former Disney star will remain in rehab “for the remainder of the year.” – From US

Demi Lovato has reached 90 days of sobriety, according her mother, Dianna De La Garza.

“She has 90 days,” she confirmed in an interview on Maria Menounos‘ Sirius XM show Friday (Oct. 26). “I couldn’t be more thankful or more proud of her because addiction being a disease, it’s work. It’s very hard. It’s not easy, and there are no shortcuts.”

Her mother admitted she “can’t really say for sure” what led to her daughter’s relapse.

“I knew that she wasn’t sober,” De La Garza said of Lovato, who apologized for no longer being sober in her ballad “Sober,” released in June. “I didn’t know what she was doing because she doesn’t live with me and she’s 26.”

De La Garza recounted the moment she found out about Lovato’s overdose, saying that text messages alerted her that something had happened. “The one text message that clued me in on what was going on said, ‘I just saw on TMZ and I’m so sorry,’” she said. “Before I could get to TMZ, I got the phone call from her assistant and she said, ‘We’re at the hospital.’ So then I knew, OK, she’s not gone. She’s here. And I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And the words that I heard are just a nightmare for any parent: ‘Demi overdosed.’” – From Billboard

[From US Magazine and Billboard]

I can’t imagine having to worry about losing a child to addiction. This is such an epidemic and it affects so many families. I have at least two friends with adult children who are addicts and it’s heartbreaking for them.

Demi is also selling her mansion and has recently lowered the price. E! has some more quotes about how Demi isn’t sure if she’s even going to return to LA when she’s out of rehab. She is said to be “really receptive” in recovery and to be considering a move to Texas to be near family. She’s making all the right moves and I hope to see her come back stronger and more importantly sober. It’s to her credit that she’s planning to move when she gets out of rehab and that she’s taking her recovery so seriously. I hope she eases back into work and doesn’t just go back to the same grueling schedule either. I do miss her outfits though.




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  1. Other Renee says:

    Wishing her well in rehab. She will have to ditch all her enabler hanger-on druggie friends if she’s serious about staying sober.

    Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say that the jeans and suspenders outfit may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  2. Kittycat says:

    I hope she stays away from work.

    Seems like her whole lifestyle needs to change.

  3. Esmom says:

    Good lord she’s only 26. So incredibly young. Sounds like she is committed to sobriety, wishing her well. My heart goes out to her mom. We parents spend nearly two decades protecting our kiddos and it can be so hard to let them go, knowing how many dangers lurk in the world, massive fame and money notwithstanding. Some people are just better equipped to handle the world than others. Sigh.

    And wow are those jeans/garters bad, lol.

  4. skipper says:

    She is going to have to make major life changes once she leaves rehab. I’m sure she’s aware of this. I hope her management doesn’t expect too much from her once she’s out and she’s surrounded by people who truly care about her well-being and not the bottom line $$$$$. Best of luck to her!

    • Millenial says:

      I think most of her management quit when she was relapsing, so it will be interesting to see if she gets back together with them or not.

      I tend to think she should wind her career down a bit – she’s made enough money, presumably, but I also really love her music so I don’t know.

  5. Chocolate Princess says:

    I really wish her well. I am glad that she has a support system at hand and since she is in recovery I hope she make wise decisions that affects her life like getting rid of her stupid enabler she calls friends.

  6. Veronica S. says:

    Considering how risky it is to disappear in the pop business for even that span of time from a career standpoint, it sounds like this definitely scared her straight. I wish her well on her path to sobriety. She’s very lucky to have survived.

  7. Hikaru says:

    She was pushed into business and groomed to be a meal ticked by her mother her whole life, she has no idea what normal life is supposed to be like. The best thing for her would be to drop both the LA scene and her mother and to commit to a couple of years of extensive therapy to process her childhood issues. See if there are other things in life that would be of interest to her and perhaps get some schooling done instead of using her fame as the sole base of her self worth and validation.

  8. Case says:

    I wish more celebs had the sense to stay in rehab until they were genuinely strong enough to return to their regular lives. Addiction is such a beast, and must be that much more challenging when you have money and easy access. The whole “one-month of rehab and then back to normal” thing seems like a recipe for disaster.

    • ...otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. I’m glad that she’s really taking the time to focus on her health instead of throwing herself back into work right away (or partying).

    • Silent Star says:

      Yes, I’ve never even *heard* of a celebrity staying in rehab for as long as Demi is. That’s a great sign. I’m not a fan, but I’m so glad to hear it and I wish her well.

  9. reg447 says:

    From what I heard her side affects from drug overdose were a lot more serious
    than what was released to the public, either a stroke or something close which
    requires long term rehabilitation.

    • Hikaru says:

      That would explain a lot, actually. All her other trips to rehab, including the last one less than a year ago while she was still lying about being sober, were very Hollywood-style rehabs.

    • stormsmama says:


      it explains so much about the initial days after her overdose and her total disappearance since
      as well as the fire sale on her LA house
      They want to get her rehabilitated and circle the wagons, but the money needs are probably very real. This kind of stuff doesn’t come cheap and she was probably wasting a ton of cash on drugs.
      Its sad I hope she’s ok

  10. Embee says:

    Always pulling for Demi! She’s such a sensitive person and I really enjoy how she brings that sensitivity to her music. We need our parakeets (a Glennon Doyle reference) like Demi!

  11. lucy2 says:

    Sounds like she needs to reboot her whole life, and get away from the bad environment to be around people who have her best interests at heart. I wish her luck, she’s fighting a tough battle that all too many people are fighting as well.

  12. StallinOnMyWork says:

    Get clean, lady. You have so much life and so much more music in you. LA is a cesspit. She should move to Texas and create a studio there, and say buh-bye to the abusive, indulgent hell of Hollywood.

  13. MarcelMarcel says:

    I’m so happy she’s managed to be sober for so long. She’s only in her twenties & experiencing addiction makes life so hard. It seems like she is taking healing seriously and I believe her positive intentions will pay off.

    I miss her outfits & music too! But I guess that’s the celebitchy archive & Spotify so hard 😂

  14. Mali says:

    I hope she’s able to get back to being sober but the word on the grapevine was that she suffered some serious damage due to seizures. I hope it’s not true but if it is, then she will be in some long term rehabilitation places.

    • stormsmama says:

      so sad

      she really had it all and was crying out for help and may have thrown it all away

      I wonder too if this is part of Selena G’s struggle? That she saw Demi almost die and lost Justin and is just freaking out?

  15. Deeanna says:

    I have three friends who have lost a loved one to accidental overdose of heroin.

  16. Deeanna says:

    I have three friends who have lost a loved one to accidental overdose of heroin.

  17. Wendylee says:

    You know, some people come out of these situations unscathed but a bit wiser. Then there’s the ones with the aftermath that nearly destroyed their bodies. My daughter is one of those. I wish Demi the best, and hope that everything goes well for her.