Democrats won some very important governors’ races, but lost a few too

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As we discussed bright and early this morning, Democrats won the House by a good margin, even with all of the gerrymandering and voter suppression. Republicans will end up gaining seats in the Senate, as several incumbent Democratic senators lost their re-election bids. This is always crazy to me, because logically, it would seem like statewide races would ALWAYS be a better bet for Democrats, given the gerrymandered House districts. But all across the country, statewide races for Senate and governorships were all out of whack – gubernatorial races that weren’t on the national media’s radar were suddenly going blue, while some of the most-discussed governors’ races were being won by Republicans. Here are some governors’ races which surprised me, excited me or appalled me:

Scott Walker went down. Walker was the douchebag derp-faced governor of Wisconsin, considered by some to be a future presidential or vice-presidential candidate. He was running for a third term and he lost by a slim margin to Democrat Tony Evers. YAY.

Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Talk about voter suppression – Abrams was running against the current secretary of the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, who oversees his own election. African-American voters were waiting in line for hours in Georgia, and Kemp made sure that all of the worst equipment was used in Georgia’s polling stations across the state. Abrams is currently behind in the vote tally, but she’s not conceding. She expects a runoff election because neither she or Kemp got 50%… maybe? I don’t know.

Andrew Gillum lost in Florida. Gillum was a charismatic African-American and his opponent was a racist weasel. The racist weasel won. This is like Beto’s loss to me – it just HURTS. Republican candidates did the bare f–king minimum and still won. De Santis won by fewer than 60,000 votes (out of more than 8 million cast). Florida is always going to hurt us.

I could kiss you, Kansas. Kansas had some of the best storylines for Democrats. After years and years of Republicans squeezing the life out of Kansas, Kansas voters squeezed back and elected a Democratic woman named Laura Kelly as governor.

Other big wins for Democrats in the governors’ races: Per USA Today, “Nevada Democrat Steve Sisolak, who roundly defeated Republican Adam Laxalt, whose family members even campaigned against him. In New Mexico, Democrats picked up a win with Michelle Lujan Grisham defeating Republican Steve Pearce; in Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer defeated Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette; and in Maine, Janet Mills defeated Republican Shawn Moody.”

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  1. cannibell says:

    Don’t hold your breath in WI – Walker and his running mate Rebecca Kleefisch (look her up) haven’t conceded yet and are not going to go down without a fight.

    • Ninks says:

      I have a question; does counting stop when one of the candidates concede or are all the votes counted?

      • Sarah says:

        No, counting continues. Each county election official has to certify results to the Sec of State, usually. They typically have to do this something like 10-14 days after Election Day.

    • minx says:

      I just read that the margin is 1.1 percent which is too large for a recount.
      Bye, Snot.

    • Kelly says:

      I really hope that the family that voted for Walker really enjoy their bear steaks from the bear they hunted, I mean baited, this fall in Northern Wisconsin. I don’t think that an Evers administration is going to have a bear hunt. It’s also a positive for the wolf population as well. I was worried that with the wolf population increasing and coming into more populated areas closer to Madison would possibly lead to a limited wolf hunt season.

      I have no issue with responsible hunters and good hunting practices. Our Senator, the first lesbian elected to the Senate, who just got re-elected is an active hunter. Our governor who won’t concede looks like he is doing hunting cosplay when he’s out. I know that a deer season is good population control as someone who has driven deer infested Midwestern roads her whole life. I do have an issue with blatant trophy hunting for animals like bears and wolves. That’s another reason why I was incredibly relieved that the proposed hunt of grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone area was called off earlier this fall. It’s not good environmental policy and it’s aimed at non-local, wealthy trophy hunters.

  2. Maya says:

    I know most people are depressed but yesterday truly was a good day for Democrats and democracy.

    House is first step then Senate in two years time.

    • Aang says:

      I’m thrilled TWO Native women are going to Washington! Dismantling the patriarchy one man at a time. It will happen.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        So many historic firsts (kind of pathetic that it is the 21st century and there are still so many 1sts to be had), but I am thrilled!

        Edited for spelling

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was watching some of the results here at home in Canadaland last night, and though I’m sure lots of people are disappointed that the Blue Wave wasn’t bigger, this is still a good start! Yes, in a perfect world the Dems would have gained control of the House and the Senate, but realistically it would have been shocking if it had happened.

      Don’t get down on yourselves – there’s now a Muslim woman in Congress, Native women, a crazy-high voter turnout…these are all good things.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        So many great people – great women – got into politics. We owe them a huge thanks for stepping up.

        The Blue Wave was plenty big by means of incorporating state houses because that’s where the gerrymandering action lies.

        The Texas and Florida losses hurt but they were fought against all odds and still will reshape those maps. Gillum and Beto had coattails at the Rep. and local levels, too. Those people will do a good job and move up. And the candidates are young enough to stay in the game.

        Georgia – feh. Hoping for lawsuits. Just so blatant.

    • Keaton says:

      ITA with you. Taking back the Senate was ALWAYS a long shot in 2018 because of the states involved this cycle. Specifically,there were alot of Dem Senators in states that went big for Trump in 2016 (e.g., North Dakota, Indiana, West Virginia, Montana, Missouri, etc).
      And frankly, Beto was ALWAYS a long shot. I really never expected him to win so I’m thrilled he did so well and appears to have helped OTHER Dems in Texas.
      (The loss that stings the most for me is Stacey Abrams. I’m totally an Abrams fangirl. I think she could be the future of the party and I really thought she had a great chance. Brian Kemp is a lying, cheating, conspiracy mongering POS. I hope Stacey gets her run off and takes it home. )

      The Good Stuff:
      I’m THRILLED that Rohrbacher, Scott Walker, KRIS FUCKING KOBACH, Dave Brat and a number of other scumbags are OUT!
      Love that Sharice Davids won! Love that soooo many women won in GENERAL! Love that Jared Polis, an openly gay man is now governor of Colorado!
      We got 7 more governorships! You guys, that’s a HUUUUGE deal! HUUUUGE!

      The GREAT stuff:
      I think what thrills me most of all though is that the Dems flipped 333 seats at the state level, 7 state legislative bodies and have 6 more trifectas (governor plus both chambers)
      We are FINALLY rebuilding our party at the grassroots level and getting some fresh blood in there. Too many of us are focused on the national level (and not even in a smart way. Seriously, the number of people who honestly thought Beto had it in the bag makes me want to tear my hair out.)
      Bottom line: The state level results give me hope. I think the Dems are going to foster some great new leaders out of this election. This is what we need. This is what the COUNTRY needs.

  3. minx says:

    My state, Illinois, got rid of the odious Bruce Rauner. Also flipped some House seats blue.
    A 31 year old African American nurse, Lauren Underwood, beat an entrenched good old boy in a district that starts across the street from me. Stunning!
    I’m happy.

    • Mel M says:

      So happy for you guys over the boarder. I might have to move back since last night was a disaster over here. Also, so excited about Lauren Underwood! I used to live in Kendall county and am actually shocked they voted in a younge African American women! That area is not known for diversity and I still have family out there that is probably dying that the white man didn’t win.

    • Flan says:

      That is amazing.

      I saw some numbers and black voters seem to have made the blue vote en masse.
      Thank you for dragging the USA into the 21st century by being so progressive.

    • Esmom says:

      minx, I’m in IL, too! Even though it’s not my district, I’ve been campaigning for Sean Casten since August. I had a good feeling about both him and Underwood but didn’t want to get my hopes up. What a thrill to have them both flip those seats and kick those horrible Tea Partiers out.

      I’m not really a fan of JB but getting Rauner out feels really good, too.

    • Kelly says:

      Flipping those last two US House seats in the Chicago suburbs, including Dennis Hastert and Henry Hyde’s old districts, is sweet. Illinois started the process of suburban areas flipping from GOP to Democrat around 20 years ago during the 2000 elections and other areas of the country are following.

    • Bazoo says:

      Not sure this is really a win for Illinois. Not a fan of Rauner (ugh!) but Pritzer is another Blagojevich. If you look at the map, most of the state voted against him but yet he still won. With his guaranteed tax increases, even more people and businesses will be leaving the state.

    • Arwen says:

      Amen Minx! I didn’t know you were from IL. I told my husband last night that after how Rauner scr*wed over those in the social services field causing them and many others in IL to lose jobs, that we wouldn’t forget at the polls. And we didn’t. Also we didn’t vote in the Nazi! Although standards in the U.S. are pretty low when you wake up and think “Oh good our state didn’t elect a Nazi last night”…

  4. CharliePenn says:

    Watching all these states with a great need for social services, which are impacted by global warming, which NEED democratic leadership, elect republicans who will do NOTHING for them was, as usual, a rather enraging experience. Like, what do these people think republicans will actually do for them? Oh right… protect them from the scary brown people.

    Anyone notice that all the districts along the border of Texas, where people deal with immigration in a very real manner, went BLUE?! While the rest of the country keeps a f*cking fascist senate because of the fear. Jesus. This country is full of uneducated racist idiots and it shows.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      That last push on “the caravan” and extensive media coverage of it … part of the problem.

      • Castle Toz says:

        How much will we hear about that caravan post election night do you think? Suddenly it’ll be a non-issue I have a feeling

  5. Chef Grace says:

    Florida will always be Hanging Chads for the win. ;)
    And in Texas we are stuck with the good old boy Abbott. Though Lupe did better than expected. Too much dirty money buys these races.

    • Jack says:

      I had no idea Lupe even existed. Considering all of the Abbot and Dan Patrick (Sh*thead) adds I saw, I would have thought I would have seen an add for Lupe. Was really surprised and excited about the results. Maybe next time. We need Abbot and Patrick out!

      The downside to straight party Dem voting was that Ed Emmet lost. He is the only republican I would ever vote for.

  6. Smee says:

    Gillum lost AND Rick Scott is now in Senate. Very depressing results for us.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Florida has too many old racist people who constantly vote against their own best interests. I also read that 39% of Hispanics voted for DeSantis.

      • likeafox says:

        Yeah. Living in Florida, I think it’s partially racist old people, for sure. And everyone thought that the Hispanic demo would vote straight Democrat, but — from what I understand of my local community — Cuban-Americans tend to be pretty right-wing Republican supporters. There’s also a lot of “independent” voters here who are essentially Republicans or vote straight 3rd party before they’d ever vote Democrat. But we try to court them and their non-existent vote, because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        And…I think the majority of Florida voters cited “Health Care” as a major issue for them, and then they vote in people like Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott who will do nothing to address that. It’ll get worse, and they’ll blame the Democrats…somehow. Health insurance revoked? Thanks, Obama!

        So, in conclusion, Florida sucks.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Florida has a terrible educational system and that has a lot to do with this, too.
        Great private prisons, though. If Florida had an income tax, it would be different.

      • Chef Grace says:

        Precisely how I feel about the people in Texas. I am 60 but I have my own brain I use all the time and not some redneck collective lizard brain the majority of my fellow Texans share.
        So Florida is a twinner of Texas.
        I need some ice cream now. 🍦🍨🍧😉

    • Beth says:

      I can’t believe are dumb enough to support crooked Rick Scott and Trump loving Ron DeSantis. I hope the red tide that Scott caused leaves tons and tons of dead fish in the supporters yards, and they realize DeSantis doesn’t give a damn and says cancer patients should just go to the ER instead of having any health insurance

      • Ponchorella says:

        I can believe it. Florida is full of so many redneck dumbfucks and olds (lived here most of my life). I was hopeful, but in the end I probably shouldn’t be surprised at all.
        I had 3 fantastic locations for Gillum yard signs (high traffic, corner lot homes in the northern Orlando suburbs, as well as a prime spot right on Princeton in Orlando) and donated to the campaign multiple times. I sent my bf to the Orlando office last week to get signs because I was out of town, and he said the guy scoffed at him and barely even wanted to give him one. This frustrates me a lot considering it was so close.
        I’m glad that the house flipped enough for investigations, but I’m so sad that overall this country still supports the clown. It was one thing to get tricked once, but this is who we are now. I’m going to the beach before Dick Scott privatizes it. I will return for Mueller time. Congratulations to all the bitchies that had success in their states!

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        It sounds like we’re basically neighbors, so I’m surprised to hear Gillum’s campaign fell short in your area. I personally had three separate volunteers come to my door canvassing for him and I honestly can’t think of many roads, commercial or residential, that didn’t have Gillum signs out. IMO the race was so close because of his campaign strategy, not despite of it.

        As for how the volunteer responded to your bf… I don’t know why he’d scoff at the request, but I understand why he’d be reluctant to give out multiple yard signs so close to the election. Campaigns are expensive and they tend to run low on money and supplies by the final days. There are always strategic decisions made on how to best use dwindling supplies. And again, if you live near the area I think, they did quite a lot there already.

    • ClaireB says:

      How does this dumba$$ state full of old people on Medicare vote for the man who perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud ever and send him to the US Senate? What on earth is wrong with them? Their other choice was another old white man, for heaven’s sake! Just pick that one! They’re not just racist, they’re pure dumb, too.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      The Senate race in FL has now gone to automatic recount. After how things went down in 2000, I don’t have a lot of hope, but it’s not over yet.

      Still amazed at how many people voted for DeSantis, who is a useless suit stuffed with racism.

    • someone says:

      After the shooting death of a FSU student and Professor in Tallahassee last Friday there was some serious backlash against Gillum and his inability to reduce crime in Tallahassee. Still, even with that backlash Gillum took Leon County. I don’t know if it was pure racism that got people voting for DeSantis OR if maybe that FBI investigation stuff turned people off to Gillum. I do hope someone addresses the crime rate in Tallahassee though. It’s a serous issue!

    • Smee says:

      woohoo – recount!

    • sam says:

      I feel your pain as a fellow Floridian. Of course this morning I go to grab coffee and some older gentleman is droning on about “They asked the millennials if they want socialism. They don’t even know what socialism is, they think it is social media.” I just can’t with the racism and the superiority complex people have. They also have no issue being racist to your face.

  7. OCE says:

    Also, in my home state of OH, The governor race was tight: Republican Mike DeWine beat Democrat Rich Cordray. This is sad – Rich Cordray was appointed by President Obama as the 1st head of the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (set up after the financial crisis). Trump recently put a SOB to replace Cordray, an SOB who let predatory lending be left unaccountable.
    Rich Cordray is a true believer of fighting for people’s rights and I hope he doesn’t leave politics becaus it wa such a close race (with 2 spoiler candidates taking the votes that made up the difference in the loss against DeWine).

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      I’m originally from Ohio, and paid close attention o their elections. It seemed like there were a lot of shenanigans going on at the polls yesterday. A friend was posting on Facebook that her polling station had signs up about flue shots, making it appear you had to get one to vote. This was in the heart of Cleveland.

      • Esmom says:

        Omg, wow, that’s terrible. Cleveland is sketchy af, imo.

      • Veronica S. says:

        lolol Ohio is the trash of the Northeast, that’s why. (Don’t worry, my state didn’t do much better in 2016.) I feel sorry for the people I know who live there and are decent people. Ohio’s the state who just got the SC to back their voting roll purges, which is part of why you’re seeing so many Republican-controlled states moving to do the same.

  8. Megan says:

    Laura Kelly didn’t just win, she defeated Kobach who worked for an organization that is classified as a hate group and, as AG, did everything in his power to disenfranchise voters of color. Good riddance to this garbage person.

    • BabyJane says:

      Agreed, this race is often overlooked in favor of the Georgia coverage, but it was the exact same scenario (although Hispanic voters were victims of Kobach’s moreso than Black voters… butI am sure he would not have minded suppressing both). Kobach was on the president’s now-defunct “voter fraud” team and paid his personal contempt of court fine with taxpayer money.

      But somehow, across State Line, millions of people voted for Josh Hawley. AND Saundra McDowell (although she lost but still OVER A MILLION votes for chrissakes).

    • Keaton says:

      Laura Kelly kicking KRIS FUCKING KOBACH’S ASS warms my cold black heart.
      I need smelling salts!
      It doesn’t make up for the effery in GA but it helps.

  9. Beer&Crumpets says:

    Fuckin’ FLORIDUH. I’m not surprised. I’m ill, but not surprised. The only way this state could surprise me is if it managed to act right for five goddamn seconds. I voted for Gillum but even as I cast my vote, I knew that shitweasel was gonna take it.

    I really think I gotta get outta here.

  10. Lucy says:

    Also, the first two Native American women (Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland) were elected to the House! That’s something to be happy about.

    • IlsaLund says:

      And the first openly gay man, Jared Polis, became governor of Colorado.

      • Flan says:

        Ayanna Pressley is the first black woman elected for Congress in Massachusetts

        Nima Kulkarni is the first Indian-American elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

        And Chris Pappas is the first openly gay member for Congress for New Hampshire.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    And my state, CA, now has Gavin Newsom! Yay!

  12. Arpeggi says:

    Gillum losing is worst than Beto. Cruz is awful and everyone hates him, but he’s also sort of a running gag at this point and while we talk about him, we don’t talk about the truly scary others that we should talk more about. De Santis is a racist a-hole and proved it many time during the campaign; the fact that Gillum lost to him shows that there’s something deeply wrong about Florida (then again, it’s Fla, the state where it’s illegal to mention climate change even if they suffer 100yo hurricanes every darn year). King, the admitted white supremacist/nazi sympathizer was re-elected in Iowa, Hunter, who will hopefully be kicked out for fraud by the end of the year, was re-elected despite of the fraud and him being a tremendous racist douche…

    I’m not surprised by any of this, but I’m still angry about it and I’m not even American! I guess I’ll have to donate even more to ACLU and PP in the upcoming months

    • Ms Lib says:

      Thanks for your donations! You are totally right about this travesty. How anyone could vote for DeSantis after the racist sh*% that he pulled “Floridians, don’t monkey up this vote.” And the racist phone calls that were made were just UGLY!!!! Ten years ago he would never have gotten away with that, but maybe Florida is becoming the next Texas. Sad, sad, sad.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Well, Florida did vote to finally reenfranchise people with felony convictions who have completed their sentences (overturning a law that was passed during Reconstruction for explicitly racist reasons), and that will substantially reshape the electorate going forward. It will restore voting rights to over a million people, including roughly one in five black Floridians of voting age. So things will look quite a bit different in 2020 even if a lot of white Floridians have decided that old-timey loud-and-proud racism is just fine with them. I haven’t given up on Florida, even though it breaks my heart over and over.

  13. Tuntmore says:

    There’s not much for me to be happy about, state-wise. I’m an Alabamian, and not only did we just elect a bats–t crazy Trumpist governor and tons of GOP reps, but we also approved a constitutional amendment to give fetuses “personhood rights” (as well as a constitutional amendment to allow the Ten Commandments in public schools). I’m just sort of beyond depressed.

    • Ms Lib says:

      Ouch — join the crowd. The one good thing that came out of Florida is felons will be allowed to vote.

      When those Alabama amendments are challenged in the Supreme Court — ouch, ouch, double ouch.

    • Beer&Crumpets says:

      I’m in the Panhandle- maybe we could both get a few friends together and meet at the state line and just all hold each other and cry.

      • Tuntmore says:

        Florabama hug-a-thon!

        I did see a lot of women in their 20s-40s, especially WOC, out voting yesterday, which was awesome. I’m sad that the results were so dismal, but it has been heartening to see younger women and POC coming out in larger numbers recently to vote. Obviously there are still truckloads of old racist conservative white men and women who still keep this state in the Dark Ages, but they have to die off sometime, right?

  14. Jenns says:

    I’m in PA, which went for Trump in 2016. But it went mostly blue last night, which I’m feeling really good about.

    I posted yesterday that there was a long line at my poll center and that my district leans red. But, when I stopped to vote after work, I got a peek at the register book and saw that a lot of Dems voted. So, also a good thing.

  15. Dori says:

    I have followed your elections from Europe and my biggest dissapointment is the loss of andrew gillum. He seems like an amazing person and also perhaps a great future presidential candidate. But i guess that will not happen now that he lost. By only 50k votes! So disappointing. I’m sad for the people of florida and i still dont understand who can still vote republican after two years trump?? Who are these people? All of this makes me believe that trump will be reelected in 2020.

  16. LP says:

    Sure, Florida gonna Florida, but not next election cycle- about 1.5 MILLION black men (mostly former felons) were granted their voting rights last night!

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      This was amazing news. I still don’t understand how voters went for this, but still voted the way they did for governor. But this will matter so much in the future

    • Tania says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking. All of the voters now being able to vote will make a difference in 2020!

  17. OSTONE says:

    Please pray for us folks in Georgia and for Stacey Abrams can somehow pull off an upset.

    • IlsaLund says:

      I hope Abrams’ never concedes and ties Kemp up in court. The blatant voter suppression and intimidation in this election was over the top. And Kemp, as the Georgia Secretary of State has to certify the election results. Talk about a conflict.

  18. Meowuirose says:

    Nothing good comes from FL. Used to live there and it truly is full of self serving, rude, uneducated aholes. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back.

    • Beer&Crumpets says:

      You’re not wrong. It makes me feel like I’ve been stabbed in the guts. I want to be able to say #notallfloridians, but I can’t defend the indefensible. It makes me so SAD.

  19. Brandy Alexander says:

    I’m proud to say that Nevada also flipped their senate seat from republican to democrat. All in all, the state voted almost exclusively blue.

  20. adastraperaspera says:

    Laura Kelly, as the new gov, will expand Medicaid in Kansas as soon as she can. This is a godsend. Brownback and his cronies refused to do so–which literally killed people. I grew up in Kansas and still have family there. They were texting lots of “woos” and “yays” in caps last night. A real win!

    • IlsaLund says:

      I guess it’s not deep red Kansas anymore. I was truly surprised, but happy, about the results.

      • Sarah says:

        Kansas isn’t really as deep red as people like to think. Kelly will be our 3rd female Democratic governor wince 1990. We made national news when some stealth anti-science folks made it to the state school board and wrote evolution out of state science standards, but it didn’t make big news when voters fixed that by changing the school board the next chance we got. We sadly went down the Brownback road with his disastrous tax cuts, but when it became clear the legislature as composed wasn’t going to change paths when the tax cuts devastated the state, voters fixed it by radically changing the legislature in 2016. A majority of Kansans are ready to be done with the radical far right.

    • emmidwest says:

      As a Kansan in a very poor community, I am thrilled that Kobach lost, and by such a big margin! The tides are maybe turning here.

  21. Rulla says:

    Nevada elected a dead pimp. At least my home state went mostly blue last night.

  22. me46 says:

    My state Michigan went blue. We elected a female Governor,AG, and Sec of State plus one of the first 2 Muslim women to be elected to Congress. Plus we voted to legalize Marijuana.

    Michigan went for -45 in 2016.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, yay! I’m also excited about the citizens’ redistricting commission. My son is in college there although he’s still registered to vote in our home state. Somehow I have a feeling he’ll stay in Michigan when he graduates. He’s always been fascinated with Detroit.

    • insertpunhere says:

      I’m so glad we flipped again back to blue. I’m feeling pretty terrible about other results (Florida and Georgia in particular), but if my state had voted to put a man in power who was influential in poisoning a city full of people, I really don’t know what I would have done.

      Because I periodically like to make sure we’re all still aware, it’s been 1657 days since the residents of Flint had access to safe and clean water. 1657 days of being poisoned with a substance that we know causes long-term issues. And, we continue to do nothing. I voted for Whitmer, and I would have voted for any candidate from the democratic party because we’re in a crisis, but I’m hoping she shows up for Flint residents the same way they showed up for her.

  23. IlsaLund says:

    I’ve read that many farmers are suffering and hurting from Trump’s trade wars. But many of the mid west “heartland” states still overwhelmingly voted GOP. I don’t get it.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Iowa only has 4 congressional districts, and 3 of them went blue. Only 1 stayed red (Steve King) and it was a very narrow victory. In the past he has won with huge margins.

      • Dara says:

        Steve King keeping his seat really does make me despair for the future of our country. He is as deplorable as they come, and makes no attempt to hide his dark, bigoted heart. There are no dog whistles with him, he’s crowing about his prejudices at the top of his lungs. Even the NRCC (his own party) was critical of him. Yet Paul Ryan refused to rebuke him, and Paul Grassley even endorsed him.
        Everyone in the country needs to learn his name, and know his face. He should be publicly shamed wherever he goes.

    • suze says:

      What do you consider “heartland”? Michigan is a story that isn’t being told in the national media but we elected a female Democratic governor, secretary of state and attorney general. Re-elected a female, Democratic senator. Flipped two house seats to blue, both women. Passed three proposals, legalizing marijuana, reforming election processes and ending gerrymandering.

      The blue wave hit us hard.

  24. Castle Toz says:

    So happy I won’t have to see Scooter’s derp face winking at me ever again in Wisconsin. The State Journal ran a photo of me side-eyeing the bejesus out of Walker at least three times and I like to think I had a small subliminal impact on the voters of Wisconsin. Small glimmers of hope out there, we just have to keep fighting and hoping these racist old white dinosaurs have massive gout flares and they all go extinct.

  25. Moco says:

    Statewide results are big. In Colorado, we elected the country’s first openly gay governor and Democrats took the State House, State Senate and all of the statewide offices. We also flipped a US House seat making our delegation majority Democrat for the first time. (No Senate race). It’s exciting that we’ve moved from a very purple state to definitely blue at this point.

  26. IE says:

    This will be a genuine question because I’m not American, how do you want to change Republican Party, do you guys still want two party system or something else?

  27. Veronica S. says:

    Just goes to show you how dangerous voter apathy and suppression is. Sixty thousand votes is nothing if you spread it out over several districts. Ah well, at least convicts have their voting rights back. That’ll be interesting to see how it affects the election in 2020.

  28. Digital Unicorn says:

    How are the deplorables taking it? Am sure they are foaming at the mouth shrieking conspiracy and voter fraud.

    • insertpunhere says:

      Trump’s framing last night as a win for them, especially in light of all of the voter suppression that Dems (apparently) took part in as well as the celebrity conspiracies against him.

      When I turned on my car and his voice started going over NPR, I wanted to punch someone.

  29. Jessica says:

    A lot of stuff is still unclear
    Recount of senate seat in Florida apparently underway. Nelson just requested a recount as it’s within the margin.
    Abrams hasn’t conceded and kemp needs to be investigated for voter suppression.
    In Arizona it’s still unclear who has won.
    The question is if gillium made a mistake in conceding last night.
    Also republicans lost in states that were crucial to trumps win in 2016 such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Pennsylvania, I wasn’t worried about. We’re pretty reliably blue for most of the seats that were up, and Conor Lamb’s surprise win months back was bound to reflect the upcoming elections. The 2016 presidential elections were an upset, but Trump took us by less than 50,000 votes. And most of that can be accounted to apathetic voters who didn’t quite seem to grasp how serious the situation was. (I knew some of them, myself, and I told them off afterwards for being upset Trump won. It’s not the job of the rest of us to protect you so you can play at moral purity.)

      The real work is getting focused on knocking Toomey out of office in 2020. He’s a staunch Republican and been pretty untouchable for the better part of a decade. You can bet your ass I’ll be out there helping the effort to replace him.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I also wonder if Gillium conceded too early. It was a very tight race, and if all the votes weren’t counted yet, it was very possible it would come down to a re-count finish.

  30. savu says:

    I’m a Wisconsin news anchor, and holy shit that race was crazy to watch. At one point we had 97% of precincts reporting and they were 150 votes apart. It was absotutely insane.

  31. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I’m so disappointed in my fellow Floridians. Not surprised, just disappointed. These people love to bend over and take it from the GOP.

    • Jayna says:

      I saw a glimmer of hope for
      this state and all washed down the drain. Fck’n DeSantis? He stands for nothing. And Scott? I despise him and thought we finally got rid of him.

      I am devastated. This is where I live and the loss has hit me hard. It will take me a while to come to terms with this.

  32. TitusPullo says:

    As always, fucking Florida! We worked so hard for Gillum, even here in the pandhandle that’s basically Alabama. Instead, we’re stuck with another racist moron. At least we managed to restore voting rights and put an end to Greyhound racing.