Angela Bassett in fuschia Reem Acra at the Oscars: dramatic and bold

Angela Basset slayed in a fuschia Reem Acra gown with one giant puff of a shoulder. This dress reminds me somewhat of the Dior gown which Charlize Theron wore to the 2006 Oscars. I remember it because it was structurally bold, it had a giant bow on one shoulder, and because it was my first year covering the Oscars. This is a dress that might overwhelm another woman but Angela is definitely working it. I really like the gathering along the bustline and her hair and makeup are spot on. Look at her drop earrings and that phenomenal purse with the geometric patterned rhinestones! Plus she didn’t go matchy with the shoes. There were so many pink and rose-colored gowns last night.


Krysten Ritter came on stage to present and I was shocked to see that she’s pregnant! Outlets noticed on the red carpet earlier, and E! reported that she’s expecting with her partner, musician Adam Granduciel. They are cute together! I wonder if her pregnancy had anything to do with Jessica Jones ending, but given how Netflix is axing all the Marvel shows it could be a coincidence. She’s in Reem Acra also, in a lacy cranberry gown with bell sleeves. I wish the lace pattern wasn’t so large.



Danai Gurira wore Brock Collection, which I’m surprised I actually like. The idea of this, crinkled gold fabric with an empire waist, black belt and ruffle top, sounds like it would be fug but it’s a unique and modern dress. Plus she’s just gorgeous. I’m sad that Black Panther didn’t win Best Picture like it won for Ensemble at the SAGs, but at least it won for Best Costuming, for Best Production Design and Best Score. Production Designer Hannah Beachler gave one of the best and most heartfelt speeches of the night.



Speaking of Hannah Beachler, here she is looking amazing in a bright red dress with a giant side ruffle. That face jewelry is striking. Here’s a link to her speech and here’s a link to fashion designer Ruth Carter’s speech. (She also won at the Costume Designer’s Institute Awards!)




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  1. BaeBae says:

    Auntie Angela is always a MOOD. She is forever perfection to me.

    Danai looked like a doll and her braids are magnificent! Love the fit of her dress.

    My one complaint about all the Black Panther speeches: Each person thanked Ryan Coogler profusely and they never panned over to show him on camera. I swear he doesn’t get enough respect in Hollywood and it upsets me IMMENSELY. That man is everything.

  2. AustenGirl1975 says:

    So thrilled for Hannah Beachler! She’s an alumna of our university and a local hero! She looked GORGEOUS, and her speech was so moving.

  3. Arpeggi says:

    Danai looked gorgeous!… But then I was reminded of a Ferrero Rocher wrapper and couldn’t unsee it. Still a gorgeous dress on a fantastic woman!

    Beachler looked awesome! I’m so glad that none of the awards were given during the breaks, these people deserve to be seen and heard and recognized by everyone.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    Angela Bassett continues to be a flawless queen and not very many women could have carried off her gown but she did.

    Danai Gurira – gorgeous. And as I posted in another thread, she and James MacAvoy were adorable together as presenters and need to date in real life except I’m not sure the world i ready for that beauty.

    Seconding Baebae’s comment about Ryan Coogler and it reminds me of a tweet I saw last night:
    One of the narratives of the night is the Oscar camera’s utter inability to find Ryan Coogler.

  5. Margo Smith says:

    I LOVED her dress and I don’t even like pink. She looked GORGEOUS!!!! Love her!

  6. Darla says:

    My god Dania looked amazing. I doubt that dress would look this amazing on most.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    Angela has the presence to make that dress work.
    Danai looks gorgeous, and the dress was even prettier on TV .

  8. OriginalLala says:

    love Krysten Ritter, so happy for her!

  9. frizz says:

    I love Angela but I guess I am not seeing it! The shiny fabric looks cheap and that’s not a flattering bustline on anyone, “hi my side boobs are heading south”. I like the giant bow, though.

    Danai Gurira has an eye and never looks bad in anything she picks out, ever.

  10. mosi says:

    I admire Angela, but I think she passed Rubicon, and messed with her face

    • Cammy says:

      Completely agree. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the article because it is THAT obvious and painful to see. IMO she is (was?? ugh) one of the few, truly great beauties in Hollywood and this makes me a touch sad.

  11. Mellie says:

    I loved all the looks above and I was so happy for Hannah Beachler, she looked beautiful and was so sweet sounding, but she talked for so long that the other person who won didn’t get a chance to say anything at all!

  12. Lucy says:

    All the BP ladies are and look fantastic. Hannah looks like a movie star! And Angela’s face is a thing of wonder. Also, I’m really fond of Kristen. My brother is a Jessica Jones fan, so we were bummed to learn it got axed.

  13. Cay says:

    Could someone explain to me why Krysten Ritter was a presenter at the Oscars? She is C list, at most. Am I missing something? I find it hard to believe that the average film goer would have any idea who Krysten Ritter is. I’m not being funny. I need someone to explain it to me.

  14. Phonycat says:

    I thought that Angela Bassett looked fabulous! She looked so pretty in that dress, but either she had a very good facelift or a lot of fillers, because she looked VERY refreshed.😂

  15. Kerfuffle says:

    Jessica Jones season 3 is already done and will air, so no Ritter’s pregnancy doesn’t have anything to do with Netflix clearing their slate of Marvel material.

    And Angela Basset is better than wrinkled pink satin.

  16. mycomment says:

    i just don’t get those huge wads of fabric over one shoulder… and there are so many variations of them. good thing there’s a new season upcoming and they will be consigned to the discount rack.
    and what has she done to herself — or had done to her. i don’t even recognize angela bassett.

  17. EscapedConvent says:

    That cannot be Angela Bassett. She is so gorgeous, why did she get a new face? Did people really not notice this? Every element of her face has been altered. I’m shocked. Without the headline, i wouldn’t have known who she was.

    But she looks great in that dress.

  18. Herta says:


  19. Vanessa says:

    Angela F–king Basset deserves so much better than this wrinkled monstrosity. The colour is amazing on her but this is a hot mess. Danai Gurira looks sublime.