Duchess Kate spoke to a Muslim girl about multi-faith inclusivity & diversity

The Duchess of Cambridge

Here are more photos from the Duchess of Cambridge’s outing yesterday in Essex, where she spent some time doing Scout Association stuff with kids. What kinds of stuff? Finger painting (she ended up with a green hand), hiding out in tree forts (she looks like an LL Bean model in those shots) and doing something with a string (?).

Kate was there to launch a new pilot program for the Scouts, a program for kids aged 4-6. Which brings up a question I always have about these kinds of kid-friendly events: why doesn’t Kate ever include her own children? Prince George will be six years old this summer – I’m sure he would have loved to hang out at this event and play in the tree fort. There are so many kid-friendly and kid-inclusive events like that for Kate, where I think “this photo-op would be even better is she brought George or Charlotte.” So why doesn’t she? Is it because of “privacy”? Well, Kate did tell the Scouts that she hopes to enroll her own kids in Scouts. She also had some nice things to say about inclusion and diversity:

Prince George and Princess Charlotte may have some outdoor adventures in their future! Kate Middleton said she’d like to sign up her 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter for the young Beaver Scouts during her visit to the Scouts headquarters in the eastern edge of London on Thursday. The royal mom, 37, told young leaders of her hope that her kids will follow in her footsteps, as she was Brownie as a young girl and has acted as an adult volunteer.

“She said she would like them to go into the scouting community because she loves what it stands for — that it’s a very open and inclusive way into life,” said 14-year-old Lauren Noble, who helped show Kate around. “She said it would be a great thing for them to get involved in.”

Tahseen Patel, 17, said she spoke to Kate about different cultures.

“She said she’d like to get her children involved and how you learn so many skills for life in the scouts,” said Patel. “I talked to her about the mosque and how important it is for religion and scouting to blend together and how we have to learn about each other’s religions and be united with each other.”

“She emphasized how important it is to understand each other and learn about each other’s religion and cultures,” the teen added. “She is really humble. I was nervous — we all were — but she was a normal humble human being. She made us feel comfortable.”

[From People]

“I talked to her about the mosque and how important it is for religion and scouting to blend together…She emphasized how important it is to understand each other and learn about each other’s religion and cultures.” That’s really… great? I mean it – Kate avoids topics like multiculturalism, diversity and respect for multi-faith communities like the plague. But maybe she’s changing, or as people keep insisting, she’s growing more comfortable and confident in her role. Confident enough to express talk to teenage Muslim girls about going to mosque and embracing inclusivity.

The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Shrute’s beet farm says:

    Her kids aren’t working royals (yet) so she may not feel like exposing them to cameras and questions any more than she has to while they’re young. I know I wouldn’t.

    On a shallow note, she looks really, really beautiful in these pics.

    • guest says:

      Yeah buy then look at crown princess Victoria both of her kids are young but she includes them in public events. Especially Estelle who is extremely comfortable in public settings. Victoria and Daniel have done a great including their kids and still keeping them grounded with family. 🤷‍♀️

      • Shrute’s beet farm says:

        Great for them but Kate and William’s kids aren’t CP Victoria’s. Simple as that. There’s a bigger microscope on the BRF and all children are different. I think we should let the parents decide when and how they’re brought out instead of demanding four and five year olds be trotted out for our pleasure.

      • LizB says:

        @Shrute’s beet farm

        It is W+K who are doing the trotting out, using the kids for PR. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much of a microscope if the BRF did things differently.

      • Shrute’s beet farm says:

        It’s THEIR kids. They can decide how and when their kids are seen. They’re children, not public property.

      • Lunde says:

        Princess Estelle is clearly confident and happy to play such a role within the much more relaxed and informal Swedish Royal Family. However it is totally clear to anyone who has watched the past couple of years that Prince George does not have that type of personality and doesn’t seem to enjoy big public events at all. It is good that they are not forcing engagements onto a shy 5-year old.

      • Blingbling says:

        @Lunde I was literally just thinking this. My almost 3 year old is painfully shy to the point she tells people who wave hi that “I’m nervous” “Im, shy!” I couldn’t imagine bringing her to big events with lots of people. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done besides consoling her lol. All kids are different and I agree that George seems annoyed and bothered at public events. Not sure about Charlotte but 4 is still an unpredictable age as far as behavior goes. Maybe as they get a little older. I agree though, let the parents decide when and if the kids join them to these types of events.

      • LizB says:

        @Shrute’s beet farm

        There’s the rub, huh? They’re their kids…but they’re also the kids of the UK. Their lives belong to the UK at large. That is the whole point of a royal family.

      • Lilyberro says:

        @lizb not really if they really want attention they ‘d use their children and they’d get them out more because they know that the people care more about the children. But they want the attention to be on the causes and not on themselves. You know a great future queen and king would do that. Thank God that he is the first born.

    • Desolee says:

      She’s very pretty and Always looks genuinely happy with children

      • Himmiefan says:

        I agree, she looks the happiest with children. This really is her niche.

      • jan90067 says:

        I have to say, I’m impressed with this outing. I liked her response to the teen. She’s come far from her first outing with TQ (the nervous “test the tea…” comment.). She does shine with kids. I know a lot of women who never seemed to “connect” with kids until they had one of their own; and Kate seems to have just had some kind of breakthrough since Louis’ birth (can’t believe it’s almost been a year now!).

        Anyway, kudos where kudos is due. Good job, Kate!

    • Original Jenns says:

      I think this is the real reason. I think it because a slippery slope as to when they tag along. At what point in tagging along do people start asking about their working royal status (especially as they get older). I truly believe that Kate and William don’t want them “working” until their 30s, same as them. And people may start to expect to see them more and more involved. Keeping them out of the patronages keeps them “normal”.

      Also, “she looks like an LL Bean model in those shots” love this!!

    • M.A.F. says:

      Her kids are also in school. Why pull them from school to do an event? I can see during the summer but not during the school year.

    • Moneypenny says:

      As a mom, work would be very different if my kids are there (even if it is work involving other kids). She’d have help there, but may still want to ensure her kids are on their best behavior, worry or lose focus if they aren’t. I think it is good to let the organizations be the focus.

      • Laurabb says:

        I completely agree with this observation. I would be too worried about my children and their behavior at a work event. I like that her focus was on the Scouts.

    • Svea says:

      Not bringing the kids out more may not be her choice. It may be William’s. The way he feels about the press and media due to Diana, he may want to shield them as long as possible. So they publish some photos from time to time only to satisfy curiosity. Also there have been threats from ISIS. Don’t think there have been threats against the Swedish Royal family.

  2. Canadiangirl says:

    I think she avoids bringing her kids so she can focus on the children she is visiting. I volunteer and I know when I volunteer with my son’s class, it is hard to turn off “mom” and he wants my attention, he’ll make sure I sit next to him, etc. While if I volunteer in another class it is easier because I can focus on the kids without my attention being split.

    And with Kate and her kids there is also that added pressure of making sure her kids behave for the cameras which would be in the back of her mind and would also eat up some of her concentration. So I completely get it.

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s a very good point.

    • Lorelei says:

      @CanadianGirl ITA. It would be too distracting to have to deal with her own children when she’s on an official engagement.

      However, it is ridiculous how W&K hide those children away. The existence of the BRF depends on the public’s interest and affection and how can anyone develop any when the kids are barely ever seen? I get that they want privacy, but they take it way too far and IMO it’s going to backfire on them.

      ITA with Guest above who pointed out how comfortable Estelle is due to the fact that her parents have been exposing her to the public/cameras regularly. Whether William and Kate like it or not, the Cambridge children are public figures and their parents are doing them a disservice IMO by not getting them used to it.

      • Alexandria says:

        I dunno, I’m not exactly keen on seeing their kids and imho they don’t seem hidden. I think it’s fine not to have their kids tag along. They are still young. Maybe when they reach 7 they can get more of the spotlight to get accustomed. For those keen on the kids they still get trotted out on big royal events.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I feel like they’ve been seen in public plenty enough. They were both front and center in a certain massive royal wedding last year. They’ve been photographed numerous other times in the past year and had family photos released. It’s enough.

    • Moneypenny says:

      Ha! I wrote almost exactly the same thing right above. I agree 100%. She wants to focus on the organizations and when you’re a mom, you’re often going to have your attention pulled by your own kids.

    • Kebbie says:

      Exactly. She gets to have special moments with the kids there instead of being preoccupied with her own kids.

    • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

      That’s what I thought too. Talk to anyone who has ever chaperoned a field trip with their kids.

  3. Mochiyum says:

    I kind of get and understand why they don’t bring George or Charlotte to events like this. It honestly would pull all focus from the other kids and I also think as parents, they’d be more distracted or tend to over focus on their kids (inadvertently) which defeats the purpose of doing an event for and primarily about the other kids.

    George has his literal whole life to live in the spotlight- it’s ok if they don’t want him exposed to that just yet.

    • Kittycat says:

      I can understand not wanting to expose the kids to the media when they are so young.

      • Olive says:

        i don’t know, i look at how victoria and daniel of sweden are slowly introducing their daughter to the public and getting her used to duties as a future queen and think maybe they’ve got something right there. if you’ve got a role destined from birth you may as well get used to it at a young age.

  4. Renee2 says:

    If she’s becoming more open great but I don’t know if she had a choice in that conversation, lol. Let’s give props to the teenage girl who was brave enough to broach the topic with her and was secure in her own identity and culture.

  5. Royalwatcher says:

    I hate people who just talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Have we ever seen Kate with a friend who wasn’t white? (And please don’t say the corner shopkeepers from Bucklebury.) Or becoming patron of a charity that deals with inclusion/diversity/interfaith issues/etc? It’s hard for me to believe she cares anything about that.

    • Shrute’s beet farm says:

      To be fair, we don’t see Kate with many friends at all, so much so that some people speculate she doesn’t have any friends (which I think is silly but okay 🤷🏻‍♀️). It would be really hard to know who in her circle is of color and who isn’t.

      • Svea says:

        A lot of women are closest to their sisters. I know many like this. The sister is the closest confidante and all the other friends are secondary. I can imagine that this might be the case for Kate and Pippa, particularly since Kate has to be very careful who she confides in.

    • Mash says:

      @royalwatcher nahhhh she’s just a vanilla statement type of royal…. the first line of business would have been to fully embrace meghan and not be so openly cool and protect her from the ridicule which is racial ….but she seems to give these soundbites BUT NOT follow thru with action.

      • Svea says:

        Actually it looked like the first line of business was to openly embrace Meghan. Remember the Fab Four? It looked like they were are joining forces as a tight unit. Then something went wrong.

    • Luxurylucy says:

      I’m not really that concerned by the racial makeup of friends the royals have. Most people in their circle happen to be white so it isn’t all that surprising. I’m willing to give Kate a pass on this as she has yet to say anything problematic especially when you compare it to some of the racially charged things said by Harry who is supposedly ‘woke’.

      • LORENA says:

        I like Harry but people seem to really forget his nazi costume phase

      • LivePlantsCleanAir says:

        FFS @LORENA – he was still a kid, he’s apologized. It was not a phase he did it for 2 hours one night of his life. PLEASE

      • Alexandria says:

        @lorena, no the folks here don’t gloss over his Nazi costume. It’s almost always mentioned when there’s a Harry post and I’ve been here for years. Some of us don’t forget but we can forgive because it’s one of those stupid mistakes we make when were young and really dumb and think we’re cool. So it’s wrong but at the same time he hasn’t repeated it.

      • Monicack says:

        Ffs he was not a kid. Was he a kid when he referred to a fellow soldier as a Paki or told a comedian he was “pretty funny for a black chap”?

      • Giddy says:

        For heaven’s sake, Harry fell in love with and married a WOC. That seems pretty
        “Woke” to me. And she is the perfect person to keep on educating and illuminating for him a world that he didn’t learn about in the incredibly insular BRF.

      • LORENA says:

        @Giddy, marrying a person of color does not make you woke at all. ex: see kardashians

      • Kebbie says:

        Lol he definitely wasn’t a kid, he was 20. I think he’s grown up a lot, and I think being with Meghan has really opened his eyes to both overt and subtle racism. I think it’s likely he intensely regrets his past behavior and ignorance.

        Marrying a POC doesn’t mean all of your prejudices disappear, but he’s got someone by his side that can continue to open his eyes to that stuff. He seems to truly value and respect her and her opinions. I think it says a lot about him that he married someone strong-willed and opinionated who will challenge him when he could’ve picked a doormat stepford wife.

    • Nic919 says:

      Of all the times that she should have been listening and learning like her PR statements normally say she does, this should have been one of them. Kate knows nothing about inclusivity and her entire life has involved her being and aspiring to be around rich white British people. She’s not linked to any patronages that show an understanding of diversity or inclusion and even when there was a chance to do so, like with the grenfell tower fire in her backyard, she did the bare minimum. Instead of babbling some mealy mouth PR comment about something she doesn’t understand at all, she should have asked the girl even more about her thoughts. It was her time to listen then.

      • Redgrl says:

        I doubt William or Harry had/have any non-white wealthy friends so… let’s put the blame on everyone in that circle…to be fair…

      • Malificent says:

        We don’t know that Kate didn’t listen. The schoolgirl that she spoke with made it clear that it was a two-sided conversation, of which we only have a brief synopsis.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      She probably isn’t interested in it – that’s Chuck’s bag. He is a big supporter of interfaith dialogue and has been for years.

      I love this article in the Guardian where it states that Chuck was very interested in talking to Trump about interfaith issues:


    • Redburgandy says:

      All of the royals grew up among white privilege so why single out Kate? How many non-white friends do any of them have within their inner close circle and isn’t in relation to their charities? None of them are as woke as they like to pretend to be especially when you look at their past history of racially ignorant comments.

      • Nic919 says:

        William has been ripped for his population control comments plenty of times here and elsewhere. Harry has been as well. This time it’s Kate who showed that she needs to listen more on this issue and act more on the “inclusivity” words that she is saying.

      • jan90067 says:

        I think Meghan is the only “royal” who can count people of color in her inner circle. Ironic, isn’t it? Perhaps *she* will drag them into the 21st century at some point. (said with a *bit* of irony and sarcasm).

        I don’t think ANY of the rest of them have any real friends of color. Even Charles. He may have business acquaintances, but “real” friends? Doubt it.

      • Mia says:

        I always wonder do they have any poc in any key positions within the Royal Family?

    • Melmella says:

      Royals hang around with rich white people, this isn’t exactly news! Meghan’s circle of friends was also predominantly white even before she joined the family.

      If people are looking for an institution that is inclusive then I suggest you look beyond the British monarchy!

      • Nic919 says:

        This makes no sense. Meghan has been biracial since birth and has personally lived the life of a person who isn’t white in America and now the UK. It’s pretty damn irrelevant who her friends are because she’s the one facing racism. It’s her experience that’s she is sharing with her white friends not the other way around.

      • Melmella says:

        The comments at the top mentioned Kate has no white friends, so of course it’s relevant to bring up that Meghan’s friends are also mostly white! This is simply to make the point that the race of somene’s friends is perhaps not the best way to judge a person. It’s still possible that someone can have black friends or be married to a non-white person & still be racist.

      • Meganbot2000 says:

        I don’t think that’s accurate. I’m no Meghan expert, but I know that at least some of her oldest friends (the ones she’s known since college or her early days as a struggling actress in LA, who were at the wedding) are poc.

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan’s white friends are irrelevant because she is the person who is living the life of a non white person. It’s her own experience. People were saying the others don’t have anything but white friends so they as white people dont understand what non white people go through. Meghan lives this experience daily.

  6. Dueberrygal says:

    I know some people like to compare the Cambridge kids to other European royals whose kids are regularly seen out & about. However you really can’t compare the level of world wide interest the Cambridge kids generate. The scrutiny would be ten times worse, we saw an example of this when George was pictured playing with a toy gun last summer. I think we’ll continue to see the odd public outings but not to the extent that people would wish.

    It’s funny that when we don’t see their kids people complain that they’re being hidden, and when we do see them it’s a publicity stunt!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree. The more public exposure the kids have, the more the British press will feel free to go after them. Let the kids be kids and keep them away from the bloody press.

    • Tourmaline says:

      So true. In the U.S. pics of the Cambridge kids regularly front mass market magazines. Only dedicated royal followers here would have a clue who Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden or her little kids are.

  7. Croatian says:

    Something with a string?
    That’s a very thoughtful “game” for kids in which they learn emotional resiliance and/or stability.

  8. Clare says:

    I think this is timely – given reports of attacks on Muslims in Britain went up by 593% in the wake of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. Yes you read that statistic correctly.

    The royals, including the younger generation are rarely seen engaging with non-white ‘subjects’ outside of their royal duties, when the non-white people are rarely portrayed as equals. It’s kind of gross.
    (Obviously exception of Meghan, and now Harry)

    • Alyse says:

      The royals in general don’t mix outwith their class, and the aristocracy are overwhelmingly white.

    • Desolee says:

      What is gross? (I didnt understand what you mean- royals of colour like the Saudis?)
      Anyways all ppl of UK are their subjects for no reason. Kinda gross already no?

    • Lara (the other) says:

      I think the most important think is, that this pice of conversation was quoted. There must have been a dozend of other possible quotes but this one was the one approved as an more or less official statetement.

  9. Aang says:

    I’m wondering why the girl feels it’s important for scouting and religion to blend? In the US the Boy Scouts of America have had years of controversy over including gay scouts and gay scout leaders because of their Christian religious affiliation. I believe that the BSA still require both scouts and adult group leaders to profess a belief in god, meaning atheists and agnostics are not welcome. I’d be more comfortable with my kids in a secular scouting program that teaches respect for all diversity, including lack of religious affiliation.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah I found that strange too. Now if they already incorporate religion in it, it’d only make sense to be inclusive of more than one – and I think that’s fair. But if they don’t already incorporate religion into it, it seems kind of strange, honestly.

      I think the world would be a lot better place if we stopped pushing religion into organizations where it’s not relevant.

      • Clare says:

        I read this more as the organisation taking steps to educate scouts about the diversity of cultures and religion in this country – as far as I’ve seen, it is a largely white organisation, and I can’t see how including a badge for diversity training (or similar) would hurt. I also don’t see how making an effort to include more BAME kids could hurt. (I know neither of you are arguing against this, obviously).

        Our education system is woefully bad at educating kids about the history of this country (learn an awful lot about the Henrys and embarrassingly little about colonialism for example), so personally I think it’s a good thing if other organisations can fill some of the gaps.

      • Erinn says:

        That makes sense, Clare. I know we only had a real education on different religion when I was in 12th grade and it was an optional class. I loved it though – super interesting. I think having a segment of their learning about different cultures and religions would be a great thing – I guess I was just looking at it in a literal ‘make time for religion’ kind of way. And the younger kids are when learning about it the better, honestly. It becomes just a normal part of life with little kids.

    • Alyse says:

      I assumed she meant more education about different religions, which would hopefully increase religious tolerance.

      • Clare says:

        Alyse – agree with you 100%, but I really dislike the use of the word ‘tolerance’ in this context (and it is widely used, not pointing the finger at you).
        Religious minorities don’t need to be tolerated. They need to be accepted. Same with ethnic minorities etc.

    • Desolee says:

      MAybe she means, stuff like the scouts should accommodate Ramadan. At 17 she could likely be fasting for that
      Maybe she’d like to not be asked dumb questions by leaders and peers
      I didn’t quite understand what she meant either just guessing

    • Sunny says:

      I know here on Canada the program still has references to God and the voluntary badge work does include a “religion” badge that includes exploring one’s own beliefs as well as other faith systems. It comes back to tying your faith/beliefs (they may be agnostic or atheist in nature) to the values in scouting. For example, talking about the golden rule being a belief that many faith and non-faith communities hold true.

  10. Josie says:

    William and Harry have both criticized their mother for bringing them out on photo ops as young children. It’s one of the few times they let their naturally complicated feelings about her slip out. Do I think William has overcorrected in the opposite direction? Yes. Is he inconsistent? Absolutely. But I doubt the Cambridge kids will be doing charity events any time soon. (The Spanish, Dutch, and Belgian royals have kept their kids mostly under wraps; the Scandinavians have been more kid-friendly. I don’t know how to think about Victoria and Estelle, because I think Victoria is working pretty hard to overcome her asshole father’s sexism about her own succession and his general unpopularity in Sweden. Her PR game is strong and specific.)

    • guest says:

      Sweden definitely won the prize for best future monarch. Victoria knows what is expected of her and is smart making sure Estelle is comfortable in the spot light. Shes always done that and now now even brings oscar out too.

      • Tourmaline says:

        The Swedish royal family has but a sliver of the global interest of the British royal family. The cumulative scrutiny on those BRF kids is going to be much much more.

        My kids are going to gave to work for a living someday but my husband and I aren’t dragging them to our respective jobs to acclimate them to the workplace. Come on.

    • Lexa says:

      I’ve often thought that both William and Harry found the exposure to press from a young age to be damaging and/or incredibly overwhelming. I was watching the Reinventing the Royals documentary the other night and felt uncomfortable with the sheer amount of press and photographers that were in their lives from a very young age, especially when the press was invited into their home.

      I totally get the rationale behind exposing the kids to the royal life early so that they become used to it, but I also understand why they’re trying to shield the kids during important developmental years in the hope of them becoming emotionally and mentally healthy people.

  11. guest says:

    Hmmmm…ok. kind of funny with what everything is happening in the royal family the involves a member who is a form of diversity.

  12. Eliza says:

    If she brought them, everyone would accuse her of using them as props for good publicity. It’s a lose-lose criticism-wise, so she might as well leave them at home and completely focus on the kids at the event.

  13. Anne says:

    Maybe she didn’t want to pull her kids out of school for a photo-op?

    • LizB says:

      They are royals. Their who existence and purpose is for photo-ops.

    • Erinn says:

      100%. I could see maybe if this was a weekend thing – but her kids are in school haha.

    • Berries says:

      Not only that, but, I mean, she’s technically WORKING? I see no more logic in expecting her to bring her kids than in expecting a foundation program officer doing a site visit to bring her kids simply because the organization involves other kids vaguely around the same age. It’s logistically unreasonable (George is five and Charlotte is, what, three?? And much younger than most of the kids there? Talk about hands full!!) and would be considered unprofessional in most cases. Let alone in hers where putting a foot wrong ripples all through the gossiping public. Sorry-I think there is real value in critiquing statements of diversity and inclusivity from people who refuse to budge from social bubble that is anything but. It’s an interesting conversation, and I’m enjoying the comments focused on that. But this kid complaint really feels like a lazy straw man tailored for people who want to find every reason to start a fire over HER personally rather than the broader sociopolitical problems her circle represents and perpetuates.

  14. Jb says:

    Can you really imagine the scrutiny she would receive if she brought her children? The mommy shamers?! God forbid if she did something wrong In their eyes! And if she did she’d be accused of using her kids to make her “relatable “. Nah, I’ll keep my kids at home too! I’m not a Kate hater and certainly not a Kate lover but she’s seems like a decent lady who is doing what she can…could she be doing more, of course! But not sure how’d I handle the non stop criticizing…anyway she’s looks great and glad she did this event with the diverse group of girls

  15. Cee says:

    Even the Monaguesque royals involve their kids in some activities. It’s important to make them comfortable in the spotlight as that is where they’ll be for a very long time.

  16. Julie says:

    I feel like I’m being mean but every time I read praise for Kate finally doing her job I want to scream. She’s almost 40 years old. You get more comfortable doing things by actually DOING things if Will and Kate weren’t so workshy she would be better at this. /mean rant

    She always looks best in casual clothes and most engaged and comfortable to me with young children in the outdoors. They need to keep her in that wheelhouse.

    • LizB says:

      Yeah, me too. And it’s not lost on me that all of this praise for Kate (especially on such sites at Royal Dish) has increased to an amazing extent since Meghan has joined the BRF. Suddenly, Kate is doing great and finding her confidence and being a gerat future consort. THE WOMAN IS ALMOST 40 YEARS OLD WHAT HAS SHE DONE?

  17. Casey02 says:

    Well, well, welll…there just maybe some substance to the DoC…time will tell

    • guest says:

      Sadly calling for diversity and actually supporting it through your actions are two different things. I’d be surprised if kate does anything 😶

      It would probably be too ” political” at least that was the excuse she couldn’t wear black to show support for metoo movement.

  18. Salty says:

    @Lorena, Agreed. Harry was pictured at that same party beside two other people. One was dressed as a KKK member and the other with black face. Most of the pictures we see are of Harry’s nazi costume basically zoomed in. I believe that the media solely focused on Harry’s nazi costume to draw attention away from the fact that the whole party seemed to be hate themed. Disgusting all around.

    • Casey02 says:

      So basically you believe Harry is a racist???

      • willsee says:

        i mean he was the one with the uniform on and then years later was calling his fellow soldier racist name . just because he married a WOC doesn’t mean anything at all.

      • Casey02 says:

        You really don’t know much about Harry, do you?

      • Meganbot2000 says:

        None of us “know” him Casey, we can only form opinions based on press/online coverage filtered through the lens of our own personal perspective.

      • Princessk says:

        The upper classes at play are extremely immature and love fancy dress and doing very stupid things, probably because they have to act so stiff most of the time and when they let go their behaviour is often over the top and ludicrous. Also many of them have little real contact with ordinary people.

        Harry did not intend to cause harm or be vindictive in any of those two incidents, he was a rather naive upper class boy trying to be one of the lads.

    • Casey20 says:

      Yes of course we dont, but to call him a racist is a bit too much

      • BabaBlacksheep2 says:

        I mean, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Or in this case, if it wears a Nazi uniform and says racist things.

      • Ader says:

        People need to stop freaking out over the word “racist.” Racism is woven into the fabric of our culture / society. The only way we’ll be able to address it properly and have constructive conversations, is if white people stop freaking out about the word “racism.” Look, straight up, 99.999% of white people are likely more “racist” than they realize. Fact. Everyone needs to stop taking the word so personally, realize that it is bigger than you (universal you), and start doing the work necessary to turn things around…which in large part involves making peace with the fact that you’re likely more racist than you realize. Once people do that, and stop getting so defensive, we can start the heavy lifting of dismantling implicit bias in all its forms.

      • Casey20 says:

        No one should be ok with being called a racist. Prince Harry is NO racist. His wife is of mixed race and his mother-in-law is black. Yes, he made mistakes in his youth but don’t we all. He apologized…. Move on!

      • Ader says:

        Casey20. You’re just flat out wrong. Everyone should be OK with being called a racist. That is how we will actually be able to get down to the work necessary to end racism. Stop taking it so personally!!!

        It’s so sad and frustrating that so many people refuse to just do a little bit of reading to understand racism better. And nothing will change until White people finally understand that racism is not just calling people bad names and wearing KKK hoods.

        And for the record, even though it’s been said a trillion times: Just because someone has Black friends or family, doesn’t mean they are incapable of saying racist stuff or doing things that have a negative racial impact.

    • CairinaCat says:

      William wanted to go as Zulu warrior, and there were others there in black face as well

  19. Elisa says:

    These are some of the best pics I have ever seen of her. She looks genuinely happy and present.
    Whatever happened, she really upped her game.

  20. All in peace says:

    I’m a woc but it seems like Kate can never win on this site. I mean even compliments are veiled insults. And the site is supposedly feminist? I’ve been visiting site for 8years now and it’s been very rabid in here lately. What gives???

    • Casey02 says:

      IMO, there finally seems to be a place where honest opinions about how DoS is being treated are allowed. Additionally, the British media loves to make comparisons between Meghan and Kate and it goes unchecked. This is the only sight that really checks the media. If you really want to see rabid visit all the sights that support Kate and dog Meghan out daily for breathing the British air!

    • Nic919 says:

      Criticism is not anti feminist. Pointing out the hypocrisy of someone who pretends to know about inclusivity but has literally never done anything in her 37 years of existence to demonstrate that despite a world wide platform to do so is not anti feminist.

  21. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I’m surprised how touched I am by that discussion. Thanks Kate!

  22. FluffyPrincess says:

    I’m giving Kate credit for this. It’s not much, but it’s a start. And frankly, it’s at least something.
    It has to start somewhere, even if its a very small step. Just like most everything, if she keeps at it, making public statements about how important inclusiveness and diversity are for everyone, then in her own way she could have an impact and perhaps spark some conversations between people, and in the end, that’s what we all want–compassion and a bit of understanding no matter who we are, where we live, and what we believe in.

    Of course, if this is a “one and done” situation, then I’m gonna side-eye again. But until then, she gets a teensy gold star for the effort.

  23. WHAT FRESH HELL says:

    Why should Scouting have to involve any sort of religious indoctrination or practice? That hadn’t panned out too well in the States, where evangelical Christians have fought tooth and nail against the inclusion of members of the LGBTQ community.

    Absolutely teach respect for each others’ cultures and belief systems, acknowledge and accommodate practices and holidays, but I’m not sure why the terrific opportunities Scouting has to offer should have anything to do with worshipping any particular deity.

  24. Suspicious bitch says:

    Politically motivated. Muslims and poc are supposed to be made more comfortable in order to avoid more terrorist attacks like Utrecht or New Zealand.

    And scouting really shouldn’t be politically motivated.

  25. knowitall says:

    No offense but no one has to learn about anyone else’s religion. I’m not religious and I don’t need someone’s religion crammed down my throat. Do what you want on your own time.

    • CoffeeAddict says:

      No offense but opening your mind to the differences that exist between one another doesnt make you a lesser of a person.
      Itll only make you more aware and perhaps a better person.

  26. Jillybean says:

    She totally feels the heat from Megan!