Us Weekly: Kate Hudson ‘has mom guilt sometimes, just like anyone else’

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Kate Hudson has two sons and a daughter, all with different fathers. Ryder Robinson is her oldest at 15, then Bingham Bellamy (who is 7) and then Rani Kujikawa, who is less than seven months old. I know Kate isn’t most people’s favorite, but I genuinely like how low-key she is about motherhood and raising her children. She doesn’t hide them away, nor does she trot them out to promote her sh-t. I get the feeling she’s a “cool” hippie mom. Well, Kate turns 40 years old on April 19th (tomorrow), which is enough for Us Weekly to put her on the cover with some details about her momlife.

Better together! Kate Hudson has strong coparenting relationships with her exes Matt Bellamy and Chris Robinson, says a source in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Fabletics creator, 40, who shares Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 7, with the Counting Crows singer, 52, and Muse frontman, also 40, respectively, “sees Matt a lot with Bing, who also has separate time with his dad,” the insider says. “Chris lives in northern California but comes down to visit because Kate supports Ryder having a positive relationship with his dad.”

Hudson became a three-time mom in October 2018 when she and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, welcomed their daughter, Rani.

“Having a newborn and going through the baby stage has definitely been a shock after such a long break,” the source tells Us. “But Kate’s been loving this experience and getting to share it with Danny. He’s extremely hands-on, so it’s been a dream.”

And thanks to her brother, Oliver Hudson, living in close proximity, “She doesn’t have all three kids at once because the boys spend a lot of time” at his house. Even so, with her clothing lines, a new Weight Watchers ambassadorship and an upcoming film with Zac Efron, the Pretty Fun author has a lot on her plate — but she gives herself grace.

“She has mom guilt sometimes, just like anyone else,” the insider tells Us. “But [her sons are] happy and surrounded by love and a big family. That’s what’s most important to her.”

[From Us Weekly]

That’s cool that the boys spend a lot of time with Uncle Oliver. I also didn’t know that Chris Robinson lives in Northern California – it feels like he probably doesn’t spend a ton of time with Ryder, I guess. Where does Matt Bellamy live? I bet he has a place in LA, it sounds like it. Somehow, she’s made her unconventional baby-daddy situation work. And yes, I bet she’s totally done now. She finally got a daughter, she’s not going to get pregnant again.

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  1. Harryg says:

    Hoe come celebs’ hair grows so quickly? I feel like she went from pixie to a bob in one month, while for me it took five years.

    • jules says:

      hair extensions is my guess?

    • SM says:

      This question has been bothering me forever it feels like. I am trying to grow my hair out and it is curly so it takes forever to even notice the change. It looks like celebrities go from short hair to massive blow outs in just a moment.
      As for Kate, blah. I imagine Christmas and birthdays are a nightmare to deal with logistically when all your kids have different fathers. I guess it is her thing. Having a baby with each man she falls in love with. Which of course work in her case since she seems to be laid back and cool with separating and still staying on good terms with her kids’ fathers. If she was thinking that the next guy who comes along and swaps her of her feet is The One she will spend her life with, staying o good terms would be a bit harder after dirovces/separation. Was she even married to any of them? Not Matt for sure.

      • Renee2 says:

        I think she celebrates Christmas but she’s also Jewish, so that’s one set of holidays where she might not run into any conflicts.

  2. Um says:

    Her first husband sings for the Black Crowes, not the Counting Crows. Not that I expected Us magazine to have a fact checking staff but come on.

  3. Jillian says:

    She seems super chill and loves being a mom. I could totally see her having another baby with Danny.

    Lots of slut shaming because she has three kids with three different fathers. It doesn’t bother me, she can afford it.

    I have a soft spot for her. I think she’s cute

  4. SuperStef says:

    I’ve always thought if her like the ultimate groupie! I like her, she seems real and down to earth. Can’t stand her scam company Fabletics though.

    Kind of a burn calling the Black Crows Counting Crows…