Tom Hiddleston’s acclaimed performance in ‘Betrayal’ is coming to Broadway

Tom Hiddleston attends the Olivier Awards in London

Earlier this year, Tom Hiddleston joined up for a theatrical revival in London of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, one of Pinter’s most popular plays. The reviews were good, despite my ability to amplify the one bad review I read. I think the Hiddleston-Betrayal revival was so popular and ticket sales were so good that they extended the run for a while. And now here’s more evidence that everybody loved Hiddleston’s performance: they’re bringing the same production to Broadway. Yes, Dragonflies, you’ll be able to stalk the wild Hiddlesbeast on the mean streets of New York.

Tom Hiddleston is preparing to take Broadway by storm later this summer. The 38-year-old actor is starring in the revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, which follows the story of the marriage between Robert (Hiddleston) and Emma (Zawe Ashton) as well as Emma’s affair with Robert’s friend Jerry (Charlie Cox).

Performances for Hiddleston’s revival begin August 14 at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre and will run for 17 weeks after officially opening to the public on Sept. 5. While this is Hiddleston’s first time on Broadway, it’s certainly not his first time on a theater stage. The Avengers: Endgame actor began his career as a theater actor in the U.K. in plays such as Hamlet, Coriolanus, Ivanov and The Changeling, to name a few.

[From People]

Even though Tom has that (likely lucrative) deal with Disney+ for the Loki series, I feel like his career has never really been the same since the Summer of Tiddlebanging. CB and I were just reminiscing about that Tiddlesummer of ‘16, and while the gossip was EXCELLENT, the Tiddlebanging did not help his career long-term. Of course, it’s possible he just got really choosy AND he wanted to take some time off after several years of working back-to-back on various projects. Sure, that could be it. Anyway, my point is that this is not the worst move for an actor who seems to have a stalled film career: give an acclaimed performance in a well-liked play and bring it to Broadway.

Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox leaving the Harold Pinter Theatre

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  1. OG Cleo says:

    Why does acting on stage automatically have to be a step down from or less prestigious than film work? And I think he could get a lot of British film roles if he wanted them due to how connected he is to BAFTA. US roles may be a different story, there’s no way to know.

    • so cool says:

      Agree. I hate when people underestimate theater. Like movies and TV was a more challenge work. Love to see this big starts, who are struggle to deliver even watchable performance when they do theater.
      If doing a play mean you don’t have a career, then Jack Gyllenhaal, Andrew Garfield, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Kate Blanchett have huge career problem. They recently be in a play.
      Hiddles name made this show sold out. People was waiting on a rain to see him, he had great reviews, is naiming as a aclaimad stage actor. But hey it isn’t a great career move. Maybe if be made a movie about Pocemon Maybe if he made a Pokemon movie for instance. It will keep him in a cinema history 🙂
      I think theater is in place – When he was doing Hamlet Kenneth Branagh have Hiddleston red book. And this mean a lot. Derek Jacobi presented Branagh with a red-bound copy of Hamlet. Only this particular book has been passed down from the turn-of-the-century actor Forbes Robertson, and theh pass to Henry Ainley, Michael Redgrave, Peter O’Toole, and Jacobi. Branagh i past said he will one day pass this book onto the leading Shakespearean actor of a future generation. So… 🙂
      In 30 years most this popular actors will be forgoten and Hiddles will made King Lear on West End. Not a bad career strategy.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      In the UK theatre is considered far more prestigious than film. Everyone wants to do film or network TV for the money, but (unless it’s super elite like working with Scorsese) films are not inherently considered superior. if anything British actors who only do screen work are slightly looked down on as not being real actors and having sold out.

      Hiddles has plenty of money and doesn’t seem all that interested in fame anymore. Good for him that he’s in a place to do what he loves.

      • OG Cleo says:

        That’s about what I expected to be the case in the UK. And I agree, I think stepping away for self-care and returning with acclaimed work is all he needs and wants. It also wouldn’t shock me if he decided Hollywood stardom wasn’t what he wanted.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Same in NYC. Anyone can act in a film – theatre is a harder task and Broadway snobs are very particular about who is considered successful. Hiddleston is (rightfully) regarded as much of a stage actor as he is a film actor and everyone I know is excited for this.

    • Case says:

      To be honest, I think stage requires SO much more talent than screen. Film actors can get as many takes as they’d like to perfect a performance — stage actors need to get it right on their first try, and manage to turn in an equally exceptional performance 8 times a week. It requires so much stamina, presence of mind, and dedication. I’m so impressed with Broadway actors!

  2. Megan says:

    I know Pinter is genius and blah, blah, blah, but I just can’t stand his plays.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    The veranda will be open throughout the duration. This morning, we have opened up the champagne and we have fresh strawberries. Sadly for some, I suspect the Betrayal hair and beard will be with us for a while longer. Not sure when Loki filming will begin as the play starts on Broadway in less a month and a half.

    This is the REAL Lightpurple, who despises Taylor Swift and never comments on who Tom should be with, accept no imposter substitutes.

    • C-Shell says:

      May I bring scones?

      • Lightpurple says:

        Certainly! Just hand them to Colin our Butler and he will make sure they are featured on the buffet table.

    • smcollins says:

      As a fellow anti-Swift, Hiddles lover may I join you on your fabulous-sounding veranda? Talking about Tom while sipping champagne and eating strawberries sounds divine.

    • Nanea says:

      “Lightpurple says:
      The veranda will be open throughout the duration.”
      The duration of today or the duration of all 17 weeks of the theatrical run?
      If the latter, wow, admirable, and thanks for having us over!
      (she says while sipping her Swimming Pool cocktail – champagne, Blue Curaçao, a dash of bitter)
      Can we speculate as to whether Mrs TBA aka Hiddles’ Mystery Brunette will show up and milk her connection to him for another few years? *rolls eyes*

      Meanwhile I can say to whomever it may concern : go and get a ticket, sales start on July 15, more info on We went to see the play in London (Mr. Nanea, the kids and I), and it was fantastic.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The duration of the play’s Broadway run, of course! Buffet options will change seasonally.

        Mrs TBA is just a screen we use to keep the public scrutiny off me, his real wife.

        And that Swimming Pool sounds delicious.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Of course, we will have a never ending supply of prosciutto and melon.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      I don’t like champagne, so I have brought strawberry Pimms.

    • Emmet says:

      This is very welcome news! “waving to everyone”

      HI LP and gang, please have Colin order me some Diet Coke and lemon, as I will try to be as often as possible.

      Just thinking if I can find some of those fancy champagne gummies, will bring for those of us who don’t drink. Should be a fun few weeks!

  4. Darla says:

    Oh my Charlie Cox too? I just set up an alert at broadway dot com to let me know when tickets go on sale.

    • Mia4s says:

      See that was what I was looking for when I clicked the story! Charlie Cox!! The rest of you can have Loki, I call dibs on Daredevil!! 😁

    • maxine ducamp says:

      @Darla, general tickets go on sale July 15th at 10:00 a.m.

  5. so cool says:

    I saw it in London – so good. Hiddles was magnifique. Zawe and Charlie was good too. It was a sold out show, so they extend the run. And stage door – OMG. People were crazy. Long queue every show for 3 months.
    I wonder what stagedoor lookes like on Broadwey. Will he do any?
    I think Hiddles loves theater and it is his natural environment. He made movies and TV forso many years. And he really shines in this play. Good for him. He made milions on Marvel, commercials, Comic Con. He can be choosy now. He is rather play a long game here. Last years he spend on theater (doing play and going to see every one he could) and working on BAFTA and charity projects. maybe when he saw HW as it is, he decided it isn’t what he crave to do all his life. It is a great combo – he loves to do theater and his Marvel fame guarantee that show will be sold out.

  6. Grumpier than thou says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago and it was excellent. I hope you’re getting Zawe Ashton too, she was bloody brilliant. No interval though. My wine ran out at what would have been interval time and I spent the rest of the play parched. No one should have to put up with such barbaric conditions when on an evening out.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Yes, Zawe too. All three are making their Broadway debuts.

    • maxine ducamp says:

      @Grumpierthanthou, Zawe Ashton and Charlie Cox will also be in the Broadway production. I also saw it in London and agree that it was excellent. The actors were all brilliant and I really liked the staging of this production. I’m not mad about traveling to London to see it as I got to see a few other plays, including the fabulous Ann Marie Duff in Sweet Charity, and some great museum visits, etc. But. I’ll also be trying for a ticket to the Broadway show. It’s definitely a play that stayed with me and one that I would like to see again.

    • Tulip says:

      Those are definitely barbaric conditions, since enjoyment of a nice wine goes hand in hand with good drama.

      I think you should treat yourself to another ticket and grab two glasses this time. I believe you’ve been unintentionally robbed of a perfect night and none of the cast would want that.

      • Emmet says:

        HI @Tulip

        such great news!!

      • Tulip says:

        Hey hi!

        It’s very good news. Something non-Marvel for people to explore (though I’m a sucker for Marvel)
        Fingers crossed all Celebitches have good luck with the tickets;)

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I specifically went to NYC years ago to see Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in A Steady Rain. So…let me look up flights right now.

  8. Derpy says:

    I don’t think Hiddleston is a good actor but I may have to tolerate this play for Charlie

    • virginfangirls says:

      HIddleston will be tough to ignore though. I hear only a chair & the 3 actors are on stage at all times. But they all got great reviews, & especially HIddleston. So maybe you’ll change your mind about him once you see it.

      • derpy says:

        maybe..i’ve seen a lot of his work including some of his theater and I just don’t get the hype/appeal at all. But maybe he will sway me… but at least its got Charlie! (for me)

    • Fran says:

      He was AMAZING in this production.

  9. Fleur says:

    I feel bad for him because I don’t think his career has truly recovered from the. Taylor nonsense. I would also say the same for Jake Gyllenhaal.

    • Marianne says:

      Jake Gyllenhaal’s career hasnt recovered? Dude was acclaimed for Prisoners and Nightcrawler. Not Oscars, but he got love a lot where else. And hes also currently in a huge MCU movie. But sure…..hasnt recovered.

      • so cool says:

        Marianne, Fleur just repeat narrative that some gossip rags made up and toxic people spread. According to them TS every ex has 0 career after her. Hard core Swifties do it also. They belive that bland Joe is the next Brando and all her exes are dead in HW. Jake, Tom etc. can’t compare to her curent BF. Of coure when she broke up with him, his career will be over too. So this narrative is so predictable 🙂

      • kwallio says:

        This narrative seems strange as a strategy, why would swifties want to spread the word that dating TS kills peoples careers? I guess I don’t understand that mindset. Date TS and YOUR LIFE AND CAREER WILL BE OVER WHEN SHE INEVITABLY DUMPS YOU.

      • Justme says:

        I think some of her fans (as well as some who hate her) make her the center of all things. So if a man has a relationship with her it defines him as “an ex” forevermore. The fans (and by no means ALL her fans) like the idea that her rejection proves that the “ex” was unworthy of her and therefore is simply “unworthy” altogether. It is weird. Some of her fans get cognitive dissonance when they encounter someone who actually likes both Swift AND one of her “exes”. They feel that one must choose.

      • so cool says:

        Justme – You sum up it pretty good. It is a stand narration – it shouldn’t have sens. 🙂 If she broke up with you, stop being your friend it means you’re unworthy. Also they are convinced that she is such power in industry (music and movie also) that she can destroy someone career. They for example was convince that she talk to Marvel so Tom had smaller role in IW and Thor Ragnarok. 🙂

    • phaedra7 says:

      True, it seems like any man who deals with her gets burned!

  10. virginfangirls says:

    I am over the top excited. I go to NYC to site see or to see a play or musical on occasion. And now I get to see Tom HIddleston in a play, and one I know already has gotten great reviews. My heart! Could I actually get a pic with him at stage door? LIkely not but that would be the cherry on top.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      Probably, he did stage door after most performances in London.

      • virginfangirls says:

        I just bought a Saturday show in August, Front row middle section on the end, for $160.00. Pleasantly surprised with the ticket price. This will make stage door unlikely for me as being in the front I would guess will make exiting longer. But I’m so excited for these seats!!!

    • yogapants says:

      I am grateful that you posted that you bought tickets. I had marked the July 15 ticket sale start date on my calendar, but then I went back and searched for August, and sure enough you can buy them with AmEx. I got 2 front-row tickets for an August show. Eek! I’ll have a neck ache for sure, but I won’t need binoculars to see Tom!!!

  11. duchess of hazard says:

    I think Hiddleston has the best of it, really. He has enough movie money to do things (buy property, invest, live comfortably) and do theatre to flex his acting muscle (because acting live is different from doing it on sets). He isn’t a Hollywood leading man at all, and that’s fine, truly.

  12. violet says:

    This is the move I always hoped Hiddles would make. I never thought he was cut out to be leading man movie star. I think the quiet period after the Swift debacle followed by a return to stage as a serious actor was exactly the right move. I really hope to get to see this. I missed the revival with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall a few years ago (I just didn’t move fast enough the tickets were gone in a heartbeat), I’m going to make sure I don’t miss this.

  13. Other Renee says:

    It wasn’t just the Swift business but that ridiculous underwear photo shoot. Every time I read about him I remember those awful photos and inwardly chuckle.

  14. Algernon says:

    I agree there has been a career shift since Tiddlebanging, but I wonder if it’s because Tom got fully metabolized into the Hollywood ecosystem. At least until he’s done with Marvel, the pattern over the last couple years has been Marvel + theater. That will continue for at least one more year as he does the Loki series. I won’t judge whether or not Tom’s career is having problems until the next time he tries to get a leading man role and, maybe, can’t. I don’t think he’s tried to get that kind of work at all recently, so there’s no real way to know how he’s ranking in Hollywood these days. I have seen photos and videos from the Betrayal stage door, though, and the crowds are very big, which suggests he is still extremely popular.

    • Marianne says:

      I dont think the career shift is purely because of Taylor though. Dont get me wrong, I love the dude…but has he really had a big hit outside of the MCU? Are we sure THAT hasnt been the hindrance to his movie career?

      • jammypants says:

        The Night Manager and Kong 🤷🏻‍♀️ Both did rather well and aren’t plays

      • so cool says:

        He had more hits than Chris H. 🙂 Kong made money. TNM was a hit, three sold out theater plays. Plus GG and few awards. He had one big flop” I saw the light”, but all reviews praised him for acting.

      • Marianne says:

        Ok, but were people going to Kong because of Hiddles? or because of Kong? And yes, he got a lot of accolades for The Night Manager, but then he also got a sh** for his acceptance speech. Again, I dont mean this as shade because of I love him and all….its just its not like the guy is box office gold. He may have a lot of Loki fangirls but that didnt exactly translate to Crimson Peak, I Saw The Light, Only Lovers Left Alive, Early man etc.

      • so cool says:

        But who is “bo office gold”? Now in HW we don;t have any actor who will give you 100% sure profit in box office. Everyone has flops and succes. Maybe Leo or SLJ are a true stars who can always made good BO. You just said it like Hiddleston was only actor who can’t bring people to theater. Are people going to see movie bcs CHemsy is in iit or Evans? I don;t think so.
        I mean that Hiddles has better BO record that f.e. Chris H. or maany Avengers actors.

      • Justme says:

        The thing is “who is box office gold” these days? He has a pretty good box office average compared to other actors of his age and experience. His only complete flop was ISTL (which I rather liked, since his performance was fantastic). I mean nobody is lining up to see Hemsworth for instance – and Gyllenhaal has had plenty of flops as has Fassy. The only sure bets in film these days are Marvel films and (most) Disney reboots of animated stories. I hope he gets into TV again as well as stage. More interesting projects there.

        Ha! @so cool. I was typing my response while you were! Great minds run in the same direction😀

      • so cool says:

        Justme 🙂 great minds work good 🙂 Movie stars are dead. Now we go to see movie, not an actor. And like you said he has pretty good BO compared to other actors. Not to mention other Marvel actors.

  15. Andrea says:

    I am thinking about going. Looks like September-December tickets are not on sale yet. :/

  16. Lightpurple says:

    There is an American Express presale going on right now. By Broadway standards, tickets are reasonable. I just got matinee tickets for $140.

    • Nanea says:

      Hey, congrats on getting tickets, and have a great time!
      You’re in for a treat from all three of them, even if the play is a child of its time.

      • Lightpurple says:

        It’s definitely not my favorite play but I expect these performances to be brilliant; a day trip to NYC is always fun & meeting up with one of my oldest and dearest friends is always a treat.

  17. ohman! says:

    No interest in tom


  18. Flying fish says:

    He is not a good actor.

    • Tina says:

      I did not like this production of Betrayal or his performance in it, and I have never seen most of his films, but Hiddleston is an excellent stage actor.

  19. Mouse says:

    I do not appreciate the shade against theatre. Theatre > Film and TV, always.

    That said, anyone who thinks Tom Hiddles didn’t want to be a big Hollywood star is kidding themselves. I’m glad he’s not thirsty anymore, and that he finally accepted he doesn’t have the looks to play that part.

    It’s too early to say if his career is dead, tho. Let’s see what he does after the Loki series, which will be the last thing he does for Marvel, afaik.

    No shade but I can’t see him being part of the theatre elite that have work or are remembered when they are well into their 60+.

  20. Mouse says:

    I do not appreciate the shade against theatre. Theatre > Film and TV, always.

    That said, anyone who thinks Tom Hiddles didn’t want to be a big Hollywood star is kidding themselves. I’m glad he’s not thirsty anymore, and that he finally accepted he doesn’t have the looks to play that part.

    It’s too early to say if his career is dead, tho. Let’s see what he does after the Loki series, which will be the last thing he does for Marvel, afaik.

    No shade but I can’t see him being part of the theatre elite that have work or are remembered when they are well into their 60+.

    • virginfangirls says:

      When someone is called thirsty it sounds like a hugely negative personality trait. Like your dying, and you’ll do whatever it takes to survive. It reminds me how being called a feminists has become an insult. For me anyway I read that description and hear an insult. I’d call him driven.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Kevin Feige has said that the Loki series will not be the last thing he does for the MCU.

      You might want to check out the film careers of Judi Dench and Ian McKellan.

  21. AG-UK says:

    I saw it here and they were all great and best of all no intermission over at 920👏🏽

  22. virginfangirls says:

    I’m just being logical here. The most important part of his career is Tom ALWAYS gets good, quite frankly great, reviews. Even when I Saw the Light got hammered, Tom received great reviews personally on his acting in it. And isn’t that what these casting directors are looking for? To know you can count on the actor to give a great performance. After all, that’s all an actor has control of. If I was a casting director his performance in IStL would be my biggest persuasion to cast him, because it showed Tom can be someone completely different than himself & was willing to work so very hard to pull it off, which really displayed his acting skills & dedication to his craft. Of course to have star power to draw people in helps too, but he even has some of that.

    • maxine ducamp says:

      @virginfangirl, totally agree. Additionally, Tom will always work his butt off to promote a movie. He went along with the director Marc Abraham across the US doing Q&As at screenings after the movie had been slated by critics and the release date had been pushed back and they knew it’s chances for success weren’t good, Frankly, I felt then, and still feel now, that ISTL didn’t deserve the scathing reviews that it got. I didn’t find it disjointed (I believe that was the major critique?), all the performances were very good, not just Tom’s, and it was beautifully filmed. Was it perfect and did it deserve 5 star reviews? No. But it deserved better than it got. I seem to remember last time I looked it up on Amazon Prime, it had pretty solid reviews and a 4 star rating.

      • Justme says:

        I agree. I saw it first on a plane and found it quite moving. Then I went out and bought it. Tom was excellent as was Lizzie Olsen. I think some scenes got cut which might have helped with making it hang together, but overall it was certainly not the disaster it is made out to be.

  23. Vega says:

    It can be both an upgrade or a downgrade, depending on your point of view. For an actor who likes doing theater work or for someone who’s a huge interest in the performing arts it might be considered an upgrade. So he himself might be happy with it, which is the most important thing. To the average movie goer this will likely be considered a downgrade. Most people are not that interested in plays, not even the ones on Broadway. If he had the chance to be in a big movie instead of a play, I think he’d still choose the movie. Most actors probably would.

  24. Case says:

    I am 100% going to try to grab a ticket when they go on sale. I’m just full-on treating myself to a matinee alone with Hiddles. A geeky introvert’s dream, really. Lol.