Irina Shayk & Bradley will ‘keep spending time together as a family’ for Lea’s sake

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk leave a birthday party with their little firefighter Lea

We continue discussing this absolutely bizarre break up story about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. The break up itself didn’t seem particularly scandalous, especially considering B-Coop seems like a workaholic tool and most of us were like “yeah, I wasn’t expecting them to stay together anyway.” So why are we getting all of these tabloid stories like it’s a redux of the Brangelina split? It’s truly not that big of a deal, but it feels like “sources” keep insisting that it’s some huge deal and we should all be obsessed with the lukewarm tea. The Lady Gaga aspect of this is, I suppose, the most “interesting” part, except I truly believe that they didn’t even like each other that much, so whatever. Anyway, sources close to Irina want us to know that Irina’s biggest priority is her daughter. Sure.

Irina Shayk‘s focus is on her 2-year-old daughter with Bradley Cooper, after the couple recently announced their split following four years together.

“Irina’s number one priority is their daughter,” a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “She is such a hands-on mom. She takes her to the park, to classes, to playdates, and just adores her.”

The pair welcomed their first child, Lea De Seine, in March 2017 after two years of dating, and will continue to remain a family.

“For Lea’s sake, they keep spending time together as a family,” another insider says. “Bradley is a great dad. He has always been very involved with his daughter.” A third source agrees that the A Star Is Born actor and director, 44, and the model, 33, are on the “same page” when it comes to parenting Lea. “It’s clear that Bradley and Irina have the same goals for their daughter,” the source says. “They want her to live a normal life, be surrounded by friends and thrive through play. They are both wonderful parents.”

[From People]

I remember during A Star Is Born’s Oscar campaign when suddenly Bradley and Irina were stepping out with Lea quite regularly, and it often felt like the kind of awards-season pap strolling we’ve come to expect from the Affleck-Garners. My point is that I think Bradley was a hands-on father when he could be seen as a hands-on father, and when it was convenient to him. I also think People Magazine is building up to some kind of Not Without My Daughter storyline, where Irina wants to move to New York or Paris or Moscow with Lea. I could totally see that.

Bradley Cooper arrives at his daughter Lea's class in LA

Irina Shayk leaves Bradley Cooper's home with a suitcase

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  1. elimaeby says:

    I’m so confused as to why this story is getting so much coverage. There’s nothing there. Two people couldn’t make their relationship work. And?

    • rose says:

      Some stories seem to do that. Especially where there might have been another party that caused the break up.

    • lucy2 says:

      Same here. I think the publicists and/or People mag have vastly overestimated how much the general public cared about this relationship.

    • Carol says:

      I agree. Whats the big deal? Every time I see a story on Irina and Bradley, my mind just focuses on how big Irina’s forehead is… and wishing mine was that big.

  2. SallyS says:

    Do they have fans? I mean are there people who are really interested in them and their lives?

  3. Michael says:

    I suspect one, or both, of their pr people are trying to get a career boost off the publicity. Never can be too famous I guess

  4. AB says:

    I’m sorry but from the story it doesn’t sound like either of them are doing the primary parenting. Especially considering the language that Irina takes Lea to the park (umm obs?!) It’s likely that they both travel and are very involved in work. There’s arguably nothing wrong with that but it might explain these odd, mundane storylines.

  5. Mi says:

    She has lived in the US since 2007 and hardly visits Russia, it’s her mum and sister who usually travel so I dont think a move to her home country is in the cards.

  6. Div says:

    This tabloid thing is a mess. I’ve gone from team Irina to team both of them need to stop running to the tabloids because this is increasingly dumb. And I’m cackling at the idea that both of them are so private, because sure they don’t talk about themselves but they clearly both stage pap photos.

    My guess is both of them have been more or less checked out for a while but didn’t iron out the details of their split—and ironing out the details is getting messy so they’re running to the tabloids. Both also may be working this for publicity, but no one truly cares. I don’t think he and Gaga are a thing either, but even if they are I doubt there will be some scandal if they step out (as Pajiba pointed out) so if he is laying the ground for something in the future it’s kind of pointless.

  7. Latoya says:

    Irina needs to stop with planting stories. People are bored now.

    • Melanie says:

      Well, this article at least has a comment about Bradley being a great dad. That part might have come from his team, not hers.

    • Corinne says:

      @Latoya The split stories leak by Irina’s team are all about her being a hands-on mom, her daughter is her 1st priority, Bradley cares more for his work than his family, she is not there for the fame, blah blah, blah. Irina has spent more than 2 months out of the family home for work the first 10 months after her daughter was born. Even more time away last year. She should stop to say Bradley was absent and not involved with the family. He was more often with their daughter than her since she was born.

  8. LW says:

    She’s clearly running to the tabloids with info. She’s trying to boost her name-recognition out of this. It is what it is, I get it.

    • Melanie says:

      But E!online had an article out yesterday that mentioned how Bradley took Lea away for the weekend. That information could have only come from his team.

      • Div says:

        It sounds like they are both leaking stories—which is weird. There’s no reason this break up story should be dragged out for a week.

      • Latoya says:

        Well she was busy telling everyone how he neglected the family for so long and was absent so he just undid some of the damage she put out about him. That was particularly low to go after him as a father.

  9. rose says:

    Whatever happens going forth, they have a child to think of. So, I hope they are able to co parent for the sake of their daughter.

  10. Dee Kay says:

    From all of Cooper’s interviews it’s clear he really wanted to be a dad for a long time before he met Irina. He even thinks his daughter is a reincarnation of his father, which I know others will think is crazy but I don’t, I believe that can happen. (He said in a recent interview that sometimes when he looks at Lea, he says, “Dad?” because it just *feels* like he’s in the same room with his late father.) I also kind of half-believe spec that Cooper primarily got with Shayk to have a child. I think he might have waited just long enough for the baby to grow into a toddler to call it splits.

    • Melanie says:

      I can believe he wanted to be a father. I don’t believe he wanted it with her though.

      • Tara says:

        Why not with her? Cause she has such terrible genes, hahaha? Or you don’t find her articulate enough? If so, I bet you speak multiple languages perfectly after being exposed to them only starting your early twenties.

      • Latoya says:

        Do people really give a damn about what genes your kid has in terms of beauty?? That’s insane. I doubt he chose her specifically. He’s always dated pretty and attractive women.

        Strangely the most attractive people can have… Plain… Kids. Look at Demi and Bruce. My sister’s partner is not attractive at all yet they had 3 gorgeous kids.

    • Riley says:

      I could believe that he just wanted a good gene pool to conceive with. I don’t see him ever marrying or being seriously into anyone but himself and maybe his child or children if he fathers more.

    • Melanie says:

      Tara: Well, there was that article that came out shortly after their breakup was announced that mentioned the lust being over and the two of them realizing that they don’t really have anything in common. Of course, I never saw any lust between them (way too many awkward physical interactions with them), but I just get a sense that he wanted to have fun and date for awhile and move on. Obviously, I could be wrong. LOL