Nicole Kidman & Eva Mendes both showed off their new fur-baby family members

Two celebrity ladies announced the new additions to their families this week, and I’m here for it. I’ve been thinking about getting a kitten this summer too, so maybe this Hot Girl Summer is really New Fur-Baby Summer. Eva Mendes has always had dogs, and she’s always loved BIG dogs. And she got a new one, a rescue pupper she’s named Lucho.

Meet Lucho. The newest member of our family. We adopted him from this amazing agency called Friends for Life Rescue Network @fflrescuenetwork.

If you’re looking for a fluffy family member, adoption is a great option. So many little dudes out there needing a home. If you’re not able to have a pet but love animals , you can donate to this nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. Your donation helps keep animals off the streets and out of shelters where they euthanize

[From Eva’s IG]

Lucho looks like a mixed breed to me, but I suck at identifying which breeds make up a doggo. Which also means that I’m just going with “poodle” or “poodle mix” for Nicole Kidman’s new dog too! Nicole has apparently only had cats her whole life – and she currently has two fluffy kitties named Snow and Ginger, and she’s a self-described “cat person.” But she got a red, fluffy little dog. I wonder if he’s a rescue? Hm.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. Megan says:

    Definitely get another kitten. Two cats are so fun.

    • Himmiefan says:


    • OriginalLala says:

      Yes! We have three cats and they are such a joy to share our lives with. Our two older ladies (12) love to romp around with their little sister (4) and I swear she keeps them young!

    • lucy2 says:

      Yes I highly recommend getting 2 kittens. I always had just 1 cat, and when my last one passed away I adopted 2 – they have so much fun together, and use up a LOT of energy on each other.

      All of the rescues and shelters here are swamped with kittens right now! Please spay and neuter, and support TNR efforts!

  2. elimaeby says:

    They are both gorgeous dogs! Awww, now I have puppy fever. I’ll just have to remind myself how annoyed I get when my roommate wants me to take his dog out for him in the middle of the night because he’s not home from the bar yet. LOL.

  3. K says:

    Eva’s looks like a weimaraner/doberman mix?

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      Looks purebred weimaraner. It’s shocking how many purebred dogs end up in rescue because people don’t research breeds to find out which breed might work best with their lifestyle. Or get rid of them when they’re no longer cute puppies. I’ve also found rescue placement for purebred dogs I’ve gotten from backyard breeders who are going to put the dogs down when they’re not producing healthy litters anymore. It’s makes me angry and depressed.

      • Tami says:

        Agree on the Weimaraner ID. When I worked in rescue we saw some Weimeraners in shelters a bit because, like a lot of breeds, without training, they can be wild and destructive. They are not a bright breed (one trainer I know called them the dumbest dogs she had ever worked with), and they need structure and a channel for their energy. They are like Labs in that they need to run and play and get that energy out, or they dig and chew.

        Nicole’s pup looks like a mini-poodle/poodle mix to me. My mini-poodle has the exact same body and facial structure as her dog, at least from what I can see in the picture. They are a great breed and good for cat people in that they are smart and don’t demand a ton of exercise.

      • TQB says:

        I thought so at first, but the face looks a little too round. Weimaraners are very angular. Lovely, gorgeous dogs but they often have anxiety issues and always have tons of energy. People need to do their research and not just buy the cutest puppy. Better yet, ADOPT!

      • sommolierlady says:

        Doesn’t look pure bred but def. has some weimar. I love that she adopted an older dog. (Non- puppy.)

        Nicoles is cute too.

    • JJ says:

      Weimaraners are not dumb. They are intelligent and very loyal to the person with whom they bond.

      • Millenial says:

        Definitely not dumb. They are often used as hunting dogs, they definitely are a breed that needs a job/task.

    • Marla says:

      It‘s a blue doberman

  4. Agirlandherdog says:

    Lucho is a weimaraner.

    Toy dogs are so often mixed to create “designer breeds” I wouldn’t guess at Nicole’s dog.

  5. savu says:

    Yesterday was national kitten day. Get one!!!

    P.s. then clip their nails often, and always with treats. I just had a vet friend come over to watch me clip my cat’s nails because she sits still and purrs. It’s only because she’s done it since she was a baby, and associates nail trimming with treats! Probably my proudest accomplishment as a cat mom 😂

    • lucy2 says:

      I tried so hard with mine, but they both HATE getting their nails trimmed. I usually manage to sneak 1 or 2 while they’re sleeping, but then they wake up and get mad, so it’s a lengthy process. My one uses all the scratching posts so well, but the other…not so much.

    • PixiePaperdoll says:

      It never dawned on me to give treats with nail clipping. My late cat enjoyed it so much that when I’d start trimming my own nails, she’d waddle over and try and get in my lap.

  6. original_kellybean says:

    That weimaraner is beautiful. I thought about getting a rescue Weimaraner but have two boxers instead. One is a rescue. I will only do rescue from now on. So many pets are unwanted and mistreated.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      I fostered rescue dogs and I want people to know that rescues are often fostered in people’s homes and treated like pets/ family members. I often had the dogs for a month or so and would have plenty of time to assess their behaviour. I say this because people sometimes find a rescue suspect and say they were given up because of their behaviour but that’s rarely true. And when I had the dog with me, I showered them with love (they slept in my bed, they came to work with me in my office), so I could guarantee that whoever adopted them was getting a happy, well-adjusted dog. I tested the dog in all sorts of situations – with kids, with a cat, with another dog, with strangers. Rescues work hard to make sure a dog is ready to go to their forever home.

      • TQB says:

        Thank you for that work!! It takes a lot of love and patience to foster and it’s so, so important!!

  7. Rae403 says:

    Nicole’s dog is a red/apricot toy poodle most likely. It looks like a pure-bred; I have had toy poodles my whole life and this looks pretty much like my current red one, a little girl named Jade.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I adore poodles! They are everything you want in a dog – loyal, fun and playful, easy to train, good at letting you know when someone has arrived, don’t shed hair everywhere. I’m seriously considering splashing out $4000 to get one again. We had to put our 19-yer-old Jack Russell to sleep on Monday. It was absolutely necessary, but still so very sad. RIP Rufus. 🐶

      • Bella Bella says:

        I have a mini poodle who is a rescue. I paid nothing for her. The idea of paying $4000 for a dog is mind-boggling. This is a post about rescue dogs!

        I am an avowed poodle lover. They are super smart, which is important to me. Sweet and playful, love to swim, hike, etc. Soft and snuggly. Great companions.

    • blacktoypoodle says:

      My screen name.
      “That’s all”. (Miranda Priestly voice)

  8. Jb says:

    That’s a Weimaraner mix! My fur baby is one as well (he has green eyes and a darker coat) and constantly gets told how handsome he is (he really is not just saying cause I’m his mom!). Kidmans is definitely not a rescue and some sort of designer breed. Please adopt ppl!!! You will get a one of a kind dog rather than a “factory” made one. You can save a life and there will never ever be a dog exactly like the one you save!!! Anyways this makes me want to go home and hug my baby

    • lucy2 says:

      Weimaraners and mixes are so beautiful!
      Nicole’s may be a rescue, who knows, there are all kinds of dogs, including purebreds, in shelters and rescues. I hope that’s the case here.
      I really appreciate Eva posting info on the organization she used, hopefully it gets them some donations!

      • Jb says:

        @lucy true. Though most of the rescue dogs we saw at the shelters were not pure breds. The volunteer showing us around explained most pure breds were resold to different families because again “pure bred” meant better for some ppl. The shelters often are filled with various mixes, older dogs and not “cute” (the volunteers words) breeds. We were told our baby was a lab mix, which was false but I later was told they tell a lot of ppl that as it increases the chances of people wanting the dog. Anyways I love dogs even designer ones BUT so many sweet babies In shelters that I always feel I need to shout ADOPT DONT SHOP.

  9. Andrea Riordan says:

    Nicole’s pupper looks like a labradoodle or a goldendoodle. Love the rescue. Has anyone ever looked into the scams that a lot of rescues run? (As opposed to SPCA).

    • Carol says:

      I was thinking a mini-doodle of some sort as well.

      The whole adopt vs. purchase debate is not as simple as everyone makes it out to be. I’ve rescued two dogs. If we could have gone the rescue route for our third, we would have. We have kids with allergies and one with significant special needs. When I talked with my friend who is a top dog trainer for one of the top shelters in our area, she refused to let me rescue (said she couldn’t feel safe not knowing how a formerly abused rescue dog might react to our child’s spastic movements) and told me I needed instead to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. We got a large doodle who is the perfect fit. Even as a puppy he would pull on a rope toy so hard with us, but actually change his mouth grip and become so gentle when our one child would want to play with him. I don’t regret that decision.

  10. TQB says:

    It IS New Fur Baby Summer! I adopted the most beautiful gal 10 days ago. She’s a 2 year old stray rescued from Puerto Rico and we love her to pieces!! My heart is so full!

    • Traveler says:

      That is so sweet. The world needs so many more people like you!
      We have loved our rescues beyond words. Best wishes to you and your new family member.

  11. Laura-j says:

    Did Eva and Ryan get married? Note ring finger…

  12. Cara says:

    I can hardly concentrate on the cute dogs what with that utterly bizarre and completely ugly outfit of Eva’s.

  13. Alyssa Callaway says:

    Didn’t Eva have kind of a problematic situation with a big dog that was difficult to control or something? I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly but I feel like she got heat for either some kind of shock collar or taking him somewhere unleashed? I think it was a big shepherd type dog. But I could be totally wrong.

    Doesn’t mean she isn’t a responsible dog owner and it’s great she rescued that pup.

  14. Poodlelover says:

    Nicole’s dog appears to be a poodle. So happy for her. I’ve preferred poodles my while life (toys and now standards) and just got my first cat. My cat reminds me of my poodle or vice versa. I really tried with other breeds via friends and ones I’ve rescued who have passed away due to old age and yup poodles and cats for me.

    I don’t think hers is a mix. It just doesn’t have a cleanly shaven face.