LeAnn Rimes Instagrams an ‘awkward family’ reunion with Brandi Glanville

I haven’t even thought about LeAnn Rimes in months. I just checked her social media and she’s still posting a lot, especially about whatever music she’s recording or whatever. But basically the only things which get me interested in LeAnn these days are rumors of Eddie’s still-wandering eye or when she’s fighting with Brandi Glanville. Well, Brandi is a mess these days – just last week, Brandi sobbed on camera about being photographed drunk. Brandi sobered up enough to spend Easter with her sons… and LeAnn and Eddie.

LeAnn was the one to post the “awkward” family photo, while Brandi posted a photo of herself and her sons on her social media. Brandi didn’t make any mention of spending the holiday with Eddie and LeAnn either, which I guess means they get along well enough to NOT snipe at each other the day after. This is called growth. This is progress. Honestly though, I wouldn’t put it past Brandi to erupt at some point and call out LeAnn for something shady she did at Easter. We won’t know until it happens. But for now, the Rimes-Cibrian-Glanville modern family is doing okay.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. ByTheSea says:

    I think this is the first photo I’ve ever seen where Leann looks better than Brandi. Brandi’s lifestyle finally caught up to her, I guess.

    • Alissa says:

      I think she’s looked better for years. Brandi has been overboard on the plastic surgery for a long time IMO.

      • stephanie says:

        Yeah Leann ended up looking much healthier and stable than Brandi the past few years. Brandi seemed to spiral after the marriage ended and has never gotten back on her feet since. What a shame.

      • Lady D says:

        Stable and Leanne Rimes in the same sentence? Sorry, no. She’s the original psycho from hell.

      • GirlMonday says:

        Daaaaaaang @Lady D.
        I mean, she is crazy though.

      • stephanie says:

        I meant Leann APPEARS more stable than Brandi -which I think should be Brandi’s wake up call to get help. Brandi – When you r such a mess you make insane stalker SWF Leann look like the stable side of the family – you need to reevaluate your life girl!!

        I’m an original Brandi fan but I think her life is trainwreck. I really hope she gets the help she so clearly needs! A little rehab might do her some good.

  2. JRenee says:

    Interesting, LeeAnn always looks like she’s holding in to Eddie for dear life…after all of these years, wow

    • starfish says:

      Ed looks old, that day drinking slob who has no job has to let her crawl him for money. Ewww!

  3. stephanie says:

    Leann looks absolutely gleefully happy in an insane type of way.

    I get that Brandi is a drunk plastic mess, marriages end all the time but the body language in this photo is scary. How Leann stole Brandi’s place as front and center and now Brandi, a complete shell of herself, is pushed to the back of family photos and Brandi openly ridiculed by Leann as making the family photos “awkward” with her presence just feels wrong. Those are BRANDI’s kids. I will never understand Leann’s shameless insanity.

    • Jennifer says:

      Exactly this. I think the whole “awkward” post IS a snipe at Brandi. But kudos to Brandi for putting the drama aside to spend the holiday with her sons.

      • starfish says:

        Brandi should never be around the two cheaters so that Lieann can post a pic. Those boys are old enough to know that having dinner should be no big deal. Leann has used them all for failing to create or sing a hit in years.

        Maybe Ed wanted the pic to show everyone that lie pays the cs?

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Right on point….the fact that LeAnn had to “clarify” it later on Instagram to lie and say it was about the way they were standing is indicative that she caught hell from someone about it. LeAnn is as evil as she ever was. When the divorce happens (and oh it will!), I am going to be looking forward to the news again. I venture to guess Brandi has had a much harder time of late because it has gotten harder and harder for her to keep a lot of the sh*t that LeAnn does to herself. She probably takes more crap from her than we’ll ever know.

      • Valerie P says:

        LeAnn definitely looks for feedback from the masses. If too many people start bitching she’ll make excuses.

  4. ChiaMom says:

    Honestly she’s the only one of them I can stand wish the stalker horse face and cheating man ho would disappear from gossip altogether #UglyInsideAndOut

  5. lucy2 says:

    Does she think we don’t see what she’s doing with the “awkward” and then “clarification”? Girl, please. She’s been selling that drama for years now, we get it.

  6. Jess says:

    LeAnn is totally overdoing the happiness and it looks fake since everyone else looks normal, or miserable like Eddie.

    • Cait says:

      He really does look miserable. Wow. First thing I noticed. Not much of an actor is he?

      • Valerie P says:

        There’s a lot of pictures on Instagram of Ed hold a drink.
        I think that sums up his state of misery.

    • Valerie P says:

      LeAnn and Ed have not been lovey dovey lately. Its been a long time since they posted happy couple pictures.
      When they went to the Elton John concert LeAnn was pictured in the Daily Mail w her arms crossed looking pissed.
      The only time we see them together on her social media is when the boys visit. After that She only post pictures of her new dog.
      As a matter of fact in a concert review a fan asked why she no longer mentions Ed when she talks about her life in between songs.
      Ed never post pictures of LeAnn in his media.
      He either post pictures of the boys ,his cars or beer runs.
      Last year a reporter tried to get Ed to say he loved LeAnn and all he could say was “she has a kind heart.” He went on to talk about his sons and parents.
      This relationship is in life support.
      Will Ed make it to the 10 year mark?

      • starfish says:

        He has too, who wants a walking STD to support, rumor control says. He has never has steady work, his day job used to be sleeping around until the ugly caught him. The beautiful women he screwed had no money, so he had to marry the ugly duck for funds.

  7. Deanne says:

    Sorry, but LeAnn tries way to hard to show how “happy” she is. She’s always clinging to Eddie like velcro and everybody else looks normal in the photos, while she’s always over the top. I’m not even saying that she and Eddie aren’t happy. Who really knows? I know other people who behave this way and they are over-compensating in a major way.

    • Valerie P says:

      One of his friends had a party and Leann was glued to his arm. The other ladies were socializing elsewhere. LeAnn were right inn The middle of Ed’s conversation w the men.
      She could care less how she emasculates him in front of others.
      Men notice crap like that.

      • Deanne says:

        Everybody notices crap like that. Imagine how insecure you have to be to go to a party with people you’ve known for years and still feel the need to glue yourself to your partner’s side. She probably thinks it shows that they are still blissfully in love all these years later, when what it really indicates is insecurity and co-dependency.

      • Ange says:

        While I’m sure Leann was a clingy nut job I also this the idea that a very woman’s presence in a ‘men’s conversation’ is emasculating is some bull.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Every adult in this pic is a full blown idiot

  9. Erinn says:

    Those boys are growing up to be handsome teens. I hope they’re better than their father when it comes to women.

    I’m still kind of impressed that they all got into one photo even if it’s not the most flattering. This is definitely some form of growth. It’d be genuinely nice if they could manage at least a semi-happy coexistence. Maybe the older the boys get the easier it will be.

  10. ravynrobyn says:

    Awwww, memories…I got hooked on this website with all of the LeAnn craziness, and CB is a multi-daily obsession now.

    Good times 🥂

  11. Christin says:

    Daylight photos can be very unflattering. No doubt she picked the photo that was most flattering of her, and not others.

    Are they at the 8th or 9th anniversary this year? Not that it matters, because he will likely stay however long the zip code, gifts and vacations can be maintained.

    • Deanne says:

      You’re right about him sticking around for as long as she provides him with the lifestyle he wants. A lot of people are still thinking he’s leaving her, but I don’t agree. Leaving her for what? He’s out of work again. He’s a serial cheater and they don’t change their spots, so I have no doubt he cheats on her like he has every woman he’s ever been with. He can stay with her in their weird Frankenstein, patchwork, mess of a mansion (I use that term loosely), his bills are paid, vacations aren’t as luxurious or frequent, but they are still happening and she buys him toys and treats to keep him around. They clearly aren’t having a child together either, so he wins there too. He doesn’t look very happy most of the time, unless there’s alcohol involved. She might be able to fake that she’s thrilled with the situation, but his inability to do so is probably why he can’t find and keep an acting job. Regardless, I have no doubt they’ll have many more anniversaries ahead of them. Their mutual selfishness and toxicity, along with her ability to provide for him, seems to suit them both.

      • Christin says:

        Their brief reality show suggested that they are “birds of a feather”, except he can insult his current wife without any real retribution. He can have his cake and eat it, too.

        I used to think he would leave at 10 years or when the youngest is 18. I’m now thinking it is a 50-50 chance at best.

        Fast forward 10 years or so, and imagine his life. His SAG pension likely cannot give him the lifestyle he wants, so again he’s still looking at the easiest answer as to stay put. All of this assumes LR never wakes up to reality and keeps funding their lifestyle.

      • starfish says:

        They are perfect for each other ,boy’s will be gone, they will take care of their Mother, and Lele can change Ed’s depends. Perfect, wife, perfect life.

  12. Valerie P says:

    LeAnn Photoshop all her pictures until she looks like a cartoon character

    LeAnn clutches on to Ed where ever they go.
    She looks like she’s been released from somewhere.

    Don’t worry. Brandi talked about LeAnn and Ed and their past behavior in her podcast.

  13. Valerie P says:

    LeAnn might be a little salty. For records store day She had two signings at a vinyl store.
    The latest vinyl she recorded on pressed only 1,000 copies.

    The first day she had her fans racing around from store to store bc she neglected to give fans a list of stores her record w be available. The problem was there was only two copies at a couple of stores or there were none.

    The second signing on a handful of people showed to have their record sign. She gave a list this time but it was to late bc no one was interested.
    There are receipts bc someone took pictures and posted them on Twitter.
    She was not happy.

    • starfish says:

      No one wants a copy of a 14 year old, out of site singer, she can produce 500 cd’s and can’t sell 50 in a month. She only gets bingo parlors, or corner concerts by as stations now. She makes very little when she sings other artists work.

  14. Valerie P says:

    During Oscar time Brandi was invited to join friends at Elton John’s Oscar Party.
    Being that LeAnn sang e him at one he was posting throwbacks on Instagram tagging Elton John hoping he would notice LeAnn so she could snag an invited.
    Brandi was posted everywhere enjoying the after party while she sat at home.

    Not only that LeAnn and Ed went to a Elton John concert.
    LeAnn was in the regular celebrity section while Last Gaga and Adele sat front and center.
    They also went backstage to visit.
    Meanwhile LeAnn and Ed had to stroll home bc they had no VIP pull.
    This is funny bc LeAnn like to do throwback pictures of celebs she’s worked with at one time.
    She also likes to tag them but they never respond.

  15. Valerie P says:

    LeAnn has canceled and rescheduled six shows in a two month period.
    I thought LeAnn has learned her lesson and not take her fans for granted.
    She was doing well there for a long time.

    The first series of cancellations was for her dog who was taken by coyote.
    When she canceled she called it a family emergency while not informing everyone of the whole story.
    (Not that it wasn’t devastating)
    After people sent her flower and her fans giving condolences LeAnn replaced the dog
    the following week.

    LeAnn recently canceled three shows rescheduling or offering a refund.
    A couple of her fans posted pictures of themselves in route to her concert.

    She did manage to go out for sushi w the Fradins ( the friends she borrowed 300,000 from to buy Ed a house. Look in the Celebitchy archives for that story) before falling “horribly ill”.
    Liz took pictures while LeAnn was hiding behind Ed.

    In true LeAnn fashion she made a quick recovery in order to meet up w the Fradins again after singing for a fundraiser.
    She was well enough for Record Store Day to sign her vinyl record for fans.
    Never dull

    • starfish says:

      Those Fradins look plastic and cheap, except the have money. Liz spends lots of money for fish lips which are not attractive, and why the hell she would want people to see her pics posted with Leann is beyond me. Maybe it’s to make fun of Leann who has nothing, shows they have to drag her along once in awhile. I think Liz and co mocks Leann, and chubby ED goes along with it all. imo.

  16. joanne says:

    i wonder how many photos leann had to delete before she found one where she looked good? Brandi’s continued depression is exacerbated by leann’s daily vindictiveness.

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      I agree with you. I think her problems have intensified since they declared a “truce”. Now Brandi is probably coping with some seriously nasty, passive-aggressive behavior by LeAnn, but agreed for the sake of her kids to zip it. Now those emotions are manifesting in other ways, none of which are healthy for Brandi.

  17. Jane says:

    H*** has finally frozen over. Brandi posing with LeAnn and Eddie. Dear God…