US: Jennifer Garner and John Miller could get engaged by summer

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Some stories bring up gossip memories from years ago. This reminds me of the time that Jennifer Love Hewitt publicly pressured Jamie Kennedy to propose to her. That was almost 10 years ago and Kaiser wrote it, but I remember because it was so cringey. Hewitt went on to marry another guy, they had two kids and seem really happy together. I just spent a paragraph talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt in a story about Jennifer Garner.

My rambling point is that John Miller could be Jennifer Garner’s for-keeps guy, he keeps a low enough profile it’s hard to tell, but that it’s lame to use “sources” to say he’ll probably propose, even if they’ve talked about it. This is not a smart move, especially when they’ve been together less than a year. Play hard to get girl, stay busy! Before you tell me that US may be making sh-t up, they’ve been Garner’s outlet of choice for years and they had the first story about this new relationship. This is straight from Garner.

Eight months into their romance, Jennifer Garner and her businessman beau, John Miller, “are more in love than ever,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Camping star, 46, who finalized her divorce from ex Ben Affleck in October, “admires John because he is just normal,” and their bond is totally drama-free. “No one would be surprised if they got engaged by summer,” says the insider. “John has discussed marrying Jen.”

[From US Magazine]

In the video on US’s site they add the quote that Garner and Miller “have been spending quality time at Jen’s house before she puts the kids to bed.” However the kids still “know him as mommy’s friend. They haven’t even kissed in front of the kids.

I bet Garner told US this hoping she’d get another cover, but it didn’t happen for her. This is dangerous. Does she talk to Miller before these stories get leaked and let him in on the game or does she just deny culpability?

Her October, 2018 US cover:

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  1. Alissa says:

    given that they both just got divorced, I’d be pretty surprised if they both wanted to immediately go back to being married.

  2. minx says:

    So thirsty.

  3. Amelia says:

    This strikes me more as putting out feelers. It’s been established that she is very particular about her media image and narrative. She probably knows the potential optics of getting engaged/remarried quickly after a long, messy protracted divorce. This article could be testing the waters for backlash before committing to her next move.

  4. Kim says:

    I’ll never understand the rush. Try it out for awhile before committing, especially with kids involved.
    That being said, I hope he treats her well. I feel like Ben put her and is perhaps stilling putting her through the ringer.

  5. Thea says:

    I don’t know. I just kinda think she deserves to be happy.

  6. Mia4s says:

    She does strike me as the type who can’t be alone. She went from her first husband to her co-star, to Affleck, in very quick succession. I’ll be generous and assume there was no overlap. 😒

    After two failed marriages, the second of which only lasted as long as it did because she allowed herself to be disrespected for years, some self-reflection is in order. Not to mention her children have a VERY troubled father who she has at least another decade of having to co-parent with. Jumping into a third marriage seems a touch…desperate?…needy? Date, have some fun, but FFS take a breath and slow down.

    • Lizzie says:

      i totally agree. maybe being with ben was kind of like being alone for years but damn girl – pump the breaks. don’t lock it down with one man right now. there are many fish in her sea. younger fish (chris evans) . older fish (liam niesson). chilled out but hot fish (keanu reeves). musical fish(lenny kravitz). BITCH GO FISHING.

      • Mia4s says:


        LOL! Annnnd I’ll be stealing this line for use in real life, please and thank you. 😁

      • minx says:

        Love it! Bitch go fishing! She’s got money, three kids, just enjoy yourself. Even if she settles on one guy, don’t be in such a hurry.

  7. Phd gossip says:

    Jen looks different. Me thinks she had a brow lift.

  8. Who ARE These People? says:

    The kids think they’re just friends but they can read about their mom being pre-engaged online or at any supermarket? If this is her work, then she has some ‘splaining to do to her children.

  9. katy says:

    Defines herself by her relationships. She was Mrs. Affleck and clung to that for way too long because it was the best, most high-profile gig she ever got. Has nothing exciting going on by herself –her ‘comeback’ acting attempts flopped and she’s basically an IG influencer and tabloid spectacle only now, which is pathetic. P.S. If No Lips is truly drama-free, I doubt it will last. Scott Foley was stable and no drama, she dumped him for Vartan. The excitement of that affair subsided and she dumped him for bad boy Ben. She may pretend to be (and look like) a frumpy church frau but she also likes “fixing” men and has a savior/martyr complex. Which is why I believe that she’ll never really be done with Ben, or over him.

  10. Lala11_7 says:

    I’on…I think she should take a lesson from Chris Crocker of “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” and socialize her….well…you can IMAGINE WHAT HE SAID…I

    But I get it…she probably felt alone in her marriage to Ben for YEARS…and maybe she’s the type of person who feels freer when they’re involved with someone…

    But MAN if I were in her shoes….


  11. meh says:

    That JLH story!! How cringey was she, my god!

  12. GL says:

    only 17 responses, no1curr about jen garner anymore.

    • Dora says:

      Actually eigtheen. There are bigger scandals and stories today. Jennifer garner seems to be a normal person in comparison to other celebrities.