Oprah’s favorite things include $200 dog DNA test, $350 face brush

Oprah has released her favorite things for 2018, and as a Buzzfeed so aptly put it years ago “As usual, it’s mostly overpriced sh-t you can never afford.” There are under $50 items though. Oprah’s favorite things are at least useful, in the sense that Skymall (RIP) products were useful at addressing problems you never realized you had. Did you ever want to be able to grill indoors? There’s a product for that that doesn’t have George Foreman’s name on it! Did you ever want to know your dog’s exact heritage or if the breeder was misleading you? There’s a product for that too! Plus your dog or your friend’s dog deserves a spa day and there are products for that. I don’t have enough discretionary income to justify most of these purchases, but for those who do, Oprah has solutions. She’s been working with Amazon for years, which is smart because they own us by meeting our every desire almost immediately. This list has some Amazon products too, like an Echo Spot, a little camera that’s just like the Echo Show except smaller and rounder.

Other than the stuff I already mentioned, here are some more of the products Oprah recommends.

A lasagna pan to let you make three kinds of lasagna of once!
On the three occasions I’ve made lasagna, I’ve been very self congratulatory about the amount of work involved. I can’t imagine putting in extra work to provide two other variations of lasagna, which is already super tasty. Only Type A superchef cooks need this, which I guess is the point of all these products. Plus giving people gifts that they’ll appreciate, at least to your face. Bonus is that it’s only 18 bucks.

A $200 seltzer maker that’s not Sodastream
This product is $20 more than the highest end Sodastream seltzer maker. You can get Sodastream’s cheapest model for $50. People seem to be buying this one as it looks better on their counters though. It is really pretty, but I’d rather spring for individual seltzers at a dollar a bottle.

A lighted organizer insert for your purse
OK yeah I want this. I’ve tried a couple of different purse organizers and now I just use a ziplock bag for most of the junk I keep in there. This is $42, and it’s the number one product in purse organizers, which is a category on Amazon I just learned. MOM – get this for me this Christmas.

A $200 heated foot massager
Do you remember when bubbly massage heated footbaths were a thing? I had one of course, which I used about twice and then left in a closet because it got water all over the floor. This may not make a mess, but it sure takes up space and seems useless. Plus the massager can only be used on one body part. I like my massagers versatile.

A “lux” face brush set by Clairsonic, which is from $200 to $350
I know a lot of people swear by the Clairsonic facial brush. As someone who spends a stupid amount of money on skincare I feel you, but is it really worth it? I’ve read that washcloths are just as good at exfoliating, and there are all kinds of facial brushes, some with batteries, at much cheaper price points. I don’t understand the hype around this product.

A $100 “personal security system” that attaches to your phone
This is kind of cool actually. It has a silent alarm for when you can’t broadcast that you need help and a very loud piercing alarm for when you want to scare someone off. It can also send your GPS location to the contacts of your choice and it works without unlocking your phone. This would be a great present for a friend or relative who may be at risk. It would provide peace of mind too. It does cost $15 a month for monitoring, which is similar to DIY home security systems. (I pay that for Simplisafe.)

OK I enjoyed Oprah’s favorite things! There’s stuff I want but don’t really need, which is the point of gifts. Plus it’s soothing to shop. I have mindlessly scrolled through those “Amazon things you didn’t realize you needed!” lists so many times, which is why this sounded familiar. I’ve impulse bought a few items from them too. I needed that after this week. I only wish that Stacey Abrams was governor of Georgia already, but voter suppression was rampant and now we’re waiting for another election. I hope Oprah comes out again to remind people to vote.

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  1. damejudi says:

    Can someone please tell Oprah that the Harry Potter/George Burns glasses do her no favors?

    Trust me, I love the concept-and the tortoiseshell is gorgeous-but they are a no.

  2. Elena says:

    giant eyeroll, I finally paid off my credit card and refuse to go into debt for xmas this year
    I’m getting my kid maybe 2 things and a candle for my sis inlaw, my gifts are never good enough for her anyway

  3. sommolierlady says:

    I got permanently turned off of Oprah many years ago watching her Favorite Things xmas episode. The audience was foaming at the mouth and screaming hysterically at every prize. It was such over the top materialism, it was embarrassing. That was the last time I ever watched her.

    (She looks great.)

    • Celebitchy says:

      Those people got all that shit free though! I would totally act that way.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      I feel the same way. The favorite things and the cars give aways that sent women into convulsive mania were so dumb especially after they found out they owed thousands in taxes for the cars. Most had to sell the cars to pay for the taxes.

    • me says:

      I agree. Yes getting free stuff is nice but the audiences during the “Favorite Things” episodes are always so over the top. It is embarrassing to watch. I wonder do they tell the audience ahead of time to “pump up the drama for the cameras”? Like wouldn’t knowing you’re on camera make you try to “contain yourself” a little? I don’t know, I guess that’s just me.

      • Nina says:

        I remember from a documentary (not sure, too long ago) that they had staff that were some sort of cheerleaders. They would rile them up, have them clap and shout before the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made extra sure the audience is “cheerful” before such a special.

  4. anna2222222 says:

    I would have been disappointed if Oprah’s
    favourite things didn’t include a $200 dog dna test. I tried to get my dog to take a cheaper dna test (I’m 90% sure he is a dingo) but he just glared at me like he knew Oprah wanted more for him.

  5. Tania says:

    For Christmas this year I get to move to the Northeast! Or that region anyway. My husband just accepted a new move with the company and out of choices of 3 locations, I chose the NE area because it’s so close to the Canadian border where I can drive home in less than 3 hours. We’re going to try one last Christmas here in Kansas but if we can sell and buy quickly, it could be before the holidays too.

    I can’t afford Oprah’s list this year (or any year).

    Anyone from the northeast that can give me some do’s and don’ts of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, MA? I think we ruled out MA due to traffic, congestion, taxes, etc. but I want to be close enough to catch some hockey games!

    • Lightpurple says:

      You don’t say where your husband needs to be in the NE.

      Portland, ME is really cool and Amtrak comes right into the same building where the Bruins play.

      NH doesn’t have income or sales taxes but it has high property taxes and then slaps “view” taxes on top of that. My sister’s “view” is a muddy stream.

      RI also offers more regular train service up to the Bruins and also has the Bruins farm team in Providence.

      There’s also really good college hockey just about everywhere up here.

      • lucy2 says:

        I just went to Portland – LOVED it. Gorgeous area, great city.

      • Esmom says:

        Oh man, my son and I fantasize about living in Maine. I’d move to Mount Desert Island tomorrow if I could. And my other son is a huge hockey fan so I feel like Portland would be perfect for all of us. Too bad my husband doesn’t know it yet.

      • Tania says:

        We looked at property taxes in New Hampshire and honestly it’s about the same as property taxes here in Kansas so we’re okay with that. He’ll be travelling to parts of PA, ME, NH, MA, NY and surrounding area. Basically overnight trips. We are leaning towards NH because the taxes here in KS and he likes the idea of “Live Free or Die”. I’m looking at southern corner of NH close to MA so I can take a train or bus to TD Gardens, or drive to Montreal. I suppose a place where I can find a job so I can continue spending money on all my bad habits!

    • Montréalaise says:

      If you move to Vermont (especially northern Vermont) you could drive to Montreal (just 90 minutes away) and watch the Canadien hockey team. Plus, there are so many fun things to do here all year round (and many of them are free) and don’t forget, your US dollar is so strong against our Canadian dollar right now.

    • Amelie says:

      I think New Hampshire is cheaper to live in but if given the choice, I’d take Vermont over New Hampshire any day. I love to ski and I dunno, I’m just super biased towards Vermont and how beautiful the state is. Burlington is the most charming “city” (it is the largest city in Vermont) I’ve ever been to.

    • AP says:

      Buckle up because I have a very specific suggestion for you. New London, NH. Close to great skiing and lake life for summer (Mt. Sunapee, Lake Sunapee + 4 others), an Ivy League and the cultural offerings that come along with it, a world class hospital (Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, respectively) while still having a friendly small town and being surrounded by nature. It is also a very popular retirement community while still housing hip/artsy people. A little far from Boston (2.5 hours) but very accessible via Concord Coach. Truly the nicest little town I’ve ever lived in, I’ve longed to move back ever since I left. Highly recommend looking into it. Good luck with your move!

    • SamC says:

      Portsmouth, NH would be my choice/suggestion, second would be Portland, ME, last Providence or Westerly, RI. Portsmouth has a great, walkable, thriving downtown, easy access to Boston, beaches, skiing, hiking, etc. Minutes from the outlet Mecca of Kittery, Maine, higher end shopping in Burlington Ma is under and hour and an easy drive down 95. If it was at all practical for my job (I telecommute and my territory goes from Boston to central NJ) I’d go there in a heartbeat.

      I live in RI. Providence has a lot going for it with great restaurants, culture, summer there’s a cheap ferry to Newport, multiple beaches within 45 minutes, Cape Cod is 90 minutes (off season/peak times), Boston driving is an hour but you can also get commuter rail. And for hockey, there’s Providence College and URI. Westerly is a smaller town, on the CT border, but also amazing beaches, growing and thriving downtown, lots of festivals, etc.

    • Dazed and confused says:

      The market is hot in Kansas right now. I would think you could sell quickly. In my area, people are getting multiple offers. Good luck!

  6. savu says:

    If you have an iPhone, it already has a feature that sends your GPS location to your pre-chosen contacts if you hit your distress signal, without unlocking your phone. (The lock button five times fast)

    • Lilly says:

      I also got the Shortcuts app for telling Siri I’m getting pulled over and it starts recording and sending a text, and the video, to chosen contacts.

    • Esmom says:

      Is that the find my phone feature? I have been talking to a couple moms lately about tracking their teens and college kids via their phones and I’m starting to feel negligent for not doing so! Right now the only way I can tell if my older son, who’s away at school, is alive is to check to see if he’s been active on Instagram. We only talk once a week and I feel like I need more contact/reassurance in between!

      I do think college women would like the security thing that Oprah likes, especially the loud alarm.

      • Tania says:

        I use findmyiphone on my Mom. She lives alone, when she travels to visit me, letting me know she made it to X stopover isn’t her priority. It just puts my mind at ease when she’s out of sight. Our car app tracks my husband’s movements so I know where my 2 favorite people are in the world at all times!

  7. LadyMTL says:

    I’ve used a Clarisonic for years, and I love it. If you have adult acne like me, it’s a godsend. As far as the rest of the list goes, the one that really made me gasp was the gourmet popcorn…$180! I mean, what? Like I said on another site, for that price Idris Elba himself should be coming over to feed it to me, lol.

    • lucy2 says:

      I swear by the Clairsonic too. Using that has all but eliminated the breakouts I’d always get on my chin.

    • lisa says:

      Clarisonic cleared my chin too. It’s the SONIC WAVES! Just the cheapest one works great. I never replace the brush, just clean and disinfect it frequently. It did turn on in my carry-on luggage once, though…. TSA probably thought it was a vibrator :O

  8. Venus says:

    I am down for a heated foot massager. My feet always hurt, and when they’re cold they cramp up like whoa. I may have to put this on my Xmas list.

    And the three-lasagna pan is brilliant! You could make a veggie, a meat, and a gluten-free essentially at the same time. I love lasagna, and making three small ones is not much more fuss than making one big one.

    • Marlene says:

      I use a bread form (metal with teflon) for lasagna. It’s basically like the three-in-one, minus the other two. 🙂

    • chlo says:

      My dad has foot issues, and I gave him a heated foot massager for xmas last year. He loves it. It looks almost identical to this one, but I purchased it from Hammacher Schlemmer, and I think it was $150, not $200.

      • Venus says:

        Ooh thanks! One Amazon review for this one said the massage was painful because it’s shiatsu — what does your dad think?

  9. Deedee says:

    Doesn’t that lasagna pan look like it would be great for brownies? Every piece would have edges.

    • Esmom says:

      Good point, lol!

    • Mellie says:

      I like it because I have one vegetarian in the family and 4 meat eaters. It would be nice to make her a little sliver of veggie lasagna and the rest of us could have our beloved sausage.

  10. Thirsty Hirsty says:

    Go to “DNAMYDOG.COM” it’s the Canadian site for DNA testing. Cheaper than the American lab, and anecdotally, more accurate. I’ve done both my dogs, both of whom entered my life as adult, behaviourally challenged and thus returned rescues and it has help me immeasurably understand some of their behaviours. I’ve adjusted training to accommodate, and now have two relatively brilliant dogs (some behaviours and/or emotional issues will never be entirely overcome, but with knowledge comes the ability to manage them). $70.00 Cdn all in (including postage) and you get results in 2 weeks online and 4 weeks in the mail. Send them a pic of dog and a certificate is included. It’s WAY COOL. Also, a$2.79 baby hairbrush will work just as well for cleansing one’s face. I use a facecloth daily, and ‘brush’ my face at least once weekly.

    I like her glasses. As one who has worn glasses since 6 years of age, I would love to be able to afford a glasses ‘wardrobe’. I feel very lucky to have a work pair and a dress-up pair, as well as prescription sunglasses….this is the kind of thing my “disposable” income goes towards…well, this and my meds……

    • Astrid says:

      After years of paying the big bucks for prescription glasses, I now use Zenni. For the price of one pair of glasses from a local store front, I can get 8 pairs for the same price online.

      • Lilly says:

        Oooooohhh thanks for that tip @Astrid, my son loses a million glasses a year (well it feels like it). I did make the mistake of clicking on Oprah’s list and it’s tempting, but so far I’ve resisted buying.

    • H says:

      I found a Groupon for the company. 14% off. Thanks for the info, I’m getting one.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Thank you for the dog DNA suggestion.

      My friend had a dog from a rescue and they had about 5 different breeds in mind for what she could be. Then she became ill, and after a while, they found out she had a liver disease that is common in one of her breeds. I have always wondered if they had known what breed she was, perhaps they could have tested for that condition sooner.

  11. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    I love Oprah as much as the next person. She of course is an inspiration in so many ways. But these lists of hers show just how out-of-touch she is. This is at Level Goop. If she feels the need to do a list, I wish she would keep it more realistic. Most of the items are flat out impractical that they made me laugh. Even Joanna Gaines-endorsed items on her website are a reach. I hope the upcoming generation of women can provide us role models that are more relatable and down-to-earth no matter their level of wealth.

    • Esmom says:

      I like Oprah too but my first thought also was this is very Goopy, isn’t it?

      • Bella says:

        Oprah’s Favorite Things list probably pre-dates Goop by at least a few years. I remember when I was little that Oprah gifted her studio audience everything on the list the day she announced it every year and it has always been a mix of higher end/frivolous and budget which seems cool for major gift suggestions.

        I also get Oprah’s magazine and she still offers a lot of inspiration and accessible empowerment tools for women.

        Sorry for being a stickler in differentiating but I can’t help but still really love Oprah even though she can be a little egotistical/out of touch sometimes while Goop has always seemed insufferably pretentious 25/8. I mean, try to imagine Goop campaigning for President Obama or Stacey Abrams for a good laugh.

  12. Canadiangirl says:

    I want that lasangna pan, I immediatrly forwarded a link to my husband. It would be perfext for making smaller portions to freeze or forr lunches.

  13. Valerie says:

    I could use that foot massager.

  14. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    This Oprah list, or parts of it, seems like a repeat. At least she not off her rocker like goop. 🙄

  15. Kimble says:

    I DNA’d my whattheheckishe rescue dog and found that for $100, I adopted a 100% standard parti poodle.

    I was more excited for his results than my own!

  16. guilty pleasures says:

    LUURRVVEE her glasses, but then, I love odd eyeglasses!! They are a fun and changeable fashion and personal statement.

  17. Cee says:

    I would love to try a Clarisonic but I don’t like brushes. Also, exchanging brush heads can get expensive. I use a Foreo instead. You can do a deep-clean and massage your skin for firmness. It’s also not a brush so I feel better about bacteria and dirt getting into my pores.