Usher got a very detailed tattoo on the back of his head


When last we discussed Usher, he was being sued by several people for spreading herpes through unprotected sex. In May, he settled with Laura Helms after trying to get her suit dismissed by blaming her for knowing that unprotected sex can be dangerous. Obviously, something like that is pretty hard to distract from but Usher sure tried. After sporting a new haircut that has his head shaved to up above his ears, Usher did this:

Man, that is a commitment. The artist is Dillion Forte of Sri Yanta Tattoo in Venice, California. So far, this Instagram shot is the only one I can find so I have no idea if there is any color to it or if it is just black ink. According to Dillion’s caption, a lot of time and thought went into this design:

I had the pleasure of tattooing the legend @usher @sriyantratattoo this piece was inspired by transformation, Sacred geometry and an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travelers to find their way across vast distances.✨ I’ve listened to @usher since I was about 11 years old so definitely an honor 🙏

Artistically speaking, I like the design. One thing that’s cool is that even if Usher grows his hair back, those lower chevrons will radiate from below his hairline and give off a whole other vibe. I love when a design works on several levels. I find sacred geometry really interesting so that part really appeals to me (In college, I took a legit math class based on sacred geometry patterns. It was my favorite math class ever). I know next to nothing about Berber talismans but visually they are beautiful. Usher is rumored to be working on new music – specially Confessions II, a follow up to his 2004 album, Confessions.



Photo credit: WENN Photos and Instagram

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  1. OuiOkay says:

    That’s a pretty cool tattoo! I don’t usually get excited about tattoos but that’s unique and unexpected. Now I want to see more Berber art

  2. ByTheSea says:

    Oh my.

  3. Snowflake says:

    Herpes, the gift that keeps on giving

    • Arpeggi says:

      Except for the fact that most carriers are asymptomatic, so for most there’s no gift at all.

      Of course Usher is gross and if the descriptions of green stuff oozing are true he carries stuff worst than herpes and doesn’t treat it properly which is a bigger problem. But I wish we could stop making fun of herpes/talk about it as if it was the worst: it’s not and it can be spread even during protected sex, getting it and having symptoms is just a case of bad luck. The green oozing stuff tho…

      • Anon says:

        Thank you for this. It’s nice to see that for every snarky comment, someone has some common sense and kindness about it.

      • Mama says:

        YES! THIS! I hate all the jokes about it…. for those who have it (me), it makes me feel like a leper when I’m not. I got it from my first partner. FIRST. And I was married to him. I’ve always been honest and never passed it on to anyone. It isn’t the curse of death.

  4. Chelly says:

    Confessions Part II : You know I have herpes and you might have them too

  5. Lucy2 says:

    The meaning behind it is interesting, but ouch, and yikes.

  6. Megan says:

    Total appropriation of Berber culture.

    • Wow says:

      …..he is a black man. He very well could be a part of that culture because it’s and African culture that spans across several countries. We aren’t aware of his cultural heritage so crying appropriator seems ignorant.

  7. duchess of hazard says:

    Dillon Forte’s work is usually grey scale, iirc. So i couldn’t see it being in colour. It’s weird seeing the Berber stone carvings as a tattoo though.

  8. Nacho_friend says:

    I think his tattoo should be a caution sign ⚠️

  9. Moon says:

    Oh wait … Jeez, that’s his FACE!