Donald Trump really refused to go to the WWI memorial because it was raining, btw

Macron Meets Trump

You know what I’d like to see in the very near future? I’d like to see legit media outlets stop quoting unnamed sources who claim that this week – not last week, or the week before – is the craziest they’ve ever seen Donald Trump. At some point, it’s just dumb to keep hyping Trump’s stupidity and rage as some progressively next-level thing. The man is stupid and angry all the time. Some weeks, he throws tantrums and some weeks he doesn’t. Well, Vanity Fair has a new story about how THIS WEEK Trump has been especially crazy and angry and it’s all about how he’s going to fire everybody, and how he worries that rain will mess up his hair, and how he’s super-upset that the midterms weren’t as good for him as he initially thought. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

He’s super insane: “This is a level of insanity I’ve never seen before,” one former West Wing staffer told me. Current and former officials are debating different theories for Trump’s outbursts, ranging from his fears over his son Don Jr.’s legal exposure to the prospect that House Democrats will unleash investigations in January. “He’s under a tremendous amount of mental stress,” one prominent Republican close to him told me.

He’s really stupid too: Last Tuesday, he was in high spirits as he watched election returns come in with about a hundred friends at the White House. Trump told people that his barnstorming rally schedule had mobilized his base and held Republican losses to historical lows, while increasing Republican gains in the Senate. “He really thought he won the midterms,” a prominent Republican who spoke with Trump said.

His press conference last week was unhinged: “He was furious about the narrative. He said, ‘Look, I went to all these states and now people are saying Trump lost the election,’” the Republican who spoke with him recalled. Within hours, Trump forced out Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Matt Whitaker, who’d been a frequent cable-news critic of the Robert Mueller investigation. Next, Trump directed his press office to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass, something he’d wanted to do for months but had been talked out of by aides. “This is a matter of the president now being on his own without any countervailing force whatsoever,” a person close to Trump said. “It’s just 100 percent Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump wants.”

He argued with May: He got into an argument with British Prime Minister Theresa May during a phone call on the flight across the Atlantic on Friday.

Why he didn’t go to the memorial in France: One Republican briefed on the internal discussions said the real reason Trump did not want to go was because there would be no tent to stand under. “He was worried his hair was going to get messed up in the rain,” the source said. “[John] Bolton and everyone was telling him this was a big mistake.” A former administration official said Trump hates being outside in wet conditions. “What I honestly think? He woke up and said, ‘It’s pouring rain. This is a joke and I’m not doing this.’”

He’s desperate to fire John Kelly: “Kelly has decided to hang in there and get humiliated day after day,” a person close to Trump said. Trump recently told a former official that he was worried Kelly would campaign against him in 2020 if he fired him, a person briefed on the phone call said. But Trump may be getting over those concerns. According to two sources, Trump and Melania had a conversation on election night last week about the chief of staff position with Nick Ayers, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s top choice to replace Kelly. Ayers, politically gifted but conspicuously ambitious, and with questionable loyalty to Trump, would bring his own baggage to the job. “Half the West Wing told me they’d walk out,” a Republican close to the White House said.

[From Vanity Fair]

I understand that VF’s sourcing is on-point and I believe everything in this piece. But I just don’t see why any of it is so remarkable, or like this is a new level of insanity? Hello, HE HAS BEEN THIS WAY SINCE THE BEGINNING. He’s been firing people right and left for two years. He’s been giving unhinged press conferences this whole time. And yes, he’s been scared of the rain this whole time too. Poor Bigly Baby didn’t want to get his hair wet, so sad and low energy.

Centenary of Armistice Day in France

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. ByTheSea says:

    Look, his hair is just one long strand wrapped around his head and fluffed up. Imagine if that gets wet …

  2. S says:

    Part of a school group to D.C. this year and when we got to the WW2 memorial, it was raining. Do you know who we met there? Bob Dole. He is 95 (!!), wheelchair bound and was still out there waiting to greet an honor flight of vets seeing the memorial for the first time, and happy to take a photo with a group of middle schoolers in the meantime.

    Donald Trump is not a leader, and barely a man. It will be one of this nation’s most enduring shames that he was ever our President.

  3. CharliePenn says:

    What a disgusting display of disrespect. My PopPop was a WWII veteran and he lost his beloved 19 year old brother in the war. PopPop would tell us grandkids about sleeping in a cold tent in France, and that rats would literally run over the soldiers heads at night. The soldiers would all wear their helmets to sleep and the rats would run over the helmets. My PopPop put aside all his comforts, risked his life, lost his brother, to do what was needed for this country. And this motherhumper can’t even pop open a fucking umbrella to honor what so many men and women have done for the sake of our country?! Disgusting. A new level of disgusting. The mental gymnastics in the minds of trump supporters must be extra intense this week if they are still supporting this disgrace of a president.

    • Lightpurple says:

      My 89 year old great aunt lives with me. Her father fought in World War I and lost his brother in France. She lost her own beloved oldest brother in WWII. Lost at sea so they never even got a body. She was enraged all weekend about the utter contempt Trump showed for their sacrifices.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        It was disgusting. His behavior is disgusting. I noticed a lot of former Presidents/ Vice Presidents out doing veterans events. I wonder if they are trying to fill in the moral leadership vacuum caused by Trump and his stupid hair.

      • Lilly says:

        That’s what I really can’t stand, the heroes he dishonors and those who remember/love these heroes – whether veterans or firefighters. So many know he’s a despot and awful and or voted for him, but even when you know it (in my experience) it still hurts. Agree with you and @Liz version 700 it’s so disgusting.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I’ve seen what those supporters are saying and it’s the usual gross, ignorant shite they always say. “Those Frenchies need us more than we need them”, “We owned the French haha!”, and “The coward French have always wanted to be us but failed and they’re angry.” Just a few snippets of the comment section on an article I read this morning.

      Can we hit the reset button and get a real president now?

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I was so enraged by the utter disregard for the people who died for our country, and the many, many more who died in the service of our oldest allies. My family lost people in both WWI and WWII — this was deeply personal to me.

      Trump failed to turn up at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, he failed to turn up to show solidarity with our allies in marking the moment exactly 100 years before when WWI ended, he failed to turn up at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans’ Day. He does not deserve to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. No regard for anyone but himself, at any time, ever.

    • Jaded says:

      I can imagine my father, a WWII vet (2 tours of duty in N. Africa as a bomber pilot fighting Rommel, shot down twice) rolling over in his grave at this horrific spectacle of a president doing his best to disrespect and fuck up the entire world. Thank God he didn’t live to witness it, he’d be apoplectic.

    • holly hobby says:

      Let’s not forget how he is currently separating members of the military from their families on Thanksgiving over the faux caravan. Notice he stopped talking about it after the elections? Plus how his lackey Wetsy Betsy all but stopped paying people enrolled under in the GI Bill so they may end up bouncing education and housing payments.

      His barnstorming only worked for his type. He never got any support from former GOP/Independents.

    • Flan says:

      Much respect to your grandfather and his brother.

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    I wonder what he was arguing with Theresa May about? Of course it was about not getting his precious hair wet – at the US cemetery event the next day he whinged about getting wet while giving a speech in front of vets.

    I expect that he will eventually just fire everyone who doesn’t regularly kiss the ring – at what point will GOP turn on him? There has to be a line with them.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Knowing the GOP, they will only turn on him once he has banned abortions, made it illegal to be gay or an immigrant, and has removed person-hood status for people of colour and women.

    • Thirsty Hirsty says:

      No there doesn’t, Digital Uni ~ What folks really need to understand is that Trump is their distraction. We rage against him, instead of raging about what the GOP is doing to the laws of the land (making it easier for corporations to make even more money by removing environmental protection barriers, for one and making it impossible for POC to live fear free, for two). And every once in awhile, he does something right…for example, he is the only president to challenge China in regards to intellectual property rights, which I see as a good thing. No one person is 100% bad or 100% good (well, One was 100% good, but He is a hard act to follow). We need to stop focusing on what Mr. Trump does, and start focusing on what the “Good Ole Party” is doing in the meantime. The Republicans love Trump, because he distracts us from what they are doing daily!

      • Solace says:

        I think you do have a point here. Trump is despicable for sure but he sometimes becomes an easy cover up for a systemic malaise. His policy toward Pakistan and China is in the right direction but he is so severely compromised by Russia that it is hard to believe anything he does. It is probable that his foreign policy is totally dictated by Russia.

      • Kitten says:

        To be honest, I rage against both on a daily basis.

        But I really don’t see how anyone can separate the two at this point. Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Trump. If Trump is functioning as a distraction, then that’s just a happy coincidence for them. It’s a symbiotic relationship: GOP supports 45 because 45 supports GOP’s agenda.

        But make no mistake: every idiotic, destructive thing that Trump has done is because of who he is and what he represents. His behavior abroad, for instance—that’s ALL Trump. As evil as they are, the GOP certainly aren’t the ones telling him to ignore the troops, for example.

        Because they literally have no control over him.

        Also, we can’t tell people to ignore the President of The United States. Every single thing he does matters whether we like it or not. Every single terrible thing he does is a stain on our country.

    • Dara says:

      McConnell is just as compromised as Trump when it comes to receiving money from Russia. For years, donors with strong ties to the Putin regime have given millions to his PAC. He was the one that threatened President Obama and prevented him from issuing a stronger warning about Russian interference in the 2016 election. Yesterday he blocked a bi-partisan bill that would have protected Mueller – mere days after writing a laughingly hypocritical op-ed in WaPo saying the Dems needed to be more bipartisan. McConnell is the real treason weasel, Trump is the side show.

      • holly hobby says:

        Well Jeff Flake also announced he will not approve any more judicial nominees until Mertyl McTurtle puts the Mueller bill up for a vote.

        According to what I read on Twitter. May called to congratulate him on a successful midterm (not sure if she was trolling or not) and he went off on her.

  5. Jerusha says:

    Does anyone here at CB believe he knew the significance of 11/11/1918, 11/11/ 2018? The man is profoundly stupid. It was just another day to him, a day he would have preened and embarrassed us all if not for the blessed rain. As it was, he showed his ass on the world stage once again. Also, those millions of lives lost a hundred years ago mean nothing to him if he can’t monetize them in some way. I loathe him and his enablers and hope that one day my daydreams come true.

  6. anniefannie says:

    Most surprising thing in VF article “ He watched the election returns with about 100 friends.”
    I call bs on the 100 friends….sycophant’s, users, social climbers ( hard up ones ) maybe,
    friends?! Nah..

  7. OriginalLala says:

    Maybe, like the Wicked Witch, he melts if he gets wet…..

  8. Lightpurple says:

    He also blew off going to Arlington National Cemetery for the Veteran’s Day observance. His supporters ripped Obama for missing it twice in eight years because he was out of the city on those days. Trump was at the White House but too lazy to make the short trip to Arlington. Because: rain.

    He’s having a complete meltdown this morning about the rumors about the shakeup and about Mueller, complete with accusations of lives ruined and witch hunts and bad grammar. Meanwhile, Princess Nagini is posting pictures of her kids and trying to interact with regular humans on Twitter. Those kids are going to need a lifetime of therapy to recover from being exploited every time Mommy wants to distract from just how bad she and her father are.

    • Cindy says:

      Oh, I remember Arlington. Back then I had some shreds of optimism left, and I thought these people had such a twisted sense of patriotism to take something like that so seriously. Obama’s POTUS, he’s one of the busiest people in the world! He just doesnt have time for everything!

      Now I notice they never cared for patriotism and veterans. Obama was black and this was an excuse to hate on him.

    • Trashaddict says:

      My mother and her father, who was stateside in the cavalry in WWI, are buried in Arlington. Frankly I am relieved that the Orange Crab-boiled Buffoon was nowhere near either of them.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      LP, Grifter Vank is desperate to get her Africa tour. She had Newsweek put out out a story about her charm offensive. She posted a tweet about international work initiatives and about how the US is helping underdeveloped countries with new business. All these tie into her narrative that shevis the best person to conduct an urgent Africa tour. I read that Bill Shine has crafted a PR campaign for her to smoothly spend another fee million for her tour.

      The corruption no longer shocks me. She and Jared are spending and grifting like crazy. Also stealing $900 million from Qatar and sending Khashoggi to his death as a quid pro quo for MBS’s help with the Qatar business. And where is the RICO indictment now?

  9. adastraperaspera says:

    Putin told him not to go.

  10. Belle Epoch says:

    He also refused to walk with other world leaders and was probably the only one to insist on having a car drive him instead. It was a conspicuous indulgence, but the other leaders are clearly done with him.

    Do you think he knows how to drive? He will never open a door himself – ever – and can’t fold up an umbrella by himself either. What a hothouse flower.

  11. boredblond says:

    One more thing he’s scared of..germs, dirt, animals, insects (his public freak-out over seeing a mosquito was hilarious), lots of different foods (depending on their source)..and now rain. He’s the biggest coward baby imaginable, so why do his ignorant followers call him ‘strong’ and why on earth would anyone fear him? He’s always been seriously unhinged, so no abhorrent behavior is a surprise.

  12. Esmom says:

    I don’t know what t say anymore. I also noticed an uptick of “he’s crazier than usual” stories and it’s not helpful or comforting to know hear about that because, as you said, he’s been crazy all along.

    I do feel like something has shifted, maybe thanks to the (not fake) Blue Wave, despite Trump, Whittaker, McConnell and Co’s best efforts to continue undermining our democracy. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking again.

  13. Eric says:

    Twitter Storm is an indication that Emperor Zero got advanced notice of a Mueller bombing run. And Gates is still talking to prosecutors and may just be reeling in a big fish in Erik Prince.


  14. Nancy says:

    This thug had the audacity to mock Hillary for being weak. He is such a pampered poodle, he won’t go out in the rain. But then again, like a poodle, if that mess on his head got wet, it would smell like a dog. Further, he can’t open an umbrella. The President of the United doesn’t know how to use an umbrella. The same one who stares at an eclipse, sans protection. He certainly isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. Makes us all feel warm and fuzzy. Dumb ass.

  15. RBC says:

    Serious question here, If 45 was found to be mentally incapacitated or incompetent could he still be impeached or indicted?
    Lately, I am seeing more reports of him being “crazy” and not to get too conspiracy theorist, could all this be a elaborate hoax? There is a history of shady medical reports( ie his weight is only 239lbs)

  16. Veronica S. says:

    I mean…did they even really need a “source” for all this? This is anything a basic human being with common sense could have gleaned from his behavior either through experience or observation. The only satisfaction I get out of it is knowing that at the end of the day, he has to eat his words over the Senate gains since later counts reduced it to only one seat. But Democrats and independents need to ignore the pony show and start the groundwork for 2020 now.

  17. LadyAnne says:

    Yeah, except it was not raining in that area that day (I’m French, and I checked the weather when I read on Twitter he was not going). So, just pure laziness.

  18. Darla says:

    I’ve almost given up on Mueller, but trumpy’s odd behavior lately (and odd behavior for him is saying something because he has never been in any way normal) and his Mueller Meltdown on twitter this morning is giving me a small stirring of hope.

  19. Rapunzel says:

    Let’s not forget he blamed Secret Service for barring him from the ceremony. Way to throw your protection under the bus.

  20. Eric says:

    Jim Acosta: You scared bro? You sound scared.

  21. feralchild says:

    So, can we start a gofundme for a surprise ice bucket challenge for Trump? He is so concerned about his looks, about his hair (that he paid a lot of money for, LOL), that seeing him get drenched in ice water would be nice.

  22. Sophie says:

    He is an absolute disgrace!!! I hope he no longer has the military support.

  23. Bahare says:

    Finally. I have asked since day 1 in total frustration why people claim they didn’t know he was this bad. He has been this way always and I do feel happy if his support base decreases over time but please stop this we didn’t know nonsense and if you really didn’t bother to find out would it have made any difference anyway? Unfortunately I think not.

  24. Ally says:

    This Tracey Ullman – Anthony Atamanuik sketch of a May/Trump phone call was really good, btw:

  25. Phonycat says:

    And yet once again, the man is Teflon. Nothing bad sticks to him no matter what is being reported. Sigh🙄

  26. MJ Lucid says:

    I think he didn’t want to be in the rain because…..well….look what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West when she got wet……”I’m meltingggggg…….!!!!”

  27. Truthie says:

    Ha! Maybe Trump’s bone spurs were acting up, they certainly were serious enough to get him out of serving his country before. He must have a HUGE case of bone spurs, just the biggest case of bone spurs you could imagine,