Geometric stacking trays, spider traps and a moto jacket for fall

I bought the two eyeshadow palettes featured Thursday and the Garnier hair mask in coconut. So far I’ve only used the $5 palette from Nesa and I really like it! I can’t believe it was only $5, it’s more than worth the price. The L’oreal True Match foundation looks best on my skin, and nearly flawless, when I use the Monistat chafing relief gel as a primer. Also I really like the niacinamide serum by Cos de Baha! It seems to actually work, however I’ve learned my lesson not to hype serums until I give them a few weeks. Here’s some more stuff I found. As always let me know if you’re looking for anything or if you’ve found something you love.

Colorful stackable geometric trays for trinkets, makeup and snacks
I got this product idea from this Buzzfeed article on making your home feel like a hotel. These geometric plastic trays would be great for organizing and displaying jewelry, change, makeup or just about anything. They would look cute on a desk too. All put together they are almost 13 inches wide and around 7.5 inches tall. They have 4.5 stars, 73 ratings and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers call them “lightweight” with a “very cool design.” They’re just $10 and have a gray base tray and trays that fit on top in mint, salmon and canary. You can put them together or in combinations for your needs. People say they’re fun to bring to parties for hor devours, that they’re easy to travel with, and that they’re great to display items. They also come in flat and round trays with little sayings on them, some which make more sense than others.

Non-toxic glue traps for spiders, crawlies and more
This is spider season and I keep finding them around my house. Some are huge! I know spiders are useful but have a policy where all bugs inside get killed unless they’re exceptionally slow and easy to catch and I have enough patience to let them go outside. These sticky traps by Terro, the best insect catching brand (get the liquid ant baits if you get ants at all, they work so well), can be placed in corners of your house and will catch so many spiders, crickets and little crawly things you’ll be disgusted. They come flat and you just fold them into a little bug-catching pocket. They’re easy to set up, they really work and they’re less than a dollar a piece. These have a D from Fakespot but I’m vouching for them. Update: These are designed for insects only, they do not work on mice or rodents. I’ve used them for several years and have mice but have only trapped bugs. As far as I can find, they will not harm mice.

A cleansing balm with manuka honey and coconut oil
We’ve talked about the double cleansing process, where you use a balm to dissolve makeup and then a gel or cream cleanser for a more thorough clean. This rose cleansing balm by Instanatural can be the first step in your nightly skincare routine. It is $16 for a full four ounces which is 1.3 ounces more than you get of the Body Shop’s camomile cleansing butter we talked about before. This has 93 ratings, 4.9 stars and a B from Fakespot. It’s said to be good for all skin types and doesn’t leave any residue. People write that it “smells heavenly,” “is so smooth and silky going on” that it “melts away makeup” and feels like a “luxury treatment.”

A bamboo laptop stand for watching shows or working from bed
I have a couple of laptop stands, but they’re just flat and I end up using them under my mouse and mouse pad. This laptop stand sits up straight and has a section that flips up so you can more easily angle your screen. This would be great for when you want to work from your bed or couch or are watching shows. This has over 900 ratings, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. People call it “wonderful,” “my perfect dream desk” and like that it has an area for drinks and can double as a breakfast or snack tray.

A battery-powered wireless mouse
I love this little USB wireless mouse and bought one for my son too. It’s so much more convenient to use a mouse with your laptop, but standard size ones are heavier and need too much space to move. This gives you the convenience of using a mouse while you’re on the go. This has over 1,700 reviews, 4.3 stars and a B from Fakespot. I’ve used it for years and the battery lasts a long time. Here’s a link to a newer model, the M510, which is more ergonomic and slightly more expensive.

Bioidentical progesterone cream in case you need that
My doctor put me on synthetic progesterone but it makes me anxious. I watched a YouTube video with a doctor recommending that women go on progesterone cream and enough of my friends have recommended it so I ordered it. This is the number one bestseller in progesterone cream. It has almost 1,500 ratings, 4.2 stars and an A from Fakespot. Women write that it “completely stops my anxiety” is a “life changer” and helps “get libido back.” Please consult with your doctor before buying an over-the-counter progesterone product. This is not medical advice and we are not qualified to give medical advice. (Or life advice really but I still do that.)

A moto jacket for a fashionable fall
I have so many jackets that I can’t wait to wear this season! One of my favorites is a faux leather gray moto jacket from Germany. Most of the top selling moto jackets on Amazon have Ds or Fs from Fakespot, but not this one by Sebby. It has 40 ratings, 4.6 stars and an A from Fakespot. It comes in nine colors and in sizes small to 3x. Reviewers call it “perfect,” “a great fit” “cute” and say “it looks and feels like real leather.” It’s not the cheapest at $60 to $70 but that’s reasonable for the quality.

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  1. Bugsmom says:

    Please no glue traps – they are very cruel to the critters that they trap. I used peppermint essential oil in my basement to deter critters (I went a little overboard and my house was too minty), but it works.

    • Celebitchy says:

      To be clear these do not work on mice or rodents at all. They’re just strong enough for bugs. I also have used wintergreen oil to deter mice and usually use havahart traps. (I’m not going to lie I have resorted to traditional mousetraps when those don’t work however usually I trap and release them.)

    • margie says:

      Even for bugs, that’s a no fun way to die. I know most people are OK with glue traps, but we use peppermint oil and we are catch and release. I just feel too bad for anything that would die that death.

    • lucy2 says:

      I was going to say I’ll try the peppermint oil, but apparently it’s bad for cats.
      You’d think the cats would take care of any mice that get in, but no, they caught one and brought it upstairs, because they think they’re toys. That was a fun night.

    • pamspam says:

      Came here to say the same thing. Sticky traps are just awful and for the most part, there’s really no need to kill insects. Maybe try this:

      I’ve had a TERRIBLE pantry moth infestation. After multiple cleanings and following whatever advice I could find to a T, I finally broke down and bought similar sticky traps. They made a difference, but I felt like such a hypocritical dickwad for using them and every time I saw all the dead moths who clearly suffered, I felt sorry for going that route. If anyone has tips for getting rid of them, I’d welcome them because I won’t buy the traps again.

  2. Becks1 says:

    I use the ant version of those Terro traps after they were recommended on here, and they are amazing. We had a huge problem with those little sugar ants and the traps took care of them in a few days.

  3. msd says:

    I know you got this from Buzzfeed but the trays are cheap copies of Kaleido trays designed by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay DK. Please don’t support companies stealing the ideas of independent designers! It’s hard enough for female artists and designers out there. :(

  4. Fortifiedblonde says:

    Glue traps are pretty inhumane. Even, yes, for insects.

  5. Anilehcim says:

    In regard to double cleansing: POND’S COLD CREAM, ladies and gents. There is a reason it’s been popular for so many years. It’s (in my opinion) the best cleansing balm to use in double-cleansing. And unlike other brands, it’s less than $10. I don’t know if people are put off by the fact that their grandmothers used it or what, but it’s SO good!

    • Celebitchy says:

      I read that on reddit! I may try that.

    • Ali says:

      Part of my problem with the stuff that our grandmothers used is that they smell grandmotherly….

    • Nocturne says:

      Watch out for the oil cleanser. I’ve recently gotten into skincare and basically every YouTube skincare personality gasps in horror when they see someone using coconut oil as a cleanser. For some people its fine, but it has the capacity to cause a lot of problems.

      I’ve recently ordered Albolene from Amazon and I’m eager to try it out. It’s an old school oil cleanser that’s been around since the 50s or 60s and people rave about it. It’s also unscented so you won’t smell like a grandmother!

  6. bobafelty says:

    Please be careful about the trays. They look cool, but 1) it seems the design may have been taken from another designer, and 2) they may not be ok to eat off of! I almost bought a similar set, and the fine print mentioned that the coloring process of the trays meant you should not serve food off of them. That was enough to scare me off.

  7. Lila says:

    Those Terro ant traps work fabulously! We get invaded by fire ants every summer, and it’s the only thing that takes careful of them.

    I feel bad trapping my spider bros though. As long as they stay up in faraway corners, and aren’t black widows, I let them be.

  8. CL says:

    I have the bamboo lap desk/tray and I love it. I use it with my laptop and Ipad, of course, but I also really like it for my planner and accessories. I use the little drawer on it for my phone and appletv remote (those suckers are tiny!).

  9. Bella Bella says:

    If you are taking requests for posts, can I put in one for a good dog raincoat? I’ve looked online, read a million Best Dog Raincoat articles, and can’t seem to find anything that has a hood, covers any or all legs, has a slot for a leash to be hooked to a harness, warm lining (if it’s a winter raincoat) or no lining, and doesn’t either look like a tent dress or a bulky contraption. Or cost an insane amount of money. My mini poodle needs protection from the elements!

    • Antonym says:

      I second this request. I also have a mini poodle fur baby and he hates the rain. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  10. ojulia123 says:

    I love my Bugzooka for catching and releasing spiders (and other insects). It traps them but doesn’t kill them.