Stacey Dash was briefly arrested after calling 911 to report her husband’s abuse

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The last time we discussed Stacey Dash, it was because she married some guy after only knowing him 10 days. The guy’s name is Jeffrey Marty, and they got married last year. It is her fourth marriage. Apparently, she’s still with Marty and they live together in Pasco County, Florida. Over the weekend, Dash called 911 and told them that Marty assaulted her. The cops came and found marks on Marty, and so… Stacey Dash got arrested for domestic violence.

Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic violence in Florida over the weekend … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us the “Clueless” actor was busted Sunday in Pasco County — where she owns a home — after getting into a squabble with her new husband, Jeffrey Marty, and allegedly putting hands on him. We’re told cops were called to a home around 7:45 PM to respond to a domestic dispute between Stacey and Jeff. Our sources say Stacey allegedly pushed and slapped him and that’s when officers arrived … they saw scratches on his left arm.

Stacey was taken into custody, where she’s currently being held on $500 bail. We’re also told in these types of incidents, the local authorities often hold people for a 24-hour cooling-off period. The couple just got hitched last spring in a secret wedding ceremony down in the Sunshine State. Not much is known about her hubby of 1 year, other than the fact that he’s a lawyer. It’s Stacey’s fourth marriage.

A source close to Dash tells TMZ she acted in self-defense. The source claims Stacey’s husband attacked first, attempting to choke Stacey and she defended herself … which resulted in him getting scratches on his arms. We’re told Stacey is the one who called 911, and she was arrested because she didn’t have any marks on her but her husband did.

[From TMZ]

I’m including the 911 call below, where you can hear Stacey tell the operator that Marty’s daughter (who is 15 years old) got in her face and Stacey pushed her away, and that’s when Marty put her in a chokehold (or so Dash alleges). The arrest video has also been released – Dash seems calm and sad in that.

Here’s her 911 call.

Here’s the arrest video.

Hours after the arrest was reported, Dash’s manager released a statement: “Stacey actually called the police because she was attacked by her husband. He choked her and she was defending herself. When the police arrived, they couldn’t see any physical marks on her, but they did see them on him.” Then he says that the marks on Dash’s neck were visible during a medical evaluation. But Dash seemingly released a statement later saying that her husband didn’t press charges and she was released from the jail in about 24 hours, and her husband took her back home. Now Dash or her people say this:

“The marital dispute, while personal and unfortunate, has since been blown out of proportion. An earlier report on said her manager told TMZ that she was attacked by her husband — both the sources relationship to Ms. Dash and the events of the evening were misrepresented. Ms. Dash is a domestic abuse survivor from a previous relationship and has championed for other abuse victims to speak up. The untruthfulness being reported saddens Ms. Dash and her family — no further comments will be made and we ask that Ms. Dash and her family’s privacy will be respected.”

[From People]

Dash literally told the 911 operator that he put her in a chokehold, and she seemed like she was in a bad place during her arrest. I absolutely hate the fact that a woman can call 911 to report abuse and she’s the one who ends up getting arrested. I don’t care about Stacey Dash as a person, but this is just a sad story and I hope she finds a way out.

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28 Responses to “Stacey Dash was briefly arrested after calling 911 to report her husband’s abuse”

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  1. Sophie Ferris says:

    This story is sad, but this woman and her odious views have single-handedly ruined Clueless for me.

  2. Lee1 says:

    But wait, did she physically push a 15 year old at the outset of this incident? Because that sounds abusive too. This whole situation is awful and sad.

    • JaneDoesWork says:

      thats where I went too. its disturbing that her husband’s reaction to that wasn’t to haul stacey away, choking her is such an insane reaction to me… but the whole situation is a problem.

    • Mo says:

      A very common abuser thing is to scream, yell, and be physically threatening at their target, backing them into a corner or against a wall with no way to escape. Then, when the target has to touch the person to get away, the anger immediately disappears and pivots into a menacing whining how-could-you-hit-me-I-would-never-touch-you-I-could-call-the-cops-right-now. Ask me how I know. At least I got out as soon as I saw the pattern. We did couple’s therapy and it was rough for me until our therapist talked to our individual therapists. After that her work was mainly helping me see through his ugliness.

      If she called 911 and he managed to get her arrested when the cops showed up, I wouldn’t trust anything that came out of his, or his kid’s, mouth. This wasn’t his first time at this rodeo.

      • Erinn says:

        My only issue with that is that the stuff about the daughter is out of Stacey’s mouth, and not lies coming from another party.

        “We were all arguing, I asked his daughter to get out of my face because she was in my face, I pushed her back, he put me in a chokehold” – that’s what she said on the call to emergency.

        I don’t doubt that he’s a POS abuser. But it was Stacey herself that admitted to shoving the daughter … and then tried to say the daughter is violent like he is. Which… you just hit the kid, lady. She’s a child and you’re an adult. She then took up time on the call to complain that the THREE children ( all under 15) who had to witness this were being “allowed” to swear and say how effing crazy it is. If I were a 15 year old, and I had been in this situation, you bet your bottom dollar I’d be swearing.

      • Mo says:


        She admitted to “pushing her back,” which may very well have been needed to remove herself from the situation and is not “shoving” or “hitting.” Blocking someone’s way and/or threatening them is assault. Blaming violence on the first person to touch the other is all too often playing into an abuser’s sick game.

  3. Erinn says:

    Wait – SHE’S admitting that she put her hands on his daughter… which is how this started? Is she being investigated for abusing a minor at all?

    • Sigh says:

      Of course not. Sounds like the police could tell something was extremely odd and got her out of the situation and that poor kid will get no justice

  4. Jess says:

    I can’t stand her but this is sad, and she sounds very defeated in that video. It seems natural that he would have marks on his arms if he choked her, that’s exactly where her hands would go to defend herself! It’s shocking that she would get arrested for that and he wouldn’t, so I’m going to assume he’s a rich white man.

  5. JBee says:

    Pasco county got to even Ms. Dash. Move Stacey! It’s the most Florida place in Florida.
    It’s a sad story all around.

    • Jerusha says:

      Florida-er than Escambia County??? Jeez, sorry.

    • ME says:

      Ha ha can someone please explain to me why Florida has such a reputation? Why do the craziest stories come out of Florida? Something in the water?

      • Mo says:

        The nuts roll downhill.

        Florida real estate is cheap compared to the Northeast and really lax business regulations. I have had multiple friends sell houses and move to Florida to go into business for themselves. All turned tail and headed back to Boston. The people were just too crazy and the summers too hot. People go to Florida in the winter and think it is great, but don’t make a second trip in July or August.

      • ME says:

        @ Mo

        Wow thanks for the insight ! I always thought if I won the lotto I would move to Florida…lol hmmm maybe not now.

      • BJF says:

        Sorry to burst the crazy Florida bubble, but here’s the reason we have the craziest stories: Sunshine Law. This law guarantees public access to government docs, including arrest records. So we freely share the antics of our weirdos. Other states are able to keep their weirdos on the down low.

    • Ali says:

      There is a reason Live PD films in Pasco County.

  6. Yoyo says:

    Reality for Stacey Dash.
    Black woman call cops for a white man.
    Black woman is arrested.
    There I said it.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Get Out! Choking is a HUGE indicator that domestic violence will result in murder. The correlation is terrifying.

  8. Raina says:

    That cop irked me. He was just short of asking her about the weather. I get he’s trying to maintain calm but blech.

    • Jess says:

      Me too, he rudely said he’ll explain what’s going on in a minute but then asks her multiple questions about what she does for a living, why?! He could’ve explained why she was being arrested instead of all that.

  9. ME says:

    The dude has 3 kids. He’s an attorney so he knows the law very well and can probably manipulate wording, etc. in his favor. She pushed his daughter who is a minor which is a major no-no. Stacey said he chocked her which is also a major no-no. I am wondering if the police asked the children what they saw and perhaps the kids said Stacy was the attacker and not their dad? They may have believed the kids even if the kids could have been lying to cover up for their dad. I am sure there are a lot more details to this story and truly on the five of them know the truth.

  10. Misty says:

    My niece had a similar instance. She and her boyfriend hot into a fight because he was very drunk. They arrested her because he had visible Mark’s on his face during the fight. He didn’t press charges though.

    • MC2 says:

      I am sorry your niece was arrested, but glad that she was taken out of that abusive situation. I hope this was an eye opening experience for her that she is in an abusive relationship (and for other’s around her), so she can get support to end it & live a better life.

  11. MC2 says:

    I used to work in the field of DV and while this particular story may suck, I support the rules in some places (like where I live) that if there is a domestic abuse call & someone has visible marks, the police are required to arrest the other person. It sometimes means the real victim is arrested, but even then, it separates them & gives a cooling off period where the physical abuse ceases. The old days, when the cops decided on their own whether to take someone away was not good for the bulk of victims & the police frequently decided that it was a “private matter” and no one would be taken away, even if the abuse was obvious. Can you imagine what happened to these women after the police left in those cases? Yikes! The fact that they now are required (not sure about Florida, but true where I live) to separate the individuals & go off physical marks, is not a bad thing for the bulk of DV victims.

  12. otaku fairy.... says:

    I can’t stand her, and since she’s actually a deplorable, don’t want concern to be interpreted as support of the things she’s done, but yeah that’s awful and very disturbing. He could have killed her.