“Katharine McPhee posted some wedding photos on social media” links

Katherine McPhee also posted some wedding photos on her IG update: she seems to have removed the IGs, so you can see pics at Vogue. [Seriously OMG]
Janelle Monae & Lupita Nyong’o danced together on stage. [LaineyGossip]
Jenelle Eason has custody of her kids again, sigh. [Starcasm]
Ice cream truck owner makes “influencers” pay double. [Dlisted]
Rethinking Independence Day, which is sort of an okay movie. [Pajiba]
What the fug is Gigi Hadid wearing? [GFY]
Nicole Kidman’s flat-ironed hair though… [Tom & Lorenzo]
Joe Biden is still salty about Kamala Harris. [Towleroad]
Marion Cotillard wore a strange Chanel ensemble. [RCFA]

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  1. Anon says:

    Ugh. Giving me creepy father-of-the-bride vibes.

    Also: Who the hell thought it was a great idea to stage a *wedding* photo shoot under that rather strange painting featuring a lion getting torn to shreds by dogs?

    • Cali says:

      SHE creeps me out more than him and I really don’t know what it is exactly about her that gives me the weirdest vibes. Maybe in person it’d be different.

      • Tina says:

        I saw her in Waitress here in London and she’s a beautiful singer and a truly horrid actor.

      • Naddie says:

        Lol Cali, I was about to say that. She has an evil vibe in her face, like that perfect housewife who hides corpses in the freezer. And I hated her in Smash.

  2. Jb says:

    Daddy issues or money issues, the root of this relationship. Wonder who each will marry after this one reaches its end date

  3. Chica71 says:

    beautiful wedding. But KM seems done .. Botox?

  4. JanetDR says:

    Joe Biden, sit down!
    Independence Day, still excellent.
    Katherine and her dress look good in that long distance photo, ’nuff said.
    Lupita and Janelle =too hot, so cool
    Heading back to click more links!

    • Ramona Q. says:

      Enough with the sweetheart neckline already! It’s sooooo boring and overused. Because it’s much easier to tailor a dress with no sleeves, that’s why 95% of wedding dresses are that style. Ugh, it’s so unoriginal.

  5. Robinda says:

    My husband is 18 years older than me, so I’m no stranger to big age differences, but this is such an odd match. I mean, I can see why he’s into her and why she’s into him, connected and wealthy, but still odd. I can tell you, though, age 70 is where the age difference really starts to kick in, and she’s going to earn every penny of her eventual divorce settlement.

    • Rashida says:

      Age 70 is where the age difference kicks in? lol
      Nah. Can’t see a 50 year old having a successful realationship with a twenty something.

      • Robinda says:

        I’m talking about the physical and mental changes that happen with age. My husband flew through his fifties and sixties with no change in energy levels. Same with the majority of his friends. Turn 70 and it changes and you’d better have a real relationship at that point or it falls apart. Whether your maturity levels match up or you have anything in common is a different question.

  6. Aims says:

    I can’t believe Jenelle got her kids back. For some reason I’ve been keeping track on her story. Her husband shows all signs that he’s and a abuser, has a horrible temper and apparently has a very extensive collection of firearms. Which is the worst thing for him to have. This is just going to reaffirm to Janelle that she can do anything she wants. If a man can have such a rage that he can kill a family pet and do it in front of the kids, is someone who can easily do something to you. He is someone who has no respect for life and should be locked up. It’s only a matter of time and when it does happen, Janelle and South Carolina will be partially responsible. Also, Janelle is total trash.

    • Ams says:

      Dude me too! I’ve been following their drama and did not think they would get their kids back. I can’t believe it!!!! I was sure the kids were better off with family members.

      • Aims says:

        I know. Kaiser was finally able to hangout with his dad and looked happy. This girl has a very extensive history of drug abuse, bad decisions and a long rap sheet. She will never leave this guy and she will always pick a man over her kids.

      • ME says:

        Amber Portwood just got arrested for domestic battery against her partner. She supposedly hit him while he was holding their one year old son ! Amber and Janelle NEVER learn their lesson do they? Disgusting.

      • Ams says:

        I also remember that clip of pulling a gun out during a road rage incident with one of her sons in the front seat!! She and the husband are so unstable. I’m sure they’re going to punish the kids for whatever they said during the trial. I don’t see HOW any judge thought these 2 were magically better parents in such a short time. Any episode of her show proves how awful they are. It’s a shame.

    • VintageS says:

      Poor kids.

    • Wilady says:

      Yeah I’m always scared Jenelle is going to turn up dead. She has issues, but nobody deserves that S. Hope she can get out. It only escalates after someone starts killing animals.

  7. Jane says:

    I see nothing. It’s been removed on my end. Anyone else able to see the infamous picture?

    • Ams says:

      Oh shit didn’t see that stuff about amber! I was rooting for her. I hoped she had gotten the help She needed and could have a better life once she was out of jail. Damn.

  8. SJR says:

    Well, the old saying “You marry for money, you will work for every cent” applies here, IMO.

    If he stays healthy, he might do OK for a few years but, any serious health problems of his, are going to cost her the rest of her youth. By 74+ he is going to truly age and she will be early-mid 40’s.

    Nope. Not for me.

    Btw, no 69-70 y/o man needs a 35 y/o woman, he might want one. Get that viagra ready.

  9. Flying fish says:

    What happened to Katharine’s face?

  10. VintageS says:

    Can not stand her since her treatment of first husband and skanky affair with the married Michael Morris.

    • Tiffany says:

      I felt so bad for Mary McCormack when that went down. McPhee really did not get just how connected Mary is in HW and underestimated her influence because they were over before they began. Someone sent McPhee a memo.

    • Guest says:

      That’s on the married Michael Morris, not Katherine. Did Michael’s wife divorce him? I thought not..

      • OG Cleo says:

        What lazy logic. Of course it’s on BOTH of them, she knew he was married. Smh

  11. Evil Owl says:

    Please please cover the WTF story of James Franco being subpoenaed by Johnny Depp & Co. Not trying to be insensitive to an abuse victim but would love to hear your take on the gossip gold that is the shady elevator ride footage.

  12. Um says:

    Don’t like any of the dresses and I really don’t like the styling. Her hair especially.

  13. Tina says:

    David Foster looked beyond bored in all of the ceremony photos. And I have to say, Roger Federer, you do not need to go to the wedding of literally every famous person who invites you. Pippa Middleton I guess I kind of understood, but this is very random.

    • thea says:

      tommy haas and roger federer are friends. david foster is tommy’s father-in-law, i guess that’s the connection.

      • buensenso says:

        yeah. and real ones. he wouldn’t go just to go. he has a pretty busy schedule.

  14. Cara says:

    I can’t believe how much Botox Katherine has in her face! Her fake boobs are ridiculous and distracting. They are especially distracting since it looks like they are going to pop out of both of her strapless numbers. Her wedding dress is okay, but what a dumb veil.
    I agree that David looks bored. I guess he has had more wedding days than most, so maybe the big day has lost some of its charm. He looks bored in all wedding and honeymoon pics. He seems like the biggest dick ever.
    Needless to say, I’m not buying the love story they are selling.

    • Lara says:

      Hasn’t he been married four times already, something like that? I’m kind of intrigued by them. They must discuss their age difference, he may have 10 good years left, and then she caretakes? Just… interesting.

  15. Patty says:

    Katharine has over done the Botox and fake boobs don’t suit her. I just can’t get excited about their union, lol. It’s his fifth or sixth marriage and her second. I wish them the best but I don’t see it lasting more than a decade, if that.

  16. Arizona says:

    I’m not surprised that David Foster really liked Celine’s marriage with Rene. that marriage also creeped me out.

  17. Mary Davey says:

    She better stay healthy because he will kick her to the curve. That old man, well she can sing. She went to school with Meghan I think.

  18. Granger says:

    Who the heck has a big white church wedding for his FIFTH marriage? Do these people have no sense? Call me cynical, but I can’t imagine that David Foster walked down the aisle to Katherine thinking, “This time it’s going to work!” The guy is clearly obsessed with the thrill of first love.