Regina Hall gave her mom her late dog’s marijuana oil and she ended up in hospital

I just had the best time watching Regina Hall’s last three appearances on Jimmy Kimmel. (I watched three because Jimmy referenced her last appearance but he really meant an earlier one.) This story, which is summed up pretty well in the title, is somewhat crazy sounding but true. Regina had marijuana oil which she used to treat her sick dog. After the dog passed Regina and her mom took it. As you can tell, it did not go well for her mom.

When Regina was on Jimmy Kimmel, in July, 2017 promoting Girls Trip (I loved that movie), she told a story about giving her dog marijuana oil. Her dog, Zeus, had a tumor and she explained at the time that she was “healing him holistically” by giving him marijuana five times a day. It didn’t sound like her dog was actually prescribed that by a veterinarian. This week, Regina told Jimmy that after her dog passed she gave some of the marijuana oil to her mom, which she described as more like the consistency of honey, to treat her mom’s arthritis. Regina’s mom told her not to be so stingy with it.

You told me that you were giving your dog marijuana. Is that still happening?
He ended on a high note. He’s in heaven now. It hurts but it’s ok. He lived a great life.

What did you do with his marijuana?
The good stuff, you don’t want to throw it away. I was sad, I couldn’t sleep. My mother came to visit. She had arthritis so I gave her a little and I took a little.

How did that work?
For a while. I said ‘Mom… I think that’s too much.’ It’s in a tube, it’s like the consistency of honey. You put it on a little cracker, this is to help heal. She put too much. I said ‘Mommy that’s too much.’ She said ‘That little dab you give me barely does enough.’

After that her mom couldn’t move her mouth to talk and Regina thought she was having a stroke. They called an ambulance. Regina called her friend from the hospital and her friend said “I think you bitches are high.” The hospital did a bunch of blood tests and an MRI on her mom, which of course was all normal. egina had to tell the doctor that it was probably the marijuana oil her mom took. He was not amused.

Also, as I mentioned above I’m not sure that marijuana oil was meant only for her dog, you know? The way she described it in that earlier interview was like she was just trying to make life easier for Zeus. Jimmy asked her a couple of times if a veterinarian had prescribed it and she was like “oh sure” but it didn’t sound like it. That time she also told a story about accidentally eating marijuana brownies someone had given her after a dinner party and not realizing they had marijuana in them until she felt the effects. I’ve heard so many bad stories like that about edibles! I know this is a little different because it’s an oil but it sounds like it’s easy to have too much.

Update: Thanks to the first commenters on this story, Brynn and Alissa, for explaining that CBD oil is regularly prescribed to dogs but does not make them high as it doesn’t have THC in it. At 4:00 into this video from her 2017 appearance on Kimmel she said “Zeus is always high. Zeus is on cannabis five times a day.” Jimmy asked “So your veterinarian has prescribed drugs for your dog?” and she laughed and didn’t say. Jimmy added “Just say yes the answer is yes.” She said “yesss, it’s legal though. I take it too for him.

Here’s the video from her latest interview with Kimmel:

RIP Zeus. You can tell she loved that dog so much.

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  1. Bryn says:

    They make oil for pets. There’s a big difference in THC oil gets you high, CBD oil gives you the pain relief without the high. I know a lot of people who take CBD oil capsules every day for pain relief and it works well for some, I make cookies and treats with THC oil to get high.

    It’s super irresponsible to give a pet that without a vet telling you too. I guess she didn’t even do enough research. It takes two minutes of google searching to know the difference between thc and cbd.

    • Erinn says:

      “It’s super irresponsible to give a pet that without a vet telling you too.”

      I’m so glad you added that part. It can’t be said enough. My cousin is a vet tech in the city – she’s had a lot of pets coming in sick because they got into the now legal stash. Which of course isn’t the same as giving them pet safe oils… but it’s still something you need to clear with a vet because god knows there’s probably not enough regulation between the makers of the products.

    • Tian says:

      They absolutely make tinctures that are higher in THC for pets, usually in ratios of THC to CBD, especially for tumors. Pure CBD from hemp has little medicinal value compared to cannabis derived CBD. You can 100% get overmedicated if you take too much since it sounds like she used whole plant extract which is very potent.

  2. Alissa says:

    there are a lot of things about this story that don’t make sense to me. For one, it’s not marijuana oil, it’s CBD oil which can be prescribed by a veterinarian. My mom’s dog was dying of cancer and they prescribed CBD oil to help with pain management. We also use it on my dog with a lot of anxiety. But it doesn’t make them high because it has no THC in it.

    So if she was actually giving them marijuana oil, I really don’t think it was prescribed by a vet because the goal isn’t to get your dog high. If it was CBD oil, then her and her Mom didn’t get high. Also they would have to use a ton if it was made for the dog because dogs dosages are weaker than humans.

    So I’m a little confused as to what she was actually doing lol.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I have no clue about all that and appreciate the clarification. I’ll add an update with this and also I’ll watch the first video where she talks about it and be more specific about what she said about the oil.

      • Alissa says:

        No problem! 😊 also I’ll admit that I haven’t watched the videos yet haha.

      • Bryn says:

        Edibles are made from oil, they get a bad name because people take too much too quick when they have no tolerance to it. Start low, go slow.

      • Tian says:

        This is incorrect. She used whole plant extract which for medicinal use comes in ratios of CBD:THC. Pure hemp CBD has little medicinal value compared to cannabis derived CBD which also utilizes the medicinal properties of THC. I’ve worked in the California cannabis industry for 6 years- usually a 1:1 ratio is used for tumors and cancer. It is so concentrated you can 100% get high from taking too much.

    • Melanie says:

      It cannot be prescribed by a vet, it’s illegal for us to do this (I’m a vet). According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “under current federal and state law, veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe or recommend cannabis or its products for animals.”

  3. Sojaschnitzel says:

    So is this like CBD oil or actual THC oil? We don’t have the 2nd in europe and I am quite envious now!

    • Bryn says:

      It’s fairly simple to make thc oil, just takes a fair amount of weed. I usually bake the weed in the oven until it’s dry and crumbly, then cook it in a slow cooker with butter or oil, depending on what you want to make.

  4. manda says:

    She totally gave her dog edible marijuana, not cbd oil. Otherwise, her mom wouldn’t have reacted that way. Edibles are weird if you are only used to smoking, they make my belly hurt (it seems) and they do feel different.

    • Elisa says:

      +1, if her mum ended up in hospital, the oil must have contained high-dosages of THC.
      CBD oil is super-popular in my city and among my friends. I have tried it and it makes me calm and helps a lot with anxiety and makes me sleep better (and without any side-effects). It’s quite expensive though (10ml for 50 euros).

  5. Lizzie says:

    my parents have an old dog and his legs were barely functional and they just couldn’t face the facts. it was getting super sad watching him drag his back legs and scramble around. i finally confronted them about it and my mom was like “ok but we’re going to try this CBD oil first” and hand to the gods – the dog can walk now for the last TWO YEARS. i am not exaggerating when i saw he went from dragging his whole bottom half to walking in about 2 weeks.

  6. CES says:

    I once brought a pot brownie over to a friend’s house to share with her. We walked out of the room for maybe 2 minutes and in that 2 minutes her dog ate the entire brownie. He couldn’t even stand up. When he tried to walk it was as if he was drunk. It took a few hours before he was okay again but we definitely monitored him. I felt really bad about the whole situation, but thankfully he was okay. I really would never voluntarily give an animal anything with thc in it after that experience. She’s rich! I don’t see why she didn’t just pay to have the tumor removed rather than let her dog suffer and force him to get high. The whole thing seems cruel to me.

    • Alissa says:

      it’s possible that they couldn’t remove it where it was, or that they had already removed it and it had grown back. my dog had a tumor and we paid to remove it and it grew back within 3 months. He was older so they didn’t recommend that we remove it again, and we ended up having to put him to sleep.

      but I don’t know why she would get her dog high instead of just giving him CBD oil for pain management.

    • MoreSalt says:

      I used to have 180lb Mastiff/Dane mix, it was that or a gun when I moved to a sketchier area of my city after a bad break up.

      I made weed butter in the crockpot, with an ounce of herb and a pound of butter. simmered all day while I was at work. Came home and strained out the plant matter, threw it out, went to the store for brownie mix, come home, and dog has eaten about a pound of butter soaked weed out of the garbage can.

      He threw up EVERYWHERE. And wasn’t right for three days. Didn’t like the sound of himself lapping water, so wouldn’t drink. Scared of me pouring the kibble in his bowl. Didn’t like how his nails felt on the tile, so wouldn’t leave the carpet. Saw random ghosts on the carpet and started trying to dig. I called my dad, who told me what I already thought (there’s nothing the vet can do, just keep him hydrated and let him sleep it off.) Keep your pets away from edibles, and don’t give them things that contain THC. Not fun. Shoutout from a newly legal state, it is in fact all it’s cracked up to be. Your vote matters 🙂

  7. Nichole says:

    We go to DC sometimes because we’re not in a legal state and they have these (admittedly sketchy) open-air markets with lots of vendors. Edibles are my preference, but I hate hate hate not knowing that the final product is a measured dose. It’s so different from legal states like Cali or Nevada, where I know exactly what one gummy etc will accomplish. That “too much” feeling is intense and it’s hard to remember that it will pass when you’re literally barely able to use your words!

    (if it matters, I have lupus and it really does help me function on my bad days, unless it’s the wrong dose, and in turn removes “functioning” from the table completely!)

  8. Ersatz says:

    My family owns a licensed marijuana testing facility in a rural state with a medical only program. We actually do pet med CBD/THC (and other cannabinoid) potency testing for free because people should know what dosage they’re giving their animals… big big big difference between CBD and THC for pets, and everyone’s experience with ingested cannabinoids, as was applied here, differ due to metabolism and personal tolerance. We have a pretty holistically chill vet that OKed CBD isolate (basically distilled plant or hemp matter) in avocado oil for our eighteen year old cat, who has arthritis. It’s helped a lot imo.

    I will say that I visit about three to four dispensaries/grows a day for work and there are the happiest, chillest dogs at those places. Most dogs LOVE weed and will hoover up flower/bud that falls on the floor like it’s people food. They also like chewing on cannabis stems, which do contain trace amounts of CBD.

    That being said, it’s been reported that something like 80% of marijuana in California is soaked in pesticides and solvents, and if she got sick other than being too high from a thing that isn’t supposed to make a person high (ie: hyperemesis, heart palpitations from being paranoid) it’s probably because of that. A lot of people that start off with edibles overdose themselves, too, because it can take over 2 hours to start kicking on. So you keep taking it because “Aw man, this doesn’t work.” And then you’re on Mars for three days.

    We also see A LOT of scams in CBD products. Especially those geared towards animals. We had someone come in with zero CBD and they said that “lab testing heats up the cannabinoids to the point where they degrade into nothing” without apparently realizing we test for those degradation products as well (and that our systems and prep times are nowhere near warm enough hit a transformation point). Then they lawyered up and threatened to sue. Lmao. It really wouldn’t surprise me if these oils were made from product that probably would’ve failed safety checks if it were sold as bud.

  9. Madchester says:

    Canadian here, legal country. For CBD to work properly it does need to contain a bit of THC. Good suppliers have it measured so you know how much CBD and THC is in it. It sounds like Regina’s had more THC in it. One of my pups (100lbs lab X named Layla) is now 14, we thought we were going to have to put her down when she was 12 because of severe arthritis and some incontinence. We switched her to “Phoenix Tears” aka Rick Simpson Oil which is a super potent THC/CBD oil, over a year ago from a pain med the vet prescribed that was damaging her liver. She takes an amount equal to about two grains or rice on her food twice a day. She plays again, sleeps better, goes for walks and enjoys her days. It has really added quality of life to her final years. This wasn’t vet prescribed but it worked wonders for Layla.

  10. Karen2 says:

    Cant say I like the cult of CBD oil any more than the cult of Scientology.

    On a serious note. Is it still true that vets are not allowed to give antibiotics to pets.

    • Alissa says:

      my dog was given antibiotics for her ear infection and for a skin infection that she got, so I don’t think so?

  11. mycomment says:

    how in the world can you not notice brownies have pot in them? the taste/consistency should have told her something was up…

  12. mosia says:

    Big warning, I’m from Poland, and CBD oil only just got legal here, I jumped right on that train, bought some quality eco oil and…. IAM ALLERGIC! So warning! Also a few days ago there was a HuffPost article, that said CBD oil can interfere with other drugs

  13. Melanie says:

    I’m a veterinarian. There is very little research into the effects of CBD oil in pets, so we can’t say if it’s safe for a pet or know an appropriate dosage. The “benefits” that are reported are anecdotal. In addition, because it’s considered a Schedule 1 drug, we cannot prescribe it or recommend using it. IAccording to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “under current federal and state law, veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe or recommend cannabis or its products for animals.” It’s against the law, so there’s no way her vet would have prescribed it.

    We are still prescribing antibiotics, we just make sure it’s the correct treatment for the condition to reduce antibiotic resistance.