Do produce savers really work to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer?

I want to vouch for these dog poop bags that we featured a few weeks ago. I bought some in a little plastic holder at the local pet store and they’re so much better than the bags I was using! They’re lightly scented but not perfumey and cover up the smell well. Plus they’re thicker and bigger than normal poo bags and so much easier to use. You don’t need to double bag at all. I will definitely buy them when I get my own dog. (I’m just pet sitting a sweet border collie as I keep mentioning. I’ll miss her.)

A large capacity bagless vacuum that’s mid-priced
I need a new vacuum as mine gave up the ghost after about five years. I had a Bissell Powerglide Pet bagless. It stopped sucking up hair and it stopped rotating, but it was great while it lasted. I do not want to splurge on a Dyson (I hate how much hype they get) and am looking for something less expensive. This lightweight bagless vacuum by Shark is the number 3 bestseller in upright vacuum cleaners on Amazon. It has 4.3 stars, over 2,000 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers call it “easy to clean” and “not super bulky,” praise how much dirt and hair it picks up and say it’s “an incredible vacuum” for the price. I looked at so many vacuums before finding this one and it’s probably the one I’m choosing. I’m not really motivated to buy a new vacuum though, you know?

A single serve smoothie blender that can crush ice
Commenter Shoo Chai asked in our last post for a single serve smoothie blender that’s powerful enough to blend frozen fruit. The 700 watt Ninja personal blender comes with two 16 ounce cups for blending and two spout lids for make and go drinks. It has over 800 reviews, 4.6 stars and an A from Fakespot. Users say it “makes a great smoothie” and is “the most thorough blender I have ever used for smoothies.” I do not think it’s as quiet as Shoo was hoping for.

A vacuum insulated bottle that stays hot or cold for days
My kid wanted this expensive insulated bottle because they’re popular at his school. I was skeptical, but he left it at his friend’s house around dinnertime, got it back the next morning at school and it was still cold! This bottle by Hydroflask is the number one bestseller in water bottles. It comes in five different colors and in so many different sizes so you can stay hydrated all day. This is the version with the top which has its own straw. There’s also a wide mouth version and one with a flip top. This would be great for school, traveling or camping. Yes it’s a status symbol bottle as the top review admits. That person also writes that he feels “compelled to drink more water” now that he owns this. Other people write that it’s the “best water bottle I have ever owned” and say it “keeps ice in it for days.” Here’s a link to a more affordable, smaller 12 ounce version from Thermos.

Women’s jelly flats bring nostalgia to your footwear
We’ve been talking about flats here but I haven’t bought any yet! Fall is coming so I probably need some closed flats, but I’ll just wear my boots, sneakers and pumps as usual until I find some which aren’t a fortune and which have decent enough reviews. (The Amazon brand ballet flats we featured seem decent.) These are the only jelly flats I could find with an A from Fakespot. All the others had Ds or Fs. These have 3.5 stars, over 650 reviews and an A. Some styles are said to run small, and they may smell plasticky, but some women really love them, especially the price. One bride wore them to her wedding reception. She writes that she got “so many compliments on them,” that they were comfortable and she plans to wear them again. Other women call them “better than I imagined” and say they’re “beautiful” and “fit great.”

Do produce savers really work?
I found two produce saver containers to consider from Amazon, the one above by Rubbermaid Freshworks and Oxo. I watched the half minute videos about each so now I’m an expert. The Rubbermaid Freshworks containers have an elevated crisping tray and venting in the top. Those have 4.4 stars, over 3,000 reviews and a B from Fakespot. The Oxo brand is more expensive and comes with a little carbon filter to reduce spoilage along with an internal colander-like area to let air vent around the produce.Those have 3.8 stars, 468 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Do any of you use these and do they work? Some reviewers swear by them.

An adjustable spice rack drawer organizer
I have all my spices in a drawer, my mom does it that way so I got the idea from her. They roll around and are messy in there, but there’s a product for that! I saw this on Buzzfeed in their kitchen organization story. This has 4.8 stars, over 1,200 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers rave about how easy it is to custom fit to your drawers by cutting it to size. It’s called “fantastic,” “the best system ever” for spice organization and an “absolutely brilliant solution” to keep spices corralled.

A nonstick indoor grill with easy cleanup
I keep finding things I want which I didn’t know existed. This indoor searing grill by Hamilton Beach is under $65. It has over 2,300 reviews, 4.4 stars and an A from Fakespot. This summer I developed an allergy to beef and pork and am scared to use my outdoor grill now because of this. I’m not sure how to avoid cross contaminations. The hood, grill and drip tray on this grill can all go in the dishwasher! This would be great for grilling in the winter or fall when you don’t want to bother going outside. Reviewers say it doesn’t smoke like they expected, that the drip tray catches everything and that there are grill marks and good flavor, just like an outdoor grill.

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  1. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I can vouch for the Shark vacuum. It’s the best I’ve ever owned! Also, the Ninja is amazing.

    I eager for some recommendations on weighted blankets and handheld shower heads. Also, my son has allergy-induced asthma and would like some ideas on home products to help ease flair-ups, which lead to lots of coughing. We already have a humidifier. Thanks!

    • Cate says:

      I got this weighted blanket about 6 months ago and I really love it.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’ve always had good luck with Oreck electronic air cleaners. They also have installment plans to reduce the financial damage. I keep going back for them when the old ones finally conk out since all the other cheaper ones I’ve tried just haven’t been satisfactory. I am allergic to both pollen and mold, and I can really feel the difference as soon as I start them up.

      I do not react to the plastic they use, which is another consideration for me since so many gadgets outgas terribly and I can’t use them.

      I think they probably have a money back guarantee to try one.

  2. T-Fanty Fan says:

    Look for a refurb Dyson. I have the floor model and handheld from and they were both worth every penny!

  3. Erin says:

    I would highly Recommend COMPOSTABLE dog bags instead. They will degrade over time. They are a good thickness but aren’t perfumed. But they are COMPOSTABLE 🙂

    PLANET POOP – Compostable…

    I can also highly recommend the hydroflasks! They really do keep things hit or cold for DAYS! Only downside is they are heavier than a regular water bottle.

    The produce keepers are great too! Really extend the life of your fruits and veggies 😉

    Great post!

    • Ali says:

      Was going to say the same thing. The hydro flask has been an excellent water bottle for my son to use for sports but it’s too heavy for me to use on hikes.

  4. JanetDR says:

    I have that Rubbermaid fresh works bin and it does help keep the lettuce going longer. It’s not like I experimented, but definitely fewer soggy leaves at the bottom.

    • manda says:

      I have the rubber maid and it seems to help with strawberries. Even if they don’t “work”, I still need something to put my fruits and veggies in, and these are stackable!

  5. SamC says:

    The earthrated dog scoop bags are the absolute best! I had two large dogs (only one now) and have used these for years. Best part is it is super reasonable to order the big box and you will be covered for months!

    I tried the produce savers and ended up returning them after a couple of weeks. They are too small to hold a Costco size bag of spinach or lettuce and were less effective than my old way of keeping a layer of paper towel in the bottom and top of a rubbermaid container to keep vegetables fresh/not soggy.

  6. Harryg says:

    That grill looks so good and makes me hungry.

    Can anyone recommend a bike tracker with no monthly fees? Is there such a thing? Like a pet tracker, but for a bike, so that if it gets stolen it can be tracked?

  7. jessamine says:

    I got a dyson as an engagement gift and while the marriage never happened the dyson worked wonders for a solid decade (I have asthma and a massive dust allergy). Not wanting to shell out dyson money for a new vac I got a shark as a replacement and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Cons: The deep-clean suction is not quite as good as the dyson and the wand doesn’t telescope (I need a stepstool for ceiling spiders). Pros: still excellent suction and excellent hepa filter, MUCH lighter than the klutzy dyson, “foot” detaches from canister for super easy stair cleaning, easier to clean the vac itself, super affordable for the quality.

    • Ali says:

      I hate my Dyson (it is so heavy and clumsy) and am waiting for it to die to get a Shark next.

      • CityGirl says:

        I hated my Dyson and it died a relatively quick death considering it cost $450. I thought it too heavy and not living up to the hype. My long haired cat was choking it all the time. Anyway, I got a Shark. Spent a fraction of the money I spent on a Dyson, it’s lasted way longer, it’s lightweight, my favorite color ( shallow yes, but they dyson orange is ugly) and I love it so much I got one for my sister.

      • Emily Gilmore says:

        I hated my Dyson and it needed so much maintenance. After taking it to the service center 3 times in 4 months, they suggested I take the entire thing apart and detail it EVERY TIME I USED IT. It was so difficult to take apart and clean, so clunky and was always falling over. I now have a shark that was a quarter of the price and is so efficient and light, and works so well

      • jessamine says:

        Re-sale the dyson and just get the shark … cosign everything people have said about the dyson needing needing so much *licensed* maintenance. We’re not gentle with the shark but the few times it’s needed a new part we’ve just ordered it from amazon for cheap and replaced it ourselves.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’ve been happiest with a Nilfisk industrial strength…. with HEPA filter, but there many with such filters now. But the Nilfisk is quite well made and lasts for years, so they don’t cost much per year.

      Have lived with 1-5 cats at various times and their kazillion fleas (before Frontline was invented and transformed the kitties into little flea killing machines).

      I don’t react to whatever Nilfisk uses in their hoses or on the body of their vacuums, which is a consideration for me. I’m very sensitive to whatever outgasses from a lot of soft plastics.

  8. Original T.C. says:

    The Ninja is not quite, but it gets the job done in less than a minute! It crushes ice to fine pieces. Crushes things like Garlic, ginger, as fine as possible that you can place in a ziplock bag and freeze it for months. Same with fresh fruits/ fruit mixes that you can save and use when needed! It’s one of the most useful kitchen gadgets IMO for busy people.

    • jwoolman says:

      Vitamix has a personal size blender kit that has a relatively small footprint and comes with a 40oz container and a 20oz travel container that looks like the one in the Ninja picture. And it even pulverizes raspberry seeds into a smooth drink. (Seriously, that was the criterion I used…)

      There’s a more recent model that can handle smaller containers as well as big ones.

      I got the personal size one a few years ago refurbished for $250 (five installments) and free shipping (just look online for vitamix feee shipping codes from affiliates). It seems to be occasionally available for the same price.

      Other models also are sold refurbished. I bought one refurbished back In the 1980s that refused to die even though I wanted a newer one that was smaller and could pulverize seeds better, so I finally gave up and got the personal size one anyway. At only $50 per month for five months and a real 30 day money back guarantee, how could I lose? I almost wish I had gone for a bigger one, though, turned out I go crazy with fruit and veg drinks periodically and strain the 40oz capacity more than I ever thought I would. But I needed the counter space.

      I do like the Tribest little personal blenders and keep one handy for tiny jobs and blending cat food for ailing kitties (have a mason jar adapter so can blend a whole can right in a mason jar, using a blade attachment dedicated to the kitties). They last for years also. But for really smooth drinks, the vitamix rules. It even makes a huge difference when just blending a green powder in water.

      Another one that seems as good as a vitamix is the Blendtec, they may have similar deals. There is one of the Ninjas that was in the same category when I was looking, but can’t remember the model. Ninjas have spotty quality control judging from reviews, so it depends on luck whether you get a long lasting one. Vitamix and Blendtec have very long warranties (several years) and I always figure refurbished is better because anything horribly wrong has already surfaced and been fixed.

  9. Rachel MST says:

    I have and use the Rubbermaid produce savers. They’re not miracle workers, but they do seem to keep lettuce and fruit (particularly blueberries and strawberries) fresher longer.

  10. stephagogo says:

    Would love a rec for a mattress pad, as mine desperately needs to be replaced. I looked on amazon, and the 3 I was interested in all had Fs and Ds from fakespot, which was discouraging. Looking for something with cooling tech and/or gel under $55.

    LOVE these posts btw!

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I might have to try that water bottle! But I can’t stand bagless vacuums lol. LOATHE them. And I normally wear shoes with height (I wouldn’t be able to reach anything lol), but those jellies are cute!

  12. ab says:

    I have this exact vacuum, which I bought last year on a Black Friday deal. I don’t feel like it’s the best thing ever, but it’s a lot better than my last vacuum which was a cheapo that would blow dust around the room. The Shark is heavier than I want it to be, and a little awkward to use with attachments, because the hose is short. The suction is great, but I have hardwood floors and a few thin rugs so I don’t know how it would perform on carpets. Overall it’s nice but I kept the box for three months, hemming and hawing over whether to return it. Obviously not a glowing review from me but I don’t regret the purchase.

    I did however buy and return a Hydroflask water bottle a few years ago. I got a dud that didn’t work and ended up going for a Thermos instead.

    These posts are becoming my favorite! And maybe also my least favorite because they are so enabling. My Amazon habit is out of control lol.

  13. manda says:

    The annoying thing with the rubbermaid one is that it is really easy to lose the little green thing at the bottom of the container, which is sort of an important thing. I accidentally threw it away the first time I used it for one of them! Oh well, I still use it, though. We have lots of fruits and veggies and it’s nice having a place to put them

  14. IMUCU says:

    I have the containers, I’d say they work to extend freshness a bit. I have a few containers though that I suck the air out of the container with a little vac-pump after I close it — that makes stuff last forever and is what I like to use more!

  15. bobafelty says:

    I own the grill, it’s also available at Walmart (sometimes sales prices there are cheaper than Amazon). It works so well, I highly recommend! I now grill at least once a week even in Winter. It’s good for both meat and veggies, very non-stick surface. All the parts remove easy and are dishwasher safe. I’ve been grilling up asparagus and scallops. It has a range of temps and a sear function. I’ll stop talking about how much I love an indoor countertop grill now…

  16. Emmet says:

    Back in the day used to really like those green bags keeping the produce fresh.
    Could rinse and reuse a few times as long as the produce was kept whole and not cut up.

  17. Mellie says:

    Love the Hydroflask, I have a couple of those and they are amazing. For the produce keepers, I really prefer my Tupperware brand ones. Those are amazing at keeping things fresh for a good long while. I have tried both and if you can find a Tupperware consultant you should order them from him/her. Plus, if they break or something like that, I believe that Tupperware will replace it for no cost. The vacuum that I have at home is a Riccar brand (I think that’s how it is spelled) and I can’t imagine life without it, it’s not bag-less though, but it is a good vacuum, the best one I’ve ever owned.

  18. RainbowGirl says:

    I have the produce storage containers from Tupperware. They have adjustable valves on the lids depending on what you put in them, and charts on the sides telling you where to set the valve for different produce. They were not cheap; however, they have made their money back and more in reducing the amount of spoiled produce I’ve had to throw out. For example, I’ve had a couple heads of Romaine lettuce keep for a month. After a couple of weeks, it became an experiment to see how long it would last, and I would only use a bit at a time to test its freshness. I was pleasantly surprised! They also help keep the fridge from looking like a disaster and make it look nice and organized.

  19. olebrumm says:

    I got this “off brand” hydroflask for overseas travel this summer. I wanted a huge one and didn’t want to pay the hydroflask price. I can vouch that this bottle is just as good at keeping things cold and hot, is not heavy, and is compatible with various lids.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    We have those Rubbermaid produce savers. They really do work and work well! Just make sure you keep an eye underneath the little tray (that’s removable) on the bottom. It will keep the fruit or veggies fresh, but underneath can become a science experiment.

  21. susiecue says:

    I’m going to seriously consider the vacuum! I need a new one.

  22. livethelifeaquatic says:

    I’ve been looking for another water bottle. I just use your link to purchase the Hydro flask. I can attest to the Dyson I will never go back to anything else. I had been using a shark for several years prior and while they have great customer service, the Dyson cordless has really saved me a lot of time and I love how I can go from my tile floors to my carpet and I don’t have to switch around many attachments. Plus the price has went down a lot in the last few years. I got one for under $300

  23. Celebitchy says:

    I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone! I’m going to order the Shark, especially since @LaUnicaAngelina and @ab have it and like it. It’s also reassuring that so many of you hate the Dysons! @mellie I will look at the Tupperware produce savers thanks for that tip. @stephagogo I’ll look for a mattress pad for you, I will have another Amazon post up tomorrow and hope to do it there.

  24. Cate says:

    I own the grill as well. Between that and the Instapot, my husband and I make some amazing food! We use both pretty much every day.

  25. jwoolman says:

    I just invested in a bunch more Rubbermaid FreshWorks vented containers and don’t care that I went into debt for it…. Does that answer your question?

    I had bought some long ones earlier and really liked them for greens and celery. Just dumped the greens and unwashed celery into them, definitely was getting more life out of the produce with much less fuss. Also helped with cut up small heads of cabbage.

    My ancient fridge is very wet and so the containers are protective for that reason also. On the countertop, I like them because they keep bugs and cats and Mickey Mouse away from my food. They don’t need any special care, I just either wipe them out or wash them when needed.

    I like to keep a small piece of paper towel under the raised platform and also above the produce. Should still allow for plenty of air circulation.

    Recent results in the fridge, mainly from a big produce sale:

    Red radishes: I just dumped them unwashed in a long container, single layer, from a bag 8/18/19 (Today is 8/30/19). I just dried them off a bit with a paper towel, not sure that was necessary. Looked at them for the first time today, and they were perfect. Ate a few today so there are lots left.

    Baby carrots: bought 1lb and dumped into a medium container 8/18/19 after drying them off a bit with a paper towel. Just ate the last ones 8/30/19, no problems.

    Baby spinach organic: Dumped 5oz straight from original (prewashed) plastic box into the large container 8/18/19. Still good 8/30/19, have at least half an ounce or so left. Baby kale had lasted about a week before finding a couple of yellow leaves in an earlier trial, but spinach tends to last longer in general.

    Black seedless grapes: Dumped unwashed on the vine into large container 8/18/18. Finished them up on 8/24/19 but really they all looked and tasted fine except one tiny bit of white fuzz on one of them. I could have left them after removing it but was hungry…

    Green seedless grapes: dumped unwashed on the vine into large container 8/18/19. Found one little bit of white fuzz on one of them 8/29/19 but most of the rest looked fine and I haven’t finished them yet after removing the fuzzy one and a few dubious others. I did take them off the vine and washed them and then put them into a smaller Freshworks container 8/29/19. They looked and tasted fine today 8/30/19. Expect to eat the rest tomorrow probably. Grapes are on sale again this week so have to make room for more…

    Sliced English cucumber and cut bell peppers have been easy to store in the small rectangular container, although I haven’t kept them more than a day or two that way so don’t know how long they would last. Poking around the web suggests cut fruits and veggies do pretty well in such containers and they are less messy than plastic bags….

    On the countertop:

    Put about six big sweet bell peppers (red, yellow, orange) in large and medium containers 8/18/19. Finished the last one 8/28/19. Only lost one to any spoilage and it was a little dubious from the beginning. Currently have high hopes for mini red/orange/yellow bell peppers and several big local green bell peppers in such containers since 8/27/19. I had previously kept the mini bell peppers in a container in the fridge with great success, they lasted well until I ate them all at least.

    I’m waiting for sales to try other fruits and mushrooms (I’ve tried the paper bag trick for mushrooms and green containers with not a lot of success). I’m especially happy about how well they keep greens, since otherwise I have to eat them up in two days…. I have had so little produce spoilage since I filled up my fridge with these containers. Usually I have to toss a lot.

    If you have the same problems as I have and would like to give these a try, I would suggest just building up your inventory of these gradually, starting with the size that will help you with your most problematic produce, and just see how they work for your particular needs. I’ve tried green bags, green containers, layering with paper towels in glass and plastic containers and ziplock bags and even other types of vented containers (with filters that need replacing) and those little balls to toss in with the produce. These just take a lot less work for me after a trip to the store and also do keep the produce longer and much more easily accessible for actual eating.

    • jwoolman says:

      By the way, although I haven’t used the Oxo produce keepers, they are an excellent brand and I would not hesitate to buy any of their products. I have always been happy with their storage and kitchen products.

      I like Rubbermaid because I don’t react to the plastic they use. But the same is true for Oxo.