Porsha Williams: Social media has altered perception of what moms look like

I wrote a few weeks ago in a post about Chrissy Tiegen about how angry body-shaming makes me. One group of people who get regularly body-shamed are those who have just given birth, which I think is exceptionally low and gross. Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of Atlanta is speaking out after being body-shamed four months after giving birth:

Porsha Williams wants new moms to be able to “bask in motherhood” instead of worrying about their weight.

“Moms are badass don’t let anyone tell you different 💋” Williams, 38, began an Instagram post shared on Friday, in response to negative comments she’s been receiving about her looks after she gave birth to daughter Pilar Jhena in March.

“Ps: It’s just weird I actually get this a lot,” Williams said, sharing a screenshot of a troll’s comment saying that she should cover up until she loses her baby weight. “I think social media has altered people’s perception of what moms look like.”

Williams’ post came after sharing several bikini photos of herself with Pilar, or PJ, poolside. In the most recent swimsuit shots, Williams wears a black, strappy bikini topped off with a leopard-print headband and gold hoop earrings, while little PJ wears a plaid onesie and a black and white polka-dotted bow in her hair.

“A lot of moms tell me how they get underhanded compliments or jokes about their weight and it really affects them in a negative way,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star continued. “I just feel like we should be able to bask in motherhood and let our bodies naturally heal and evolve. Like for me I had Pj 4 months ago and I just don’t feel ready to workout.”

“The snapback culture has put pressure on most moms so they end up feeling insecure about what their body is naturally doing and looks like,” Williams went on. “I know call me weird but I actually adore my lil marks and feel like it’s a lil badge of honor as all moms should🤷🏾‍♀️❤️ I just want to use myself to encourage fellow mommies 😊 #Swipe #4Months#CSectionCrew #Muva #SnapDeez#MommyRollsRock”

[From People]

The second photo of Porsha’s Instagram post (that’s above) is her reaction to a comment from someone who tells her that she should wear a coverup over her bathing suit until she loses the weight that she gained during her pregnancy, and they end it with a “just kidding LOL” note. “Just kidding LOL” is not some magical phrase that makes whatever came before it less obnoxious. Porsha’s reaction is to point out how problematic that line of thinking is, and that she has nothing to be ashamed of or to cover up. I’m so glad that she’s speaking out about this and is taking on the trolls (though I’d imagine that since she’s caring for a newborn, she’s probably exhausted, and I’d understand if she wanted to just ignore them). I was scrolling through her other Instagram posts, and she looks so happy and PJ is adorable. I hope that Porsha allows herself this time to rest, recover, heal, and bond with PJ. I also hope that she doesn’t let the negativity get to her. Team Porsha!

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14 Responses to “Porsha Williams: Social media has altered perception of what moms look like”

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  1. Emeraldeyes says:

    If I had her body I’d never cover it up.

    She’s right right, though, Instagram can be the devil.

    • Millennial says:

      Her postpartum body looks amazing. Where are the celebrities with a loose mommy pouch and cellulite legs?

      • I'm With The Band says:

        Yes, she looks incredible! Pre-baby, I was in great shape. Post-baby, nah. I never “bounced back” and I was ok with that until I was getting flooded with images of celebrities and instagrammer’s with washboard abs and no cellulite. I shouldn’t feel that way, but many women feel very vulnerable post-baby and this “bounce back” culture doesn’t empower at all.

    • Harryg says:

      I don’t get it either, that’s a great body!

    • megs283 says:

      Yes, she looks fabulous. I can’t remember my first post-baby body, but after having my third, my body is pbbbbllllllllt.

  2. I'm With The Band says:

    Snapbacks are just opportunities to humble brag and basically make women who haven’t bounced back feel like shit about their own normal bodies. Whenever I see snapback pics on Instagram, I have an overwhelming urge to tell the posters to go phuck themselves. The standards that have been set by society are out of control. Some women do lose a lot of weight quickly, others don’t. Why is not bouncing back considered a bad thing?

  3. Lizzie says:

    she looks beautiful and you can tell she was fit before and during pregnancy. she’s obviously taking great care of herself – people should STFU.

  4. Risa says:

    Its been 5 years and I am FINALLY bouncing back LOLOL.
    Too bad it takes so much damn work.

    • Ksias says:

      I’m right there with you it will be 5 years in October and I swear I just know am starting to get my old self back.

    • TheBees says:

      It’s been 14,12,8 years and I’m just now bouncing back a little. Lol it happens when it happens

  5. Murphy says:

    I had a baby the same month as her and I dipped down to 30 pounds below my original pre-pregnancy weight due to post partum depression. When I got over it I put those pounds back on and an extra 10 and you know what–I am just so happy to be able to enjoy my baby and to be ABLE to eat that I just do not care at all about that shit right now. Yeah I might have had some cheese Danish yesterday but I had some vegetables too so, whatever.

  6. rosamund12 says:

    I read the headline, saw the picture, and thought it was meant to be an example of the kind of post-baby body that is unrealistic for most of us, and just makes us feel worse when we can’t measure up. THAT is the body that’s being shamed? Give me a break.

  7. Cupcake says:

    She looks STUNNING!!!!! Is she still with the baby’s father? Dennis I think?

  8. Leonz says:

    I think she looks great! Her body is very feminine and sexy. But celebrities need to stop messing with their faces…. ugh,.