Russell Crowe got drunk and bought a dinosaur head from Leonardo DiCaprio

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Oh to be rich and drunk in Hollywood! I’ve been snickering about this story since I read it. We covered Russell Crowe’s ‘divorce auction’ last year. The auction was Russell selling several high-ticket items, including memorabilia from his movies. Among the items sold was his jockstrap from Cinderella Man, which John Oliver purchased and then gave to the last Blockbuster in Anchorage Alaska to keep its doors open (it didn’t). Also among the items sold was a dinosaur’s head. Not just any dinosaur’s head but a dinosaur’s head once owned by Leonardo DiCaprio that Russell bought one night after too many drinks.

Rich movie stars spend their money exactly how you’d think. Russell Crowe, for instance, dropped $35,000 on a dinosaur head he saw sitting on display in Leonardo DiCaprio’s house.

Just like that.

“I bought it for my kids, and you know, cut myself a little bit of slack here, there was a bunch of vodka involved in the transaction and it happened at Leonardo’s house,” Crowe told Howard Stern Wednesday on his SiriusXM Satellite show.

“So you were drinking at Leonardo’s house, you guys were having a fun night, and you say to Leonardo, ‘Gee, this is fantastic a dinosaur head’?” Stern asked him.

“No, I think he started the conversation, he’s like, ‘I got this one, but there’s another one coming on the market that I really want so I’m trying to sell this one’ and I said, ‘Well, I’ll buy it’ I said ‘How much you want for it?’ He was pretty cool about it, he said, ‘Just give me what I paid for it,’ and I think he paid 30, 35 grand for it,” Crowe explained.

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If I had a dime for every time my friends and I bought and sold dinosaur heads between us. This begs the question, what the hell was Leo angling for to replace it? The poor second-class dinosaur being sold for the paltry sum of $35,000 was a 65 million-year-old Mosasaur. Russell said he purchased it because his oldest kid was crazy about dinosaurs at the time. Don’t get me wrong, Dad-of-the-year purchase, for sure. But what happens when the kid wants to play with it? “Look. Daddy – I’m making Denny the Dino drink a milkshake!” “NOOOOOOOO!” Vodka or not, that’s an impressive acquisition. I think that’s the new bar for richness, “Did you hear about so-and-so’s new deal? They’re looking at dinosaur head money.”

Speaking of big money, later in the interview, Howard Stern asked Russell about the two biggest roles he turned down – Lord of the Rings and Wolverine in X-Men. Russell was quite gracious about both, but I found his answer about LOTR the most interesting. He told Stern that the reason he said no was because he didn’t think Peter Jackson wanted him. At that time, the studio was putting Russell up for everything, but he said when he was speaking with Jackson, he got the impression Jackson already had another actor he wanted in the role (Viggo Mortenson). So Russell said no because he felt the director should be allowed to hire the actor he wanted, which is quite classy, really. Unfortunately, Stern then informed Russell he would have made $100M from LOTR with the deal they were offering. I imagine Russell’s next impulse buy will be a dart board with Viggo and Jackson’s faces on it.

Here’s the clip of Russell and Stern. NSFW – language, but it’s a fun watch:

“Hey, is this team for sale?”
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  1. Becks1 says:

    Oh, Russell. I’m just looking at these pictures and keep thinking of Gladiator.

    • Esmom says:

      Lol. I’ve never found him attractive, tbh. I now know leaving Dennis Quaid was a good move for Meg Ryan but at the time I could not help but be disappointed.

      As for the dinosaur head, the financially anxious side of me who’s about to be paying tuition for two college kids is mentally calculating how many credit hours could be bought with that sum. Sigh.

    • minx says:

      It’s a dim memory. Everyone ages but he certainly hurried it along.

    • Jane says:

      I feel the same. I thought he was gorgeous in that movie. But then …I go for unconventionally handsome men who others might question my sanity. Ever since Gladiator I never thought of him the same way.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I never understood the hype of hot Russell Crowe,and I never cared for his acting,I was younger and so busy when people were gushing over him in Gladiator I thought it was OTT,then I took the time to watch it(Gladiator)several years ago and I also found him slightly good as Javier in Les Miserables,so he’s (ducks head)my movie star crush because I just find him kind of hot?😔😊😜

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Geez, in the polo shirt, he looks like he has both gynecomastia and ascites. *shudder*
      Lay off the booze, Russell, before it’s too late.

    • Bee says:

      Maximus Decimus Meridius really let himself go.

  2. Damn, he fought the Hot and won.

  3. manda says:

    I’m going to sound like Indiana Jones (the River Phoenix version, the 8th grade version of me swoons)–That belongs in a museum!!!

    I read an article or saw a thing about super rich people buying and selling dinosaur bones, and preventing scientists and the public from access from these finds, and it disgusts me. Take your kid to the museum, Russell. And maybe this is a minor find, but still, I disagree with it. Will it be antiquities next? Pieces of cultural heritage?

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you, I was kind of aghast, too. I’d guess his kid would have been just happy with a set of plastic dinosaurs that he could actually play with. They were consistently the most popular toys in my preschool classes.

    • Hannah says:

      Couldn’t agree more. And unfortunately the rich have a lot of rare cultural pieces that the public will never see. Museums often have to bid on these items at auctions from private hands, or they rely on donations. Just imagine what Bill Gates has in his vault.

    • Original T.C. says:


    • Deering24 says:

      How is this even legal?

  4. Kittycat says:

    I am grateful he wasn’t in LOFR or X-Men.

  5. The Twinkle Function says:

    Russell is a larrikin and a nice fella. He owns a property on the midcoast of NSW Australia in a little place called Nana Glen.

    One day we were in the local grocery store and there’s a huge commotion up above and suddenly a chopper lands out the front. The door tinkles as Russell pushes the door open and says to the shopkeeper ‘Gday mate. Just a can of Sprite thanks’ pays for it and wanders out again before jumping back in his chopper.

    His band regularly plays at the local pub in Coffs Harbour and often has only ten people sitting there drinking beer listening.

    He’s a proper beer-drinking Aussie slob (yes I know hes originally from NZ whatevs).

  6. FHMom says:

    LA Confidential is one of my favorite movies, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Russell because he was brilliant in that role. I don’t know how good a friend Leo is to Russell, but I always imagine that if I were rich like Leo, I would give things away, not sell them. I can’t fault Russell for buying a unique gift for his kids, but I hope when kids tire of it, he donates it to a museum.

    • Call_me_al says:

      Me too, he was so tender and vulnerable while alternately bullheaded and brawny and intelligent. I’ll always love him for that.

  7. chlo says:

    I’m not ashamed that I still find him hot.

  8. Bb fan says:

    That wasn’t the last Blockbuster!!!! Ours is open and busier than ever in Bend, OR. The Ellen show was just there and it’s become quite a tourist attraction:)

  9. Snazzy says:

    I can’t stop laughing at the title of this article. thank you Hecate

  10. Valiantly Varnished says:

    And to think…I used to have a huge thing for him…YIKES.

  11. Jen says:

    Ewwww…I can’t believe he used to be so muscled and hot and now..ick.

  12. Mejia says:

    He has played overweight men in his last 2 movies so I am sure he will look differently in about a year.

  13. clairej says:

    He was so hot (and evil) in Romper Stomper. He has a great voice. I like he has never really changed that for roles. Nice mix of Kiwi/Aussie.

  14. Pineapple says:

    Well, off to google gynecomastia and ascites. 🤔

  15. DemoCat says:

    As one does.

  16. The Recluse says:

    Interesting to compare the effects of age and lifestyle on people: Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe were born the same year – 1964, September and April, I think.

  17. kerwood says:

    He’s such a good actor and he used to be hot as hell. Drinking too much can really take it’s toll.

    I always thought that Viggo wasn’t the first choice for Aragorn. That the first choice (Dougray Scott?) had scheduling conflicts and had to pass. And I know it’s probably sacrilege but I HATED Viggo as Aragorn. I was a LOTR fanatic when I was younger and I always thought the perfect Aragorn was Daniel Day Lewis. Tall and dark haired, just like in the books. Not to mention one of the best actors alive. As if he’d EVER do it!!

  18. lallyvee says:

    He is an awfully good actor at any weight.

    He isn’t vain about his looks.