Angelina Jolie, ‘ultimate lesbian heroine’; twins’ b-day party details


People Magazine has a nice little story up about the birthday party of Brad and Angelina’s twins, Knox and Vivienne, who turned 1 year old this past Sunday. According to their sources, the family stayed at home for a quiet family celebration. Brad’s parents (Bill and Jane Pitt) flew in from Missouri, and the older kids (Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh) helped bake two cakes, one cake per birthday baby. Gee, I wonder who masterminded the cake-baking? Could it be the Empress Zahara? “No, Shiloh, I wanted lemon zest!”

In another interesting piece of news, Angelina Jolie just “won” an important poll. No, not one of those beauty or sexiness polls, or even some celebrity power index. Angelina won the “Ultimate Lesbian Heroine” poll in the UK. She beat Madonna! Lesbians took issue with the Bingo-Winged One!

The poll results spanned 2,600 lesbians and showed the Hollywood star as the favourite.

“Angelina was the clear winner; and she also has a dark side which many lesbians like to. All of the ladies in the poll appeal to women of all ages,” said a spokesman for One Poll who carried out he survey.

Jolie is 34 and has six children who she is raising with her long time partner Brad Pitt. She was ranked over Madonna, Pink and former tennis player Martina Navratilova due to her figure, physique and fashion sense.

Though there were some older favourites that made the ranking such as Liza Minnelli and Dolly Parton, most of the top 10 were newer to the list.

“Lady Gaga is a new entry. The singer recently preformed at Glastonbury, with a see-through bubble coat and fire-spitting bra” said the spokesman.

Though Jolie is most known for her acting in films such as Tomb Raider and has won three golden globes, she is also a goodwill ambassador for the UK Refugee Agency and very involved in various humanitarian causes.

[From Telegraph]

The complete top 20 ranking of lesbian heroines is, in descending order: Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Pink, Martina Navratilova, Ellen DeGeneres, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox, Beyoncé, Germaine Greer, Liza Minnelli, Gwen Stefani, Cher, Janet Jackson, Tori Amos, Britney Spears, Cyndi Lauper, Scarlet Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dolly Parton.

Dude, Liza Minnelli got robbed! Beyonce and Lady Gaga did better than Liza With A Z! And A-freakin’-men to Dolly Parton. She’s not just an icon to lesbians – every woman has something to learn at the feet of Dolly Parton. Haha, Britney Spears did better than Sarah Jessica Parker. Or was Brit-Brit a pity vote? My guess is no, lesbians just adore Britney. And Pink, which is obvious. But seriously, Lady Gaga? No, lesbians. Just no.

Here’s Angelina Jolie spotted driving about Beverly Hills CA, on the first birthday of her twins on Sunday. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Blondie says:

    Good choice…as a straight female I would be tempted by la Jolie!

  2. AC says:

    Lady GaGa is fantastic. Why the hate!?

  3. hmmm says:

    I didn’t read the whole article so I’m probably missing something, but I thought Angelina was bisexual. Lmao. I’m a straight woman and I love Angelina. So…er, I’m confused.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Could it be the Empress Zahara? “No, Shiloh, I wanted lemon zest!”

    LOL!! I can just picture Miss Thang now, bossing everybody around the kitchen.

  5. karen says:

    So cute! Happy b-day to the twins. I want to see some pics!

  6. hatsumomogirly says:

    Dont use the L-word! The preferred term is ‘gayelle’.

  7. Sauronsarmy says:

    Are we calling the losers that sat day in and day out voiting non-stop for Angie to win (anything) lesbians now? Huh, I guess you do learn something new everyday.

  8. really says:

    Kaiser, I think you like posting these stories just so you can talk about the alleged “Empress Zahara”. What if you found out she was really quiet/shy and blondy bossed Zahara around? You have me thinking Zahara is some dictator, I have to remind myself you make this up…but it is convincing…

  9. ogechi says:

    i wonder why people give praises to morally bankrupt women,women who break homes and act abnormally but detest decent and virtuous women..Am begining to wonder if the world is coming to an end.

  10. Eka Allen says:

    @ ogechi, pls put a sock in it who has been detested, keep your morality to yourself. no one wants to know

  11. Annie says:

    Lol! Z is so cute. You can’t help but create this personality for her.

    I do that with my dog. LOL. He’s a staunch conservative Welshman who has royal blood in his veins. He’s affronted by improper speech and vagabonds. And he only eats organic and cannot be bothered with plebeians.

  12. Diana says:

    :::Sigh::: the gays in my family always choose Madonna, but then they’ve attended her concert. I’ll take Liza, (as a straight) who loves her :::Sass:::

  13. not so fast says:

    Happily married but I’d take Jolie in a heartbeat. So hot and mouth watering.

  14. so what says:

    I think Zahara looks like one of the Brats from Hell!!!!And Maddox looks like the other one. Shiloh and her twin siblings all look alike, of course there have been no pics of the little ones for quite some time, so they may have changed some. I think Pax is the cutest! I can’t stand skeletina or Pittstain.

  15. Buckley says:

    Stupid frakking poll.
    But, since it’s here I’ll vote.
    Jolie scares the crap out of me, and she has a permanent bitchface.

    Personally…I’m my own ultimate lez heroine

  16. Scout says:

    I can totally see militant Zahara!

  17. Rosalee says:

    I agree, La Jolie has the cutest kids possible and yes I can totally see Miz Z uttering those demands to her little sis..

  18. Bobby the K says:


    I’m not a woman, but if i was a woman, i would probably still want to hit it up.

  19. Beth says:

    I can’t believe people hate a 4 year old. That’s just too pathetic. I haven’t seen anything that indicates that she’s the devil’s spawn like people are claiming. She definately hates the cameras but in the few videos where the paps aren’t in her face, like Central Park a couple of years ago, she seems like a fun, happy kid.

  20. gg says:

    Dolly Parton?? Dolly Parton is a lesbian icon? Since when?

  21. anastasiabeaverhausen says:


    Just kidding, just impersonating the haters.

    I bet the kids are awfully cute. And I think Z got that reputation because she always has a bad ass look on her face in pictures. I love Zahara!

  22. hanna says:

    ugh, maybe angelina was hot, but now her holier than thou attitude is such a turn off, and she looks bad for her age. when she was batshit crazy and still looked her age, then i would have crossed over for her. Now, I would kick her out of bed

    Oh, and I’m not a hater, i’m simply not a brangeloonie. I don’t care about her “homewrecker” image, I just think her “sex appeal” is overrated.

  23. San says:

    I don’t understand, if someone scares you why would you click in and post under their name.
    I would bet grandma Pitt helped them with the baking of the cakes. A picture of that would be so cute.

  24. Tori says:

    @Beth No one hates Z. Calling her a Princess does not denote hate. Just giving her the dominate personality as the eldest girl tends to have.

    As the eldest gal…I totally got this tagged to me, even though it doesn’t entirely fit. I do, however, know that my family does this out of love and fun!

  25. Trey says:

    Wow. This reminded me of Foxfire, one of AJo’s early movies. I really liked it when it first came out and she does play a pretty good/sexy lesbian!

    I also found this old newsblurb about one of her supposed old girlfriends. Pretty steamy stuff!

  26. DD says:

    They may not have had a media team there but I bet you they are saving these pictures to do another “artistic” and “intimate” family photo spread to appease (their ego) us minions. Otherwise you know that “bounty” on their heads is gonna keep growing…

  27. hello! says:

    And, DD, so are the rumors that they are splitting. Better provide those pics or the tabloids will get you.

  28. ditzee says:

    what, no megan fox on the list? recount those votes! 😉

  29. kmart says:

    HELLO – MEGAN FOX wtf? she is my lesbo idol.. liza minelli whats with that one too? Lipstick lesbo fo me fo sho! xoxo

  30. Oscar says:

    Everyone know that Angelina Jolie is bi, and prefers being in lesbian relationship then with men. So, I am just waiting for her to dump Brad and ppl its gonna be this year.

  31. j. ferber says:

    That’s a great survey. For me, I’d have put k.d. laing on the list. She has the most beautiful voice, writes her own wonderful songs, and also appeals to both straight and gay women (like Angelina). I also find her personal integrity and sense of humor to be other strong points.

  32. DD & hello are FAT says:

    hello & DD are so pathetic. Your lives revolve around hating 2 celebrities because you think they hurt poor Saint Jen who you live vicariously through.


  33. BlueSkies says:

    Kaiser, you devil! That Bingo-Winged One term had better been posted with me in mind.

  34. hello! says:

    Hey, DD & hello. . . I am not a fan of Aniston or Brangelina. You need to get a life besides worshipping Brangelina.
    Calling people losers makes you SO MUCH better than everyone else, obviously.

  35. britters says:

    I never would’ve guessed Lady Gaga made the list, but then again she’s beautiful, inside and out. Her attitude, personality, voice – ugh, that woman is amazing.

  36. Kathrien says:

    GOD some ppl in this post are soo pathatic(Not Saying any names but i Think They Know Who they are)And I Agree with ditzee And kmart how is Mega Fox not On the list????? If i were A lesbian i would vote For jennifer aniston/Megan fox Or Lady Gaga..not that bitch mangelina!!!