Demi Lovato spotted out of rehab and out to dinner with a new guy

The last we heard about Demi Lovato, she was intending to stay in rehab until the holidays. Several outlets had sourced quotes saying that she was committed to her sobriety and that the plan was for her to remain in treatment for months more. To her credit, Demi has done 90 days in outpatient rehab in an undisclosed facility. She wasn’t screwing around with her sobriety, which was in stark contrast to another celebrity who went to rehab around the same time, Ben Affleck, and routinely went home to screw his new girlfriend during the day. Regardless Demi was spotted out in LA this weekend. It’s not known whether she is out of rehab permanently or if she was just on a weekend pass, either of which is understandable. (Update: People confirms that she is out.) Demi was spotted out having dinner with a new guy, a clothing designer, in LA. The two were photographed holding hands at dinner. While it’s unknown where she met him, the new guy has been in rehab before. E! insinuates that they’re just friends though.

“Demi looked great and so happy to be out,” an eyewitness told E! News. “They seemed like good friends who were catching up and excited to see one another. There wasn’t any PDA or romantic gestures, but she was smiling and laughing throughout dinner. She was very relaxed and at ease. She said hello to the sushi chefs when they greeted her with a big smile. She seemed happy and healthy. They stayed for an hour and a half before leaving together in his car.”

In addition, several people tweeted that they spotted Lovato at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights on Friday night.

It is unclear if Lovato has completed her rehab stay and returned home or was just permitted to travel for the weekend. – From E!

Henri Alexander Levi is the genius behind the punk-inspired brand Enfants Riches Deprimes. The brand has quickly become a favourite among the ranks of Hollywood.

Levy told Complex magazine that he has been using drugs since he was a teenager and has had multiple check-ins at rehabilitation clinics.

The designer’s first trip to rehab was at age 15 when he was treated at Visions Adolescent Treatment in Malibu. He would later be treated at Cirque Lodge in Utah and Promises, another Malibu rehab centre. – From Narcity

[From E! Online and Narcity]

It’s recommended that addicts and alcoholics in recovery wait a year to get in a new relationship. It’s common for people in rehab and in AA to get involved because they’re spending a lot of time together and you’re getting to know each other on a deeper level. This can be hard to resist, and it can jeopardize someone’s sobriety. All that said, I hope that everything works out well for Demi and that if she’s more than friends that this is a positive relationship for her. This isn’t her first time in treatment and she did value her sobriety when she had it. She really should stay off social media for a while too.

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Demi Lovato poses with fans as she arrives at SiriusXM studios

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14 Responses to “Demi Lovato spotted out of rehab and out to dinner with a new guy”

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    I hope she leaves LA and finds a more supportive environment. It’s hard to cut out all the enablers and triggers in your social circle in a place like LA.

  2. KNy says:

    Maybe it’s because paparazzi is trailing her and taking her picture, but she looks a little sad in that photo. Like, not well sad. I hope she gets some privacy and continues to get better.

  3. Meg says:

    I feel so bad for women like her and selena Gomez-I can’t help but think that the Disney system really screwed them up

  4. Desolee says:

    New love / lust is potentially very drug like

  5. Usedtobe says:

    Oh Jeezus, no. This girl needs to stay away from the spotlight for a good long while and get her shit sorted out. Ugh. The poor girl doesn’t know how to be away from the spotlight – just like Selena Gomez. Makes me very sad for them.

  6. sassbr says:

    As someone who has been there:
    If she IS dating this guy or even just hooking up, she isn’t taking her rehabilitation seriously, which i didn’t think she was going to. 90 days is up and bam, she’s out, contradicting the statements her team had just put in the news (that she was planning on being there even longer) and probably dating a fellow addict. Not only is it ill-advised for an addict to date during their first year of sobriety but it’s also not advisable for them to be in a relationship with another recovering addict because they can easily pull each into a relapse, even after a year of sobriety.

    While the overdose might have been a wake up call for her, she didn’t even get a chance to go to rehab on her own or make that decision-her team and the press immediately surrounded her, she HAD to go to rehab for her career. If you OD so publicly that the media knows before you even get to the hospital, then what choice do you have but to commit to a rehab program? That’s not hitting a bottom and saying like, “okay, this is it, I can’t die,” that’s “Okay, everyone knows I’ve been lying about being being sober, everyone knows I’m a mess and I just almost died, now I HAVE to go.”

    Her team forced both rehab stays on her both times-this isn’t going to stop until she really truly hits a bottom. Not that addicts should be stigmatized and criminalized, but she essentially got validation for all these moves she makes-as long as she feels like she can get away with anything, she’s not going to stop.

    I’m worried she will never get sober-she kind of used her addiction story to fuel parts of her career and she pretended to be sober nearly the entire time until Wilmer Valderrama broke up with her and she went from HFA to LFA pretty much overnight. Her press story is “I just relapsed, I got sober once, I can do it again, I’m doing great, don’t worry about me” when really the truth is really she has NEVER been truly sober and has NEVER committed herself to sobriety and the more she can get away with pretending to make moves toward sobriety, the easier it will be for her to hide the drug use.

    Maybe I’m taking it too personally, but she’s such a talent and so beautiful and it’s so awful that this disease just makes people not care about life or death. We all know and love someone who has been touched by this or we are someone that has gone through this and it’s just astonishing that even people who have a ton of money who can afford the best care and rehabs also have trouble fighting this. It’s enough to make one feel very powerless.

    • Parigo says:

      Totally agree. I never bought the “Demi deserves kudos” for being open about her addiction and working on her sobriety. I think she had to because she had no choice. She almost died and straight out of rehab she’s being paped in LA…not a good omen.

    • Shelley says:

      Exactly. Huge concerns. 90 days is but a tiny blip of time in reality. And to disregard the criticality of “no relationships for a year” is very troubling.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      Everything y’all said, plus the fact that every time Demi’s interviewed, she talks about her addiction problems, her eating disorders, her depression, etc, ad nauseam. She defines herself by her dysfunction and screw-ups. People who do that feel very uncomfortable when life is going smoothly, and they will self-sabotage in order to return to “normal.” I hope that Demi will get her life together, but I can’t say I’ll be surprised if she relapses.

    • elimaeby says:

      Completely agree. I am struggling to get sober, but I’m in an abusive relationship/household. I front to people that I’m doing okay, but I’m struggling. I see the same pain in her. I hope she gets well.

  7. Hikaru says:

    This guy has been in and out of rehab since age 15 and they met in rehab too… a really really bad idea.

    Disappointed to see all that talk of maturing and stepping back from the LA scene was just PR.

  8. Orangegirl says:

    Please..It is probably her sober coach

  9. Kwill says:

    I’m just going off of instinct, but they seem like friends who have substance abuse/rehab in common, and they’re having a platonic dinner and supporting each other as one friend who can relate to another. I could be wrong, and it very well could evolve into something more/romantic. But for her own sake, I really hope that they don’t go down that route for at least a few more months.