Travel products to make your vacation streamlined with less hassle

In our last Amazon products post, about stuff we don’t know we want until we realize it exists, I mentioned that my mom buys me inventive presents. Until hnmmom commented that we should do a post with travel items (thank you!), I forgot that she has gotten me several travel products too! She knows I travel overseas a lot so she’s bought me travel cubes, toiletry storage, and a travel pillow which I mentioned. The travel cubes I admittedly haven’t used. It just seems like too much trouble and honestly I put my underwear and socks in plastic grocery bags.

Before we get into this I want to mention my number one travel tip and it’s very simple: always keep your passport and boarding passes in the same place, every time you travel. I have a computer bag for my laptop that I’ve owned for many years, through a few different laptops. (This isn’t the same one but would be a nice choice.) It has a zipper pocket on the front and that’s where I keep my documents. There’s never that panic moment where I wonder if I’ve forgotten them. As for everything else, I do overpack. I love fashion and I like to have outfit changes and options. I also like all my makeup, haircare and skincare products with me but I get trial versions and put them in little bottles. (I get mine from the dollar store, but there are fancy spill proof silicone ones too.) Traveling helps you evaluate what you need and use every day. With the right system and products, you can have everything you need accessible and organized. Here are some of the best travel products I found on Amazon.

Travel Cubes at under $25 with over 1,000 five star reviews
People love this set of 7 colorful structured travel cubes, and say they’re “lightweight but strong,” that they “keep everything organized” in your bag and that the different sizes make it easy to separate items. Buyers are also thrilled that they include 2 clear toiletry bags, which are TSA approved, and a shoe bag. They also come in six different colors. Maybe I do need some travel cubes.

Shoe bags that will make you wonder why you didn’t get them sooner
These shoe bags are just 4 for $12 with a 4.8 star rating and almost 1,800 reviews! People call them “excellent,” “roomy” and “well made” and write that they’re “lightweight,” “durable” and even “waterproof.” They also say they’re great for travel and are strong enough you don’t have to worry about piercing them with heels. Plus they’re big enough to accommodate larger-sized shoes. They come in zipper and drawstring options too.

An electronics organizer for your phone, games and cords
I got my son’s dad a product similar to this for Christmas one year. It’s great for traveling and he also uses it to store cords and chargers year round. This universal cable organizer can store a phone, camera, and other small electronics in their own little area while keeping cables separate and tangle free. Reviewers praise how much stuff it fits and says it stays slim and easy to pack even when full. There are so many user photos of these jam packed with devices.

A makeup case with adjustable compartments and room for brushes
Last week we featured a makeup bag which smartly opens flat to let you find everything quickly. Honestly that would not fit 1/4 of my crap and I’d have to pare down significantly for that. This bag just stores it all separately, you can adjust the compartments to fit everything and there’s a covered section at the top for your brushes. I currently keep all my travel makeup in separate smaller cosmetic bags by use (eyes, lips, face) and those go in a bigger bag with additional products. This would eliminate the need for all that and now I want it very much. Reviewers have lots of photos showing how useful it is and how much it holds. They write that it’s “sturdy, protects all your products” and even stays clean “unlike all my other previous makeup bags.”

A hanging toiletry bag that’s the number one best seller
I’ve owned several variations of this toiletry bag, but they never quite cut it. Reviewers say this one delivers. This comes in 13 different color and print options, it has a hanger for easy storage, and there are several waterproof compartments for your products. Owners say that it fits more than you think but is compact and that the material is waterproof and smudgeproof. They also call it durable and the perfect size for trips of a week or two. One woman calls it her “travel travel” affectionately because of the label and the fact that she finds it indispensable.

A waterproof backpack that folds into the size of a pouch
This backpack is perfect for traveling as it is lightweight and folds into a pouch but can expand to hold so many items. Reviewers write that they “ended up using it everyday” on trips and say it’s sturdy, useful and they want it in more colors, of which there are ten. It also has side pockets for holding a water bottle or snacks. It has the added benefit of being a bright color and helping increase visibility.

Space saver bags you don’t need to use a vacuum for
I have those vacuum bags for storing sweaters and they can be inconvenient, but these just work by rolling them. Apparently there’s a trick to it but once you learn it they’re easy to use. People say they work so well you can fit a ton of clothes into a carry on. They write that they’re “amazed at how much space it saves” and that they’re “easy to use” and are great for overpackers.” A lot of people just use them at home for storing winter clothing, blankets and accessories.

A jewelry case with compartments that expand
I keep my travel jewelry in a little soft bag and often forget it. When I remember to bring it I have trouble finding specific pieces. This jewelry case, only the gray one above, comes with separate structured compartments that expand and roll into a little cylinder. You could keep your most-loved pieces in it and it would look great on a dresser all year round. The other versions, pink, blue, and white, are designed like the photo below and have a little bag inside that separates from the unit. That’s also very cute but make sure that it’s the version you’d like.


A memory foam neck pillow you’ll want to use when you’re home
I joke about travel pillows, my mom got me this one which is also very well reviewed. I’m a napper, I keep a bucky in my car and at my boyfriend’s house and I highly recommend them. I also always have an eye mask and ear plugs in my purse. This memory foam travel pillow comes with earplugs, an eye mask and its own pouch. People call it “so comfy,” say it helps you fall asleep, and that it’s “very supportive and truly holds it shape.” Unlike inflatable pillows it is bulky, however the pouch and strap make it easy to attach to the outside of a backpack or carry on.

Thanks for reading and commenting on our affiliate post! Also thanks again hnmmom for the suggestion.


Vacation photos credit: Julius Silver and Suzukii Vingfu via Pexels

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  1. Darla says:

    I travel a lot for business and never knew about shoe bags! I bought those and the space saver bags which i am very interested in trying out. Thanks!

  2. LadyMTL says:

    Ooh, the timing on this is good. I’m hoping to go to Japan this fall and was looking at my suitcase, toiletry bag (and etc) and trying to decide whether or not to get some new items. That toiletry bag definitely looks interesting, and since I can’t seem to find my existing neck pillow I might get that memory foam one just in case, hahaha.

    • manda says:

      I am so jealous of your trip!! I went two years ago and it was amazing. One suggestion: get some rain boots that are collapsable, or cheap enough that you can leave them when you come home. We were there two weeks and only had two days of rain, thank goodness, but the leather shoes I wore that day ended up being damp and unwearable for half of the trip. I really wish I had brought mine.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I love travel cubes, especially for traveling with kids. It makes it really easy to pack for each kid, and put it in one suitcase and that way when we get to our hotel, I just pull out their cube and put it in a drawer.

  4. Who ARE these people? says:

    Love travel cubes but use plastic grocery bags for shoes and laundry.

  5. Giddy says:

    I love those travel cubes. Mine came from Amazon and I have used them so much. When I was going on my first overseas trip my travel agent friend told me the three items that she always packs: masking tape (or duck tape), gallon ziplock bags and a straw. The tape can do everything from repairing hems quickly to helping pack items for shipping. I have found dozens of uses for the bags from separating wet swimwear, to storing liquids in case they leak. And my favorite tip. If you have bought something fragile wrap it in tissue and put it in a ziplock. Insert the straw, do the zipper until just the part with the straw remains, inflate, remove straw and finish zipping. I do this even if I’m hand carrying my purchase, because it creates a little custom bubble for treasures.

  6. Esmom says:

    Great post, so many things that I now want! I think I’ll start with the hanging toiletry bag. My mom gave me one for a gift over 20 years ago and I’ve always hated it, lol. Time for something more functional and more in line with my aesthetic.

  7. Sips.Tea says:

    I swear by packing cubes. They are just do useful, and stop me from over packing. And I’m definitely going to look into the shoe bags

    • Snazzy says:

      Oh I was actually thinking of buying some. I always over pack and I love the idea of my suitcase being better organised!

  8. Venus says:

    That foldable backpack looks intriguing. My sister and I are going on a walking/bus tour this summer, and it might be perfect to bring along.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Just add that cord organizer to my cart!

    I’ve had variations of that hanging toiletries bag, and found it allowed me to bring way more than I needed. I like to travel light, and keep my makeup and other products very minimal. I also never bring jewelry when I travel.

    One thing I do have that I love is a water resistant tote bag that folds up very small – easy to throw in a suitcase, and then you have an extra bag for excursions or bringing home extra stuff.

  10. hnmmom says:

    Thank you!!! I already have the neck pillow in my cart (the one pictured) and am considering the makeup storage box to share with my teen daughter on our trip. It would reduce bathroom clutter if we work out of the same bag, I think.

  11. Lindy says:

    I need that cord organizer!!

  12. Jb says:

    I NEEDED this! Traveling to Italy for our anniversary and packing light and efficiently is my goal…

  13. Crowhood says:

    I know I’m late to this post but THANK YOU. I travel all the time for work and somehow didn’t know about electronics organizers. I’ve been using a pencil pouch and cursing the tangles for ages. Also just wanted to say that Away luggage was by far the best travel purchase I have ever made. It is a little bit more expensive than regular luggage however it is lightweight, durable, and is like a mary poppins bag. I travel for work and will do an entire week with a backpack and a carry on size Away Suitcase. This includes more than one pair of shoes, work out clothes, business casual, my toiletries, everything. It was also started by two young women and their customer service is impeccable. There is a removable battery in the suitcase that lets you charge your devices. When they first built it they did not have it as removable and then the TSA changed the rules. They replaced any bag that was previously purchased with a new TSA compliant bag at no cost to the customer. I ordered a different bag from them with a textured fabric. They reached out to confirm that I enjoyed my purchase because they had heard feedback that it presented darker than it did on the website. I know I just wrote a novel about this suitcase but I’m telling you- AMAZING.

  14. Kco says:

    I need and am going to buy half of what you’ve posted! THANK YOU so much!!