Owen Wilson hasn’t contacted his third baby-mama or their weeks-old daughter

'Wonder' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles

In July, we learned that Owen Wilson had likely fathered a third child with a third baby-mama. Owen already has two kids by two baby-mamas out there, and this third woman’s name is Varunie Vongsvirates. Apparently, Varunie and Owen dated for years, she became pregnant and he pulled a “how do I know the baby is mine” thing. Eventually, he took a paternity test and of course he’s the father. Varunie gave birth to a baby girl last month and Varunie named the baby Lyla. Apparently, Owen still doesn’t want to have anything do with Varunie or Lyla.

Not in the picture. Owen Wilson seems uninterested in having a role in his third child’s life. The 49-year-old actor, who welcomed a baby girl named Lyla with Varunie Vongsvirates in October, “refuses to meet his daughter,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “He even checked the no visitation box in court in June … He does not want to visit [and does not] want any custody of her.”

Even so, Lyla is the spitting image of her father. “The baby looks just like Owen,” noted the source. “She has fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.”

The source added that Wilson “has not contacted Varunie at all” after she gave birth nor during her pregnancy, despite the fact that they “dated for almost five years.” However, the source claims that Wilson “knew all along that Varunie was pregnant. Owen was told when Varunie was four weeks pregnant.” A representative for Wilson tells Us: “This is a private matter and it’s not appropriate to comment further.”

[From Us Weekly]

I mean… it happens. I’m of the opinion that reproductive choices work in every direction – a woman has the right to keep or terminate her pregnancy, full-stop. And while men should be financially responsible for the children they father, there’s no legal responsibility to be an engaged, doting or hands-on father. Owen clearly didn’t want to have a baby with Varunie, and I guess he has no interest in his daughter now. That’s his right. It’s a shame and it’s pathetic what he’s put her through, but that’s his right. I just hope he’s writing the checks.

'Wonder' film premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Gutterflower says:

    Gosh he is so unattractive. He’s like Cumberbatch, unpleasant to look at but oozes charm onscreen.

    • Sunnee says:

      He looks as though he had a teeny tiny butt grafted onto his nose.

      • gingersnaps says:

        Ugh! Thanks for that! Now, I can’t unsee it.

      • CariBean says:


        I’m sick as a dog right now, I’ve been up most of the night coughing my brains out and my entire torso is sore from all of this. I LOL’ed at your butt-nose joke, and it hurt my torso but damnit it was so worth the pain!

      • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

        I scrolled back up and now I’m dying. It does look like a tiny butt.

      • Anitas says:

        It’s a penis nose. Which is funny since he’s a dickhead obviously.

      • @backstagebitchy says:

        I’m with @anitas, all I can see is a penis sitting on his face…
        funnily enough, he’s not always oozing charm IRL. I’ve met / encountered him multiple times over the years, and he’s kind of a dick to the the people around him. He really does come across as kind of entitled, holding court and acting superior to the room around him even when that room holds many other A- and B-Listers…

    • Amelie says:

      Really?? I always found him annoying on screen, playing these overly earnest and totally bro type characters. I found him annoying in Midnight in Paris which was supposed to be a “departure” from his usual characters.

  2. Mia4s says:

    Yeah I mean, it’s sad for the child of course, but if he checked a box for “no visitation” that sounds like legal paperwork. As long as he’s meeting his financial obligations there’s really nothing more that can be demanded. I wonder if he might regret it in the future though.

    • ccu says:

      No one’s demanding anything, but people can and will judge. He has two sons that he talks about in interviews.

      Liam Gallagher happens to have a bunch of kids with a bunch of different women as well and, conveniently, only acknowledges his sons too. I mean, this year he met one of his daughters for the first time and she’s 20 so I guess he deserves an award or something?

      • Mia4s says:

        Never said you couldn’t judge. It’s a very sad (and sketchy) thing. However, legally he’s required to financially support the child and that’s it. He’s doing that. There are too many women fighting to get even that financial support and too many non-custodial parents fighting for access, for me to get overly worked up about this.

        It’s an important thing for people to realize: Men you will be required to financially support any child you participate in making. No one cares about the circumstances. You don’t want one? It’s called a vasectomy. Women, you will be entitled to seek financial support…but as long as that’s provided you are entitled to nothing else. You may still end up the 100% caregiver and having to explain to your child why their father didn’t want them. Harsh (and very sad) reality.

  3. Lumbina says:

    I get what you’re saying, but if he wants no custody or visitation at all presumably he’s also denying his daughter two brothers and an extended family by this, and she will know they exist because this is all in the press. What a mess for the poor baby. To know your father chose to be engaged and loving with two other children, but not you.

    • smcollins says:

      Absolutely she’s being denied more than a father. She’s being denied brothers, grandparents, uncles…half her family. Obviously I don’t know their situation, but he’s really coming across as a selfish prick who’s “punishing” his daughter for his choices (it’s called a vasectomy, Owen, she didn’t conceive herself).

    • Millenial says:

      Seriously. Sure he doesn’t have to be involved, but it makes him an absolutely sh*t human being. That poor little girl will grow up knowing her father rejected her and separated her from her siblings. I can’t imagine purposely inflicting that kind of pain on any human being, let alone your own progeny.

      • ccu says:

        She’ll also grow up knowing he rejected her while choosing to spend time (I’m not gonna call it being a father, let’s be serious here) with his two sons. Dude needs to stop spreading his DNA all over the place, it’s really not great.

    • H says:

      He’s an a-hole. Full stop. He’s very involved with his two sons and those brothers do a lot together. How will his daughter feel as she gets older that her jerk of a father had time for her brothers, but not her? Another actor goes on my boycott list.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Her mother chose to have a baby with a man that clearly didn’t want another one (or didn’t want one with her). To me, he does look like a prick but everything she’s not getting is on her mother. . . I wonder if Varunie thought he’d come around?

      Also- I REALLY hope the baby doesnt look just like him. That would be really unfortunate- to have to walk around with that ugly ass face AND miss out on the side of the family that is the reason she has it.

      Last thing- just because Owen doesnt want to be involved doesn’t mean none of his relatives will be. They might decide to get to know baby Lyla separate from him. That’s what a lot of people do when someone’s dad is messed up and trifling.

      • Heather says:

        We don’t know that.

        They’d been together for four years when she got pregnant. We have no idea what their relationship was like or whether they’d discussed children.

        There are plenty of men who claim to want kids but run for the hills the moment their wife or girlfriend says she’s pregnant.

      • DS9 says:

        What exactly is clearly? He wouldn’t be third first man to promise a girl the world, be a decent partner, and then act like a douche when things don’t go their way.

        The fact that he does have two children he helps raise suggests this is anything but clear.

        He may only have a legal obligation to provide child support but he does have a moral imperative to not leave a kid out in the world with half of her missing.

        Here’s hoping this child’s mother has people in her life to fill in the gaps an absentee parent leaves in a child’s life.

  4. Missy says:

    Get a vasectomy man

    • Elisabeth says:

      I know right?
      if he doesn’t want to have children there are ways to avoid that

    • Lucy2 says:

      For the love of God, yes.
      This is three times now he’s found himself in this situation. THREE TIMES.

    • Snowflake says:

      Exactly! I cant stand guys that continue to have babies when they dont want them.

    • TQ says:

      Seriously. Does he even have contact with the other 2 kids? Somehow I’m doubtful. Snip it or wrap it up, man!

      • Mia4s says:

        As the article said, he’s actually very close to the other two kids and involved in their upbringing. He has regular visitation. The oldest is named after Owen’s father. So…..yeah, I don’t know.

      • Andrea Lupparelli says:

        Most American men don’t want to wrap it up and hope women will take care of get, get on birth control etc. Every man I dated loathed condoms.

    • Parigo says:

      Yes Owen, and take Jude Law and Hugh Grant along with you.

  5. WingKingdom says:

    I wonder if he made clear that he didn’t want more kids, and she was supposed to be on birth control, and that birth control failed and he believes she sabotaged her birth control purposely. It’s the only scenario that makes sense in my head, since he seems to enjoy his first two children. At 49, if a man doesn’t want more kids, a vasectomy is an easy enough procedure.

    • Missy says:

      If he doesn’t want more kids he should get a vasectomy, make sure he doesn’t have anymore. There are lots of possible scenarios here and a big one is that he’s a dick

    • C says:

      Vasectomy or condoms. It’s not that hard. The one that is paying the consequences is his daughter who has no blame in this. He has no right to do, no matter the circunstances.

    • dietcokehead says:

      I’m of the mind that there must be some drama we don’t know about behind the scenes. He stepped up for his other children, seems to enjoy being their father, and he and this woman dated for 5 years. Short of him becoming a raging dick (which is entirely possible), I must think there are other reasons for him to take this stance. But, as others have said, if he was finished having kids, he should have taken the proper precautions.

  6. EM says:

    Someday his sons will know. I think he is making a huge mistake for himself, not just his daughter.

  7. minx says:

    He just seems like a mess.

  8. Maggie says:

    If he didn’t want to have a baby then he should have put be a damn condemn on his wiener!! It’s not like he doesn’t know how to make babies!

  9. blinkers says:

    Actually, if the roles were reversed we’d be suggesting the woman get an iud. Like a vasectomy an iud is extremely low risk and reversible.

  10. skipper says:

    Why not just get a vasectomy at this point? That would eliminate this problem altogether. He could even freeze some sperm in the event he actually wanted a child. Although, that doesn’t seem likely at all anyway.

  11. StormsMama says:

    So short sighted and selfish.

    Even if he hates the mother.

    But then again my ex’s ex is a Narcissist and sometimes you do have to make a clean break.

    Bottom line though is this child is his and he should be a part of her life if at all possible.

    Le sigh.

  12. gingersnaps says:

    That poor child will grow up knowing that she is unwanted by her dad and treated differently from her other siblings.
    I wish he’d stop being the face of a certain sofa company here but guess he needs all the money he can get. As stated here, hopefully he is supporting the baby financially.

  13. Alexis says:

    Seriously Owen? If you don’t want children, there is this magical procedure called a vasectomy. What a douchebag. Get that money girl.

  14. Tiffany says:

    The man’s nickname is The Butterscotch Stallion. I mean, he is living up to it. At the expense of children, but, he is who he is.

  15. Thaisajs says:

    Sure, he has no legal responsibility to meet her or be a part of her life. I would argue he has a moral responsibility to do so. But if he’s just going to be a jerk, the baby is probably better off without him in her life anyway. It’s hard for me to respect anyone so selfish, tho.

  16. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    This guy is a douchebag. Wear a condom so you don’t bring children into this world you have no intention of being there for.

  17. Lala11_7 says:

    She’d been dealing with him for YEARS…and from the looks of it…he kept her as a side-piece…and treated her like one…it seems as though his side-piece behavior is continuing, even though there’s a child involved…I mean, his youngest son is 4 years old…so he was obviously seeing other women while he was seeing her…the WHOLE situation reeks of NOTHING good…and THAT’S before this last baby was even conceived….

    • Dahlia says:

      Right??? People are quick to call him out (and he deserves it to an extent) but this woman knew what she was getting into and probably wanted a piece of the pie from this loose fellow. We can’t presume to know what went on between them but this is a two way street and not some naive girl being taken advantage of.

      • Snowflake says:

        It’s not about that though. Even if she was not some naive girl, DNA proved this is his kid. He should be paying for and seeing the baby, the mom has nothing to do with it.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        @Snowflake…I don’t think taking care of the child financially is the issue…it’s the fact that when you ask Google…”How many children does Owen Wilson have”…the ONLY two that comes up are the boys…and I’m sure it will stay that way…

      • meme says:

        He’s a dog for denying his daughter and treating this woman like a side-piece.

  18. Andrea Lupparelli says:

    I have a friend who got pregnant by her second kid while married and her husband asked her to have an abortion even though he refused to wear condoms! She had the second son and he got a vasectomy afterwards. The fact that my friend is still with him gives me the creeps.

  19. Andrea Lupparelli says:

    I find a few things odd about this story: one: the fact that he acknowledges the two sons but not the daughter. It may be gender bias or simply a coincidence. Two: the fact that he is willing to pay for all three but not have contact with third. Maybe he didn’t want another kid, but again where did he think the last two came from? He is probably some wreckless guy who hopes the women have abortions or are on the pill. If he was with her for FIVE YEARS, he should have known her at least somewhat. That’s the part that gives me icky vibes.

  20. JadedBrit says:

    Doesn’t OW watch those animal shelter ads? Perhaps he could take a hint and have himself neutered for Christmas.

  21. Sun in Libra says:

    Think it was blind gossip than implied this is actually his 4th child. There’s another kid he fathered that he won’t see or talk about.

  22. Lisabella says:

    I’m pretty sure he has mental health issues. I realize that’s no excuse, but if I were her, I’d think twice about bringing his DNA into this world…

  23. Cerys says:

    A messy situation especially for the poor child caught up in it. If Owen doesn’t want more children perhaps he should exercise some self-control in the reproduction process????

  24. Jennifer says:

    FFS. What happened to using condoms? Three baby mamas. Come on. Ugh.