Gisele Bundchen in Stella McCartney at the Hollywood for Science gala: meh or cute?

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

Here are some photos from last night’s 2019 Hollywood For Science Gala. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were the biggest names at the event at UCLA. That’s because Gisele (and Barbra Streisand) was being honored for their environmental activism. Gisele wore a white Stella McCartney gown which I’m guessing was made from sustainable materials. She also wore Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. Am I huge a–hole for thinking that Gisele looks kind of terrible? I mean, the dress is what it is, I don’t love it or hate it, but Gisele looks like she’s pulled really tight. Yikes.

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

More photos… Nina Dobrev in Cushnie. She looks great.

The 2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

Sometimes, I can’t believe Gerard Butler is still a thing, but here he is. He looks pretty good? I can’t believe I ever crushed on him though.

The 2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

Robin Thicke and son Julian Fuego. I guess Robin still has visitation/joint custody.

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

Here’s Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid. I think it’s sort of nice that they’re still together and figuring it out.

2019 Hollywood For Science Gala

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    I meant to tell you that I looked up photos of Gisele after you talked about her having bad work done and looking like a different person (that’s in the podcast coming out Monday) and wow it is noticeable!

    • Kaiser says:

      I feel like I’m crack whenever people are like “oh, it’s not that noticeable” or whatever. She looks like a completely different person. Also: all of the work has made her look so much older, which is BAD WORK.

      • Celebitchy says:

        She does! It’s bad work and I see it now. She has exaggerated features and has always looked a little extreme but it’s bad and does make her look older. That’s how I feel too when people say obvious plastic surgery is “natural.”

      • Veronica S. says:

        I just find it hilarious when they deny it. Like, bitch, we have EYES. You gonna tell us those don’t work because we eat nightshades and don’t drink enough water to block the suns effects or something?

      • Josephine says:

        It’s totally noticeable. My first reaction was that she was really showing her age, but she’s not that old! I also think she’s had implants, or is that old news?

        I do like the dress a lot, and Brady looks much better with that shorter hair. He looks nice although the suit is a smidge too tight imo.

      • Kaiser says:

        Josephine, she got the new bolt-ons when she went to Paris in a burqa to visit her French plastic surgeon. But she also had fake ones when she was younger.

      • Sparkly says:

        I didn’t even notice her at first. I saw the pics and thought they were old pics because Tom Brady looks so young and babyfaced to me (especially in the header pic before I clicked in). She needs to either do what he’s doing or stop doing what she’s doing, because it has absolutely aged her and her husband looks like a kid standing beside her.

      • Margo Smith says:

        Certain angles it fine. But most angles it like damn girl!!! You legit look like a cat!

      • Kath says:

        I didn’t really notice until I saw her on a TV show in brazil where they surprised her with her old volleyball teammates. When she started crying her face was quite distorted and you could reaaally tell then.

      • lola says:

        Adriana Lima attended the same event. She can’t move her face. You must see the videos. She looks like a cat.

        This site had some pics of Adriana leaving her plastic surgeon office. But what happened to this site?

        Veronica S: She eats nightshades. I think she looks old because she IS older now. The makeup makes her look older.

      • Izzy says:

        No, it’s DEFINITELY noticeable.

      • jan90067 says:

        She looks TERRIBLE, and yes, noticeably older. And WTF is that preening pose, with her neck extended?? Is she trying to prevent neck wrinkles or something? Lift a neck waddle? I just can’t with these two.

        I dated a man who works with non-profit foundations doing charitable events. He told me that one of the foundations wanted Brady, Brady said fine, his fee would be $75K…not a penny less…for a charity event! Another one offers their speaker a truck/SUV, and *everyone* always donated it to a charity of their choice…EXCEPT Brady: he kept it.

        They’re both insufferable.

      • Veronica S. says:

        lola – She’s 38, not 48. I’m not even six years behind her. The problem is that if you start tweaking too much too early, it creates a generic “agelessness” that puts your face between 35 and a worked-on 55. I don’t care that she got the work, you’d just think somebody who works in such a superficial industry would have a better eye for surgery.

    • Becks1 says:

      I noticed it a few weeks ago when there was a story about Leo (I think) that included a picture of Giselle and Leo together (or maybe it was the article about how Giselle mentioned being numb when they were together?) anyway – I thought, wow, she looked so lovely and fresh back then, and not just because she was younger. I think if you look at pictures of her now, without any older pictures for reference, its not necessarily that obvious, but when you compare her from 20 years ago to her now its like, wow.

    • Feebee says:

      Can you guys do a pictorial comparison for us? I’m terrible at noticing this stuff (except for Bernie’s Botox, but that just proves I’m not blind I guess). I’m talking the face…. I can see the boobs.

      • Nancy says:

        Dang. It looks as though someone lifted her face up and gave her joker eyebrows. Why did she do this. When I saw her daughter, I thought, ok that’s what she looked like pre-op, and I was right. Someone posted a pre-op pic of Kylie yesterday after she again insisted it was all smoke and mirrors. Again, proof is in the pudding. Thanks CB. You could do before and afters all day and I would be mystified and glued to the screen simultaneously. 🙄

      • Veronica S. says:

        The eyes are where it’s really obvious. She clearly had a similar surgery as Renee Zellweger where it lifted the lid and made them less hooded. I can understand why the latter may have gotten it done because that can cause problems in later years, but for Gisele, I think it actually took away some of her facial character and made her less striking – and gave her a touch of that “startled/bad botox” look.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Oh, phew. I thought my brain had sprung a leak and my bitchiness was oozing out. My first thought was that she looks very different, a lot older, and sorry, rather masculine. It’s such a risk having all the various procedures done, to stay looking young and beautiful. Problem is, you can’t take it back. And, really, a burqa to disguise hersel on a visit to get new boobies? I find this very disrespectful. Does anyone still care that she’s refurbishing and enhancing her body?

      As for Johnny McDaid… I would. In a heartbeat.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      YES! And she looks different in a not-so-good way. I actually think it makes her look older, rather than younger…like all those women of a certain age who get their faces reworked begin to look kind of alike. She was more beautiful before. Now, to me, she looks kind of ordinary. (Except for her gorgeous bod.)

  2. Beach Dreams says:

    Looks like she fashioned a too-tight dress out of some spare sheets.

    • Embee says:

      Yep. The concept is good but the execution is lacking. I know I know she has a great body and she’s showing off how trim she is…but it would be improved by being a bit more flowy. And in the top pic her face looks like Madonna’s early morphing from face lifts.
      I really like Giselle, actually, and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her to age in her industry, etc., but I sincerely hope she figures it out before she ruins herself.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes, the dress is too tight. We get it, you were a supermodel, you’ve still got it, etc., etc. Tom looks like Frankenstein’s cousin, her work is noticeable and not very good!

      Nina looks the best.

  3. Bryn says:

    Someone’s been eating Japanese potatoes lol…in all seriousness though, did Tom get a science lesson while he was there, he needs one that’s for sure

    • BrickyardUte says:

      Excellent Munn call back there!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      seriously…I thought “a guy who thinks drinking lots of water will keep you from getting sunburned is at a SCIENCE EVENT?!”

      and yes, Giz looks PULLED TIGHT.

  4. Veronica S. says:

    The dress would be perfectly elegant if it fit, right? I’ll never understand the big deal about this woman.

    Though it’s hilarious when the ultra-rich are given any sort environmental award. You have any idea how much pollution and carbon emissions those of us in the industrialized world is responsible for? Hint: the poorest populations in the world could literally die off overnight, and the carbon output they took out would be so minor as to barely have any effect.

  5. Nancy says:

    She looks like a contortionist. First the body is leaning in, then the head going back, then side hip looking to the skies! Linda Blair? Not my fav couple, obviously. I do like Courteney, but it looks like she’s holding on to Johnny for dear life. This lady wants to be married. Wish the best for her.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I thought the oddest looking thing about her was the posing.

      And I also wonder about Courteney and Johnny. Maybe they’re ok. I guess I have a soft spot for her. Her face looks the least crazy it has in a while, which is good.

      • Nancy says:

        I do too. I think for the wrong reasons, though…lol. My oldest girl still watches Friends. She’s probably seen them all three times! I think of her as Monica…haha. Johnny is a lot younger and broke off their engagement once. She’s in her mid fifties. I wish she would just enjoy the relationship and not worry about marriage!

      • Ravensduaghter says:

        Mid-fifties is hard! I’m turning 55 tomorrow and even though I am not Courtney Cox, I could attract decent men in my day. But no more, at least according to the dating apps. If I had a man-it’s so sexist on my part that I even care, but a man is a companion-I wouldn’t worry so much about marriage.
        At least I have my dog…

      • Nancy says:

        I bet you’re gorgeous! Most of these judgmental fat ass men with their pot bellies holding their brewskies couldn’t get a date with a 30 year old woman if his life depended on it. There are many beautiful woman of a certain age. I married at 20 and at close to 40, am seriously happy I found him young, even though at that age, all I got was I was too young! Anyway, you’re fine. Courteney learned her lesson a bit too late. Her eyes were her strong point and they always look so dark now from the fillers or whatever. But, she appears to have Johnny and that’s a good thing. PS. HB 🎂🎈♓

  6. tempest prognosticator says:

    I know I’m supposed to find Giselle attractive, but I don’t. Nina is cute, though.

    • BengalCat😻 says:

      I have never found her beautiful, but it’s all subjective. I think she was a good runway model but photos of her don’t draw me in.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      IMO, she and her husband BOTH have the Seinfeld “two face” thing going on.

      sometimes, GORGEOUS. sometimes, LURCH/CATFACE.

      re: Nina Dobrev, this pic clearly shows she is NOT anorexic. she looks fine.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I have never found her to be attractive – even pre-surgery. She has always been generally overrated IMO. I’m not surprised about the plastic surgery though. She’s Brazilian. It’s the plastic surgery capital of the world and people treat it as casually as getting your hair dyed.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I always found her more striking than traditionally beautiful, though that was to her benefit – modeling is actually an industry where it pays to stand out rather than looking generic.

  7. Rae says:

    Meh, I think she looks 1000x better than anyone I know. I would happily wake up looking like her tomorrow, so I’m not going to hate.

  8. Dee says:

    Wow, she looks really really…old. Like, really old. But she’s not old, is she? In these pictures she looks like a 60 year old who has had plastic surgery.
    If she really WAS old I’d never ever say anything, because aging is part of life and can be gorgeous, but I think she’s still in her 30s. I’m almost 50 and I look WAY younger than she does.

  9. Nev says:

    I think she is a beautiful woman and a fantastic model. Gisele looks best fresh-faced no makeup. It could be the make-up making her look older?

    • Ninili says:

      I don’t think so. There were pictures of her on the beach in Costa Rica a few weeks ago where they went after Super Bowl and she wasn’t wearing any make-up and she looked so older and I remember thinking the opposite – she really needs her make-up to look younger, lol.

  10. Mrs. Peel says:

    Nina for the win.

  11. Liz version 700 says:

    Wow! Her face is so pointy and angular now. She looks like an entirely different person. And pulled w/n an inch of her life.

    • Lauren II says:

      Giselle and Melania T have the same tightly pulled face. Not attractive.
      Giselle should stop messing with her face. Every procedure makes her look more masculine. G’s silly posing is annoying too.
      I will never understand why gorgeous women spend loads of money , then end up looking older & desperately insecure.

  12. Steff says:

    She’s been tweaking her face for years, but the only thing somewhat noticeably different to me here is that her brows look pulled up. I don’t see a lot of change in these pics like others do, unless they are comparing her now to how she was 15 years ago.

  13. minx says:

    Courteney Cox looks good, I’m glad she dialed back on the face work.

  14. Jb says:

    Chica will never admit to the tons of work she had done because it would imply she’s just like the rest of us! Also I’m sure if we had receipts to show she’d insist the work was from sustainable materials so yassss she’s all “natural”!!!! This woman grates

  15. Mumbles says:

    I laughed a little when I saw that Brady attended a “Hollywood for Science” event. His TB12 book is full of dangerous pseudoscience crap like “drinking water prevents sunburn.” I know that this event was focused on environmental science in particular, but come on.

  16. Miss M says:

    Congrats on the award, Gisele!

  17. jules says:

    I used to think Gisele was so beautiful when she first got famous. She was more natural looking and healthy. Now that she’s tweaked her face so much, it makes her look older and more masculine 🙁

  18. Anne Call says:

    I was randomly watching a show about LA real estate last night on bravo (waiting for top chef) and one of the clients had so much plastic surgery she looked like some sort of weird half feline half human hybrid. She’s probably a women in her 60’s and she thinks that she looks glamorous and young with all this ridiculous surgery. Do these people not have mirrors? I think it’s actually called LA face in California.

  19. JennyJenny says:

    Well, at least she hasn’t veered into the Christie Brinkley joker smile just yet…

    • Darla says:

      Maybe not marginally – it was just reported that Kraft isn’t the biggest name involved. Wide eyes here.

      • Badrockandroll says:

        With the whole Acosta/Epstein mess, as well as the RKelly stuff that FINALLY hit the fan, and all the rest of the nonsense that has occurred in the last 25 months, I’m ready to say the bigger name the better, let it all burn down! I’m finding it impossible to root for anyone anymore. My brain is stuck on the fact that poor Al Franken (who IMO was set up big time) will be the only one who has faced any consequences at all, as up becomes down, black becomes white.

  20. S says:

    Gisele look s exactly the same but older.

  21. Lindsey Gregory says:

    You can always tell these ladies are over-botixing when they get those weird spock eyebrows.

  22. Anare says:

    That’s the first thing I noticed on her, the jacked eyebrows. But in CB’s side by side pics you can also see the filled cheeks and giant dental veneers. She looks weird now.

  23. Still_Sarah says:

    I was watching NCIS : Los Angeles a few days ago and Mimi Rogers guest starred as a CIA boss who came by to “chat” with Esai Morales (new NCIS : LA boss). Mimi looked great and a perfect fit for her role. She projected “formidable” all over the place – a tough lady who was fair but could also send out a hit squad if she felt it necessary. The interesting thing is that she clearly had wrinkles on her forehead and she looked a well cared for version of her + 60 years. That was what sold the role – she looked like she had been through a career in the CIA and had the scars to prove it. A botoxed to hell woman would not have been credible in that role. Sigh, I wish more women in Hollywood, etc. would understand that.

  24. Laly says:

    Is Tom Brady seriously a sex symbol coz to me he looks like frankenstein’s monster… Enormous head!

  25. A Fan says:

    She must have gotten the recyclable breast implants.