Brad & Angelina fight about meat; Jolie’s dresses stolen

Of all the crazy fights to have, the eternal debate about meat is one of funniest and most prevalent. I’ve known friends who try to be vegan for a guy they just met, and I’ve known guys who pretend to love soy milk because of some cute little vegan hipster girl they’re trying to impress. Personally, I love meat. And I’m not alone – Angelina Jolie is an unapologetic meat eater too, even chowing down on rare lamb chops during interviews, and (gasp!) feeding her kids a parcel of meat too. But this meat craze seems to be upsetting Brad Pitt. Brad seems to want his kids to go vegetarian for health and environmental reasons. Brad wants Angelina to do it too, but she’s refusing on all fronts:

It seems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can’t agree on anything these days.

The couple, who have not been seen together in public since May, have been arguing over how to rear their rainbow brood.

Brad, 45, who has been a vegetarian for decades, wants 34-year-old Angie and their children to give up meat – which has caused a ruckus in their household.

‘Brad hates seeing the children eating meat and he’s annoyed with how much red meat Angelina has,’ says an insider.

‘He goes on about the damage caused by methane gases from cattle and that the family should go veggie but Angie says that’s never going to happen.’

[From Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail seems to claim Brad is some hardcore kind of vegetarian, but I haven’t really found any evidence of that. He admitted to trying out vegetarianism many years ago, and he’s also said that when he’s had to do something with his body (like for his bulk-up in Troy), he cut out meat. It’s perfectly possible he is still a vegetarian, or at the very least, he could eat meat sparingly. If he is trying to convince the family to go meatless, I have no problems believing Angelina totally refused. With that many kids, it’s probably hard enough to get them all fed in regular intervals without setting up food roadblocks along the way.

In other Angelina news, Page Six is reporting that a bunch of designer dresses meant for Angelina were stolen! Several designers had been sending Angelina’s stylist, Jennifer Rabe, their “best stuff”, and the pieces got stolen from Rabe:

THREE boxes of designer clothing were swiped from LA stylist Jennifer Rade Thursday night. An insider said Rade was collecting dresses for her star client, Angelina Jolie, who was scheduled to have a fitting with Rade the next day.

“Every designer who was sending pieces was trying to send their best stuff,” said the source. “Angelina was just starting the fitting process for pieces to wear when she begins promoting ‘Salt.’ ”

Rade didn’t return calls and e-mails, and Jolie doesn’t have a rep.

[From Page Six]

So if anyone sees a cracked-out waif wearing some glittery designer sack, you’ll know those dresses were totally meant for Angelina. Cough cough Lindsay Lohan cough. Even though it may or may not be Jennifer Rabe’s fault, I hope Angelina uses this an excuse to fire Rabe. Rabe may just be following Angelina’s orders on the dresses, but a better stylist could conceivably step up and do an intervention with Angelina. Anything to get her out of those shapeless, neutral potato sacks.

Header photo was taken by Brad Pitt and published last year in W Magazine

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  1. anonymous says:

    I really hate Angelina – but this is the first time I’m on her side. Brad is a dolt.

  2. Jen Wind says:

    She and Octomom look a lot alike in that picture! Not a falttering look at all.

  3. Jen Wind says:

    er “flattering” that is…

  4. Beth says:

    Brad isn’t a vegetarian. He buys hotdogs from streetside vendors in New York. I can’t remember the name but he also likes to take his sons to an outerspace themed restaurant. I can’t imagine that’s vegetarian friendly. Also Brad said in a couple of interviews how much he loves grilling, probably mentioned meat. “Salt” just wrapped a couple of months ago and doesn’t come out for a year. I can’t imagine any promotion is being done now or in the next couple of months. If the story is true it’s probably for premiers for Brad’s new movie or it was another client’s clothing that was stolen.

  5. More Lies says:

    Brad isn’t a vegetarian- here he talks about eating goat, crocodile, RED MEAT, and chicken

    Q & A – by Jamie Oliver January 2009

    Jamie talks to his Hollywood superstar mate and discovers, BBQs aside, neither he nor his missus are much cop in the kitchen.

    Jamie: Hi mate, Jamie here. I’m just on my way to New Orleans, do you have any great places you like that I should try out? Where’s the best gumbo in town?
    Brad: Drago’s for charbroiled oysters; Arnaud’s for shrimp remoulade (aka Shrimp Arnaud); Irene’s crab gratin appetiser and any fish – they do a great lamb chop as well. And for the best gumbo, just stop by anyone’s home.
    J: Do you like to cook? Are you any good?
    B: I can rock a Sunday BBQ but that’s as far as my culinary talents go.

    J: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
    B: I’ve eaten crickets in Cambodia, sea urchins in France, goat in Ethiopia and Rocky Mountain oysters (balls) in Montana. Angie and I made crocodile curry from a can.

    J: What food do you really hate?
    B: Salmon.
    J: Roast or friend chicken?
    B: I’ve moved up to roast, except when I’m back in the south.

    J: Steak – rare, medium or well done?
    B: Though it sounds indecisive, medium rare. I’m certain of this.

  6. Iggles says:

    I already do, but this is one more reason to love Angie :D

    Sorry Brad – TEAM JOLIE!

  7. Kathrien says:

    I Hate both of them!! but i mean COME ON!!! brad is waaaaaaay too good for mangelina!!! break up already!!

  8. bros says:

    nice sleuthing More Lies! I had a hard time picturing brad as a vegetarian, esp. given his body and record of bulking up for movies like troy, which had to have included mass amounts of protein (I would be really surprised if he cut out meat in order to bulk up as the write-up claims). he is a mid-west missouri boy and i dont expect much of his upbringing was vegetarian-themed.

  9. sara says:

    angelina is soo discusting i can’t stand her!!!TEAM BENNIFER

  10. BB says:

    I am so tired of meat/veggie arguments… why can’t we all make a choice for ourselves and get along? I am a happy vegan with a happy omnivore partner. We do not judge or try to convert each other…..

  11. BORING says:

    GOD that bitch is soooo boring i hate her to death!!! who give’s a tiny shit about them anyway!!!

  12. gg says:

    You “hate her to death”? Good gravy, find something else to take your anger out on – this one isn’t going to satiate your need for destruction very easily. Try boxing.

    Funny photo of her. lol

  13. Enonymous says:

    Even if is true then why should Angelina be forced to give up a basic human requirement just because Brad thinks it is cool now to be a vegetarian. She can eat what she wants. I never had a vegetarian boyfriend but if I did I would not ask for his permission if I can eat meat or not even if he did not like it.

  14. Diana says:

    Love the photo, pufferfish are so in.

  15. Iggles says:

    Wow, the maniston fans out trolling out in force for this post. This has nothing to do with fillerface, move along!!!

  16. fizXgirl314 says:

    i have trouble believing angelina jolie actually eats… have you seen her lately?

  17. louisa says:

    In totally unrelated matters…Am I the only one who thought that was Octomom in the photo??

  18. HashBrowns says:

    Lordy, “cracked-out waif”. Seriously, warn me before that kind of thing, I nearly burnt myself with coffee laughing at that :)

    Anywho, please god let that woman get a better stylist. Glittery potato sacks are not fashionable and never have been.

    @Iggles: I think the randoms pop out at any chance they get just to write something nasty and move on. I doubt they are actual fans of Jennifer Aniston. If they are, they are seriously unhinged.

  19. nick says:

    This must be the photo octomom took to the surgeon to get her face done.

  20. Fiestarter says:

    I have never heard him being a vegetarian, I call foul on this rumor. He is a Oklahoma/Missouri boy, they love their meat in those states. Not to say they don’t have vegetarians, but I highly doubt he is.

  21. barneslr says:

    BB, it is so nice and refreshing to read your post. What a reasonable and sensible thing to say!

    To each their own!

  22. the original kate says:

    yeah, if i were angie i’d check the closets of winona and lindsay for those dresses. as for the meatie vs. veggie: i am a veggie, have been since i was 12 and found out what a veal crate was, my live-in bf is a meatie. we have compromised: i work 2 nights a week and on those nights he can cook meat for himself and he thoughtfully burns incense afterwards (i seriously hate that lingering meat smell), the rest of the time we eat veggie or sometimes seafood, unless he is grilling outside, then he grills mushrooms for me and chicken for himself. when we go out to eat we order whatever we want. i would never force my dietary beliefs on anyone else, but i love him for eating stir fried tofu with me.

  23. barneslr says:

    kate, that’s what a good relationship is all about. Tolerance and compromise on both sides.

  24. not so fast says:

    Who cares if you hate Angelina for whatever reason, repeating yourselves over and over doesn’t make it anymore important.

  25. not so fast says:

    The whole family including BRAD love KFC, that’s concidered a meat group.

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    i lived with a vegetarian for a few months who did not allow me to cook or eat meat in the apartment… let me tell you something… NEVER…. AGAIN!

  27. Iggles says:

    The Original Kate – I found your comment to be contradictory.

    At the end you wrote:
    “when we go out to eat we order whatever we want. i would never force my dietary beliefs on anyone else, but i love him for eating stir fried tofu with me.”

    But earlier you say:
    “we have compromised: i work 2 nights a week and on those nights he can cook meat for himself and he thoughtfully burns incense afterwards (i seriously hate that lingering meat smell), the rest of the time we eat veggie or sometimes seafood”

    I’m not trying to be picky, but it’s been my experience that vegans and vegetarians are forceful about their beliefs with the meat eaters in their lives. They may not always be aware of it, but taking digs on the evils of meat is off putting and doesn’t make a meat eater more likely to go veggie.

    I think this story is full of crap really, but it does bring up not often discussed tensions between veggies and meat eaters.

    I have a close friend who is a vegan who declared none of her friends are allowed to bring in food with animals products. I felt it’s unreasonable because she lives quite far away from me, so it’s not like I could turn the corner and eat my food at my own apt. To me, that’s being pushy about her beliefs because she’s dictating what people can or cannot eat. Some may say, “well it’s her place”. But bottom line is, I never heard of an Omnivore saying Vegan or Vegetarian meals are not allowed.

  28. Rose says:

    I used to eat meat, but no more. I find the process of animal slaughter too much for my conscience. I would not push my view on anyone, but I am always staggered how removed people are about the actual journey from the field ( if the animal is lucky) to the plate.

  29. wizzle says:

    what a boring retarded story.

  30. Annie says:

    Circle of life.

    Bring on the Kobe! The Sirloin! The Filet!

  31. KelBear says:

    LMAO at #19 Nick. So True!

  32. the original kate says:

    @iggles: you don’t know me at all, but i do not pontificate on the “evils of meat” – but obviously you know people who do. you seem angry with your vegan friends – i suggest you take it up with them.

  33. orion70 says:

    Iggles wrote “bottom line is, I never heard of an Omnivore saying Vegan or Vegetarian meals are not allowed.”

    You’re confusing omnivore with carnivore. An omnivore eats everything, including vegetables and such, they don’t only eat meat. If a so called “omnivore” told people they couldn’t eat vegetarian or vegan in their home, well they could only call themselves a carnivore. Omnivore includes all food groups, vegetarians and vegans eat from many of those same food groups.

    The exception to this of course would be those with severe allergies, who maybe have to tell people not to bring their PB&J sandwiches into the house and what not.

    I’m one of those vegetarians who will cook you a steak if you come visit my house, I just don’t care, and the smell doesn’t put me off that much. I can understand if someone gets sick at the smell I suppose, but outside that to tell people they can not bring an animal product into your house, or telling a S.O. that they are now “not allowed” to eat meat, is pushing it for sure. Not all products have to be cooked and produce a smell.

    I knew a girl like this once, who told us all that she didn’t “allow” her boyfriend to eat meat anywhere. I felt sorry for the guy. No one in a relationship should ever tell anyone they’re not allowed to do something.

    I can understand how it would get tricky when it comes to raising kids though. Pays to have the same values then I guess, or at least a recognition that your kids will eat an omnivore diet until old enough to decide for themselves.

    Back on topic, this gal could probably use a few burgers and fries. I recently got around to watching “Wanted”, and her gaunt appearance was so off-putting that it distracted the movie. And that’s saying something, considering it has James McAvoy. I realize that was a while ago, but wow.

  34. cassie says:

    Brad isn’t a veggie he talked about grilling meat in a recent interview. Also Salt comes out in 2010 why would she be doing fittings for Salt promos this early ,hell she’ll probably be pregnant by summer 2010

  35. Sienna says:

    Rose, et al:

    Going vegan is definitely a personal choice, and people do it for a number of reasons.

    But as a cattle rancher, I have to tell you that cattle are well-tended animals. They graze on open pastures for 12-14 months and though no one likes the slaughtering process, cattle are a great food source. In addition, more than 900 byproducts come from a single cow — products that I guarantee you use daily without even realizing it. Studies now link cognitive and behavior issues in young children to low levels of iron, zinc, potassium, and other minerals — which are beef’s greatest contributions to good health. CLA is found in beef and is now linked to protecting women from breast cancer. Not only that, but 29 cuts of lean beef are as lean or leaner than skinless chicken, but is densely packed with nutrition. Teens and nursing mothers, athletes, and those healing from injury need protein and heme-iron. Too many people in this country suffer from anemia and iron deficiency.

    Moreover, cattle are environmentally-friendly and managed efficiently, are a renewable resource that actually improve their environment….they even act as fire retardant as they can convert dry matter into a food source. Their 4-stomach chamber is uniquely designed to take all manner of woody and plant material (eg: sugar beet stems, hulls, etc) and recycle it. That some people think they are a scourge to the earth is not based on sound science at all. The old myths that have been in circulation for years are simply that — myths.

    So though you may prefer to go vegetarian, do not assume that it is always superior nutrition.

  36. maritza says:

    Another tabloid lie just to make it look like Brad and Angelina fight over everything!

  37. DD says:

    I hated eating meat for a very long time and let me tell you, the looks and ridicule I got at social gatherings for not eating meat was pretty insane. Anyway just goes to show that people on both sides of the fence can take their beliefs too far.

  38. orion70 says:

    DD you hit that nail on the head. I can’t tell you how many dissections of my eating habits i’ve endured by coworkers and friends. “What the hell is that you’re eating?” to “OMG how can you live without steak???!!” No one bats an eye at the bland sandwiches and Lean Cuisines, but the day grinds to a halt if anyone dares eat a bean, or *gasp* some tofu, or heaven forbid, anything with spice. Seriously, go eyeball someone else’s lunch, the running commentary on mine has me eating at my desk.

  39. BB says:

    Iggles: I hear you! But please, do not think we are all nutjob vegans!

    I have been a vegan for years and years and in my fridge you’ll always find some ham, bacon, eggs, cheese and what have you, since I live with somebody who eats everything. I am not very good with cooking meat but I do it anyway when I have friends over – They are respectful towards me when I visit them and always make an effort to keep my dietery preferences in mind when they cook, and so do I.

    Kate: Sorry, I agree with Iggles. I am glad you & your other half have an arrangement, but it doesn’t sound the most fair, if he can only eat meat in teh house when you are away.

    As for the way the food smells, I am tired of hearing vegggies complain about meat “stinking” etc. How would you like it if meat-eaters walked by or came to your place and complained that it stinks of lentils? It’s downright rude, whether you are aveggie or a meatie.

  40. BB says:

    Orion: I am looking forward to raising kids in a “mixed” household! I think teh key is teaching acceptance, tolerance & good manners! They experience the best of both worlds and can make an educated choice when they are ready! Instead of seeing it as a problem, i.e. “which one to chose?”, I see it as giving a good example to live by: We can love each other, live together and learn from each other even if we are different from each other.

  41. lola says:

    Wow is Angelina fugly.

  42. Rose says:

    Sienna- I grew up on a farm, I’m not vegan. I understand nutrients, sustainability and the biology of cattle. And it is exactly the slaughter process that upsets me most.

  43. the original kate says:

    @BB: i never said he can only eat meat when i’m away. i said i work 2 nights a week, he usually cooks meat then. most of the time i cook, and i don’t cook meat, but i will cook seafood. if he wants meat or chicken it he can cook it himself. like i said, compromise.

  44. too funny... says:

    I don’t believe this story, but that picture of angelina is so outrageous! Prettiest woman on the planet? Think again!

  45. too funny... says:

    P.S.-what’s wrong with her nose?

  46. Rachel says:

    Well it had to happen – the paparazzi & FINALLY got an ugly picture of Angie…not an easy feat to accomplish.
    Angelina is TOO Beautiful.LOL, I’m happy to see Angie eating & chowing down on REAL meat.OK, this story is such BS! If anything, Brad probably wants Angie to eat period! I doubt he cares about being a Vegan, just doesn’t seem the type. Maybe when he was with Jennifer. But since traveling around the world & seeing impoverished people dying of a lack of food, he wouldn’t be that conservative of meat. Life’s too short for that nonsense. We all should only eat meat in moderation , too much of anything is not good!

  47. barneslr says:

    @original kate: don’t try to justify your arrangement with your BF. The only thing that matters is whether or not it works for both of you. It’s not anyone else’s place to decide whether or not you’re being “fair.” If you are happy and he is happy, who cares what BB or anyone else has to say about it?

    I’ve been married for a very long time & I know that if someone looked at our marriage, there are areas that others would think are terribly unfair on both sides. But you know what? After over 20 years, we’ve reached a place where we are both happy and it is just irrelevant what anyone else thinks. At the end of the day, we come home to each other and we’ve created a happy home. No one else’s opinion matters.

  48. Ririi says:

    That’s not a pap shot…Brad Pitt took that photo along with others for W Magazine that shared his love of amateur photography. I think the photos were lovely.

  49. Gigi says:

    I’m beginning the think that Angelina always gets the bad press, and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had a lot in common, in that they’re both a little ditzy. Brad is also a Hollywood reactionary. Pretty soon he’ll be a PETA spokesperson.

  50. crazydaisy says:

    Looks like someone snapped this pic when Angie was out having a burger and she was annoyed. I can’t say I blame her. If Brad wants to eat less meat, he should. He can be a vegetarian – even a raw vegan – and let his wife do what she wants. As for the kids’ diet, simple solution: Brad takes over shopping and cooking responsibilities for the family. lol. More realistically, he sits down with the cook to plan the weekly menu.