Jeremy Renner releases a new single called ‘Heaven Don’t Have a Name’


Jeremy Renner comes from a musical family. The Renners have kind of a California Von Trapp vibe. But we rarely focus on Jeremy’s musical interest because he’s so well-known for his acting career, most of which, to date, has nothing to do with music. However, it looks like Academy Award nominations and major superhero franchise weren’t enough to silence him and our Mr. Renner has gone full chanteur on us. Last Wednesday, Renner tweeted out a teaser of what we had to look forward to:

Mind you, I like Renner well enough and that goes beyond the fact that he’s a 49er fan. However, this teaser made my face squinch up as if I’d eaten a lemon. Fortunately, the song dropped on Friday so I could hear the whole thing:

Maybe I was a bit hasty with my use of the word “fortunately.” This is the musical version of Wonder Bread. It’s not dreadful but I’d forgotten it fairly soon after I’d listened to it. I think my favorite thing about it is Kayleigh Donaldson’s comment regarding the song’s title, Heaven Don’t Have a Name, “You say Heaven doesn’t have a name, but it does? You just said it? I know, musical metaphors and all that, but at least I got the point of Heaven is a Place on Earth.”

Of course, Twitter is always the best promotion, even when it’s working against you. And most were really funny in their reactions. At least they’re getting the “Renner Sings!” idea out there:

This one is also funny but it has Endgame spoilers so I won’t embed it. As Kayleigh pointed out in her article for Pajiba, many folks on social media have compared Renner’s album with Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time. I think it’s an apt comparison because I think they were made for the same reason. I’m sure both men made their music with the hope that they would be widely popular but I really think both were more of a passion project than anything. Like Murphy, Renner is financially set right now, especially with his Hawkeye series in the works. I think he just wanted to make an album and was able to take the risk to do so. Of course that doesn’t mean he should have, from an artistic standpoint, but honestly, if this is how he wants to spend his money then I say go for it. I mean, he’s got to get some use out of the recording studio he built in his garage, right? I do have one suggestion, though – maybe his next album could be all parodies like this. That’s an album I could invest in.



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  1. Elkie says:

    I don’t hate it and I don’t appear to be bleeding from my ears, but I have no desire to ever press play again.

    • Tater tot says:

      This is exactly it. I could have cringed more, but I’m ok with never hearing or thinking about this song again.

    • Bella Bella says:

      OMIGOD. The sound of his voice singing a cappella is AWFUL in that clip he posted. I would be so embarrassed to post that. I agree with the twitterer who said Renner has no friends. Someone should have stopped him.

  2. Zapp Brannigan says:

    It sounds like the third place competitor in the Eurovision song contest.

  3. olive says:

    why is he doing this? it’s so embarrassing.

    • Mab's A'Mabbin says:

      LMAO. I didn’t even listen to it and I cringed. Love the Avenger tweet–pretty much my expression reading the title of this post.

      • olive says:

        you should find the clips of desus & mero talking about this the other night… hilarious

  4. Jonni says:

    He’s weird. I’m glad those rumours of him and Gaga were bull, my girl can do so much better.

  5. TIFFANY says:

    He is no John Tesh let me tell ya.

    • Ader says:

      Ahhhhahahahahahahaha! John Tesh! Ahhhahahahahahahahaha!

      • Tiffany says:


        I am about to show my age. I remember his sendoff week from Entertainment Tonight and the announcement that he was leaving to pursue music. Yep, his wife Connie Selleca was there all teary eyed on his last day. Mary Hart even came back.

        After that ET was there all the time from the 1st recording to his tour. He blew up. He was selling out everywhere.

        Ahhhh, memories.

    • Meg says:


  6. CL says:

    The song is very….Whitesnake. I wonder if Tawny Kitaen will be in the video

    • Mab's A'Mabbin says:

      Shut your mouth! I had to listen after the Whitesnake thing lol! I’m more with Daughtery 2.0, and not 90s but somewhere between 2000 and 2011 or 12ish. Nickelback’ish without the nickel LMAO. That group has always been my guilty pleasure.

  7. broodytrudy says:

    Chris daughtry 2.0

  8. Hope says:

    I’m sorry, what doesn’t have a name?

  9. The Original Mia says:

    It’s very 90s rock. I didn’t hate it.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    Bless his heart. I think that I can just enjoy the memes without needing to listen to it.

  11. Fluffy Princess says:

    There’s something about Jeremy Renner that makes me want to punch him in the face.

    I don’t care if everyone said this was the best song in the entire known universe, I wouldn’t push play. Hard pass.

    • Angel says:

      Same here. Perhaps it was his awful comments about female cast members and how he treated his now ex wife?

  12. minx says:

    That tweet with “jeremy renner’s agent and publicist after he dropped heaven dont got a name”— dying! I’ve played it over and over.

  13. Giddy says:

    So Renner’s writing late at night, rhyming his lyrics about a groupie when his subconscious breaks through with the name of his true love.

    It wasRegrettable.
    She was Forgettable.
    something something

  14. Jonni says:

    The way he talks about his daughter on social media is so cringe. I wish these actors would leave their kids off their grid entirely.

  15. Nuzzy says:

    Apparently, Heaven don’t got second grade level grammar either.

  16. Jellybean says:

    I saw a recent in depth interview where he said his focus was his daughter. he wouldn’t take jobs if he had to work away and if that meant he never got to act again then it wasn’t a problem. He enjoys music, he can do it from home and he doesn’t need to make anymore money. Rather this than a Tom Cruise who never sees his daughter or an Angelina who drags her all around the world.

    • Xi Tang says:

      Angelina is 10 time the parent that jeremy is. He wishes! He treated his ex like garbage and didn’t want to recognise his daughter. Not to mention that he is a sleazy douchebag.

  17. msn says:

    Turrrrible lol

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    I like Renner…

    I’ve always liked Renner…

    If he doesn’t say or do anything off screen that’s awful…

    I’ll always like Renner…

  19. A says:

    Renner has always been cringe worthy so I’m not surprised lol loving all the jokes though

  20. Pina says:

    C’mon – dont be that harsh!
    Its not terrible! I actually kinda like it

  21. Maria_ says:

    God Bless autotune, he sounds awful a capella!