Charlize Theron on Seth Rogen: ‘He takes a hit, he gets so smart’


Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen’s new film, Long Shot, comes out tomorrow. It’s a rom com very much in the style of Seth’s comedies but not so much Charlize’s genre. As she told Jimmy Fallow on The Tonight Show, she’s usually in movies where “I get killed or I kill or I’m just a bitch.” So this should be fun to see Charlize branch out. But it begs the question, what made her choose this film for her first rom-com? Charlize said it was Seth’s talent that got her to take the first meeting but it was his getting stoned that convinced her to make his film. Wait, what? According to Charlize (at the 2:30 mark), Seth becomes a super genius when he gets stoned.

What she said about Seth:

What made you want to do this and work with Seth?
You know, honestly, it was him. I’m a huge fan and I really love the movie that he makes. Not only as an actor, but what he writes and produces. I never thought that I would somehow fit in to that world but he sent me this script and there was something about it that felt grounded enough that it felt like it could really work between the two of us.

He comes off as a stoner but he really puts a lot of thought into everything. I know he does that, but he really is a very good producer
Listen, I have never witnessed anything like it. It’s impressive. The first meeting we had, we knew we had to develop the project. And it took about four or five years for us to develop this, and in the first meeting, I was just really impressed by his confidence, his intelligence, how well he knows story. And then he lit a joint and took a hit off it. It was like I was in the presence of… Einstein. It was like off the charts. No, he takes a hit, he gets so smart, he gets so focused, so creative. I mean literally on days I would just follow him and be like, please smoke. Just smoke – please, please smoke. We need a hit. We need this movie to do great.

Obviously, as evidenced by Jimmy’s reaction, Charlize’s description of Seth defies any stereotype of stoners. I’ve never gotten stoned, so I’ll take Charlize’s word for it. Most artists feel that something affects their work, be it weed or booze or a location or a mood. I am slightly fascinated by her description though. I remember his plea to Congress for Alzheimer research, he was focused and smart in that. And since CB told us that he is stoned every day, it’s possible we were seeing a stoned, focused Seth testifying before Congress. Which, I mean, would you want to face Congress sober?

Charlize starting the interview talking about her kids and tells some really cute stories. She is also a goddamn champion of Mom Bragging. Every story she dropped made her children out to be golden and yet, the whole thing came off as a comedy routine. No judgment, I’m in awe. I think I might study her technique.




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  1. Becks1 says:

    Charlize is so gorgeous. That short sequin dress and the black boots…she looks fantastic.

    I am not one who can function after a few hits (I just start laughing uncontrollably) but in college and law school I used to have glasses of wine as I was writing papers. Not when I was studying, but when I was writing – I didn’t get drunk, but two glasses of wine when I’m spending 4 hours writing a paper – it helped to sort of loosen me up and get my confidence going, which for me was always the hardest part of writing something like that (once I got going, I was fine because I had the information, I just needed to start the flow, so to speak.) I always got As on my papers too lol.

  2. CharliePenn says:

    Same, same. As discussed yesterday on the thread about him, weed affects differently people differently.
    I smoke and then get twice as much cleaning done. Or I get down to work on my artwork. I feel more creative and focused. Smarter? Nah. But maybe he seems smarter because he’s able to focus on something more closely and his creativity is uninhibited.

    Edibles are great too. Once they kick in, I easily and calmly start getting things done. My house is cleaner, meals are cooked more regularly, and more of my art is produced when I have more weed. It’s all good, when used properly by adults who know what they are doing.

  3. Onerous says:

    The first time I got bight before a calculus class I thought I’d be screwed. And then, somehow, it all just came together for me. Even the instructor was like, “Man! Whatever you did this morning, keep doing it!” 😂

  4. Notyouraveragehousewife says:

    I love weed and I smoke it every night to sleep but I could never be a day smoker. I could function but I wouldn’t be able to do my best in a work setting. I definitely know people that do though so I know it’s possible. Just not for me.

    • Kitten says:

      Same: smoke it every night for sleep but day-smoking just makes me feel tired. My boyfriend has to smoke it before he works out, which is so damn weird to me.

      • StormsMama says:

        I smoke before I run! The best way to focus, and get it done 🙂

      • Wooley says:

        I like it before I work out too! You get in the zone more, especially for weight lifting- helps the mind muscle connection.

      • NessaBee says:

        I vape before yoga, pilates and barre or the treadmill! Makes the time fly and workout feels so ALIVE! 🙂

  5. egot says:

    Enhancement smoker

  6. Jess says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  7. Krakken says:

    Same. Getting my genius on right now. In fairness I work nightshifts and am on my way to bed. But if it was my day off i’d probably be doing the same damn thing. Wake&bake foreva!!

  8. Tracy says:

    It probably releases some anxiety or inhibitions and lets him speak his unfiltered truth.

    Alcohol does this for me after 2 drinks, but it’s just not practical for me to drink very much plus physically I feel much worse. But if I could be slightly buzzed all the time, I would love it.

    So, if Seth is getting benefits from being just a little stoned all the time, I get it.

  9. StormsMama says:

    She’s such a bore though. Couldn’t even get through that interview. As soon as she starts telling us what the movie is about *snore* omg Charlize get your summary boiled down please. What a snooze for such a beauty

  10. kgeo says:

    It’s different for different people. I get so hyper-inwardly-focused that I get paranoid. Not about being found out, but that I’ll never be able to stop feeling that way. I basically become useless. My husband can smoke a bit and get.shit.done. The stoner stereotype is so off from everyone I know.

  11. Wendy says:

    Certain strains of marijuana are extremely useful for treating ADHD and allowing one to drop into hyperfocus mode. I have no idea if Seth has ADHD, but hearing that someone gets really focused and sharp post-toke comes as zero surprise.

  12. Elsie says:

    I take a microdose of weed chocolate and I’m better able to create my art and just chill. It’s great for anxiety.