Victoria’s Secret CEO resigns after lower sales, refusal to carry plus sizes

Jan Singer attends the 2018 Outstanding Mother Awards at The Pierre Hotel on May 11, 2018 in New York City....People:  Jan Singer (Credit Image: © SMG via ZUMA Wire)
The last time I shopped at Victoria’s Secret, I tried on bras, got annoyed with the pushy saleslady and left after considering the prices. Even with the multiple bra discount it was expensive, but I’m cheap. I’ve been known to buy underwear in bulk and discount lingerie on Amazon. Dudes are grateful whenever you wear something sexy, they don’t care if you spend $10 or $100. (Also, it’s doubtful they even care if you wear lingerie.) The last time I really splurged on underwear it was from Lively and I got some really cute matching sets.

There are so many online shops and competition, particularly from ThirdLove, Savage X Fenty, Aerie, etc. These companies emphasize comfort and inclusivity, showing larger models who aren’t pin thin. They also emphasize comfort over sexiness, but not Victoria’s Secret. They just had their runway fashion show and it was as model-centric as usual and didn’t include a single woman who was above a size 4, I’m assuming. When asked about the fact that Victoria’s Secret hasn’t had a plus size, older or transgender women on their runway, their male Chief Marketing Officer was dismissive and rude. He said that the show was a fantasy and that “I don’t think we can be all things to all customers. It is a specialty business; it isn’t a department store.” Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry plus sizes either.

Other businesses realize that women of all sizes buy underwear and they’re outperforming VS, which is clinging to an outdated male-oriented notion of sales. Their CEO Jan Singer, who used to run Spanx, just resigned after about two years. At least they had a woman as CEO for a while.

The head of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie has left the company after just over two years in the role, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Jan Singer, chief executive officer of the L Brands Inc. unit, was responsible for the company’s more than $4 billion lingerie business, which includes Victoria Sport, according to its website. The former head of Spanx joined Victoria’s Secret in September 2016.

Victoria’s Secret has been under scrutiny for failing to keep up with shifting consumer demands, especially involving themes of female empowerment and diversity. Its reticence to change has been made even more pronounced with the emergence of competitors like Rihanna’s lingerie company Savage X Fenty and ThirdLove, which aim to be more inclusive of women of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Underwear trends have also been shifting toward comfort and athleticism, rather than lacy, padded and push-up.

[From Bloomberg]

Singer must have been facing an uphill battle at that company given the bullsh-t that the CMO just spewed. The company wasn’t willing to change or embrace all women and we’re the ones who buy their poorly made bras. The dudes running companies would rather fantasize about their ideal woman than analyze the market and take our money. I bet they brought in Singer to shake things up but that the culture was so entrenched she wasn’t able to effect much change. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe she toed the line and that didn’t work either.

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  1. Missy says:

    Never purchased anything from Victoria’s Secret, prices are obscene and stuff is poorly made and not comfortable. No wonder the business is not doing as good as the other brands who actually seem to know what women want to wear, not what men think they should wear.

    • bros says:

      totally agree. their bras fit horribly and the material is gross. it’s for teenagers who don’t know any better and want to wear ugly sweatpants with PINK across the butt. its time has passed.

    • kgeo says:

      I went down a cup size after second child and didn’t know what size I was anymore. I went to VS because I thought they could help me figure it out. Everything looked horrible on me, and I have a pretty nice athletic and long body. It was depressing, and super expensive. I left there and went to Aerie. They’re the ones that helped me figure out my proper bra size (2 sizes smaller than VS was telling me), and they’re not ridiculously expensive. VS is so overrated.

    • iabelle says:

      At one time, they had excellent quality in clothing, tank tops and underwear. I have a 15 year old tank top I paid a lot for while I was in college from VS. That dang tank top is still in wearable condition not one thread out of place. Bought another tank top form VS about 2 yeas ago it unraveled after a few washings. The quality is awful compared to its hayday.

      • bros says:

        I agree-back when they used to have a full catalog of clothes, I still have han gout pants that are in ok shape. they used to have a lot of good stuff including bathing suits. theyre a shadow of what they used to be.

      • sommolierlady says:

        iabelle – I used to love their clothes! Their petite sizes fit me perfectly and they were (for a time) very well made. I had many of their dresses and loved their bathing suits. They have really gone downhill.

      • Boodiba says:

        The profit margin in the garment industry is pretty tight, so companies are always resourcing more cheaply. Remember when a t-shirt from Gap would last forever?

      • iabelle says:

        Agree on the clothing. Loved their clothes I bought a lot of my offie wear from them. Their office type of pants was conmfortabe and inexpensive but looked expensive. The type that makes you look like you grew 3 inches and fit so well.

      • Malificent says:

        Yeah, I liked there clothing site back in the early days. It was surprisingly nice quality for the price — and not all of the styles were trashy.

        I never liked their bras though. They were always uncomfortable — even when I was a 36C and the girls still defied gravity. I bought a few and realized that they were not comfortable — and went elsewhere for the everyday stuff and the fancy stuff.

    • BlueSky says:

      Sorry not paying nearly $40 for a bra or for their cheap looking underwear. I buy all my underwear at TJ Maxx or Marshalls,

    • Boodiba says:

      I haven’t either! I have small boobs, and not even the same size. Constructed bras look ridiculous on me. I went into a NYC store once, maybe 15 or more years ago, tried on a bunch of stuff & left w/out buying anything.

    • Fluffy pancakes says:

      I’ve never tried on their stuff but their stores have always looked so tacky, just like their shows and the lingerie has always seemed ugly beyond belief. The ugly, ugly footwear; weird frames and accessory pieces that remind you of Pataya stage shows but without the charm and character of the trans models; and the weird knicker lines all make you feel sorry for the models, who have to pretend they look gorgeous and do that hand stretched to the heavens and pointing upwards pose. I agree with CB; guys don’t really care about the lingerie as long as you avoid grandma-age-bracket stuff. But if you go sexy for yourself and not for some guy, I think subtle touches like a bit of lace is best.

    • HadleyB says:

      I have stuff from VS when they used to be classy … but I guess these days it would be considered “boring”. The clothing was on padded hangers..they played classical was a very relaxing atmosphere. I didn’t get a migraine going into the store and it wasn’t trying to be a dance club.

      I just looked at some old robes and gowns and they are made of silk and 100% cotton not poly like the crap they sell now. I am glad I kept the old stuff!

      Can’t stand to shop there now and haven’t for years. Over priced poly junk.

      • silliness says:

        Yes! I used to love their silk slips and robes! And silk undies! I remember that anything I used to get from VS used to last ages, and I built myself a nice collection of pretty and demure sleepwear. It’s been a huge disappointment to go in and see the cheap fabric they use now. I’ve been spending my money elsewhere for a while now.

  2. Whitecat says:

    Honestly there are way better brands than VS which aren’t even that durable. Recently bought Savage Fenty and I LOVE my stuff. VS needs to get with the programme or close down.

    • dlc says:

      Victoria’s real secret is that the quality is poor. Last time I bought bras from there they fell apart pretty quickly.

  3. Betsy says:

    They’re owned by a group that donates to a lot of anti-choice causes. So I’d never buy from them, ever.

    • Flan says:

      Didn’t know that.

      I always low-key avoided them, as it seemed to be all about the men for them, but now I will not even have a look.

    • Castle Toz says:

      Also they rely on cheap prison labor to make some of those garments. So imagine those poor dudes in prison making sexy underpants…

  4. TaniaOG says:

    What a total joke. First off, I buy nice undergarments for ME. Because how I feel about myself matters. The fact that this archaic company that deals with WOMENS lingerie is still selling to men in this day and age makes me want to hurl. Who is your customer VS? do all women not matter? Do the needs of women not matter? Or are we only toys for the male gaze? Frankly, if they do not change their whole business paradigm, I hope they go down in flames. You vote with your feet and your money, and my money will go to other business that are inclusive of all women in all shapes and sizes.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    Their bra sizes are pretty limited. Im a 36G so not plus sized, just busty, and there is literally not a bra in their store I can wear. I buy my bras from Freya online at Bare Necessities but I have heard good things about Third Love – any celebitches bought from Third Love?

    • Veronica S. says:

      They’re probably going to at least expand into E/F-cup sizing at some point. The average American bra size has gone up to 34DD, so eventually DDD sizing is going to be the midpoint not the maximum they can carry.

      • OriginalLala says:

        makes sense. Also, a big part of the fact that bra sizes have gone up is that conventional bra sizing has always been totally whack and nonsensical. I use to wear a 38DD/DDD and just thought that was the way bras were supposed to fit (thanks to stores like VS and La Senza) then i went for a bra fitting at a fancy specialty store and she was like umm, you’re more like 36G/34H. So based on numbers it looks like my bra size went up but it didn’t, I just got sized properly. More and more women are figuring this out and our bra sizes are changing

      • Veronica S. says:

        A lot of women don’t understand the band/cup relationship, so they’ll jump band size instead of realizing they’re just bustier than they think. Another part of the problem is that there isn’t an industry standard in America, either. We all measure the same way (over/under torso, then around bust), but everybody does different sizing and shapes when it comes to the cut. (And your body will definitely impact the fit – some women have concave rib cages, others have expanded ones, for instance.)

        VS bras are traditionally designed for smaller women, so they cut lower (the demi/balconet cut), whereas larger breasted women generally need fuller cut bras (full coverage). Older women may need something in between or shaping materials, etc, etc. I’ve measured customers in things like 34DDD in my store, then sent them up to Soma where they come back wearing a 36D. It’s just like…okay?? For me, as much as I like getting women in the right fit in my VS store, I’m not going to lie to them. If our stuff doesn’t work, I send them off to Soma or Nordstrom. Bras are something women have to wear every day, so I’m honest enough to tell them to go elsewhere if I know they’re going to be uncomfortable.

    • Gippy says:

      I’ve bought end from Third Love and love my bra. It’s a little pricier than VS, but we’ll made. I still have VS bras I love, but they don’t last that long. I tried Aerie, but their bras do not fit my shape or are umcomfortable for some reason.

      • iabelle says:

        Thirdlove IMO is still limited in sizes, DD the occasional G isn’t a big enough bra size for a lot of women. Good quality bras but wish they would extend their sizes.

    • Knitter says:

      @OriginalLala, I love my Third Love classic t-shirt bras. They’ve lasted for about 3 years so far and are still a pleasure to wear. I wear a 1/2 cup size and the fit is perfect.

      I remember buying VS underwear many years ago and was astonished by how itchy, poorly-fitting, and poorly-made they were.

    • Millenial says:

      Very limited sizes, especially when I was younger (they’ve gotten marginally better). And if you had a “non-standard” bra size, they would size you incorrectly in your “sister size” (on purpose) to make a sale.

      Not to mention everything was uncomfortable af.

    • C-Shell says:

      I have bought bras from ThirdLove and they are great. They’re pretty, comfortable and support well, although, I’ll admit the pretty racerback I bought from them is low cut and, if I exert myself much, the girls pop out. So, I just make sure to wear it when I know I won’t be flexing and raising my arms LOL.

      I also got a catalogue the other day from a UK company called Bravissimo — beautiful bras for larger cup sizes (regular bra sizes, cup sizes D and up), but my cup size doesn’t hit the minimum cup size, so I can’t review them.

      • Caela says:

        I have been buying from Bravissimo for 15 years now, since it was just a magazine and no shops. It is more expensive but the quality is great, service is excellent and their Shock Absorber bras are the only ones that keep my boobs in check. I don’t shop for bras anywhere else and I don’t know what I would have done without them when growing up.

        It sounds like our UK sizing is different to US anyway (we don’t have DDD) so might be worth checking if they stock your size.

    • iabelle says:

      As is most bra manufacturers in the US. I have a bigger size/small band and order from ebay or Nordies or UK online sites. It is sad us bigger boobed girls have almost no outlets to buy larger cup sizes, smaller band sizes. American bras need a lot of help and are very limited int their size range with little knowledge of how to measure or make bras.

    • Rebecca says:

      My daughter has the same problem. She’s not plus sized she’s big busted. You would think that a store that sells bras would realize that many women are more than a C cup and they’re losing money by not selling larger cup sizes.

    • @backstagebitchy says:

      I’m a Third Love true believer. They are expensive and I was hesitant. But I bought their t-shirt bra and it truly is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, and I really have forgotten to take it off. I swear this is not a #sponsoredpost! I laugh to myself about it because I know it sounds ridiculous and I know I sound like a robot. The companies all claim to be comfortable and inclusive. But my 3 Third Love bras are really awesome…

    • Izzy says:

      I’m busty as well, and while I’ve found the brands I prefer, my quest for a strapless bra that has decent hold and doesn’t hurt like a pinching rubbr band continues.

  6. BB says:

    Couldn’t they like double sales by offering plus sizes? I haven’t worn their stuff since high school when you could buy five cheap cotton thongs for $20 or something. I also used to buy their bras for $50-$75 each until my 20s when I realized their bras suck. They’re uncomfortable, overpriced, and cheaply made.

  7. Iknow says:

    YOu would think they would want to change their business model since MOST women are size 8 or above. If you make your brand accessible to more people, then you’ll make more money. It’s plain economics.

    • Lolly says:

      They want to be known for being exclusive to thin, attractive people though. They don’t want to be open for everybody, they’ve already admitted that. The thing is, even thin women have learned VS is crap. Their only market now is college age girls that like Pink. That is why I hope they go bankrupt in the next couple years.

      • iabelle says:

        If that was the case they would offer more classy/attractive underwear. Its basic what kids think is sexy and made for teenage girls. I’m a size 4 and rarely ever buy VS. It is cheap looking and not current.

  8. lucy2 says:

    “I don’t think we can be all things to all customers. It is a specialty business” Sure, OK, but then they probably shouldn’t be in every mall in America. They are limiting their customer base by being a “specialty”, so they should expect “specialty” sales, not mass market sales. I think it’s a foolish strategy, especially seeing how well the more inclusive companies are doing.

    • MaryContrary says:

      This exactly! If they’re so “exclusive” why are they in every mall???

    • BrutalEthyl says:

      Way back in the day, there used to be a Size 5-7-9 store in all the malls around here. I finally got small enough to shop in there. I have to say I loved it. We also shopped VS back then. Their stuff was a lot nicer then, and it held up.

      Now 5-7-9 is gone, and I couldn’t shop there anyway. :( And VS has long been selling over-priced, crappy, tiny sized rags that don’t last. The 70′s-early 80′s were good for me and VS. Now, not so much. lol

  9. Veronica S. says:

    Both the CFO and the executive vice president are (black) women, too. Not saying it’s as diverse as it should be, but it’s better than when the company started. But it does highlight the problem when a company with a female-focused sales market doesn’t have a predominantly female committee in place.

    But yeah, the business model is going to have to expand at some point or another. I’ve worked there on and off as a side job for a few years now. They treat their employees fairly decently (for retail, anyhow), but we’ve always discussed how ridiculous it is that we didn’t carry 40-band in store when it’s available online, and they only recently expanded sport and lounge into XL sizing. You can be the store that sells the glitzy glam fantasy, you just can’t pretend at this point that the fantasy is so narrow for everybody.

    (Albeit, I will tell you this – a lot of the VS models are considered “big” by haute couture standards because of their breasts or musculature. And Adriana and Alessandra are downright “old” by model standards. Ain’t that a scary thought.)

  10. Natalie S says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The people who run Victoria’s Secret are too busy celebrating what they like to pay attention to their customers. It’s more fun for them to have the Fashion Show but a show full of Angels or whatever seems like such a Donald Trump style fantasy. What woman wants to be part of that?

  11. Ohio Girl says:

    FWIW, Les Wexner is VERY critical of Trump administration. He’s just publically renounced his longtime R affiliation and is now independent.

    Agree with most of comments. VS should NEVER have gotten rid of swim either. I worked at the VS home office for 12 years.
    The supermodel schtick is so passé. The company desperately needs to evolve.

  12. Liz version 700 says:

    Haha not sorry. I am on the larger end of bras 40 D and a VS sales rep told me she wasn’t sure where someone like me could go. I wandered down to Soma and discovered that between their stores and online I could buy dozens of different kinds comfortable bras. They actually sell for all sizes (what?!?) Oh and they were actually charming …like being nice to me might result in them selling stuff.

    • lucy2 says:

      Soma is what I wear too, and if you hit a good sale or coupon, they’re a very good price for good quality.
      I do wish they had a little more color variety in the size/style I like, but overall it’s a decent selection.

    • Veronica S. says:

      But I work at VS and we sell up to 40DDD?? They even started carrying the try-on bras in store. You just have to order it online! That’s just bad customer service and management.

      I’ve worked for the store for years part-time (and other retail), and I’ll never understand being rude or unkind to women buying underwear. Like, half the reason I actually enjoyed the job was getting women into a size that made them happy and comfortable because bras are such a PITA to find the right one – or being honest and pointing them to a place where they can get stuff if we don’t carry their size. Like, women are baring their bodies to you. You have to be sensitive and empathetic to how hard that can be. We get trans* and cross-dressing** individuals in our stories sometimes, too, and our managers make it VERY clear that they are to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as we would female clients.

      *Trans women are some of my favorite customers, especially if they recently transitioned. They’re so happy and excited to finally get to do girly things!

      **With the exception that for obvious reasons, we sometimes ask the non-trans crossdressing men to pick slower weekdays to come in so there aren’t as many women in the fitting rooms who may be uncomfortable with a male presence.

      • Shasha says:

        Sorry, but that’s actually yet another reason I am not into VS at all. I don’t want to go shop in a place that is catering to the fantasies of cross-dressing men. (Not referring to trans, I am referring to cross-dressers that identify as men, it’s different). It’s often a fetish. And that’s well and good, but I don’t want men with a fetish hanging around the changing room when I am just trying to buy a bra. If VS wants cross-dressing men to be “just as respected” in the changing room as women who are just trying to shop, then I will go elsewhere to shop.

        Yes I know, VS’s whole idea is that the sexuality of men is the important thing when it comes to female undergarments. I do not agree so I’ll go elsewhere.

  13. Busyann says:

    I have so many issues with VS. First, I bought a pair of undies from VS years ago and wore them on a 3 hour flight to see my boyfriend and quickly realized that was a mistake. Secondly, their stores reek of frangrance and its headache inducing the moment you even walk past their stores. Lastly, and the most distressing of all, is the profiling that goes on. I wanted to purchase a pale pink, lacy bra. The sales associate quickly pointed out that the bra was $50. I looked at her like “okay, wrap it up.” She kept reiterating the price to me. I finally was able to purchase the bra, but my god did that turn me off. The sad part is, the associate was black american and so am I. I haven’t purchased a single item from them since.

  14. Darla says:

    VS has always been a male fantasy and 100% catering to the male gaze. I bought a few things there years ago, and they are not well made and don’t last. While I do think that sexy underthings can make a woman feel great, and it doesn’t have to be about the male gaze (most men I’ve been involved with just wanted the naked, as fast as possible lol), I am so into comfort now. I am obsessed with pj’s not lace.

  15. Jess says:

    Screw Victoria’s Secret and their overpriced ugly crap. I LOVE aerie!! Everything is comfortable, reasonably priced, and they include all types of women in their ads. It makes my heart happy when I shop online there, and I’m actually sitting in an aerie sweatshirt and leggings right now, lol. I spent all summer in multiple swim suits from there as well, I’m so impressed with everything about them:)

  16. Missyagogo says:

    My husband buys me 2-3 bra & panty sets for Christmas every year even though I have told him that I am too old for VS and I don’t wear their stuff anymore but he still does it. I have gotten cheap in my bra buying. I now go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and get ones there at half the cost and if it becomes uncomfortable or worn I toss it.

    • Boston Green Eyes says:

      Ditto on bras from TJ Maxx/Marshalls. The bras I buy there are good brands like Olga and Warner’s. Nothing fancy but good bang for the buck, as they say.

      For underwear, I am very basic: I go to Target and buy packs of Haines. I prefer comfort over fashion any day, but I guess that’s my age speaking (55)!

      • Wheeeeeee says:

        Turtleneck panties for the win! If I can’t dry off a whole car with one old pair, I don’t want them. :)

      • lucy2 says:

        LOL Wheee!
        I like comfort and coverage too. I like Jockey and go to the outlets, they have a decent selection and usually great sales.

    • Wheeeeeee says:

      My ex-husband did that too, even after I told him I didn’t like VS stuff. I finally was just ungracious about it and said I would be donating anything from VS to the thrift store. (I don’t know what they would do with it) So he started buying house things for me like a Roomba (junk) and cheap saute pans. That’s why he’s my ex.

  17. Other Renee says:

    Their stores used to be mob scenes. Now they’re empty. That pretty much tells you all you need to know.

    • Christin says:

      Good observatiion. I went by one when they had one of their semi-annual sales (which used to be packed), and two teens were browsing. That was it.

      I liked their cotton briefs, because they would last for a long time. Now they begin to unravel within one or two washings. Their reviews constantly mention this, so they have to know people are calling out their quality.

  18. steen says:

    Ok, so survey, what’s the best bra available? I’m a 32D, thin but kind of busty. I need support. I used to like VS but they’ve started adding a seem to their shoulder straps and not you cannot even adjust them. I’ve seen lot of ads for Third Love. I’m not sure about not being able to try on in person and I’m terrible at returning things. Has anyone tried these? I’m ok with spending around $50 for a bra if it fits well and is durable. I’d like it to be pretty too. Thoughts ladies?

    • Millenial says:

      Do you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby? They have Natori and Wachoal (and others) bras for big discounts and I think both are great! Nordstrom was doing extended bra sizes before just about anyone else, so I’ve been loyal.

      • lucy2 says:

        Both of those brands are good, and for anyone unsure of sizing, Nordstroms will usually do a fitting. The women at the one near me know what they’re doing, and are truly helpful.

    • Mgsota says:

      Every bra I own is Wacoal. Pricey but if you can catch a sale, I’ve gotten them as low as $25. I’m a DD and they’re extremely comfortable while providing support. I’ve been thinking of trying thirdlove, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

      • Fluffy pancakes says:

        Wacoal is big in some East Asian countries (where I was born and partly raised) and my mum used to take us to buy them when we were teens. Super comfortable and subtly pretty stuff. In Australia, where I now live, Berlei sells the number one bra. They’re around $40 to $70 AUD depending on whether they’re on sale or not.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Which style do you wear in VS? Body by Victoria? That may not be working for you if you have slimmer shoulders because the strip is not fully adjustable. The new Sexy Illusions one is pretty nice, too, though it has a plunging cut. Dream Angels is my favorite from them, even though it’s the priciest of the lot. It has fully adjustable straps and may fix the adjustment issue you have.

      For other brands, Soma has some really comfortable ones if you don’t mind the price. You may have to get refitted because they tend to cut full coverage, but my friend loves them – granted, she’s in the 36G/H territory, so she needs it.

      The Betsey Johnson line for Nordstrom is also pretty cute (if pricey). They also carry a lot of really cute stuff for women in the 30-32 band width, which isn’t easy to find in other stores these days since band sizes are shifting up.

    • insertpunhere says:

      My sister swears by Nordstrom. I think she’s a 32J now. I like Nordstrom and Von Maur (38H). They can measure you, and they typically do a pretty good job. If you have an Intimacy near you, they measure decently as well.

      All of those are pricey, as is my absolute favorite bra, the La Mystere (it was an Oprah’s favorite thing), but if you use Amazon or Nordstrom rack, you can get decent deals. Also, good bras are worth it, just like good shoes. If you handwash in cold water, lay flat to dry, and rotate so you don’t wear them multiple days in a row, they last. My current La Mystere is coming up on three years old. Even being worn 3-4 times a week, the only problem is a little pilling under the arms.

    • Lokigal says:

      Mgsota and fluffy,
      i swear by the japanese brands like wacoal. prefer the U-back, three hook minimum and boy do they hold up! i used to be a 32F and it was a pain trying to get any bra, let alone decent designs except wacoal. ooopsreply went too far down.

  19. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Everything I’ve ever gotten there has fallen apart after a couple of washes (yes, I follow the care label). Some of my Walmart underwear is still hanging in there after nearly 10 years. I will need to replace some pieces soon as the elastic is starting to come out, but they’ve served me well.

  20. Bettyrose says:

    Best thing about this thread is the advice. I stopped buying the 5/$25 Vs undies awhile ago because I’m never at a mall any more, but I live for good online recommendations.

    • Christin says:

      You aren’t missing anything, because the price on those undies has gone up and the quality has gone down.

  21. helonearth says:

    Never bought their bras, but did buy a couple of silky robes and slips in the 90s which were very nice. Then didn’t go to the US for many years. When I did eventually get back, I didn’t like a single thing in the shop. I thought the quality had dropped dramatically.

    A friend wanted to go and have a look when they opened in London – didn’t buy anything and won’t be going back again.

  22. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    Years ago my friend who works for a nonprofit raved about her $10 bras from H&M. I had cut off VS earlier after a bra had a gap so wide you could drive a truck through it and since I was broke at the time I decided what the heck. I brought a whole bunch and she was right! They fit better than anything else I had. I am now a bit older and can afford other bras but still tell my younger cousins this story to show them there are bother bra companies that are inexpensive and work

  23. Elisa says:

    How are Savage x Fenty bras? I’m so tempted!

  24. minx says:

    I came here to comment on this woman’s hair….?!

  25. Electric Tuba says:

    I’m not sharing what kind of underroos I’m wearing as it is not relevant to the story and it’s nobody’s damn business what I do with my bits and dangles. However looking at Singer and hearing the “fantasy” quote I have no doubt she’s had to hear some god awful statements about the way women”should” look and I’m surprised to not hear stories about misogynistic work environment there.

  26. A says:

    Nordstrom carries small band/large cup size bras

  27. Ann says:

    I was able to shop at Vickie’s for bras twice: right when my boobs first came in for like a month or two before they got to be huge, and a few years ago after I had lost a lot of weight. I’ve always liked their underwear but I won’t be shopping there anymore. I’m not plus sized anywhere but my boobs and VS seems to think a flimsy DDD is where the boob line in the sand is to plus size, so they can suck it. My size bras already cost as much as VS or more so they are loosing $$$ by not including women like me.

  28. Usedtobe says:

    Well over the last few years I’ve found that the Body by Victoria bras are the only bras that feel comfortable on me so I buy them and they are the only bras still in my drawer. I don’t do matchy, haven’t since my early 20′s. I did eventually buy a VS zip up sport bra because I had read fairly good things about them and I do really like it too. However, I’ve never ever bought underwear or lingerie there. I can get that anywhere.

  29. chubcucumber says:

    I haven’t even looked at a VS store in ten years. The last time I bought from them had to be twenty years ago and it didn’t fit properly then. In my experience would tell any customer bigger than a D cup that they were a D cup (their largest size then) so thanks to them I spent my early twenties in poorly fitted bras because I didn’t know any better and back then there weren’t really other readily available options for cute lingerie. And I’m not plus size, just busty, I can’t even imagine what plus size potential customers had to deal with.
    I’m guessing they haven’t changed their tactics because they were essentially the only game in town for decades. People would buy from them despite deteriorating quality, terrible sales people (no fault of the individuals trying to make a living, I assume it’s bad training and company culture), and a ridiculously narrow size range.
    Funny that they seem deadset on not seeing that things have finally changed. It seems obvious to me, I don’t know anyone over 18 who shops there, regardless of body shape. There are soooooo many better options now.

    • I feel like it’s fine (if they want to leave money in the table🤷🏻‍♀️) if they want to cater to a niche market, I guess. But if that’s their thing then they need to get off my TV, and get out of every mall in the US. They have saturated the market for years with their subpar products. Honestly the quality of their stuff has done nothing but go down over the years, they’ve been living off of brand recognition, not quality, and not good pricing, along with a limited size range. It’s bad business.

  30. Meg says:

    I remember when Michael bay directed at least one of their TV ads-it looked like a preteen boys’ fantasy of women. Although the transformers movie with Nicola peltz totally does too.
    Maybe that’s victoria’s secret’s thinking: hoping men will buy their products for their wives hoping their wives will fulfill that fantasy for them. Cause that’s what we’re here for ladies-to fulfill men’s fantasizes. not to feel cute for ourselves or support our breasts so we can live our lives comfortably or anything

  31. Adrien says:

    They think they are luxury, high end lingerie. I don’t see young faces shopping at their outlets yes even in their Pink line. They are mostlly foreigners buying their lotions and spray. Something about their brand feels very 90s like Frederick’s. You cannot say that to say LaPerla or Agent Provocateur. At least Frederick’s carry all kinds of sizes. It’s a shame VS sales staff near our place are trans friendly. Their marketing should look beyond instagram for inspiration.

  32. Pandy says:

    Well, she ran Spanx … a product made to torture women to look THIN THIN THIN … so doubt she wanted to be an agent of change. VS bras – does anyone past 16 buy them? I was always too big in the bust for them and i’m not “plus sized”. They are strictly for looks as they do nothing to support anyone over an A cup. And so pricey!!! Garbage.

    PS: Frederick’s IS better and certainly more size inclusive.

  33. Suz says:

    Bought bras from VS exclusively until recently The bras fall apart so quickly now. Quality has definitely gone way down. Can anyone suggest someplace else?
    I’ve also noticed at mutiple locations that their staff isn’t well trained to measure. I’ve been a 36C since I was 14 and got stuck in a dressing room while the floor associate continued to bring 32B to me. :(

  34. Really says:

    People were talking about VS models and how Barbara Palvin was like a plus size model and how Kendal kardashian was a great model, so I was really surprised about their opinion.

  35. tw says:

    Loved reading these comments. I’ve been boycotting this crap for 25 years.

  36. MsCatra says:

    They’re such a joke. I actually DO wear a size 4 and still can’t/won’t shop there, since I’m a curvy 4 and wear a 32G. No VS, a 36DD won’t be the same. Stop telling people that! Also, even when I was younger and wore a DD, they were still a joke. I’m already a DD, giant push up pads are not needed, just quality construction. Most of my bras are European and also mostly from Fantasie.

    • iabelle says:

      We wear the same sizes, also a size 4 & a 32G/30GG (UK) or I in American. Can’t find a bra in a big box store to save my boobs. I stick with Bravissimo, Freya and Panace. Unfortunately not many storefront sells those, except Nordies. There is a huge market out there if a box/lingerie stores would actually invest in larger cups, smaller bands.

    • Lokigal says:

      YESSS…what is with the thick bullet proof padding for already busty ladies? we are not gonna walk around pretending we are Dolly Parton wannabes..i could never understand that.

  37. yas says:

    I worked at Victoria’s Secret for a summer during college and really loved their stuff back when I thought that guys cared about that stuff. When my now-husband and I got together in college, I would wear their poorly-made uncomfortable bras to try to impress him. Over the years, I switched to DKNY because they fit better and are better made, and while they’re super basic and more oriented towards comfort and I was initially worried he wouldn’t like them, he has literally never said a damn word. I once asked him if he missed the lacy bras and he said he never even noticed them. Lol.

  38. markweer says:

    My niece got a job there when she was only 19. She was a thin, wispy and everything they looked for and she mainly worked for the discounts. She recently turned 30 and long since found a job out of college so she can afford their stuff, but she no longer drops pounds like she did before and she basically doesn’t even look at VS–ever and pretends she never worked there

  39. Ange says:

    It’s a shame, the models used to look at least somewhat athletic and now they’re just scary skinny, no curves welcome anymore.

  40. Patty says:

    Every company doesn’t have to cater to everyone. If VS doesn’t want to do plus sized clothing, that’s their choice. There are a multitude of over options out there. If they don’t want to do plus size clothing and make bigger bras… elsewhere.

  41. Meh says:

    No one I know buys from there because it’s widely known that they used prison labor to manufacture garments for a time.

  42. Jag says:

    I had a couple of VS bras that were great – the convertible one and a lace, push-up one, but both were bought from their catalog a decade ago because the local store doesn’t carry more than a couple of D bras ever in their stores. Even when I asked them about having them get the styles I wanted from the catalog in my D size at the time, they said “no.” So I said that I was going to Frederick’s of Hollywood and left. (I didn’t realize they both were owned by the same company at the time.) It’s ridiculous how so many local women are at least DD and they weren’t carrying anything close to what they could wear. Lost sales, for sure.

    Now I’m DD, and wouldn’t even bother to look on their website to see if they’d have my size. Thanks for mentioning more companies for me to browse. Appreciate it.