Dermaplaning, aka shaving your face, is not for everyone, a follow up

This is a screenshot from Susan and Sharzad’s video on professional dermaplaning

I was definitely pro-dermaplaning, or shaving your face with a single blade, the first couple of weeks after I tried it. The great initial results convinced me. It does make your face look smoother and brighter and it feels so soft afterwards. I have yet to nick my face and I didn’t get little pimples like with waxing. After about six weeks dermaplaning with these razors and with oil, I’m now doing it twice a week and I sometimes wax in between. The little hairs are noticeable to me and feel more blunt, because that’s what shaving does and you have to maintain it. (Please don’t tell me I should have known this would happen and am dumb, I already feel this way.)

I’m writing this because my mom bought the razors and asked me if she should use them. I told her to think about it as it’s a commitment. She doesn’t wear makeup every day and is not as obsessed with grooming as I am. (She loves skincare though.) For someone like me who doesn’t mind doing touch ups it’s not bad and is easily remedied. You just shave your face again. But if you don’t want to do it a couple of times a week, skip it! So that’s my follow up on dermaplaning. I didn’t have bad results except for the prickly hairs and I’d probably do it again, but it’s not for everyone.

This is an affiliate post. I try to do them Tuesdays and Thursdays but this week was crazy and I wasn’t able to do one until now. My mom is visiting and these are some of her favorite skincare products!

An antiaging deep moisturizer with sunscreen
My mom loves this moisturizer and says that it makes her face so soft, doesn’t leave a white residue and that it absorbs quickly. Users say that it makes a difference in their skin, and that “it really diminishes the wrinkles.”

Exfoliating oil-free cleansing pads for older skin
I just got these as a birthday present and they were such a great gift. My skin feels so smooth now. These have a 4.6 star rating with over 700 reviews. There are two sides, one for exfoliating and the other to gently buff. The foaming cleanser has a pleasant smell which is not strong. Women swear by them and say they leave their face “clearer, fresher and softer.”

An eyebrow pencil that’s easy to use and gives natural-looking results
I’ve tried to use both Anastasia Dip Brow and the more affordable drug store brand, Nyx Tame and Frame. I’m not skilled enough, even with the Anastasia brow brush/spoolie, to get decent results. This pencil has better ratings than Anastasia Dip Brow. Reviewers write that it gives both subtle and bold looks, that it looks natural and that it stays put all day. My mom has this pencil and I’ve used it and love it, however it’s pricey. Plus some people say it breaks easily. Here’s a more affordable alternative from Maybelline which also has a great rating.

A healing body lotion with lactic acid that really works
My mom loves this body cream and even uses it on dry spots on her face. One woman with itchy dry skin writes that she’s tried everything including prescription creams and that nothing works as well. She calls the difference “like night and day” and says she could see a difference in her red, cracked skin overnight. My mom says that it’s great for elbows and knees as well.

A curl-defining cream you can use for a gorgeous blowout too
My aunt has used this cream for her naturally curly hair for over ten years. She applies it to towel dried hair. My mom says that you can apply it in the morning for a natural look and then blow your hair out later in the day and it will hold the style. It’s “lightweight, not greasy or sticky,” and makes hair look “amazing.”

An eye gel that helps eliminate under eye bags
This gel is higher rated than the Olay Total Effects anti-aging transformative eye cream which my mom uses. This works great chilled in the fridge as it “will really zap the bags” under your eyes. A little product goes a long way and women warn not to use too much. One review says that “the two lines between my eyebrows are plumped up and GONE. I’ve had those lines for at least 3-4 years. The fine lines around my eyes are far less noticeable.” Others say it stings if you apply it too close to your eyes and that it’s a bit perfumey.

Affordable and effective at-home teeth whitening
I’ve used the Luster Pro teeth teeth whitening system for years and I love it. It uses peroxide and a light and it really works to whiten my sensitive teeth without making them hurt like Crest whitening strips or gel trays. It takes a bit of time to do the treatments, about a half hour to 45 minutes, but the results are worth it. It can make your gums hurt but I’ve never had this problem. I wet two long strips of paper towels and put them on the top and bottom between my lip and gum for protection. This currently has a $5 off coupon and is just $32.

A water flosser for healthier teeth and gums
My mom loves this waterpik flosser and uses it up to three times a day. She says “you can’t believe how much crap is in your teeth” and that this works well to get in the nooks and crannies. Users say they noticed a difference in their teeth and gums after less than a week and that it’s really improved their periodontal health. It can be hard to take for sensitive gums, so it’s recommended that you start on the lowest setting and work your way up. It’s also loud so you may want to use it away from anyone who is sleeping. I’m buying myself one!

To follow up on a previous post, I got the Adore Hair Straightening Brush as a present for my birthday. (Thanks mom!) I let my hair air dry and then used it. The results weren’t as perfect as a blowout, but my hair looked nice and it took about 3 minutes to do. I would definitely recommend it and I’ll use it after drying my hair for a more polished look.

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  1. Erinn says:

    This is basically why I’ve avoided it. I’m not even 30 yet. I don’t really want to have to devote the time and energy over decades to keep up with it properly. I’m still not against it really – I just know I’m more lazy than what is required to get the most benefit from it. I’d rather just deal with waxing here and there – I have really light, fine baby hair that doesn’t show up too much as it is. I might eventually consider it, but for now, I’m passing.

    I’m also a big fan of skin care that’s in gel form. I have combo, sensitive skin and I find it gives me benefit without over doing it in a way that makes me feel greasy and coated in goop.

    • Clare says:

      I’ve shaved my face a couple of times prior to laser treatments, and the hair definitely apprars thicker/darker (obviously because the blunt end grows out). It’s kind of a pain in the ass – I’m thinking of waxing it once, and letting the firm tip grow out, but am way of the inevitable waxing related breakouts.

      My point – unless you can commit to the shaving, don’t start!

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah ahha. I think that’s the worst part – even the fix has a drawback. Waxing definitely is touch and go for me – but I can get away with really minimal at this point, so I don’t want to jinx it.

      • HeyThere! says:

        CLARE, I’m half way through my sessions of laser hair removal and I’m already loving my results!!! I’m pale with black hair, so my ‘type’ has the best results with it. So far, I’m loving it. After having two babies back to back, I noticed hairs popping up, especially on one side of my face only and upper lip.

    • Pinetree13 says:

      Meh it’s not like it stays blunt forever. I tried it a few times and then stopped. Yeah the hair grows back blunt but then eventually those hairs fall out it goes back to being tapered and feels the same. It’s not like new hairs will magically grow in blunt…the new hairs will be tapered. If I had any that I felt where just too feelable when I was waiting for the growing out process I simply plucked them to speed things along. was no big deal stopping and I’m super hairy LOL
      That said I stopped because i seemed to irritate my neck too much and I would get redness after a while

  2. Kealeen says:

    I had to start shaving my face after I got the Tria hair laser removal device, because they instruct you to only use a razor on treated areas between sessions. I don’t use a single blade, but it has still made such a positive difference in my skin and hair growth on my face. I used to get such severe ingrown hairs on my jawline and lipline, that it looked like I had cystic acne and/or cold sores. Between shaving my face and using the Tria, my skin has never been better, and while it’s not for everyone, it’s made my life so much easier.

  3. LT says:

    The ROC products are very good. Retinol is the best for your skin. I’ve been using the serum for a couple of years and it makes a big difference – I get compliments on my skin from makeup artists, the woman who did my facial, etc.

    • Kealeen says:

      I wish they still made the exfoliating retinol cleanser!

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA, Retinol is amazing as long as it’s used properly. I started with a retinol serum probably 10 years ago now (though not from Roc) and I am convinced that it’s one of the reasons why no-one believes me when I tell them I’m in my 40’s.

      • LT says:

        On the topic of using retinol properly – I use it at least once, if not twice, per day on my face with no issues. I started using it on my neck, chest and back and gave myself a chemical burn on my chest. I guess I’ve been using it so long that I forgot it needs to build over time. Whoops! For sure, though, always wear sunblock with it as it can make your skin more sun sensitive.

        It seems that we have a wide range of ages on this site, but a substantial number of younger (in their 20s) readers. Take care of your skin now and your older self with thank you! There is a big difference in how your skin can look at 50 based on how you treated it in your 20s. Trust me on this one! Stop smoking, take off your make up every night, wear sunblock and use retinol.

    • manda says:

      my dermatologist recommended the roc eye cream with retinol

      • livealot says:

        Yes Retinol has to be used properly or you will end up with a pizza/crater face of acne like i did. I went in for a minor pimple and after trying it, i had the worst breakout of my life !

    • milo says:

      I have been using Roc night cream and eye cream since December and I can feel an amazing difference in the texture of my skin. Its so much smoother. My wrinkles don’t appear much different in person, but in pictures I can see a subtle difference.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    Ole Henricksson, Lise Watier and the Body Shop for all my cruelty-free skincare needs! 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    I can’t speak to do it yourself dermaplaning, but I have my face done at a medical spa once a month, and I’ve had the exact opppsite effect. Between appointments, the hair I see come back is much lighter, much more sparse, and soft. And I’m Italian and Jewish!

    I left a comment in the first post-the girl I see told me said she sees people come in who have really messed up their skin doing this at home. If you do want to try, maybe see a professional esthetician first?

  6. Ang says:

    I got the Dyson air wave for Christmas and it is incredible! I used the instyler on my thick wavy hair for 14 years and this has more options and smooths it out in a lot less time. It also curls while damp and is just amazing

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ooh now I want this!

      • Ang says:

        Once you get the hang of it (the curling, at least) it’s such a wonderful tool. Very well-made.

      • Notsoanonymous says:

        Another vote for the Instyler!

      • Ang says:

        I’ve been in love with the instyler for so many years, I’m on number 4-5 I think. The only thing I miss with the air wave is the ability to grasp the hair like the Instyler. It uses less heat apparently though.

      • CL says:

        I received the Dylon Airstyler for Christmas as well. I have thick hair that’s mostly straight.
        After enough practice with it, I was able to ditch all of my other styling tools (except for the straightener – I use that mainly for delicate ironing jobs on my clothes), and my hair looks awesome with about 15 minutes of effort.

  7. C-Shell says:

    I’d only had dermaplaning done professionally before your first post, and I loved the experience, the feeling after the treatment and how long the effects lasted. I bought the Shiseido blades after your post and have shaved my face once. I was nervous, but had no problems, no nicks, and the effects were as good as the professional treatment. It’s been at least two weeks and my face is still smooth. The fine hairs growing out aren’t blunt at all. I have to say, this is an excellent grooming process for me so thank you.

  8. Ana says:

    Oooh that waterpik is def one of my favorite gadgets! It really is crazy how much stuff is left behind from brushing and flossing alone. It’s so gross but so satisfying. Word of advice- don’t try to see what’s you’re doing in the mirror unless you have plans to dry the whole bathroom after. It gets messy!!

    • dj says:

      My husband & I both use the WaterPik. He was going to have to have expensive gum surgery & I told him to start using this instead. He went back to the dentist and did not end up needed the surgery…the dentist said it was reversed! It was going to be painful and expensive. Now we both take it even on vacation because we can’t stand to be without it. It feels so much cleaner afterward!

  9. launicaangelina says:

    Ohhhh the teeth whitener and water pick have my attention! I’ve been wanting to whiten my teeth lately. Great post!

  10. lower case lila says:

    I noticed all the products you endorse are sold on Amazon. Does Celebitchy get a percentage of the sales when the product is brought through your website or are you just a brand ambassador.? I just want to know for transparency.

    • Alexandria says:

      I think it’s because you missed earlier posts. They have mentioned that they get an affiliate percentage only if you buy the product. This is to help them sustain this site. Hope this helps.

    • Clare says:

      I mean..she clearly says it’s an affiliate post…so pretty transparent, already?

  11. MissyLynne says:

    I’ve tried the Bumble and Bumble curl cream and I found it to be a bit sticky. I do love the Drybar’s Velvet Hammer cream. I apply it to towel dried hair and it works wonders I don’t need any other products with it.

  12. joanne says:

    i really enjoy these posts. there are so many great suggestions from everyone. i like the feedback for the products.

  13. Adrien says:

    If you have extra money then just do IPL treatments. Dermplaning scares me. I know the razor blades used is safe enough not to give a deep cut but still.

  14. Olive says:

    I love the Anastasia brow pencil and spoolie – I am not skilled enough to work with the brow dip but the pencil has such wonderful consistency, it goes on smoothly and evenly with a light touch, you don’t have to press harder like with most drugstore pencils I’ve used. maybe that’s why people have found it breaks easily? Mine have never broken. You can just brush the pencil on and it looks very natural.

  15. eattea says:

    I wanted to include my experience as an African American woman with facial shaving….I tried it 2 times and I definitely had to stop, the first 2 days were okay then I started feeling the hairs…they were more sharp and I started getting bumps under my skin. One bump ended up turning into a cyst on my upper lip and stayed there for over 2 months…. I ended up going to my aesthetician to help me remove the cyst. I didn’t know that the cyst was the result of shaving the first time I did it, but after trying it a second time and I started getting small bumps all over my face I put 2 and 2 together. In the end I ended up having worst hyperventilation on my face as a result of this. Also want to add that my skin has never been sensitive before which is why I thought it was okay to try this.

    • Lizzie says:

      i had the same experience, though i am white with fair skin and dark, course hair. i did it twice myself (and yes – i was sanitary – people came into my comment the first time this was brought up to tell me that was the issue) and professionally (who tried to help fix it) and i got horrible razor bumps when the hair grew back in. it took months to clean up completely and i have to basically undo teenage level acne’s worth of dark spots. i will probably need a series of professional peels, which i have done in the past with good results. it prefer smooth hairy skin to huge scars and cysts.

      • mosi says:

        I wanted to thank you for that! After reading your comment on last post I tried dermaplaning on my cleavage and not on my face, and thank god for that! Still healing. No blade is touching my face, acids and retinol only.

    • Emilia says:

      I’ll add my experience as a super pale person, dermaplaning also gave me tons of little bumps on my face that i can’t seem to get rid of.

  16. PGC says:

    Can’t recall if there has been one already in an affiliate post but I hope someone can recommend an alternative to the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner

  17. Alexandria says:

    Let’s do supplements next! For example for bloating.

  18. KidV says:

    By the end of the week I do notice my peach fuzz growing back, but not enough to for twice a week shaving, yet. I still keep tweezers with me at all times for the chin hairs that magically pop up. I’ve yet to figure that out, my face will be perfectly hairless one minute, the next there’s a half-inch long chin hair sticking out. It’s a mystery.

    I use this Maybelline brow gel I have decent brows they just tend to disappear in light, so I use the gel to thicken and darken. The best part about that brush, when I’m done with the gel, I wash up the brush and use it on my eye lashes after applying mascara. It takes clumps out better than anything I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.

  19. Emilia says:

    I use the Amlactin lotion and it has been great for getting rid of the keratosis pilaris (basically keratin bumps) on the back of my arms. You do have to be careful with sun exposure because like a retinol it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the same success with dermaplaning which gave me tons of little bumps on my cheeks that I’ve had for months.

    I guess I just traded one bump problem for another 🙁

  20. Ana says:

    Dermaplaning has worked for me. I used to wax every couple of weeks but I always got pimples and bumps especially around my jawline and chin. I discovered dermaplaning thanks to Celebitchy and so far so good. I’ve done it 3 times in a span of 5 weeks and my skin looks so much better. I am very much surprised because I always had sensitive skin and I thought waxing was the answer but as it turns out it was not. I have very fair skin and dark hair thanks to my European roots hehehe …never forget the antibacterial though.

  21. Nacho_friend says:

    Bumble & bumble products are top of the line hair products for me. I highly recommend them if you want to pay for salon quality products that work!

  22. Jane says:

    I had this done to my face once…ONCE ! and my face never recovered. I look worse now than before it was done. It is certainly NOT for everyone.

  23. Shelley says:

    Regarding brow pencils, waxes, gels and brushes – I’ll soon be 53-years-old and remember back in my 30’s a co-worker/mentor at my company (she was a gorgeous, young-looking 56-year-old) warning me not to pluck my eyebrows too much – “because they won’t grow back.” How wrong she turned out to be. My eyebrows and the spaces between, above, below, sideways are HAIRIER THAN EVER! I can’t seem to stay on top of grooming them! And I DO/TRY all methods of hair removal. Does anyone else experience this?

    • KidV says:

      I’m 55, I’ve done the pencil thin brows to the Brook Shields thick brows, back to the thin brows, etc. Every time my brows have grown back. It wasn’t until I got older that they started thinning, as in the actual hair is thinner, not that I have fewer hairs. And some of them grow pretty long and have a weird curl. I trim by brows to keep the weird ones short and use the Maybelline gel to keep them in place.

      I’ve also used the generic brand of Latisse to thicken up my brow hairs. It worked great, but a little too well. Andy Rooney came to mind when I looked in the mirror. I love it on my eyelashes, though.

      • anony7 says:

        Re the generic Latisse, did you notice if it affected or changed your eyecolor? I recall reading awhile back that Latisse could do that with some people.

      • dj says:

        I started recently to use Latisse on my eyelashes (mine were really thinning out at 58 yrs old). I am fair and blonde, blue eyes. I have had reddening around m eyelids. Have you had any problem with that? Thank you.

      • KidV says:

        @anony7 Using Latisse or the generic brand won’t change your eye color if you’re using it on your lashes, all you’re doing is brushing it on along your lash line, like an eyeliner, if it gets into your eye you’re using too much. People’s eyes can change color when it’s directly applied into the eye like eye drops, it’s original use is for ocular hypertension.

        @dj I’m fair skinned with dark hair, green eyes and I did get red around my eyes at first. I used generic Latisse every day for the first month, then anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week after that, basically it’s whenever I remember to use it, that’s when the redness went away, for the most part. There’s still a little redness but a little makeup or eyeshadow covers it.