Celine Dion has 3-5 thousand pairs of shoes in a warehouse

Céline Dion is wrapping up her Las Vegas residency on June 8, and is going to head out on her Courage World Tour starting in September. In the meantime, she’s spending the spring checking off items on her Las Vegas bucket list. In April, with the assistance of Jimmy Kimmel, she serenaded a couple who were getting married at the Chapel at Planet Hollywood. (Céline comes in just after 3:50. There’s also a random cameo from a happily drinking David Spade.)

Céline also appeared on The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special 2019! James Corden called it “The most ambitious ending to a Carpool Karaoke we’ve ever done.” He also mentioned that he remembers singing Céline’s song “Think Twice” with his sisters when he was younger. How cool for him to finally get to actually sing with Celine! Here’s her Carpool Karaoke appearance.

I’ll give it to James: That ending was pretty epic: Céline and James, dressed as Rose and Jack, stood in the recreated prow of the Titanic as it moved through the Bellagio lake, singing “My Heart Will Go On,” accompanied by a timed water display. The performance ended with Céline dropping a replica of Rose’s necklace into the water. I loved watching people’s faces when they went from assuming that the performance was some campy homage to Titanic to realizing that, no, it actually was Céline Dion singing.

Céline is such a great passenger/singing partner. She doesn’t ever seem to take herself too seriously, and her voice is still amazing. I enjoyed how easily she pulled song lyrics (that weren’t her own) out of thin air and she’s great at mugging for the camera. I can’t quite believe that I’ve made it this long without actually hearing “Baby Shark,” but I think I prefer Céline’s version.

Celine also said that she has about 3,000 to 5,000 pairs of shoes! (That’s at 6:50 in the video above.) James said he heard she had 10,000 pairs and she said “Maybe. I didn’t want to say it. I have like a place in Las Vegas. Let’s call it a warehouse. In my house in Florida I had a [computerized] system. They were all by colors [and automated]. They would turn like that in front of me. The counter was [made] of broken [faux] diamonds. It was beautiful.” James insisted that she get rid of some of the shoes, and so had her hand out pairs to surprised people on the street. (He had gotten them from her assistants, who also felt that Céline could do with fewer pairs. She was less-than-amused.) Those lucky recipients looked so excited and happy to meet Céline, though, so hopefully that made up for it slightly.

I’m so happy that Céline seems to be joyfully living her best life and thriving. I have loved her since I first heard “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” from Unison, which was released in 1990. I feel old. I want to go see her on tour, even if I end up going [all] by myself.

Here’s a bonus clip of her signing “All By Myself” all by herself as James fills up the car at a gas station:

Note by Celebitchy: Meet our new writer Quimby. She’s a disability advocate with a background in education. She loves British shows, Emma Thompson, America Ferrera, Octavia Spencer and Celine Dion. She lives in Virginia but we swear we don’t know her and I only learned this after I asked her to write with us.



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  1. LeaTheFrench says:

    Hi Quimby! We look forward to your posts!

  2. Becks1 says:

    Hi quimby!

    I thoroughly enjoy Celine now. It feels like she really is just living her best life, doing what she wants, and having a great time.

    Three to five thousand pairs of shoes. I mean, that’s insane, but I wonder how many other celebrities have.

  3. ds says:

    Hahahahah she’s having so much fun and seems like she’s living her best life. I like that woman. And oh, boy, that voice. I haven’t heard any of her songs in ageees, but her voice gives me goosebumps when I do.

    • snazzy says:

      Right? I mean she’s really taken care of it. She sounds just like the recordings. And the Titanic montage was both hilarious and amazing

    • Catherine says:

      I can’t wait to see her tour, I’ve already bought the tickets. Just love her & and her enthusiasm for life.

  4. JanetDR says:

    It’s official : Celine is my spirit animal!
    Welcome Quimby

  5. Abby says:

    Hi Quimby!

    I watched this last night with a smile on my face for all 14 minutes. I adore Celine. She’s just so kooky, doesn’t take herself too seriously, seems like she knows who she is and embraces it… and the SHOES. She’s coming to Dallas on my MIL’s birthday and I’m trying to save up the $115 for the ticket to see her because she’s an absolute bucket list concert for me. And I’ve been wanting to see her in Vegas for years. I want to see her live before she retires or something!! Just love her.

    I thought James did a great job with this karaoke too. He didn’t try to outshine her, just let her be Celine.

    • Catherine says:

      She’s coming to Canada & I managed to get 2 tickets. Wow they are expensive, but for me also her concert is part of my bucket list. I hope you & your MIL have a great time at the concert!

  6. Nanea says:

    Hello Quimby, looking forward to seeing you being bitchy (or not) about celebs!

    If I had Céline’s kind of small change to dispose of, I’d have lots and lots of shoes too, not necessarily several thousand though. I like her personal brand of completely over the top with all my heart.

  7. Seraphina says:

    Welcome Quimby.

    I have more than 20 pairs, Celine should have a ghastly amount too. Good for her.

  8. manda says:

    I sing “I’m so excited” all the time. That’s one of the songs that is in my head all the time, along with Fame and Gloria. I was a kid in the 80s, so I think that’s why

  9. Flying fish says:

    Welcome, Quimby.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I used to think she was so cheesy, but now I’m totally on board, and she seems to be just enjoying her life.
    That many shoes is craziness. You could wear a different pair every day for over 10 years!
    Loved the Titanic stuff, but Corden irks me.

  11. Millenial says:

    Hi Quimby!

    I’m going to be the Negative Nancy that says that amount of shoes is EXTREMELY wasteful.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Call me Nancy too! I love Celine so much but can’t stand that kind of excess. Not when so many people go without basic human needs in the world. I
      Anyhoo, welcome Quimby! Look.forward to your posts!

    • 2cents2day says:

      @millenial, Thanks. Someone had to rain the good rain…FYI when I learned most “leather” made in China is usually dog/cat…it cured the shoe addiction.

  12. Jen says:

    You’re not old until you remember the scene in “Paternity” with Burt Reynolds where he’s thinking of baby names and comes up with Quimby. And now that is on a loop in my head. Suddenly I feel way less guilty about my small storage unit holding stuff I can’t trust my cats not to destroy but I’m not ready to get rid of.

  13. Esmom says:

    Hi Quimby! Even though I’m not a Celine fan or a Corden fan, I enjoyed this story. Count me in with those who are appalled at the shoes, though. I was just fretting about my closet, trying to reduce my shoes from 15 pairs to 10. I know she’s an entertainer but who would even know or care if she repeated a pair or two?

  14. Prairiegirl says:

    Props to Celine who’s well known for actually buying her clothes rather than borrowing them like so many celebrities do. She has the money, spread it around!

  15. Sayrah says:

    She is so over the top even James looked like he didn’t know what to say at some points. I wish she had sang “where does my heart beat now” (great song) or “a new day has come.”

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Omg I so needed that smile this morning. How fun.

    Although with 10,000 pairs of revolving shoes retrieved on a diamond counter, I can only speculate the rest of her surroundings. It’s a bit of a gut punch because my boys give me mountains of grief for a paltry 50, or so, pairs of shoes. Do I get all huffy listing all the video games? How much is each disc when first released…$60? $80? I guess everything is relative to who you are, what you do and what you like. But really, 10k?

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      Her house is Vegas is built into a mountainside. From afar, it looks amazing!!!

  17. styla says:

    She is a legend!

  18. ME says:

    She’s all about excess isn’t she? Didn’t she have a frickin water park in her backyard when all of Southern California was going through (and still is) a drought? Who the hell needs that many shoes? I bet she only wears them once. I saw her shopping in Vegas once. I think they shut the store down for her. People were screaming with excitement…it was insane.

    • ex-Mel says:

      She is LITERALLY all about “Après nous, le désert”.
      I’ll never forget she paid something like 110 000 $ (I know it was in excess of 100 000 $) for a day outfit (that looked exactly like ANY white shirt and white pants). Sure, it’s her money, she earned it; but most of my respect for her is long gone.

    • SamC says:

      The water park house was in Florida.

  19. eto says:

    3-5k??? I know there’s a lot of love for Celine but this is aggressively gross to me.

    • Godwina says:

      Yup. I only see pitchforks when I hear about overconsumption like this. Travolta and his gold plates because “he deserves it.”

      Not a good look for anyone, and more reason I’m not a fan of hers.

  20. susiecue says:

    I just bought tickets to see her in January and couldn’t be more excited. YAAAAASS! Long live Kween Celine!

  21. Mumbles says:

    You know I have to hand it to her. I remember when she came on the scene and she came off as an almost-timid young woman being controlled by her much older manager/husband. And her music seemed more minivan/”Magic” radio station stuff. But boy didn’t she just seize the “good natured weirdo diva” crown. I think our first sign was when she wore the backwards tuxedo to the Oscars. This was a dame who marched to her own drum.

  22. theotherViv says:

    Never was a Celine fan but since she has been widowed she has slowly turned into Everything-I-want-To-Be-When-I-retire. And her fashion game is tight. I am still hoping that her cute walker/best friend is really her toy boy who feeds her chocolate strawberries and rubs her feet. Kudos.

    Good to have you here, Quimby!!!!

  23. FluffyPrincess says:

    This Carpool Karaoke was so fun! I love that Celine doesn’t take herself seriously. And when James said, “So I spoke to your assistants.” And she pops out with “Those bitches!” LOL. And when she gave the shoes away she said, “I need some alcohol.” Hahaha! She is so over the top and fun.

    Her fashion game is amazing too. And that ring! Lordeeeeee, only Celine could rock a rock of that size and it not seem “too much,” because SHE is too much! In a good way.

    The boat scene at the end was hilarious. She just goes for it and that is what makes it fun.

    Spend your money, honey! You’ve earned it!

  24. Sam says:

    Shoes dry rot over time. Each to her own though.

  25. Nancypants says:

    I love Celine.
    I do wish she’d EAT a ‘burger instead of just kissing one and go back to her brown hair color but it’s not my business.

    She’s coming to Colorado in the Spring.
    Better tickets are $300. each.
    Older daughter and I have been her biggest fans for a couple of decades but if we didn’t invite younger daughter, she’d be hurt.
    I’m not paying $900. for her concert BUT I would have passed-out if she had handed me a pair of her shoes.

    Love her voice and songs but I especially love her Christmas music.
    She mentioned not long ago that she has always hated that Titanic song.
    She’s probably sung it 2 million times.
    Worse ways to make a living.

    I’m going to try and win a ticket or two from the radio shows!

  26. Sparkly says:

    Welcome, Quimby! I’m not a huge Celine fan, but I enjoyed this post and you enticed me to watch through the whole video. I look forward to reading more!