Ayesha Curry to commenter who concern trolled her 10 month old baby: No. Just No.


Ayesha Curry had to deal with even more bs on social media Wednesday when she tried to post a photo of her extended family. The situation was that her husband, Steph Curry, and his Golden State Warriors had just played Steph’s brother, Seth Curry, who plays for the Portland Trailblazers. The Warriors won but the brothers exhibited love and respect for each other that was nice to witness. And that’s all Ayesha was trying to say, family first:

That’s nice, right? A family that doesn’t put anything in front of their bond. So, of course, Ayesha got body shamed. *record scratch* What? Somebody took it upon themselves to ask Ayesha, who recently admitted she was insecure about her appearance, if she was pregnant again. However Ayesha handled it fine, responding, “absolutely not LOL. My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every photo.” The son in question is Canon, Ayesha and Steph’s almost 11-month old son she’s holding on her hip in the Instagram photo. I have no idea if the child is actually 30-pounds, but kids’ weights can be all over the place when they are that young for a variety of reasons. The only people who need to worry about it are the kid’s parent and their pediatrician. That didn’t stop one concern troll to rudely comment, “If that kid is 30lbs he’s got some serious health issues going on.“* I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the audacity of some people on social media but I am. Apart from all the reasons this is rude, what if, God forbid, the baby has a health issue? This made me so angry and I don’t even know any of these people personally.

And if I got angry, you can only imagine how Ayesha took it. But her response was kind of perfect. She simply said, “excuse you? No. Just no.” That’s all that needs to be said. I don’t think the person who made the comment heard the message, of course, but I still think Ayesha was right. Most of the time it’s best not to engage the trolls and shamers but I feel this really crossed a line. Good for Ayesha for keeping her head about her and not launching into the five-paragraph rant I would’ve written. Canon is a beautiful baby, the Currys have a beautiful family and the shot of everyone together is lovely. That’s all that needs to be said about it.

*Different outlets have conflicting reports about the comment to which Ayesha responded “No. Just No.” Some say it’s the one I put in the post, some others claim it was a comment that reads, “Maybe portion-control his food a bit” but they’ve been deleted. Both comments are out of line and Ayesha’s response applies to both.



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  1. Elena says:

    Yup! ppl are rude. I had a client insist my baby would be huge, because I was so huge already. Thoughtless comment.

    • Karen2 says:

      I used to think rich famous ppl lived happy charmed lives. Except for a tiny few. Thanks ig for clearing that up. lol.

    • Yup, Me says:

      People are definitely rude. I think, too, sometimes people don’t think about the fact that there is an actual person on the other side of their comments and that person might respond. Some years ago, when I was in my early 20s, there was an author whose books I loved, but her female characters always seemed to need saving and it bugged the $#!+ out of me. So I wrote her an email message saying exactly that. Because I figured it was going to her publisher and I’d never get a response, I was harsher than I would have been otherwise. I was astounded when she wrote me back and we had a whole dialogue about it. She was very generous and I learned a lot from that exchange.

      I think a lot of people are writing to celebrities in the same tone that they use to talk $#!+ at home on the couch, knowing good and damn well that they wouldn’t speak like that to their faces.

    • Tris says:

      Nicole Kidman and I were pregnant at the same time, and someone at a party asked my why I looked so much bigger than she did! Um, maybe because she is a 6 foot tall movie star and I’m a 5 ft regular lady? And fu anyway!

    • Phat girl says:

      Rly! Some troll doctor thinks he going to tell a professional athletes wife about healthy body weight hahaahahahahahahahaha. What a loser. Srsly though, what a gorgeous picture! Family goals, for sure.

      • Phat girl says:

        HAHAHA I just looked closer at the group picture and saw the little cutie in the middle front throwing up the “Loser” sign. She must have seen that guy coming and let them know up front what we are all thinking about that comment. Too cute.

  2. Bunny says:

    She’s lovely. Her baby is so cute!

    People think that can say any rude or hurtful thing to women, and it needs to stop in.

    • Ann says:

      Agree. Bet you anything nobody would say that to her husband.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Exactly. Women are always the proverbial punching bags for people’s criticism.

      • boredblond says:

        Good point, and so true. She should just ignore the nasty commenters..that’s probably the only way to diminish them.

  3. Chica71 says:

    Best left alone. Had a nephew that started out this way and when he turned two, he got tall and skinny overnight. Now he looks likes he’s underfed, but just very active and does not like to eat anything except carbs. The mother does not look pregnant, she has a tummy though and three pregnancies! Kinda twisted that she didn’t have surgeries and take four hours in gym to snap back in six weeks because “she is constantly running behind her kids”.

    • Ann says:

      Exactly. Kids are still developing and there’s no point in trying to force their bodies to fit some kind of “acceptable” mold. Of course, any parent who has concerns should reach out to a doctor and not some rando on the internet.

    • Isabelle says:

      So true! My son weighed 25 lbs when he was 6 months. He’ll be 6 in two weeks, and his weight is just fine.

      And what happened to Ayesha online happened to me in real life. One time, when my son was around 5 months old, I got concern-trolled by a lady at a coffee shop. She started talking about studies on childhood obesity and bla bla bla and how I should feed my baby less! I was SO STUNNED! I couldn’t believe it! I basically mumbled something about “you try to NOT FEED a hungry baby and see what happens” and left. I wish I wasn’t so stunned in the moment and had a better response.

      • Jamie says:

        I think that was a pretty good response, all things considered. I probably would’ve dumped my coffee on her and gotten arrested.

      • jwoolman says:

        The baby looks healthy but big enough to be 30 lbs to me. He doesn’t look overweight. I’ve seen a truly obese baby in person and he ain’t it.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Yep! My son was consistently 25lbs from 7 months to age 2 with a diet of breast milk, fresh fruits and veggies and all homemade food (introduced more food as he got older and stopped breastfeeding at some point obviously lol). Not saying that to brag but to point out that he was healthy as can be, just a sweet little chunky monkey! Their son is adorable and he looks like a sweet and happy little chunky monkey too! People need to learn to bite their tongues. My immediate reaction was how cute their kids not and I didn’t even think twice about her saying his weight.

    • Susan says:

      I have a cousin who started life as a baby full of fat rolls. She was super cute but we laughed she was like the Michelin man. She then quickly became a very thin toddler and child and even now as an adult has to deal with people telling her to eat more she’s so naturally slim.

      Moral of the story: some babies are just full of little rolls of fat and most lose the baby fat as soon as they start running around. And if the baby truly exceeds healthy body weight for their age, that is something for their doctor to advise the parents on, not some randoms on Instagram.

      • Lady D says:

        My son started out long and thin, then expanded and shot up alternately throughout his childhood. He was 6′ and 145 at 15yo, and 200lbs at 16, he’s now six inches taller and 185 at 30.

    • Meghan says:

      My sister’s 3 month old son weighs 18lbs. My son who is almost 3 years old weighs about 26 pounds and his doctor is not worried about it. Like, kids are different, man.

      And honestly with the way my son loves to be held and cuddled, I am glad he’s a small kid!

  4. Bryn says:

    My daughter was close on thirty pounds at that age too, she was big when she was born and nice and chubby while she was an infant and toddler. By the time she was starting to walk and run around more, she slimmed right out. Babies are supposed to be chubby, keeps them warm. I don’t see anything wrong with that baby, he’s a cutie

  5. minx says:

    They’re a beautiful family. The kids are adorable.

  6. smcollins says:

    Ugh! Some people are the worst. She’s beautiful and their children are adorable. F those assholes!

  7. geekychick says:

    Incredibly cruel and incredibly ignorant!! At that time, baby’s weight, especially if it’s breastfed on demand, can go up, up, up! But as soon as the baby starts walking and running, baby grows but the weight usually stays the same. My son had 13 kilos at 11 months. He was breastfed on demand and perfectly happy-and 2 and a half years later, he has 14.5 kilos, just as his doctor said when I came for a check up and asked about his chubbiness.
    And the comment about her possible pregnancy was really mean…she looks great. She looks like a proportional, healthy beautiful woman.

    • Tris says:

      Fat baby=healthy baby was the mantra I grew up with. Kids grow out of chubby, but a skinny baby can mean scary health risks.

      • curachel20 says:

        As a mom of a small baby, this is just as upsetting to hear as your kid being called fat or chubby. A small or skinny baby doesn’t always mean unhealthy or health risks. There is a bell curve of growth- some have to be on the small end, just like some are on the high end. My son is 2 and is healthy, just small(and I was always small and am a healthy 39 year old with no issues no or then.

  8. LB says:

    Those Curry genes are strong. Great eyes.

    • Erinn says:

      Aren’t they? They’re beautiful kids, but both parents are which definitely helps. Ayesha is one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen, honestly. That photo of her in the yellow dress she’s just glowing – and seems like such a warm person.

  9. Snowflake says:

    Cute kids! I love chubby babies

  10. Jb says:

    That’s one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen and I can tell you already those trolls who commented are probably the fugliest ppl you’ve ever seen!

  11. FredsMother says:

    Cackling over here because when I was growing up if the babies weren’t fat we considered them to be sick. If a baby wasn’t chubby we worried and fed them cornmeal porridge and butter mash potatoes until they looked ‘nice and rosie’. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😁

  12. Ashley says:

    Mom of big babies here and none of them are overweight as kids. Plus, this (the curry) baby’s dad is a tall basketball player. Of course he’s going to be big.

  13. Ksweet says:

    She’s beautiful and so are all her kids! But most importantly, they seem like a really happy family. I hope so!

  14. leskat says:

    People always love to come from a place of concern lol One of my childless aunts told my brother’s wife that her 3 month old baby was probably getting fed too much because he was a massive baby naturally and “look at how many kids are obese these days!” Yeah, a baby that gets all of his diet from breast milk is on the obesity path. My SIL just said I think he’s fine and left it at that. He’s a BABY! Babies don’t have the same body structure or food needs as an adult. They need lots of healthy fats and they are mostly chubby, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  15. Jessica says:

    It cuts both ways: my son is nearly 10 and is *underweight*. He is not on the American growth chart. He was premature and has mild autism…I mean, i could go on and on to the factors that contribute to this. For 10 years I have been asked, by friends, family and strangers alike, “Can’t you get him to eat a little more?”

    And we wonder why our society is so messed up when we are constantly hearing mixed messages. Apparently being somewhere in the middle is the only place you’re allowed to be. And when it comes to an opportunity to shame women for either their own bodies (never ask someone if they’re pregnant! Jesus!) or their children’s (Portion control? Serious health problems? She’s right: No. Just, no.”), people feel so entitled to comment.

    When I look at my son, he’s just my son. The idea of trying to get him to eat more is about as depressing as controlling the portion of what a baby eats.

    • Nikki says:

      Yup, same here. One of my twins is small, has always been small. You would not believe the comments I get. In front of her. It’s depressing. We’ve even gotten comments from nurses at their vaccinations – every single time. So soul crushing. Especially when I spend my life trying to get calories into her. People are asshats.

      • Jessica says:

        My son is a twin too! He’s got a sister who is often mistaken for an older sister.

  16. Valerie says:

    Why even ask?!

  17. Meg says:

    I don’t disagree with her response that those comments were out of line but I this woman loves to draw attention to herself, one of those wives of a famous man who just likes attention as opposed to others who you don’t know who they are or their names. Seinfeld had a joke about this, One of those women who wants to be an actress, newscaster, dancer, makeup artist, in fashion-like jason aldeans wife-as opposed to people who actually love it study it shes just everywhere because she likes attention. Food Network show opening restaurants, covergirl-chick loves drawing attention to herself

    • jen says:

      Agreed, some people just look for drama. The more she posts online, the more opportunities for people to comment, and not everyone is going to be showering her with the attention she craves.

    • Laura says:

      The reason she keeps getting attacked by trolls is because she keeps feeding them by acknowledging their comments and responding to them smh!! Plenty of celebrities get hate comments on their social media but most of them ignore it. She just needs to stop posting so many pics of her kids and stop replying to random people on IG.

      Many celebrities keep their life and the life of their children private because it’s too dangerous to over-share. She should really take a break from social media or refrain from sharing private info about her innocent kids.

  18. Dani says:

    That baby is so adorable! Their whole family is adorable 🙂

  19. Lala11_7 says:

    I was gonna say something about the brown paper bag test…

    But I won’t….

    • Lady D says:

      I had to look it up. It’s sad and sickening. Just amazes me how people constantly come up with new ways to other or demean someone.

  20. Kristen says:

    People in our society are way too obsessed with thinness. This shit gets applied to women all the time, but it’s especially concerning when we start in on babies.

    Weight isn’t an accurate barometer for health. End stop. Your concern-trolling fools no one.

  21. Karen2 says:

    Nope. “It Takes a Village.” is all about ppl in the community looking out for others. Including kids. & Current social theory is all about spotting future problems very very early. By the time kids start school its already too late. Just saying. Not saying ig or twitter is the right way to make that sort of comment tho. Make the a/c private or pixel out ur kids.

    • olive says:

      wow, no. the only person qualified to be making judgement about the health of their baby is that baby’s doctor. these random people on instagram are not qualified to “spot future problems early.”

    • Anitas says:

      Sure Karen.

  22. Nikki says:

    Very fat babies who slim down before age 5 run in my family; ALL of my kids were plump but are all skinny adults; go figure. But this brought back a VERY BAD MEMORY: a friend’s son had a brain tumor, and his medicine made him look very fat. When he was in his last weeks of life, she took him for an ice cream cone as a treat, and people openly shamed her. No, just no. Keep your judgey comments to yourself; it was terribly hurtful.

  23. Um says:

    I saw this and was confused because I thought she had just announced she was pregnant.

  24. Renee says:

    Nobody better come for Steph or Ayesha….not on my watch!

  25. Mellie says:

    She is a better person than I am, because I would have ripped someone’s ass apart. She is beautiful and that baby is a BABY, what the crap?! Leave that little dude alone, again, he’s a BABY. People are the worst.

  26. Steff says:

    Is it better to give the troll attention by responding, thus giving them media attention when articles like this come out, or ignore the comment altogether?

  27. ChiaMom says:

    Dang this feed is full of exactly the THOTs she’s talking about you all some nasty disrespectful ho bags hope you get the STDs you deserve

  28. JanetFerber says:

    She and her family are simply gorgeous. Beyond stunning.

  29. Kate says:

    Such loving body language from all four in the photo with Ayesha & the three children. Keep doing what you’re doing Curry Family!

  30. CairinaCat says:

    My youngest kid was always 100 percentile in height and weight. When he was born he was wearing 3-6mo clothes. He was a fat chonky baby that was always huge.
    Now he is 14 and 6’4 and the Drs say he will probably be close to 6’8 when he’s finished growing.

    People need to mind their own damn business. I used to get concern trolled in person all the time by old biddies.