Hillary Clinton on Joe Biden’s creepy touching & sexism: ‘Get over it’

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Hillary Clinton gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine to promote the book she co-authored with her daughter Chelsea. People Mag has been pulling quotes from this interview for the past week – the full piece will appear in the upcoming print edition of People. I guess People’s editors have made the calculation that what Hillary says here is notable enough for a stand-alone story. They’re right. Hillary went on the record about Joe Biden and his creepy, handsy old man thing which has been bugging people for a while now. I admit that I actively turned a blind eye when Biden was VP. But I can’t turn a blind eye anymore – Biden is consistently creepy with women and girls. He invades their personal space, he touches them without consent, he refers to grown women and little girls as “sweetheart,” “darling” and “baby.” Time’s Up on all that bulls–t. But to Hillary Clinton, we just need to “get over it.”

On Joe Biden’s creepy behavior towards women & girls: “For goodness’ sake, I’m sorry, I have to jump in because I’ve heard a little bit about that…I mean, I don’t think that the Twitterverse is the American electorate, but there are lots of vocal voices that say all kinds of things.”

On Biden’s character: She said that Biden, 76, who is a leading contender to challenge President Donald Trump in next year’s election, “is a thoroughly decent human being who has served our country honorably and well for decades. You could take any person who sticks their little head above the parapet and says, ‘I’m going to run for president,’ and find something that … a little annoying habit or other kind of behavior that people are going to pick apart and disagree with,” she continued.

On Trump: “This man must be defeated. People who are putting themselves forward, which believe me, is a really difficult process to undergo, should be judged on the totality of their lives and their service. We can pick apart anybody. I mean, that’s a great spectator sport. But this man who’s there in the Oval Office right now poses a clear and present danger to the future of the United States. So get over it. Look at the candidates, look at what they’ve accomplished, look at what they have fought for — and vote for anybody to get rid of Donald Trump.”

Trump is so bad that we need to replace him with literally anyone else: “We are in a crisis. If the American people don’t understand that [Trump] is whittling away at our institutions, our rule of law, he is sowing mistrust among the American people toward one another, he is violating every norm of our values and our common humanity, he is making us a laughingstock and endangering our security around the world — if people don’t understand that, then we are in for a very, very rocky ride as a country.”

[From People]

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that argument Hillary is making, and I might even make the same argument… if Joe Biden was already the Democratic nominee. If the choice is between Biden and Trump, of course you choose Biden. But Biden isn’t the nominee and we’re still vetting him for the nomination. We’re actually supposed to sit here and think about this. We should ask ourselves if Joe Biden is capable of understanding how to treat women, girls, colleagues and journalists without coming across like a dirty old man who can’t keep his hands to himself? Hillary is arguing that if we get too bogged down in “Biden did this and that and it’s terrible,” we’ll lose the forest for the trees, the forest being “Donald Trump is the worst president in history and America will never be the same.” My argument is that we can do two things at once: we can focus on Trump’s crimes and treason while also having a conversation about how Biden is too gropey and creepy to get the nomination.

Joe Biden makes the case for Hillary Clinton to working-class voters: 'She gets it'

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63 Responses to “Hillary Clinton on Joe Biden’s creepy touching & sexism: ‘Get over it’”

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    I mean, isn’t this a good example of why men keep getting away with creepy unacceptable behavior, as long as they aren’t the worst, someone will always make excuses for them.

    yes, Biden is better than Trump, but so is a rotting compost heap so, let’s aim higher?

    • otaku fairy.... says:

      “I mean, isn’t this a good example of why men keep getting away with creepy unacceptable behavior, as long as they aren’t the worst, someone will always make excuses for them.”
      That sums up the general attitude many have towards how women and girls are treated: “As long as someone else somewhere else is doing something worse to females, This can’t be misogynistic, and females have no right to have a problem with it. Bleed, then we’ll talk. Until then, duct tape is silver. ”
      I agree that Joe Biden’s actions should definitely not be prioritized over getting Trump out of office though, and despite Hillary’s dismissive pattern, 100% she still should have been president. Nothing changes that.

    • Ctgirl says:

      Of course, Hillary excused the fact that her husband is a sexual predator. Biden doesn’t even register for Hillary in comparison to Bill.

  2. Astrid says:

    Yup, we can do 2 things at once – focus on Trump crimes and find somebody better that isn’t an old creepy man.

    • SM says:

      The problem is those two things can not be separated by a clear cut line. Old farts who will never vote for a woman moreover a woman of colour or a guy who in their eyes aims to change the whole tradition of american by being “a socialist” may vote for a an old fart who doesn’t understand how to act around women or who clearly has no idea where he is at times and whose family may or may not benefit from well established perfectly legal corruption instead of Trump. So in a way Hillary is right. Ince again we are approaching a situation where you just have to vote against the worse candidate.

    • Amie says:

      Except Trump hasn’t committed any crimes – or started any new wars yet even, unlike his two predecessors (yes, Barack Obama turned two wars into seven).

  3. DaisySharp says:

    I don’t know why she did this, because Biden would never in one million years defend her. He blamed her for the election outcome, and said he woulda won. She is so much better to other dems than they are to her. I honestly don’t get it. It makes me angry. And no I’m not voting for biden. If he’s the nominee…well yeah, because i need to start getting some sleep again. and she’s right that trump must be defeated (or removed). But no he’s not getting any support at all from me in the primary, and I pray he’s not the nominee. For me, the only one worse would be Bernie, whom I loathe for what he did in 2016. I loathe him. And that’s not even a strong enough word. There is no word strong enough.

    • Jensies says:

      Co-sign. This is a really bad hot take from Hillary. Who is supposed to be plugging a feminist book with her daughter. I think she’ll have regrets about saying this.

      • theplott says:

        Hilary has always had a tin ear for political messaging.

        I don’t understand your Bernie hate, personally. He single handedly changed the political discourse in this country to focus on the needs of the citizens rather than vague promises and doing nothing like so many Democrats before.

      • DaisySharp says:

        Actually, (heh heh) bernie single handedly renamed a Post Office. And that’s it.

    • Some chick says:

      I too am still utterly disgusted with Bernie for 2016. He really sandbagged the dems. He can continue to have all of the seats.

  4. August Robinson says:

    Yet another reason why I am vehemently against the next president of the United States being a 70 year old white man or 70 year old white woman.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:


    • olive says:

      EXACTLY. their time has passed. we need to move forward.

      • Lola says:

        how can you “move forward” when your comments are unbelievably racist against white people? How do you justify a comment like that but condemn racism in the same breath? Ridiculous!

    • DaisySharp says:

      Me too, and yet our 3 front runners are who? I get depressed every time I think about it. I avoid twitter when the polls come out.

    • K says:

      Yeah, why keep handing our country to people who are on their way out the door (sorry to be insensitive… I know, I’ll get old too), have a lot less energy, have lots of baggage or even crimes in their past, and in Trump’s case, full-blown mental illness and dangerous lack of control, a.k.a. senility!? He does WHATEVER HE WANTS on a daily basis, always trying to drop the mic on us. At an age when most people are desperate to retire and just chill for the rest of their life, why should we hand them one of the toughest jobs in the entire world?

      It’s like how some teenagers are better drivers than their grandparents: despite being young and lacking life experience, they have sharper reflexes, have more motivation to prove they’re capable of handling the new level of responsibility and the rules are fresh in their minds. We need someone who isn’t a teenager and isn’t ancient, in the middle of life.

    • minx says:

      I would be fine with Warren, she’s vital and energetic and seems years younger. Women live longer too. Biden and Sanders need to go home.

    • Carol says:

      Elizabeth Warren is 70 years old. I like her better than Kamala Harris or Booker. Buttigeig is still my guy though.

      • JennErinMS says:

        @Carol, Mayor Pete is my pick also! He is extremely intelligent and his responses and points are well-thought out and insightful, not to mention he seems like a level-headed and compassionate man who has a genuine love for his country and mankind. With that said, I don’t think he has a chance of getting the nom this go around but I have high hopes to one day see him in the Oval Office.

    • Lola says:

      well, aren’t you a nice little racist?!

  5. Mumbles says:

    Given her husband’s history, she really doesn’t have a lot of room to manoever on this topic. And as the post pointed out, this is currently a false choice. There are plenty of candidates running now – including women – who have no history being creepy and pervy. Not a good look.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      My first thought, too. I admire her greatly, but there’s an obvious blind spot.

    • Starkiller says:

      Her husband, as creepy as he may be, had absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        I disagree totally. When her husband was elected president there were already accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. After he was elected there were even more. She stood by him during each and every time. Even when it was patently clear he was guilty.

        Not mentioning her own f-ed up track record in supporting a known predator while she’s glibly telling people to “get over it” should absolutely be included in this conversation. If for no other reason than there may be young voters who aren’t entirely familiar with her disturbing acceptance of such behavior and may take her comment at face value as a sincere and objective opinion.

      • DaisySharp says:


        take cover, Va va got some incoming poopaganda for us. a real splash

  6. Rapunzel says:

    The “get over it” statement didn’t seem directed at Biden’s behavior as much as purity test for candidates in general.

    But her saying you can “… a little annoying habit or other kind of behavior that people are going to pick apart and disagree with,” is so bad. This isn’t a little annoying habit! And we can find candidates who won’t/don’t act this way.

    • Ali says:

      The “get over it” statement didn’t seem directed at Biden’s behavior as much as purity test for candidates in general.

      This. Because here we are picking apart her support for Biden when the real message is do whatever it takes to get Trump out of the Oval Office.

    • DaisySharp says:

      That’s true. You’re right about the context of her get over it statement. But calling Biden one of the most decent people or whatever, was a bit much. He would never say that about her. I am just so over women having to kiss man ass while they crap all over us, and all over our best. To me, Hillary is one of our best. Biden should be kissing her ass. I know he can kiss mine!

    • lucy2 says:

      Thank you, I read it that way too. I feel like she’s reminding us that we HAVE to vote for the nominee, no matter who it is or what we dislike about them, because Trump is that dangerous and needs to go.

      I think she may have been a little too nice about Biden, and his touchy-feely stuff is a problem, but I think the headline spin on this isn’t quite reflective of what she’s saying.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    She and Chelsea were on Colbert last night and she talked about impeachment. People forget that she worked on Nixon’s, along with Bill Weld, who is running in the Republican primary.

    If I were to vote in the Democratic primary, it would not be for Biden but if he’s on the ballot next November, I will have no problem checking the box next to his name.

    As it is now, I plan to vote for Bill Weld, whom I hate, in the primary to send GOP a message that it needs to turn on the Orange Menace.

  8. Montréalaise says:

    This is not surprising, coming from a woman who constantly enabled, excused and justified her husband’s bad behaviour towards other women.

    • DaisySharp says:

      No she did not.

      • Chimney says:

        She did cover up for Bill during his time as governor, during his campaigns and during his presidency. This was when she wasn’t busy covering up her own messes. People have selective amnesia when it comes to the Clintons

      • DaisySharp says:

        Nah, I just was there at the time, I’ve read all about it since, and I know there was no there there. that makes me educated, not an amnesiac. But the clinton haters love them some amnesiacs. Sorry, go knock on the next door down. they look stupid over there.

  9. OG Cleo says:

    Given her own husband’s history, can’t say I’m shocked.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      Right. Hilary is very old school and makes excuses when it comes to men’s “ transgressions”. I have no interest in Biden as the nominee and will pick Warren over him. Other candidates still need to take a closer look. Will hold my nose and vote for him if he is nominee, but hope it’s not him.

  10. Meg says:

    I just don’t have patience to stay calm with people in my life who voted for Trump then complain that Biden is creepy with women. Can you say hypocrite? Ugh makes my blood boil.

  11. Originaltessa says:

    I feel like this is going to be a repeat of 2016. Biden’s just the new Hilary. They’ll forgive the fact he’s a terrible candidate, push him through, and he’ll lose. Just wake me up in 2024.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Whoa boy. Such a disappointment. Yes, our traitorous leader is revolting. Yes, he continues to get passes on his ubiquitous criminal behavior. Yes replacing him is paramount. But we must not lower the bar ever again.

    Following this administration’s catastrophic tenure, we must vote for quality. We must vote for character. We must vote for patriotism. And we must vote for whom ALL Americans are the priority. Our representative must be professional, educated and strong but with heart. We can’t continue to let grievances slide to simply achieve a slightly better result. Look where that has brought us.

  13. pyritedigger says:

    Hillary was a better choice than Trump, but that doesn’t mean she was a good choice. She’s a neoliberal hawk with a terrible record on many issues– no surprise she defends Biden.

    • DaisySharp says:

      No one running in the primary this year can touch her. That’s a fact. We should have been so lucky to have her as President, which btw she was elected. But as soon as I see neoliberal I know which camp that is coming from. The same camp that ran Vincent d’onofrio off of twitter this week.

    • Mumbles says:

      Amen. We wouldn’t have children in cages if she were president. But we would probably be in a war with Iran, because Mother liked to show how tough she was (find the YouTube of her and Abedin cackling about Gadhafi’s death).

      • Lightpurple says:

        We had an agreement in place with Iran. I see no reason to believe that she would pull out of it just because it was Obama’s agreement, which is the problem we have now.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Wait, I thought Hillary and Obama “gave” billions of dollars to Iran (of their own money). Now you’re saying she a hawk that would have us in war with them? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

        Also, “Mother” is Pence’s wife. Clinton is Madame Secretary, thank you very much.

  14. Ann says:

    I saw some tweet yesterday about liking Hillary’s “I told you so” tour. I am too but not liking this. Sorry but I’m not about to take advice on dealing with creepy men from Bill Clinton’s wife. I like and respect her but on this topic she ain’t the one.

  15. Mego says:

    I agree that the comment is more appropriate if Biden was the nominee. It feels like a roundabout endorsement from Clinton. So many of the dems aren’t thinking vote for the best candidate but rather the candidate who will get enough republican votes to oust Trump. Who unfortunately is not the best candidate…

    • Mumbles says:

      It’s funny you say that because I thought that too, but then I realized there was no love lost between Biden and Clinton, in fact Biden explained not running in 2016 because the Clinton machine would have destroyed his family (I believe he was referencing Hunter’s admittedly skeezy relationship with his deceased brother’s wife, and yes, the Clintons can be ruthless). Looking at the list of candidates running I can name a bunch that seemed more aligned with Clinton’s “New Democrat” politics than Biden’s more old-school take. I think her statement is more anti-Trump than pro-Biden, but I see your point.

    • A says:

      The Democrats, esp the old guard, are not taking the pulse of the country right now. People are not interested in candidates like Biden, especially not young, progressive Democrat voters who would only vote for Biden with their noses plugged, and then make him pay after. Threatening people with, “Do you want Trump instead?” doesn’t work anymore, because young people especially are starting to look at the larger picture of the type of world they want to build. That’s a new type of pragmatism, it’s one based on hope, and I expect it’s an attitude that a lot of the Dem party leaders are not capable of understanding. For them politics is an equation you balance. But more and more, people are starting to see politics as an actual vehicle for change, and if the Dems don’t start to understand that, they’re going to get a voter base that’s increasingly going to insist on holding them accountable.

  16. A says:

    Of COURSE she said this. Every white woman of her generation has said some f-cksh-t like this. White women cape for white men, and w/ all due respect to Hillary Clinton, she doesn’t exactly have the best track record on this at all. She has always struck me as the type of woman who very much carries that outdated idea of, “I’m one of the guys, I’m not like the other girls,” which I’ve noticed a LOT w/ older white women who are in primarily male-dominated fields. It is an attitude born out of self-preservation, no doubt, because if you can’t beat them, then at least you can prove yourself as one of them. But it’s an attitude that does nothing for women, nothing to dismantle the structures that oppress women.

    I feel for her because she’s a victim of virulent sexism. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have attitudes that are also sexist. And on a more personal note, I think that Hillary Clinton just, in general, has a bad picker when it comes to men as a whole. She always stands up for men who would never do the same for her. Wonder why.

  17. rosamund12 says:

    Am I the only who thinks the democrats actually a ton of great candidates this year? Remember that sad crop of republican candidates 4 years ago? I really don’t care about Biden’s hair sniffing and using cutesy little nicknames for women. I just don’t think he’s the best candidate, not by a long shot. When you’ve got both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren to choose from? They’re both so brilliant. Pete is no slouch, but he’s got time. Let’s be optimists about this talented field!

  18. Hilary89 says:

    I will vote for Biden if he is the nominee. Why? I voted for Jill Stein after Bernie lost. I was one of the Bernie or bust voters. I feel responsible for Trump because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hilary. Now look at the country. Trump has called for civil war if he is impeached. He has called for insurrection to tear our nation apart. I will vote for anyone that will stop this horror. Biden is not my first or second or even third choice. But polls show that he can beat Trump in the rust belt. That’s all I need to know. Biden served with Obama. I doubt he will blow up the country like Trump. I view this as an emergency. You may not like Biden, fine. I don’t care. But I do care about what we now. We got to get rid of Trump!

    • Sigh says:

      Please don’t feel so bad! The news did a disservice to Bernie. And sadly your vote wouldn’t of mattered as that’s not how Trump won.

  19. JanetFerber says:

    She is absolutely right. We are not playing games here. No one’s hands are clean in politics. It’s called Realpolitik. Choose the better candidate. Perfect is the enemy of the good (or good enough). Let’s not Jill Stein ourselves into another effing four years with the traitorous, moronic, Putin-loving cesspool AKA Donald who is destroying our country and the world bit by bit. ANYONE BUT TRUMP.

    • DaisySharp says:

      I agree as far as the general goes. until then I am going to make my opinion on some of these ridiculous people known though. once we have the nominee, i will zip it and put a smile on my face. i’m not bernie.

      • Chris says:

        Agree a million percent. I mean this is an iffy response but I’m not sure why we need to hold her responsible for every mistake made by male Democrats. She’s been criticized for enough lifetimes and she is not running anymore so who is this even for?

  20. The Recluse says:

    I really hope that it is not Biden. I like Harris and Warren better.
    But I am voting Blue no matter who…unless it’s Tulsi, who has an ice cube’s chance in a volcano of getting the nomination.

  21. Caty Page says:

    On the one hand, yikes.

    On the other hand, I will never breathe a negative word about this woman because the rest of the country throws her under the bus so often she lives on the pavement. She opened doors and opportunities for women and I’ll be forever grateful for her service. She’s no more problematic than (most) women of her generation.

    But also… yikes.

  22. No Doubt says:

    I will vote for whoever gets the dem nomination.