The Blast: Brad Pitt thinks Angelina is ‘purely trying to drag him through the mud’

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

The past 48 hours have been weird for news about the Brangelina Divorce. TMZ got the ball rolling with a negative story about how Mean Angelina was still taking Poor Brad to court to fight about custody of their children. This was based on the fact that there was some kind of legal filing about how their custody trial will start early next month with the private judge. People Magazine then followed up with the news that Brad and Angelina’s legal teams are actually working on a settlement and they both hope to avoid the custody trial, and that Angelina isn’t seeking full custody.

And now this – The Blast says Poor Brad is so torn up about the custody trial. Just FYI: The Blast has been Team Pitt from the start, and that outlet has been Team Pitt’s go-to for damaging leaks against Jolie for several months now. Back in August, The Blast even went above and beyond to make excuses for Brad “getting physical” with Maddox. They really had sources arguing that Angelina “overreacted” to Brad abusing their son. So this is more of the same, with some new twists:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are gearing up for a bitter trial over the custody of their children, and Pitt believes his estranged wife is putting the kids through an unnecessarily damaging experience. Sources close to the situation tell The Blast Pitt feels Jolie is purely trying to drag him through the mud in the upcoming custody trial, and is worried about the longterm effects it will have on their 6 children.

We’re told during the divorce, Pitt has been trying to work out a settlement, and believes there is no reason the two parents can’t split custody 50/50. Jolie, however, wants sole custody of the kids and has been unwavering. Our sources believe the actress is planning on using the airplane incident from 2016, where she accused Pitt of child abuse, as grounds for her receiving full custody. We’re told Pitt’s legal team is not worried about Jolie’s tactics because the actor was never criminally charged with anything, and the custody case is not a criminal matter.

The “World War Z” actor thinks the move by his ex is irresponsible to their children, and feels they have been embarrassed enough during their parents’ public feud. Our source points out that the children are all now older and able to read the news and listen to their friend’s discussions about their famous parents. For now, the trial is set for December 4 and will likely go on for several weeks. Our sources make it clear that Pitt’s ongoing plea to Jolie has been, “Don’t do this to the kids.”

[From The Blast]

Do all of these leaks make Brad look innocent? I know I’m biased, obviously, as a Jolie stan. But I just think that after more than two years of this crap, you would think that Brad would stop smearing his estranged wife. His smear campaign against her makes HIM look guilty, and look like he’s got something to hide. And what kills me is that we already know what he’s trying to hide: he physically assaulted/abused Maddox on that plane in 2016, and that was the moment Angelina left him. The jig is up, we already know. We’ve known for a while.

Angelina Jolie takes the kids on a movie date in LA

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  1. DS9 says:

    If Angie Jo was dragging him through the mud, damaging her kids in the process, we’d all know exactly what happened on that plane, every last detail.

    If Brad’s hands were clean re: the plane incident, he’d have told us what happened exactly.

    Two years later all we know is what Brad said didn’t happen or that Brad thinks it wasn’t that bad.

    These facts alone, regardless of what either comes out or happens will put me forever in Camp Jolie.

    Brad remains cancelled for me.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      This and so much more!

    • CairinaCat says:

      Exactly DS9, the fact that that we don’t know every last detail about the marriage and the plane tells me that Jolie is not interested in smearing Brad. And the fact he hasn’t used the details to exonerate himself tells me Brad did bad things and doesn’t want it out there.
      Every time I read a vaguely worded hit campaign by his camp that doesn’t give the details, the more and more guilty he looks to me.
      I’ve had a divorce and gone through a custody battle in southern California and one of my sisters are going through it right now,so I know some things about how it goes.
      The two years for property and custody is pretty common, it took almost three years for my divorce, property and a permanent custody agreement to be put in place.
      My sister filed Sept 2016 and next week in a therapy session my niece is going to be told her parents are getting a divorce. It took two years to get to the point where there are enough details to tell her, but I’m guessing at least 6 months more to get a final custody agreement and property settlement.

      And in this case the dad is a drunk, still living in the house (my husband and I live there also as a safety buffer) he doesn’t have a lawyer because he’s pretending it’s not happening so he’s not contesting it. and my sister owns the house and pays all the bills AND IT’S STILL TAKING OVER TWO YEARS

      So two years for Angelina and brads divorce is not unusual in southern California.

      • Chaine says:

        wow, your story is an eye opener! Sorry your sister and niece are being put through all of this. something needs to change about the legal system!

      • LT says:

        That is insane! My divorce, from the filing to the finalization, took 4 months. We split everything, from the assets to custody and holidays, 50/50.

    • Carol says:

      I dont know if Angelina is trying to drag Pitt through the mud or if Pitt is a jerk, but that header image makes me chuckle everytime I see it. Thanks for the laughs CB!

  2. Maya says:

    He is such a loser and a pathetic man…

  3. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Angelina hasnt uttered a SINGLE word about him to the press since they split two years ago. Meanwhile Team Pitt hasn’t shut up since that time. The only person being dragged through the mud and smeared is Angelina. Ugh. Brad is truly a garbage human being. He had so many of us fooled for so long. But like Angelina we all now see him for what he is: a narcissist with a “sensitivity chip missing” – to quote his ex.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      Angelina has handled this with so much maturity and grace. I keep wondering if he can go lower obviously he wont and cant help himself from sinking to the barest minimum

      • Sidewithkids says:

        I agree. God bless her and the kids. I just want them to get away from this man and be happy. Get all the good things/blessings coming her and the kid’s way.

  4. Capepopsie says:

    She really doesn’t need to, he is doing that all by himself.

  5. Deanne says:

    She’s trying to drag HIM through the mud?????? Brad Pitt is a POS human being, With his whole “poor Brad, Angelina is evil” PR spin, still going strong after two years, he needs to take a seat and STFU. He has minimized the plane incident, but his oldest son is still not speaking to him.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      He has minimized the plane incident, but his oldest son is still not speaking to him.
      This is what his apologist do not want to hear or talk about… What a shameless man he is

      • Hmmm says:

        They do not like Maddox and no longer see him as Brad Pitt’s son. They are jerks just like their idol. Pitt did not fight against not see Maddox … He threw him away and under the bus. His lawyer said well since the two older boys don’t want to visit can he have extra time with the younger ones. Makes you wonder how he really feels about his adopted kids.

    • Sue Denim says:

      It’s the abuser’s playbook — project onto others what you are actually doing. And just crazy depressing how many buy it.

  6. Lady D says:

    I think brain cell damage from alcohol is starting to show. He’s just saying too much stupid shit.

    • .... says:

      I agree. Very off cognitively. Also definitely seems like he’s still drinking and such. I don’t think deep down he ever really felt he had a problem w that……..despite any thing he said to the press to smooth it over. Dude is still seethingly angry….you can feel it.

      Also it’s obvious he’s still using her for publicity. It’s been three years and he’s still wanting to see their names in the same article. He has nothing else going on as a human being that he must appropriate personas and attach himself to others that are successful and interesting.

      Latest example….poor Leo and that tragic voting psa w Brad. At what point does everyone stop carrying this guy. The public isn’t interested …. he doesn’t deserve any more chances, fame, money, or kids.

  7. Sidewithkids says:

    It’s interesting throughout all of this Angie hasn’t murmured one bad word about the plane incident or about anyone who hates/balantly lies on her (other than a couple of truth comments against Brad’s legal team and about the smear campaign going on against her). She knows the truth and herself and is secure in that. Another reason people hate on her which is crazy b/c it’s mostly women. Its jealousy. If the tables were turned they would be clowning Angie and saying how ahe shouldn’t be drinking too much around her kids and she should never hurt a child, blah, blah, blah. But w/ Brad they say nothing even though he really DID this. Hypocrites. Allowing White Male Priviledge to still reign supreme. It’s sick.

    All his stans/tabloids want to act like Brad didn’t have the FBI/social services on him plus therapist while he’s w/ his kids. SMH. The sad fact is some believe his garbage. His stans act like the man didn’t hit his own son. (Any physical contact to a child is unwarranted). Plus, that sad Wendy Williams is even on her awful show calling Angie bitter and soulless. Angie still stands steadfast and thats what I love about her. All these lies against her and some still want to act like Brad and his team isn’t running a smear campaign against her. It’s so obvious is ridiculous. Everyone around them knows he’s lying and she’s not. I have lost all respect for this man. You don’t treat the mother of your kids like this. He’s the one bitter and soulless. He knows he’s losing yet wants it to seem like Angie is hurting him and the kids when it is him dragging this out longer than it as to be for his selfish reasons. Dude is so ugly to me now.

    Angie has never asked for sole custody, she asked for physical custody not legal custody. Plus, none of this kids feel sad or miserable like Brad tries to act like they are. He’s sad and miserable b/c he as lost his family.

    I really hope this new lawyer shows all these tabloid smears to the judge. It’s shameful. All of this is coming out now (Brad and his team are scared) makes me believe Angie will win/get physical custody of all the children (sole custody of Maddox and Pax), then Brad may get joint custody w/ Angie of the younger children (which is legal and physical custody) but he’s gonna try to spin it like she didn’t. Angie has to come out w/ the news first. Please do Angie and make it a well rounded statement to these delusional Brad stans.

  8. Lilly says:

    The whole Brad game of blame and refusal to take responsibility for harm done just screams addict to me and Jolie as the one putting the kids first. Good for her.

    • .... says:

      I think he’s got a very serious psychological problem and it got picked up during his psychiatric evaluations. He’s got issues. Just like his first wife said. Big ones. Bad ones.

  9. Hmmm says:

    Lmao I think it’s hilarious. He’s once again throwing a hissy fit just like his fans do because Angelina can’t wave her magic Maleficent hand and make it all go away for poor Brad. He is truly a hypocrite. I’m sure Angelina wishes Brad Pitt didn’t abuse the kids and put them through his tragic mess. Question from cps, FBI, about ten therapists and psychologists. His own lawyer leaking that his kids do not want to see him. LoL

    Angelina doesn’t need to use any info from what happened on that plane because the children’s MANY therapists and the evaluator know what it was. After 2 years the therapist didn’t see him fit to be alone with his kids but that’s Angelina’s fault. He’s sick.

    Also Angelina has handed over her required financial information -to end a divorce- which obviously means hurry up with the divorce, brad Pitt. He’s dragging this out and won’t hand over his until who knows when. Not so surprising he is asking for extension all the way until after his next flop is released. He really doesn’t want this to end, does he? But let’s blame Angelina, team leaky Pitt.

  10. meme says:

    My whole thing here is…..Angelina has the kids and say whatever you want about her, she seems to put her kids first.

    I believe she is doing not only what she feels is best for them but is asking for what her children want – which is to be with her the majority of the time.

    Why would Brad force children to be with him when they want to be with their mother? I understand the heartbreak of that realization for him but ultimately, what good does forcing children to be in your presence do besides help you “win” against their mother? Don’t take them away from their mommy when thats where they want to be. That’s awful and shame on him.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Plus the dude is never gonna be there. He wasn’t there when he lived in the same house as them. He’s selfish and again the only reason he’s dragging this out is to make Angie look bad and to make it seem like he really wants custody for his image. He doesn’t want those kids y’all. Now, he may love them in his own way but he doesn’t want them/doesn’t really care about getting custody.

      When he came out w/ that lie of a statement about how he was gonna get his kids back and a meeting was happening in August where he was gonna do it then there was no meeting held, nothing happened and Angie still had custody. LOL. This guy is so full of sh—.

      • .... says:

        I think it was done in aug…..and he said something like it’s not close to being over…like a threat…….and this is him continuing the fight.

        I think the evaluators did not recommend any visitation or parental rights for him back in aug. I also don t think there has been visitation. This is Brad dragging it on to try to save his image. Which isn’t possible at this point.

    • What I find interesting, and they never seem to bring up when they talk about this case, is that the kids, ESPECIALLY the older ones generally get to have a very clear say in who they want to be with, so the fact that there is a hearing may be because the kids don’t want to see him as much as he wants and he’s fighting it. I divorced in Socal, and I work with kids and have seen many cases. Judges REALLY take into account what older children want, especially kids above say, 12-13. So it will be interesting how to see how this pans out. Maybe the kids WANT to testify!

  11. Chaine says:

    At this point aren’t most of the kids other than the twins junior high to high school age, that is, old enough that a judge could just ask them who they want to be with? why does there have to be a trial? I mean for pete’s sake, Maddox is doing his college visits, what is really gained by fighting for custody of a child that will be half-way through their senior year by the end of the trial? If Brad wins is he going to force Maddox to move to his house for the last six months of high school???

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Brad and his team want it to drag out so people will forget about the plane incident and he will have longer w/ the kids to make them want to be w/ him too. Nobody’s gonna forget tho esp the kids.

      His ridiculous team actually put it out there, after they lied about Angie and alienation thing, that its the three boys who don’t want to see him so the girls seem open to it. Which means Angie’s wasn’t. Angie was helping but I don’t think anymore after that lie. Now she prob is like when/where do you want me to drop them off? She says she’s out of ITV and it’s btw them and their father and the courts.

      Brad wants her to feel something for him again tho that’s why he does these leaks as well, thinking that she cares about him but she doesn’t. That’s the funny part to me. Lol. Her fans prob care more about the leaks than she does. But every time I read a leak against her I think this is actually Brad. Lol. His leaks are about himself not Angie. He believes his own lies (the fanasty world as become reality to him). He still believes the woman wants him and she doesn’t, she doesn’t even talk to him (even tho he kept calling/emailing her). She’s over him and it. He should move on as well.

    • .... says:

      This is all happening because Brad won’t respect their wishes that they don’t want to have anything to do with him.

      True narcissists see others as things..not equal people. He’s a very very mentally ill man…..and cognitively he seems to be very out of touch with reality.

      He doesn’t realize how far down he’s gone and that no one cares anymore.

  12. Adorable says:

    It’s such a b**** move on his part.Whenever he doesn’t get his way he screams to the press.Grow a pair Brad,handle this privately!

  13. anp says:

    If the public can not see through this man than there is no hope for society.

  14. Vinot says:

    I am decidedly not a Jolie stan; I think she has the potential to provoke him and push his buttons, I think she has a masterful PR team that tends to use the kids to her advantage and I subscribe to the idea that they’ve had a difficult marriage since before the plane incident. But it’s been clear from the jump that Brad Pitt has been fighting alcohol and/or substance abuse for some time, and given the many so-called “limitations” on his access to the children, I would not put it past him to have been abusive and threatening in addition to a prolonged inability to pass or take a drug or alcohol test. Angelina doesn’t have to be perfect for Brad to be an arrogant, abusive addict.

  15. holly says:

    Never Stop Using That Header Photo! It’s the gift that keeps giving.

  16. sage says:

    Take his behind to court!!!!!

  17. AD says:

    The children, the children, do they really care about the children? Pitt & his people should just stop their negative talk about his ex. Court trial in private so what exactly he’s got to fear, if they can’t resolve they have to go to court no choice. What was the need of the Blast article for? to bring her down? or to weaken her to give in to his demand & terms? Jolie knows how Pitt & PR works she seems not deterd, a very strong woman, the world is against her yet she is still standing, hasn’t crumbled yet. At the same time there is a clearer & seems unbiased article on People’s magazine which is more genuinely written because it stated the source. Blast writes from unknown sources,insiders, close to situation,friend, family members, etc assuming guessing & printing mainly negative article about Jolie.
    Only both parties knows the real truth & acts accordingly to their known truth. Public opinion doesn’t count. Towards the end Negative campaigns to win leads to anxiety & self torture afterwards. Just be quiet, review your case to win is better Mr Pitt & unknown sources

  18. Truth hurts says:

    I don’t think he wants to go to court. He has been ok the media since the “we need to seal the case,” for the kids sake. Welp until he wants something leaked to defame his ex. Then it was she won’t let me see my kids, then it was he his happy and healthier, then it was she wants to take my kids for the summer, then it was she is alienating and turning them against me, now it’s back to protecting the kids from a court battle he agrees to. The media is twisting and eating it up laying all of it at Angelinas feet.

    • anp says:

      Angelina stay strong take him to court and be done with it. Angelina you have the truth on your side and he is afraid of the truth.

  19. Sidewithkids says:

    I don’t really do a lot of gossip social sites other than this one but I stumbled on this. It comes from Lainey Gossip. I am 99% sure this is what Brad and his team does. He sees her beautifully living her life (w/o him), he gets upset. He’s the one holding this up, not her. He be lying and his lies are catching up w/ him. He still wants her not the other way around and I have to agree now w/ the fact he can’t get the publicity on his own w/o attaching himself to her. He’s always been known to attach himself to some woman. But he’s always left them this time she left him and he’s angry and sad at about it. She’s more famous than he is now and he knows it. He hates that. He’s a little deluded man-child. Like the Orange Man in the White House.

    This is the interesting part from Lainey: What was the motivation behind the whole Dr Oxman bait-and-switch? There was undoubtedly some strategy behind it, an expected reaction with an intended consequence that fit into the new profile Brad has steadily been building: that he’s over Angelina,that he’s found peace and is ready to move on, that she’s the one who’s been the obstacle.

    And now Page Six is telling us that Brad does indeed want companionship but not with anyone famous. So, you know, you have a chance now. We all have a chance. Because he’s come back down to earth to be “just like us”. That story, by the way, came right after Angelina ended a three day UNHCR mission to Peru to advocate for Venezuelan refugees. And the latest TMZ story, about Brange heading to custody court, broke just as Angelina had returned from a trip to South Korea where she toured university campuses with Maddox. Coincidence or conspiracy?

  20. serena says:

    He’s the one spouting crap on magazines and now he worries about his children reading them? Wow, good time to worry about your kids when your ass is on the line.