Ms. Tina Lawson: Duchess Meghan is ‘a great representation for our people’

The Broad Museum Celebrates the Opening of Soul Of A Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983 Art Exhibition

Tina Lawson is arguably best known for giving the world Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles. But Tina Lawson is pretty awesome in her own right, and she’s been enjoying herself for many years now. I think she had some kind of awakening when she finally dumped Mathew Knowles and then she ended up marrying a man who celebrates her every day, Richard Lawson. Tina (Ms. Tina) is on social media, having a great time and showing off her Beyonce-adjacent life, and she spends a lot of time with her grandbabies too. As it turns out, Ms. Tina is also a big fan of the Duchess of Sussex. Beyonce let her Meg-stan come out to play last month at the BRIT Awards, when Beyonce sent a video into the show as she stood in front of a painting of “Queen Meghan.” So what does Ms. Tina have to say?

It seems Beyoncé isn’t the only one in her famous family who is a fan of Duchess Meghan! Tina Knowles gushed over the pregnant Suits alum while chatting with Us Weekly earlier this month.

“I mean, I think she’s a beautiful, intelligent, independent young woman,” the fashion designer, 65, told Us at the opening of The Broad’s Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983 exhibition in L.A. when asked what makes Meghan, 37, so admirable. “I think it’s amazing that she got that opportunity and that she is a great representation for our people. It’s really wonderful!”

[From Us Weekly]

This too is strategy, even if Meghan has never even spoken to Beyonce or Ms. Tina. It’s strategy because once again, the power-brokers like Beyonce and Ms. Tina are letting everyone know that they have Meghan’s back. Meghan sent out the Bat-signal a few months ago and people came running to protect her from the smears. Plus, I just think Ms. Tina really believes that Meghan is a “great representation for our people.”

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  1. 90sgirl says:

    I loved when they had the Meghan portrait in their thank you, acceptance speech.
    Love it!

    • otaku fairy... says:

      I like the fact that Beyoncé and Tina are being supportive of Meghan. Sure it’s a small thing, but the solidarity is an empowering little breath of fresh air under the current climate, where the opposite is much more popular/socially acceptable and hatefulness seems to be the order of the day.

  2. mm11 says:

    A meeting between Beyonce and Meghan HAS to happen. And we better get some photos unlike with Michelle 🙁

  3. Miss M says:

    ” representation for our people”
    I didn’t know Tina Knowles was of a mixed background…

    • MCV says:

      Tina is actually creole, her and Beyoncé have talked about their mixed backgrounds a lot actually.

      • Miss M says:

        @MCV: thank you for the clarification. As a person of a mixed background myself, I would identify myself as mixed and nothing else as not erase either side of my family.

    • MoxyLady says:

      What are you trying to say here

      • elimaeby says:

        I’m also curious what you’re trying to say here. That Ms. Tina and Beyonce are too dark to identify with the Dutchess of Sussex? That Meghan is too light to be admired by darker skinned women?

    • Nicole says:

      So long as the “one drop rule” exists, many African Americans will claim her. Also, given that Meghan’s mom is Doria, and she grew up in LA, odds are culturally she is one of us, even tho she’s “mixed”.

    • Monicack says:

      I’m guessing the issue is Meghan doesn’t as identify as black or white but as biracial. Her words.

      • Monicack says:

        I think Meghan probably picks her friends by how well she gets along with them. This is my guess/hope.

    • Margaritas For Breakfast says:

      How can you look at Tina Knowles and not know she is of mixed or Creole ancestry. Matthew Knowles admitted thinking she was a white woman when he first met her in his recent book. Creole people have multiple generations of mixed race.

  4. youmaynotbe says:

    Can they just say they like Meghan without the “our people thing”.
    She married into the family of colonizer who’s destruction is still present around the world for “our people”The family is there to keep class system in place which is turn block “our people ” who live in Britain access to certain institutions. She just there for good PR to make the family somewhat presentable in the 21TH century.
    She is now a willing participant in an oppressive system. As the years go and the family got the good PR out of her they will move to the family member they want represent them. Happy for her she is happy in life but i don’t think she”s good for any of “our people”. Yes i’m black and she does not represent me by being part of this family.

    • Mogul says:


    • GR says:

      You make a very good point!

    • line says:

      Not forgetting that the British monarchy has a great place in the organization of the slave trade, So it was ridicule to consider Meghan as a model for the black community .

    • McMe says:

      My whole thought process just changed.
      Thank you!

    • Amare says:

      This. 100% perfectly put.

    • Dream says:

      There is an old song by Curtis Mayfield called we people who are darker than blue. It was released in 1970 and it speaks to colorism. My favorite lyric is
      This ain’t no time for segregatin’
      I’m talking bout brown and yellow too
      High yellow girl, can’t you tell
      You’re just the surface of our deep well
      If your mind could really see
      You’d know your color the same as me

      This is an amazing song w/amazing instrumentals.

  5. Ash says:

    Honestly I don’t feel represented by Meghan,she has light-skinned privilege and I don’t see myself in her as someone who is darker-skinned and yes while she does have to still deal with racist and racism it rubs me the wrong way for Ms.Knowles to say that she represents our people.

  6. JanetFerber says:

    For me, she represents the American people. I feel like she represents the best of America, whereas our current federal government represents the worst of America (Trump as president is a farce and an outrage).