Elizabeth Warren didn’t like the finale of Game of Thrones either

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We haven’t been covering political stories lately, which we talked about in this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast. It’s not some walk-back of our political views, it’s just that I (personally) go through phases where I really just can’t engage with politics out of a sense of self-care. Once the (redacted) Mueller Report came out and it was clear that everything was a sh-tshow and Bob Mueller wasn’t going to save us, I needed to tap out for a month or two. Yes, this did happen to coincide with the start of the tennis clay season. WHAT’S YOUR POINT.

Anyway, I have been paying attention to some political stories here and there, like the fact that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign seems to be chugging along rather well. Better than I expected six months ago, to be honest. You can tell it’s getting better because her new motto, “I Have A Plan For That,” is catching on. You can also tell that Warren is getting more heat because of dumbf–k articles like this:

Can you believe the audacity of a *checks notes* Harvard professor who also charged clients for her expert legal advice? Can you believe that she *checks notes again* paid her taxes on all of her income WHILE BEING A WOMAN? IMPEACH!

But the real reason why I wanted to talk about Liz Warren is this: in addition to being the #1 fan of HBO’s Ballers (true story), she is also a Game of Thrones stan who likes to talk about the show’s political messages. Sen. Warren seemed to be a fan of Daenerys a while back, and… well, Senator Warren isn’t happy with the finale:

She was asked about Bran Stark becoming King Bran the Broken, and Warren said: “Bran is like the least engaged of all the people there, and we had all this great character development, and he’s kind of like the one who’s never been a part of any part of it.” She was also asked about the (lack of) character development for Dany and whether she related to it and she quipped, “Nobody’s rewriting my character. I’ll take care of them.” Rewriting the final season of GoT? Liz Warren has a plan for that!

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  1. Bryn says:

    If people want to enjoy game of thrones, read the books. More character development, better writing, hopefully they get finished soon so we can have a more satisfying ending. And of course Dany didn’t get that happy ending, it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be the leader. I guess people were watching differently than me because I saw her do a lot of horrible things, and she clearly enjoyed burning people alive.

    • PlayItAgain says:

      Exactly. She was all about creating a ‘perfect’ world, as long as you agreed with her version of perfect. If you didn’t agree with her…dracarys!

  2. Becks1 says:

    I can see where they were going with Bran as king, but as much as I’ve come to terms with the finale and the last season in general (and I didn’t hate it, I never signed a petition, lol), Bran as king is still the part that falls the most flat for me. Like I said, I think I can see what they were trying to do (he has no loyalty to any house anymore, he wont have children so there are no dynastic issues, etc) but we needed something more. Not a lot more, just even two or three more sentences. I’m not asking for a lot. I thought a good twist would have been the Night King wanting to kill Bran because he’s the one that will bring balance to the Force (er….Westeros)and that the NK knew Bran would do important things as ruler so wanted to kill him. Something like that.

    Instead we got….”stories.” Both for why the NK wanted to kill him and why he would be a good king. Like I said….just a little more GOT.

    Anyway – I think Elizabeth Warren’s “Ive got a plan for that” is gathering steam because we see how little plans Trump has for anything. I know that she and Hillary are different in many ways, but there have been so many times over the past few years when I think “omg Hillary would have known what to do.” There was a blurb about Hillary going around in 2016, where the gist is to stop making her dab on Ellen, because she is prepared to actually be president – binders full of plans – economic plans, foreign policy etc.

    I think that for many people, that part of Hillary, that didn’t seem so exciting at the time, now has a lot of appeal and we see that with Elizabeth Warren. I think people, even Trump supporters, are getting tired of rhetoric that goes nowhere.

  3. Maddie23 says:

    She’s just like us! 😉

    • Lightpurple says:

      Elizabeth Warren is very, very much like us.

      I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend any town halls or rallies she gives in your area. Go meet her. She is engaging, warm, funny, and brilliant. And she can give the clearest explanation of our economic history over the last century in five minutes that you will ever hear.

      And her hourly fee for legal work was well within the norm.

      And she has been a fan of Ballers since the start. She often tweets about episodes.

  4. aiobhan targaryen says:

    She has really grown on me in the last few months. Overall, I think her plans are good and can help a lot of people. I like her,Kamala, and Julian Castro the most out of all of the 1 billion nominees.

    Ballers is a good show and David and The Rock are really good on it. I think I may need to have my womanist card taken revoked for admitting that.

    Nothing more to say about that basura ending for GOT. Just read something last night where they were considering having Jorah betray Daeny too. If it happened in the books, I get it because she has banished him for lying to her and he has not returned. For the show, no, it would not have made sense for Sir Friendzone to betray her. The way he died was actually one of the few decisions that those assclowns got right.

    It is what it is. I can finally move on to other series to waste my time. I am watching Chambers on Netflix and Nailed It. Nailed it is such a delight and everyone needs to watch it.

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay, Jorah betraying Dany would have been really bad and may have made me turn into an anti-final-season GOT person, lol. That would have been so out of character for him and so outside what we knew of his motivations.

  5. Snazzy says:

    Have you seen the tweet from a woman who is wondering if Elizabeth Warren has a plan for her love life and then EW contacted her and said let’s figure something out? It was amazing.

  6. Aang says:

    I’m liking her more every day. Her policies seem well thought out for the most part. And I don’t mind her refusal to call herself a socialist. As long as she walks the walk she can call it whatever she wants.

  7. JanetDR says:

    She’s my favorite!

  8. mycomment says:

    the best thing about that wapo hit piece were the comments… people are just not having it with these pieces anymore. butheremails has run its course..
    also, earlier this week i was wondering how she was going over in iowa; and people are very interested and turning out in bigger numbers than expected and highly approving of what they are hearing. and that blows the national political press coverage up; and may be why they are ignoring her. if not outright misrepresenting what she’s saying.

  9. Chimney says:

    I am liking Elizabeth Warren more and more. She makes most of the other candidates look like windbags, with their half-formed answers and empty grandstanding *coughbetocough*

  10. adastraperaspera says:

    Highly qualified candidate who would be a great president! Also, why hasn’t anyone bothered to ask why Alan Dershowitz worked on cases while he was a Harvard prof–even getting his students help on some of them? Sick of these double standards designed to push women out.

  11. Kk2 says:

    I’ve been very skeptical of Warren’s chances vs Trump and still kind of am (just seems like too much potential for a rerun of 2016). But I do like that tag line- I’ve got a plan for that.

  12. MrsDeAndre says:

    I wanted her to be awesome but after 2016 I just have kind of slowly faded on my admiration of her. And regardless, no, I don’t know what Kaiser is watching but her campaign doesn’t seem to be “chugging along rather well”. Oh well :/

  13. Robinda says:

    I feel like EW checks the wind too much before having an opinion. People like golden retrievers, check, people like politicians they can have a beer with, EW has a beer, folks are upset with Game of Thrones, EW has a problem with Game of Thrones.

    I think she’s got an authenticity problem that’s hard to overcome and the I Have a Plan For That is a nice slogan, but I’d like some candidates to start separating themselves from the crowd by actually telling us what those plans are.

    I feel, just like 2016, candidates feel like it’s enough to just not be Trump and I’m very afraid that’s not going to work this time around, either.

    I’ve gotten myself all worked up again, lol. I’m going to need blood pressure meds before this is all over.