Robert Pattinson is signing a three-film deal to play the new Batman

56th New York Film Festival - 'High Life' - Premiere

A few weeks back, many of us were stunned to learn that Warner Bros is still planning to do yet another Batman reboot, AND that Robert Pattinson was the leading contender for Nu Batman. Rob is obviously a lot younger than we’re used to seeing for potential Batmans, and it left many of us with a feeling of sparkly ennui. Truthfully though, Rob is 33 years old and he’s no longer the emo sparkle-vamp we remember. He’s a grown-ass dude who successfully transitioned from the Twilight franchise to weird indie dramas and character work, supplementing his income with an ill-advised Dior Homme contract which has left him wearing bizarre ensembles for years. My point is that maybe Rob would make an okay Batman. And we’ll get a chance to find out, because Rob has been confirmed for the role.

Warner Bros has approved Robert Pattinson as the star of The Batman, the trilogy of films that Matt Reeves will direct later this year, Deadline hears. Pattinson has been considered a frontrunner because the filmmaker liked him, but the studio was torn between him and Nicholas Hoult, and wanted both of the actors on tape because this is such a big decision on a cornerstone Warner Bros DC franchise. Those meetings happened yesterday, I’m told, and the decision was made. Hoult, who starred in Tolkien and is about to reprise in the latest X-Men: First Class film Dark Phoenix, was impressive, but Pattinson will be the guy and negotiations will get underway any moment.

The film is produced by Dylan Clark, who produced Reeves’ Planet of the Apes films. Expect an announcement imminently. Pattinson is a strong choice. He certainly has been at the center of a zeitgeist franchise before in Twilight Saga, and he has used the time after to show his chops as an actor in films like High Life, and is starring for Warner Bros in Christopher Nolan’s next film, and just debuted in the Robert Eggers-directed The Lighthouse at Cannes. They’ve got to work out a deal that will clearly include options on at least two more films, but this is considered a formality in a drawn out process. Reeves’ film tracks Bruce Wayne in the formative stages of Batman, which is why they needed an actor in his early 30s. This film will in no way carry on the work that Ben Affleck did as the older Batman in Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.

[From Deadline]

“Reeves’ film tracks Bruce Wayne in the formative stages of Batman, which is why they needed an actor in his early 30s…” OMFG, we’re getting another Batman origin story! Quelle surprise. Did you know Bruce Wayne was an orphan?? SPOILER! Did you know he was sullen rich boy who only became a man when he put on a batsuit?? This is brand new information! Anyway, as I said, I do think Rob will do an okay job with this. I hope the script isn’t utter garbage, and I hope we get at least a few beauty shots of Cheekboney Bruce starring contemplatively at Wayne Manor at sunset. As a colony of bats flies off.

66th San Sebastian International Film Festival - 'High Life' - Photocall

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  1. Tilly says:

    E.L James is shaking right now that her first choice of billionaire Edward knockoff is playing *the* seminal billionaire in pop culture

  2. Avalanche says:

    Guess he feels comfortable returning to a mainstream franchise after proving himself with all those serious arthouse films. Christian Bale nailed Batman for me so I won’t be seeing this version.

    • blinkers says:

      perfect shade, yes

    • geekychick says:

      😂😂 yeah, this really puts a perspective on all his:” serious, quality movies, no stardom for me!” talk.
      I have to admit, I just can’t imagine this will be one of the better Batman movies/series. Campy/Trashy Batman? Ok.
      But to look at Squinty face and take him seriously as tortured Bruce Wayne? Nah.
      It was Michael Keaton for me and I don’t think Pattinson will endanger that choice in any way. 😅

  3. Mia4s says:

    Oh, FFS, another origin story? Gee I wonder if we will find out what happened to Batman’s parents again….again. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Look he’s not a bad choice at all, but he’s the seventh actor to play Batman on the big screen and this is the TENTH live action movie involving Batman. This whole thing is barely interesting, let alone exciting.

  4. Loretta says:

    Happy for Pattinson, he’s the most talented of the Twilight cast. I can’t wait to see The Lighthouse that premiered at Canne. It has absolute raves.

    • Anname says:


    • PurpleHoulihan says:

      I’m glad to see Pattinson getting recognition for his work, but I think “most talented” is hard to argue considering how much some of the cast members have grown. Twilight was horrible, but the cast has done impressive work since then and are arguably some of the most talented actors out there. Kristen Stewart was the first American woman in 30 year to be nominated for a César at Cannes, and one of only 2 American to ever receive the award (2014). She’s one of the most sought-after actresses for complex women characters. Anna Kendrick was nominated for an Oscar, wrote a best-selling memoir, headlined the hugely successful Pitch Perfect movies, and still gets awards while holding her own in movies with acting legends. A lot of them are wildly talented and accomplished.

  5. IlsaLund says:

    How many times can WB regurgitate a Batman origin story? It’s been done enough already. Not interested in another series of Batman movies. Hard pass on these ones.

    My kids said if they could some how translate the Batman Animated Series to film, they might have a chance at resurrecting interest in the character.

    • holly hobby says:

      Actually the cartoons are better than the movies. They should really move away from the origin pattern. Yes we know! Just do a crime solving caper. No to skinny grubby Batman.

  6. mia girl says:

    I read this won’t really be a origin story, but more Batman in early stages of his transformation focused on the “best detective in the world” part of the character.

    Having watched a lot of Pattinson’s indie films over these years I’m super interested to see how this goes.

    Can’t wait to see The Lighthouse.

  7. Sally says:

    Pretty meh about it. What’s WB going for? The Twilight contingent?

  8. Lindy says:

    Cannot stand any more superhero movies. Really. Please, Hollywood, make other things.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. I have Superhero fatigue.

    • A.Key says:


    • They do make other types of movies; like Good Time, Lost City of Z, Rover, basically all the other movies Pattinson has made since Twilight, but also movies like last week’s Booksmart. You just don’t go to see them.

      • Another Anne says:

        This x 1000. There are plenty of interesting and offbeat movies out there. If you don’t go see them, that’s on you.

      • geekychick says:

        I don’t agree. When I was a kid, dramas, trillers, romcoms and superhero movies were in all of the theaters. These days, trailers are either some action-trash like transformers, superhero movies or ya movies plucked from fanfiction.

      • Anname says:

        Nobody is going to see anything except the superhero movies, and that’s exactly why they aren’t in theaters anymore. Nothing else makes enough money for distributors to take the risk of a wide release.

  9. Kittycat says:

    Another Batman movie?

    Hopefully it’s a new take and not the same story again

  10. Jemimaleopard says:

    Another batman movie ?? * sigh * slightly related sidebar : did anyone see the tweet over the weekend about a Female Joker?! I would pay to see that movie !!

  11. Josie says:

    Not for nothing, but Christian Bale was 31 when his first Batman movie came out. Given how long these things take to make, Pattinson could easily be 35 when his releases.

  12. Insomniac says:

    I like Batman and I like Rob, and I really hope the new movies are better than the last two to feature Bats. And all the fanboy salt over this (“Oh noes, now Batman is gonna *sparkle*!”) is hilarious.

    • mia girl says:

      It’s been interesting to see the factions within the fan base react to the casting. As you mentioned, a lot of the mainstream fan boys are losing their sh*t while the indie fan boys are beyond happy.

      Funny enough, if you had told me 5 years ago any faction of fan boys would be supportive, I would have believed it. It’s wild to see.

  13. blinkers says:

    I just find him… really underwhelming. Not at all convinced I want to see him do Batman things on screen.

  14. Talie says:

    I’m perplexed by this casting – I mean, he is a good actor, but I if they were on the millennial Brit train, why not Max Irons?

  15. Div says:

    He doesn’t have the right body type at all. Batman doesn’t have supernatural strength and so he should look like he can physically brawl. Maybe he can gain the muscle, but he looks naturally very lanky and skinny. And just like Spiderman, Batman has gotten stale and it’s a shame he’s locked himself into a three picture deal doing the millionth remake when he could be doing a lot more interesting work like that new Nolan film or indies. He’ll probably get the chance to occasionally make an indie, but those superhero film contracts lock the actors in tightly—just look at Brie.

    He’s a talented actor and I absolutely get the reasoning behind doing more mainstream films—I just wish it wasn’t this particular part. But it seems like most mainstream films are remakes and or comic book films, nowadays.

    • Hermione says:

      The next new fad seems to be music biopics…jukebox movies. The success of Bohemian Rhapsody has studios licking their chops. Rocket man about Elton John is out now and they’ve just announced a movie about Boy George. So get ready to be inundated with music biopics.

    • Guest says:

      I laugh at the he doesn’t have the body comments. Like gyms and personal trainers don’t exist.

      • Carey says:

        TBH, steroids are generally how it’s done. I wonder how healthy all these superhero actors are going to be in their older years.

  16. emmy says:

    I like the guy but as an actor, I find him a little lacking in the charisma department. That’s an issue when you put him behind a mask but I guess maybe that won’t even happen? For me, Batman will always belong to Bale, he was absolutely perfect and SO HOT.

    • Original T.C. says:


      They really should have held off for a decade or two after Nolan’s Batman.

  17. Guest says:

    I love rob. I’m so happy he’s finally doing a movie that I dont have to travel an hr to see. I dont even like superhero movies but for my man I’ll suck it up and see it. 🤷‍♀️ I read that Matt Reeves is doing more of a noir film. So his take on batman could be very interesting.
    Also the evil part of me has enjoyed some kristen Stewart fans melting down over this. Robs having a career win right now. Lighthouse is getting a ton of praise, he signed on to a nolan film and is now batman 😈

    • Carey says:

      Why would KStew fans care at all? She’s doing great and has her own big budget film (Charlie’s Angels) and they aren’t in competition. Stans are ridiculous.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Yeah, because he liked all the attention the Twilight franchise brought him.

    • Cindy says:

      To be fair, the kind of attention you’d get from playing a heartthrob in a young adult romance franchise is very different from what you’d get for playing a superhero.

    • Anname says:

      Well, he certainly understands what he is signing up for this time. I also suspect he negotiated a deal that gives him some control over the use of his image, promotional duties, scheduling, etc. He’s got a lot more power than he did back when he signed up for Twilight in 2007.

      Also, the attention and profile this gives him will give him a lot more power in the industry, so he can get all his weird projects financed and distributed.

  19. Carey says:

    When Twilight was at its peak, did you ever think that both leads would end up with legit indie cred and new big budget franchises? It’s wild.

  20. PlayItAgain says:

    Rob is a great actor and will do Batman well, if he has a decent script. He’s proved himself with all the post-Twilight indies. He has real talent and great range. Good for him!

    • Totally Old says:

      Yes, I totally agree. Rob has plenty of cred now after movies like The Rover, Good Time, High Life and now the critically acclaimed The Lighthouse. He has the support of the major critics (check the reviews on RT for The Lighthouse, nearly 100% and everyone gives accolades to both Rob and Willem) and I’ve seen several very well known directors tweet their support for him being Batman. If you need their names, I will happily supply, for those not believing or still in doubt.
      And to those who say they have Super hero fatigue, I’m sure that will last until the next Marvel comes out. 😉

  21. Christian says:

    Christian Bale was 30 yo when they filmer Batman begins…

    • HMC says:

      Robert Downey Jr was 41 when he was cast as Iron Man and continued in his 50s. Age isn’t an issue with this casting. Maybe he’ll surprise me. I wasn’t a proponent of Ben Affleck as Batman but he did a … decent job. Not outstanding, I wouldn’t have paid to see him in a stand alone film but passable in an ensemble film. Aa far as RP goes I hope they clean him up for the part. There’s gritty noir and then there’s why doesn’t the billionaire shower? It’s the way the light hits his face and his need (?) to be “arty.”

      Edited for typos

  22. Cindy says:

    He wouldn’t be my pick but I’d pick him over Ben Affleck any day. Batfleck was a big favor to every upcoming Batman – he left the bar so low pretty much anyone is going to look better by comparison.

  23. Nicegirl says:

    I’m so old- Michael Keaton is still my favorite Batman. Or maybe Adam West is my fave.

  24. Karen2 says:

    Of course another Batman movie is on the way. Just like they keep pushing out the graphic novels which I’m happy about. I’ll read the reviews before I commit my cash tho. #bringit.

  25. Amelie says:

    I’m mean but I would rather have seen Nicholas Hoult in this role. He just looks more like a Bruce Wayne visually. To be fair I haven’t really seen Pattinson in any movies since Twilight. And I’m sure his acting has matured but he has just gotten weirder looking as he’s gotten older.

    • Anname says:

      I seeing some suggestions for Hoult as Superman or a villain. I like him too, and I think he and Rob would be interesting onscreen together.

    • dj says:

      I would have seen this if Nicholas Hoult was cast but not sparkles. He is a charisma vacuum. Plus as many have noted here…there is NO reason to do another freaking Batman movie.

  26. Anname says:

    As a long time Rob fan, I’m shocked he took this on, and yet thrilled at the same time. Listening to Rob over the years describing how he has picked his post Twilight projects, he must have a lot of respect for Matt Reeves, and faith in Reeves’s ability to put something new into a Batman film. suspect It’s going to be a roller coaster ride these next few years, for Rob and his fans!

    I have come to the conclusion that the die-hard Zack Synder aficionados will never accept Rob, because he won’t be the big swole brawler type that Affleck was. He will probably be more like Bale, toned martial arts type, not crazy muscled up. But I am happy that the great majority of public reaction has been pretty positive. Most seem open to at least giving him a chance to prove himself. And it’s great to see so many people discovering Rob’s other films though (like Good Time), and not writing him off as only the Twilight guy.

  27. Renee says:

    I’m here for this. I’d pay to watch him sleep so this works for me.

  28. HELEN says:

    i don’t get it

  29. serena says:

    They’re never gonna leave Batman alone for a couple years, are they? I hope this goes well because I like Robert Pattinson and, even though I also like Hoult, I feel like Rob might potray a different kind of Batman which could grab people’s attention.