Kristen Bell on a ‘Good Place’ fan-favorite hookup potential: we’ve alluded to it

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Mild spoilers for what hasn’t happened on The Good Place but it’s not bad
I’ve been watching the second season of The Good Place on Netflix. (So many people on twitter recommended it to me!) While it’s not the most amazing show there’s something addictive about it. It’s funny and cute, the characters draw you in and you root for them. In the second episode of our podcast, I mentioned that Kristen Bell is one of my favorite celebrities to cover. That’s not because she’s my favorite celebrity, but because she gives good sound bytes without going overboard. (That part is at about 27 minutes into the podcast) She’s also an excellent comedic actress. Kristen and the rest of the core cast of The Good Place (sans Ted Danson) were on Conan. Excerpts from their panel interview are on YouTube and it was fun to watch. Kristen talked the most, as she does, and they addressed the issue on a lot of fans’ minds: will Eleanor and Tahani get it on?

Does your husband mind when you have sex scenes?
Kristen: No my husband likes every type of relationship that has positive energy behind it. He likes seeing lovers. He likes it when I fall in love on screen. Whether it’s r-rated stuff I’ve done or I’m kissing Chidi. He’s watching it in the kitchen and I’ll hear him go ‘honey, get some!’ He’s really a great wingman.

Fans seem to really want Eleanor and Tahani to get it on [shows fan art] Is that going to happen on the show?
Kristen: We’ve certainly alluded to it a lot of times how attracted Eleanor is to Tahani. There’s not really a reason to define either person’s sexuality. It seems indulgent and not necessary to go into it. Maybe Eleanor is just attracted to who she’s attracted to and Tahani is gorgeous so she keeps mentioning it. Eleanor is kind of bi and it’s fine with me.

Has the show changed you as people?
Jameela: I’ve become mildly more empathetic. When I’m irritating people I start to look back inside of them as to why they’re so irritated.
Kristen: My rule before I was on the show was just ‘don’t be a dick.’ It’s the same rule [after the show].
Manny: I recycle. [everyone claps] You have to recycle properly. Thanks to this show I have made my contribution. [They all talk about recycling, it’s cute!]

[From three videos on Youtube]

I will admit that I’ve wanted to see Eleanor and Tahani hook up. They’re both gorgeous women and it would be hot. Without being spoilery they could have a multi episode romance that doesn’t affect their character’s trajectories due to core setup of the show. That still might be a “jump the shark” moment which can happen when TV couples take sexual tension to the next level. Showrunners have to be so careful with that. I’m still not over Scully and Mulder.

Here’s one part of the interview and the two others I reference are here and here.

I would! (I mean I would be so lucky.)


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  1. MoopsMarie says:

    Side note: how gorgeous does Kristen look in that cobalt blue dress? She needs to wear that dress everywhere

  2. Scal says:

    Last night was the season 3 finale and I am still shook. The multi-Janet episode was my favorite-but it was a great way to end the season even it did make me sad.

    • knotslaning says:

      All of the episodes should have multiple Janets and Nicole Byer!

      • lucy2 says:

        Nicole was so perfect for that role! I hope she’s back again sometime.

        Oh that finale was so good and so painful! In a good way.

  3. Kris says:

    I have to strongly disagree with “it’s not the most amazing show”! I watched from the beginning and of course didn’t know about the big season one twist. I didn’t see it coming and I was shook. What makes it amazing to me is that just when you think they have no where to go with the story, the show just takes a whole new direction and it’s not something you see in a lot of shows. I hope you keep watching!

  4. Amelie says:

    I actually think Kristen Bell is the weakest part of The Good Place and I love that show too. I also don’t think Eleanor and Chidi really have any romantic chemistry, they have good brother/sister chemistry but as a couple I just don’t see it. I love the rest of the actors though and my favorite has to be Janet. That actress is so talented and to have to be constantly perky and positive due to her robot-like assistant character just makes me laugh so much. I also love when she has to be play Bad Janet (when she had to play all 4 of the characters that was some brilliant acting!) and her scenes with Michael are just so great. Ted Danson is great, all the other actors are great but watching Kristen on her own without the other characters would be pretty irritating.

  5. sommolierlady says:

    I’ve tried multiple times to get into this show but I just find it consistently unfunny. I really wanted to like it because I like all of the actors.

    That blue dress is gorgeous on her.

  6. Dee says:

    Me want green suit!!!!
    God, she’s gorgeous!

  7. Mary says:

    My daughter watches this show and with it on in the background, I catch the dialogue consistently supporting progressive issues – so I dig that❤️

  8. Jane says:

    I’m just here to say that I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  9. mtam says:

    They could just do a flashback scene to all the times Michael reseted them and in at least one they could show how his meddling somehow led to Eleanor and Tahani hooking up.

    Also, I love the show, the cast is great and it’s a pretty lighthearted comedy, but I was disappointed in the Finale. I won’t spoil it, but I definitely think there were better solutions to Chidi’s dilemma than what they resulted to. It seemed like kind of a lazy way to bring about some plot drama, it wasn’t smart or necessary…. but again, this is a light comedy so I gotta adjust my expectations I guess.

  10. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    My wife and I were rooting for Eleanor and Simone to hook up after their moment in the episode with Chidi’s VR breakup simulator. 🙂

  11. Fluffy Princess says:

    The Good Place is one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s so fresh and clever. I love all the characters. The fact that a show can surprise me, is a major plus. I hope they get a season 4!