Charlie Hunnam on his diet: ‘I eat a lot of chocolate & a lot of ice cream, like every day’

'Triple Frontier' World Premiere - Arrivals

Charlie Hunnam, Ben Affleck and the dudes of Triple Frontier have been promoting their film all week. Before now, I hadn’t heard of this film, but the cast is totally prestige. Not just Affleck and Hunnam, but Pedro Pascal, Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac. It looks sort of like a Jack Ryan movie, only they’re all kind of terrible mercs. Here’s the trailer:

So, obviously, all of the guys are playing fit, buff Special Forces-type military bros. Ben Affleck already talked about how he had to go on a diet to de-bloat for this role (and the promotional tour, it looks like). But what about Charlie Hunnam? As it turns out, Charlie Hunnam is not here for your no-carb, no-sugar, no-caffeine diets. F–k that noise, says Charlie Hunnam. While Charlie says that he eats pretty healthy because that’s just his taste, he also admits to having a big sweet tooth. So while Ben Affleck was looking sorrowfully at a potato chip, Charlie Hunnam was eating chocolate and ice cream every day:

He says “it’s not a labor for me to eat healthy,” but he has “a wicked sweet tooth, so I eat a lot of chocolate and a lot of ice cream, like every day. I stay active, that’s the key. If you’re going to mess around and eat a lot of sugar, you better stay active as well.” If I ate ice cream every day, I would bloat up like crazy. Which is why I look for those ice cream replacements, like Yasso greek yogurt pops, which taste almost like (budget) ice cream. If you get certain kinds of healthy or low-cal fruit-yogurt pops, you can almost trick your ice cream cravings, swear to God.

Anyway, I mostly just think Charlie Hunnam is naturally fit and naturally quite active. It’s his DNA, it’s his lifestyle, and so be it. That being said, every trainer and dietitian will tell you that you can’t out-train a bad diet. You can’t gorge on ice cream and chocolate and then expect your workout to cover it. But Charlie’s not really saying that – he eats healthy for like 90% of the day, I bet, and then he treats himself with some ice cream or chocolate. Then he climbs a mountain for fun.

'Triple Frontier' World Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Michelle says:

    His accent is all over the place. He sounds more American. Never forget the film he did with Elijah wood where he butchered the cockney accent. How does a bloke who grew up in Newcastle not able do do a London accent? He is nice to look at but not a very good actor.

    • Garlictoast says:

      He’s not great at accents but that goes for 80% of actors. He’s improved a lot acting wise and has a “kind” presence on screen that’s kind of charismatic. Never saw him in that biker series thought. I like watching him but I don’t find him hot.

  2. monette says:

    So much hottnesssss! except for Afleck, he looks like shit. Maybe it’s him being surrounded by so much hotnesssss that emphasizes just how shitty looking he has gotten.

  3. Maria says:

    My kind of diet!

  4. Lorelei says:


  5. Mia4s says:

    Eh, he’s 38. He’s likely got 2-3 more years tops before that’s done. 😏 If (IF) that’s true, enjoy it while you can I guess.

    He’s smart to take on a supporting role in a Netflix film. He’s attempts at being a leading man were a MASSIVE flop, and even though reviews for this are mediocre Netflix will have some press release in a few days that 49 billion people watched it or something. 😂

  6. Hunter says:

    Sold!! Where do I sign up? Meh, maybe I should read it first. 😁

  7. Nicole says:

    And he has youth on his side. I think that will change as his metabolism changes when he gets older.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      He’s 38. So he isn’t THAT young. And as someone who is also 38 I can say that yes it does change lol. But men are very different from women in how they hold and lose weight. If he continues to be active it won’t be as big of a deal for him as it is for a guy the same age who sits at a desk all day.

  8. Lizzie says:

    my husband eats chocolate and ice cream…every day. he tailors his entire diet around it. he’s as fit as can be. it is extremely annoying. LOL.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Ive been working on getting back into shape and I don’t mind eating healthy. I actually like it. My issue is my giant sweet tooth. So I have decided to allow myself one treat a day. Except for PMS days where I let my hormones win and have what they want lol. But that has been working for me – so far. And it makes me think long and hard if something is “worth” blowing my one treat allowance on.

  9. Amanda Bennett says:

    I’d climb him for fun. And I’d bring ice cream. But I’m a stan for Charlie, so….

    That said, I’m looking forward to this. I prefer the action genre, and he is an actor who can be elevated by the right costars. My gut instinct tells me his character will turn on the team, and everyone knows it’s more fun to play the bad guy.

  10. Dee says:

    He is so gorgeous — and I love his crazy accent! Will never understand why he’s not a million times more famous. I loved him in SOA.

    • jules says:

      Me toooooo!

    • Garlictoast says:

      I honestly don’t find him hot but I love him, Garrett, and Oscar as actors. Charlie has this “benign” or “kind” presence in films. Not the greatest actor but he’s improved a lot. Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, The Lost City of Z, etc. Actually I just double checked his IMDb and he was great as the baddie in Cold Mountain.

  11. Ebi pickles says:

    He is super hot! When I was younger I could eat sweets and stay thin but those days are over. He should enjoy every sweet nibble and lick while can.

    • Teresa says:

      Oh, me too! I used to live on chocolate and ice cream – and never gain a pound! But it changed drastically when I hit 40 and suddenly had to control my sweet tooth. But I have to say that now – 3 years later – my metabolism has somehow picked up or adjusted again and I can eat sweets again. Maybe not at 10 PM, but still.

  12. Anare says:

    Bless his heart. He’s a handsome boy, whew. I don’t keep ice cream in my house because I lack discipline with it. Chocolate same thing. I mostly eat healthy but in the evening is when something sweet gets my attention and it’s downhill from there.