Meghan Trainor’s husband Daryl Sabra celebrates their three-year anniversary

On Tuesday I wrote about the unflattering photos that Kaley Cuoco’s husband posted for their anniversary, a contrast to the more polished ones that Kaley shared. Another celebrity couple celebrating their anniversary is Meghan Trainor and her husband, Daryl Sabara. Daryl took a page from Kaley’s book and celebrated their anniversary by posting a photo of the couple hugging. That’s above and here’s more:

Meghan Trainor‘s husband Daryl Sabara penned a touching tribute to the pop singer on Tuesday, their three-year anniversary.

Sharing a photo of the two in a sweet embrace on social media, Sabara, 27, celebrated “3 years of absolute magic” with Trainor, 25.

“You were the most incredible girlfriend. You were the most beautiful fiancée. You are the most loving and caring wife a husband could ever ask for,” he wrote.

“Thank you for loving me for me and for making me so happy each and every day,” Sabara added. “I love you @meghan_trainor. Forever and always.”

Trainor and Sabara tied the knot on Dec. 22 in an intimate backyard ceremony at home in Los Angeles, before kicking off 2019 with a sun-soaked honeymoon at the luxury Brando resort in Bora Bora.

“Every day feels like our first date,” she gushed to PEOPLE about Sabara, who sings background vocals on her upcoming album Treat Myself, in December. “He treats me like a queen. My life is like a fairy tale.”

[From People]

I checked Meghan’s Instagram, and she also shared a series of photos (that’s below), writing in part:

thank you for being the greatest friend/husband/puppy daddy there is. We adore you and love you forever and always. Thanks for changing all of our lives forever ❤️🥰 I love you too much @darylsabara

[From Meghan Trainor’s Instagram]

I love the pictures of Daryl with all the different dogs! I don’t know whether they are all his and Meghan’s? But they’re all cute, especially the photos of Daryl wearing the dog carrier. (I am both a dog and a cat person, and have been lucky enough to have at least one pet around for most of my life.) The People article also revealed that the couple hopes to have children, but are planning to wait until after Treat Myself is released and Meghan’s is finished. The singer told People in May, “‘By month one, we were like, ‘We’re getting married and having two kids!’ We kind of locked it down. I’m kind of obsessive like that.’”

Their Instagram captions are sweet, and dovetail with other comments Meghan made in May that she and Daryl were “‘obsessed with each other, from the beginning.’” From reading the article, it sounds like they are both on the same page in their devotion to each other and their wish to have children; Daryl also told People that he’s excited to have children with Meghan, so I hope that they have a long, happy life together, filled with human and fur babies.



photos credit: WENN

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  1. Erinn says:

    Ahh, they’re cute together.

    Also I loved the first SpyKids movie, so I might be biased. But that photo of him with the dog strapped to his chest in a beautiful kitchen with a glass of wine is just my life goal now.

  2. LoonyTunes says:

    Love it. No snark today. 😂

  3. FlyLikeABird says:

    Im getting major down low vibes from him 😬😬😬😬

  4. Ariel says:

    She married Tim Scottson?!? I just finished re-watching Weeds, wherein he plays the bratty son of a love interest/DEA agent in the early seeaons. He comes back at the end of season 7 to shoot Nancy and then in the time jump two final episodes is her assistant, with appropriate boundaries.

  5. Cale says:

    Sometimes I feel like celebrities pay for the Super Premium FastTrak PR package that includes an engagement, nuptials, and complete internet-wide date-editing moving their wedding date from “literally yesterday” to “x years ago.”

  6. elimaeby says:

    They’re young and in love. It’s cute. I can’t snark too hard. Best of luck to them. <3

  7. Wow says:

    What ever happened to her? Am I missing something or did she stop doing music?

  8. leskat says:

    I am genuinely happy for them and hope they feel this way about each other for a very long time. As exhausting as I find her music, I think she is just as happy as she claims to be with him and he with her and that makes me happy to hear!

  9. Nina says:

    Omg I’m so happy I clicked through those cute dog photos