How shady is the National Enquirer’s exclusive on Jeff Bezos’ affair & divorce?

Vanity Fair’s 2018 Oscars After Party

As we discussed yesterday, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife of 25 years. MacKenzie Bezos wasn’t the one looking to cash out (although she will cash out, there’s no prenup). Jeff Bezos was likely having a torrid affair with a woman named Lauren Sanchez, and there was AT BEST a lot of overlap between the end of his marriage and the beginning of his thing with Sanchez.

Bezos tried to control the story by releasing his own statement announcing the split, but that didn’t stop the National Enquirer from releasing their exclusive: they got their hands on texts and selfies sent between Sanchez and Bezos, and now the Enquirer is making a big deal about how they aren’t going to publish the “lewd” texts and selfies because they’re too dirty AND because they respect Jeff Bezos’ privacy. LOL. Any other day/month/year, I might just take this at face value and accept that the Enquirer just happened to get their hands on this stuff through connections and gossip and whatever. But then this happened…

And it just reminded me that the National Enquirer has always been in bed with Donald Trump, and Trump thinks Jeff Bezos is his enemy because Bezos owns the Washington Post (and because Bezos is a lot richer than Trump). So now I wonder if this whole Bezos story came from Donald Trump making a new deal with the Russians and David Pecker to secretly get access to all of Bezos’ phones, emails and what have you. *adjusts tin foil hat*

Incidentally, Page Six claims that the Enquirer got the exclusive on Bezos’ texts because Lauren Sanchez is indiscreet – their source says Sanchez “sent the sexts to a friend to show off about her relationship with the world’s richest man — and then the pal slipped the texts to the Enquirer.” Page Six also says that the Enquirer spent four months working on the story – which was called “Project Alexa” in-house – and that four Enquirer staffers were working on it and tracking Bezos’ movements all that time. You say “Enquirer staffers,” I say “Russian henchman working to take down one of Trump’s perceived enemies.”

Vanity Fair’s 2018 Oscars After Party

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  1. Mar says:

    I vaguely remember her hosting some makeover show? The Swan was it? She looks really plastic IMHP

    • Rhys says:

      I read some of the text he sent his mistress and it’s so strange – it’s the kind of stuff you send to your college sweetheart, or dearly beloved wife. It was nothing special at all for someone to go ahead and search for it outside of marriage. Like “I want to fall asleep with you and wake up and have coffee together and read paper…” Like, really, that’s what you want from the affair? You are not asking for SDM or some golden showers and you are divorcing your partner of 25. Years? You can have it with your wife.

  2. me says:

    This take down by National Enquirer has trump written all over it

    • jan90067 says:

      Don’t forget about all of Pecker’s hidden “tapes”. Oh yeah… Russia’s and Dump’s fat little fingers all over this one, for sure. Even though it’s an uncontested divorce, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mackenzie’s lawyer(s) get some info surreptitiously from “an anonymous” source as well, that will insure a more than fair split. Even w/out a pre-nup, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bezos tried to keep her from what is rightly hers after 25 yrs.

  3. Vexa says:

    He’s evil and I hope she takes him to the cleaners tbh.

    • Swack says:

      There is no pre-nup so it should be interesting.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      They married pre-Amazon, there is no pre-nup, and Washington is a community property state. She will be able to pay the best forensic accountants and Bezos is extremely high-profile, so hiding assets will be very difficult for him. She will basically get half of his net worth unless she agrees to less just in order to speed things up or get concessions on child custody arrangements. It may not be messy — they may have basically agreed on divorce terms already. But whatever happens she will become one of the wealthiest people in the world in her own right.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        I could not imagine how she is feeling right now to have this thrown into her face and being plastered all over the news. He basically cheated on her before their separation. I read another article that stated that she caught wind of it months ago when she saw this woman’s name on the manifest of their private plane. He tried to pass it off as a business associate. I hope she takes him to the cleaners for his adulterous actions.

      • BlahBlah says:

        She will not get half of his fortune; it’s their fortune that they built together.

      • Rhys says:

        @BlahBlah – exactly! It’s their fortune and she is entitled to the fare share.

  4. Swack says:

    As shady as the Enquirer killing stories about Trump.

  5. hindulovegod says:

    There’s shadiness as the Enquirer is basically a subsidiary of RT at this point. But Bezos still had an indiscreet affair with a friend’s wife.

  6. Faithmobile says:

    The Pecker Tru*#p conection was my first thought too. I bet the Inquirer is still loaded with Tru*#p sycophants and this is their apology for pecker cooperating with Mueller.

  7. Lolly says:

    This “take down”, if Trump is involved, is so stupid. Yes, Bezos’ affair is gross and sucky, but for his ex wife and kids. No else is affected. He isn’t an A list celebrity, this will die down soon. His ex helped him start amazon up, she was always going to get half of his money, it’s hers. I’m already bored of this story.

    • Jo says:

      Perfectly stated! This is between Jeff Bezos, his estranged wife and family. David Pecker is one of Trump’s henchmen and wants to wound one of the Dotard’s enemies.

    • Its Ok says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure going it’s is going to hurt that much either. What could he possibly do with $136 billion that he can’t do with only $68 billion?

      • Bettyrose says:

        I’m not qualified to comment on the hardships of life on $68 billion, but he won’t be the richest human any more. I bet that actually pains him.

  8. Maya says:

    Well Trump and his cronies can try and take down good people through the media a much as they can. They will never win the war.

    But end of the day, Bezos is richer, a better man and more admired that Trump will ever be.

    Alongside TMZ & DailyMail, I want National Enquirer to be taken down because they are doing evil men’s work.

  9. Marjorie says:

    Sanchez hosted the first season of So You Think You Can Dance, quit because she had a kid with Baby Daddy 1 Tony Gonzalez from American football (who is on my all time hot list). After Gonzalez she moved up to the current husband, Baby Daddy 2, a BIG Hollywood agent. Now Bezos, biggest of all. Girl has exponential skills.

    • Adrien says:

      yeah, accompanied a friend who was a contestant of the show. That was mid aughts. She was already criticized back then for being too frozen looking. Surprised to learn she is only 49. I was an audience member of the show and she’s actually friendly during taping and rehearsed with the dancers.

    • Serphina says:

      She has skillz is right.

  10. Lisa says:

    Bezos is an idiot. I am not surprised that the reason the texts and other private info was gotten was because of Lauren. He deserves all the embarrassment.

    • Teaspilled says:

      Honestly this. Just another roving crotch probably tired of issues actual life partners face. His wife should get half, she was Amazon’s first employee. I hope she does something good with the money because I have zero respect for Amazon and it’d be nice to see some good come out of this. You know something for their kids to think about instead of dad shacking up with a blow up doll.

    • Dani says:

      I agree with both of you. I also don’t care if Trump is behind it because Bezos is a real POS. I hope his wife cleans him out. I pray she hires someone like Laura Wasser and hangs him up to dry. Scumbag.

    • Kim says:

      They had been cheating for nine months and she was anxious for him to leave his wife. She had a friend release the picture of his junk so everything would be out in the open and he would have no choice but to get out of his marriage. She played him. He is a fool.

  11. Cay says:

    Why would Trump and his friends care? Don’t they keep telling us that affairs are not immoral unless they are done in the Oval Office?

  12. notasugarhere says:

    @Kaiser, what if Sanchez was in on it from the beginning, well-paid behind the scenes via channels by any number of sanctioned Russian oligarchs?

    Adjusts tinfoil tiara of choice (Sweden’s Steel Cut)…

    • Hmmm says:

      Maybe he wasn’t ready to leave his wife because he’s gonna have to share his $ and this is sanchez’s way of pushing him to hurry it up.

      • kacy says:

        If she leaked it and he stays with her, he’s a fool. She might have forced the divorce, but he’ll likely find a different woman for his second wife.

      • gm says:

        I agree, Sanchez outed the affair to try to get them to split. Seems like otherwise that marriage would keep on going and going regardless of affairs.

  13. mm11 says:

    Lmao @ “project alexa”

  14. Sayrah says:

    Yuck. Way to pick a mistress Jeff.

  15. adastraperaspera says:

    This “investigation” is shady. The Bezos family take their privacy very seriously. As they find out more about the spying that was done on them by the Enquirer, they could take legal action. As a child, Jeff spent summers working with his grandfather on a ranch in south Texas and is truly tough as nails. Attacking him outright like this is a bad idea.

  16. Renee says:

    Bezos is a creep for cheating. I hope his wife gets everything for which she is entitled.

  17. Alberto Delano Cox says:

    I am no fan of Jeff Bezos, I feel he is the ultimate worst representative of the disaffected, entitled and fanatically capitalist younger generation billionaires (compare to Bill Gates and others from the older guard).

    That being said, if he went on to do a hostile purchase of the Enquirer and Co., and out of sheer petty revenge, dismantle it or turn it into something like the New Yorker, he would make me very happy.

  18. Gurl says:

    Jeff can whine about privacy and play the victim all he wants.

    If he’d done the right thing and separated from his wife before choosing to sext outside of his marriage, this would be a non-story.

    Clearly, Jeff is bored out of his mind and having a secret affair enthralled him.

    He will tire of Ms. Plastic sooner than later.

    And if Jeff thinks that his mistress will let go of him as gracefully as his wife, he is in the shock of his life!!

  19. Harryg says:

    Love that photo where it looks as if he’s removing a brunette wig.

  20. Mila says:

    I see so many of you hating on him in both posts, but with all the stories of sexual misconduct and sexism coming out of Google and Facebook, I’m here to say: I work at Amazon and have honestly never felt as safe and fairly treated, and can honestly say that it’s pretty much like that across my whole org (from what I have witnessed at least). He may not be a good person but at least any toxicity has not spread across the whole business. Just throwing that out there.

    • Amelie says:

      I did too (an Amazon subsidiary). I was never sexually harassed by anyone (minus a male coworker who made a few weird comments about my clothes and he ended up leaving) but there were other dysfunctional things about the company that made me leave. And it turned me off to getting another job within Amazon.

      • Mila says:

        Hey Amelie, did you work in the retail side of the business? I did hear bad things about that corner, I’m with the cloud business and aside the fact that we’re not paid that great, it’s really not bad.

      • Amelie says:

        We sold digital products so I guess it was retail. I was in the production department and did deal with our digital product on a regular basis. Our department was often overlooked and without going into detail, a lot of stuff happened that made me so angry that I couldn’t do anything about. There was no support at all. I later found out I was making way less than my male coworkers but this was after I had already left which is probably a good thing since I would have raised hell if I was still there. And as you said, the pay wasn’t great. I’m assuming you get the RSUs though, which were awesome!

        I don’t rule out a return to Amazon per se but not in the near future.

  21. Tanya says:

    I’m used to men like him having a penis-driven mid life crisis, but this seems like a downgrade in every way. His poor kids.

  22. Bubbalouie says:

    I’m not being sarcastic here, but not many people here seem to like bezos. Why not?

    • Janet says:

      How about because he has made millions by paying his employees minimum wage and not good benefits, increased the price of housing in Seattle where the average person can no longer afford it. Refused to pay into the initiative that would help the homeless in Seattle. Owns a newspaper that controls what people say. Cheats on his wife. Makes a killing off the US postal service. Doesn’t pay his far share of taxes. He is really a Donald Trump. Just not president. Would you like me to go on?

      • Bubbalouie says:

        Thanks for responding. I guess I haven’t kept up with this guy. If what you say is true, he sounds like a turd.

  23. Suzanne says:

    Does Bezos have a glass eye? I find it difficult not to stare as one eye clearly looks peculiar compared to the other. Anyone out there notice it too or have a back story on it?

  24. Thanks Bobafelty says:

    He and his mistress have matching wonky eyes. Just check out pics of their faces straight on.

    • Suzanne says:

      LOL…I avoided using the term wonky eye…which is a favorite of mine…but thanks for bringing it to light. That’s precisely what I wanted to say! I’ll have to check her out. I guess it’s “love at first wonky sight.”

  25. MLouise says:

    maybe an impopular view but given his wish is regarding waking up by her side and reading papers, and adding that we all have only life life to live, rich or poor, well maybe he fell connected and at ease in a way he never felt before… a fool maybe but its foulish not to live life in a manner that suits the hearth…

  26. Yawn says:

    Dude cheated… dude got caught on camera and mistress leaked the sexts… dude is getting divorced… the end… why anyone cares about this is completely beyond me…

  27. Patrizio says:

    You know what I feel is implied in Bezos’ want to wake up with you and have coffee? Right after my wake up blow job! His wife is on her way to being the most eligible woman in the world- great looking, nice family, and yeah- $$$$! I’m glad she’s young enough to enjoy it.

  28. Patty says:

    Seriously, this doesn’t sound like a salacious affair at all. It sounds more like Jeff is in love. There’s no evidence that Ms. Sanchez leaked the texts – maybe she shared them with a friend; she wouldn’t be the first person to do that. And believe she’s smarter than people are giving her credit for. I don’t understand why the assumption is automatically made that she is some sort of bimbo, idiot, harlot, etc.

    Also, did it occur to anyone that after 25 years maybe it was Mrs. Bezos who wanted out of her marriage because she wants more.

    • Bettyrose says:

      ITA. After 25 years, maybe Mrs Bezos saw the time had come and someone just needed to say it. They had no prenup and knew their lives would be violated ny media intrusion, so possibly they’ve been putting off the inevitable for years.

    • Bettyrose says:

      ITA. After 25 years, maybe Mrs Bezos saw the time had come and someone just needed to say it. They had no prenup and knew their lives would be violated ny media intrusion, so possibly they’ve been putting off the inevitable for years.

  29. Dani says:

    Just FYI – he will trade Lauren in for a 20 something very soon. He’s friendly with Purple Miami (on insta) who is a club promoter and constantly has a gaggle of barely legal, stunning girls around. Bezos was down there about 1-2 months ago swimming in the sea of women. Lauren’s not the first and she’s not the last. Good riddance for Mackenzie, the new richest woman in the world $$$.