Rise of Skywalker-themed ads are coming from Porsche, Samsung, McDonalds

Poor, struggling Disney Studios was able to secure some financial help for its underfunded franchise, Star Wars. Thank goodness! Their little indie project was threatened to go unnoticed. All joking aside, Disney has hocked the latest SW film, The Rise of Skywalker, to just about any company that can afford their asking price. So prepared to be saturated in Rise ads everywhere you go – when you get in your car, when you grab lunch, when you chat on the phone – they’re all getting a piece of the pie.

The Star Wars corporate galaxy is about to get more populated with Disney lining up eight major advertisers for The Rise of Skywalker.

The blue-chip list of partners: Porsche, United Airlines, Samsung Mobile, Dannon, Bose, GE, McDonald’s and General Mills.

“We wanted for this last chapter in the saga to go and get really best-in-class companies,” says Lylle Breier, Disney’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships and Promotions.

“It’s a great creative challenge and is one of the things that’s important is choosing the right brands that will really step it up and so it feels integrated,” Breier said. “It feels celebratory and it works organically so you never say, ‘Boy why is that company partnering with Star Wars?’ We want it to feel seamless.”

The ads are made “hand in hand” with the filmmakers, Breier said, and much of the creative is produced by Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

I cannot wait to hear Lando Calrissian utter the line, “Why take the Millennium Falcon when Untied Airline offers non-stop flights to Canto Bight?” or Rey to plot her course to Starkiller Base, now rebranded as GE Base of the Super Cool. (Never fear, the article confirmed there is still no branding in Star Wars films.) As CB said when we talked about this, it’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of sponsorship with Disney films before but holy Yoda, that’s a lot of companies to get in bed with. And look, I like yogurt as much as the next guy but how are they going to “integrate” Dannon into the saga’s storyline? I get the idea of get it while you can but since most have admitted that we’re already oversaturated with Star Wars, maybe inundating us with this many ad campaigns prior to the film wasn’t the best idea.

I guess we’ll see. The film opens December 20th but the push begins this Friday with both physical and online Triple Force Friday events (product launches). The barrage of ad campaigns they announced will start November 1st and, of course, the normal press and promo interviews. However, they just released a pic of one of the new aliens, Babu Frik, and he’s pretty cute so maybe it won’t be so bad. Those stupid Porgs got me into the theaters, maybe this guy will too:

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Mia4s says:

    Excited for all the Star Wars Disney+ shows, but this movie?


    I’ll see it at some point but I still cannot get over how totally flat this trilogy fell for me. Oscar Isaac looks hot in his outfit, so that’s nice I guess.

  2. Fluffy Princess says:

    Great. Can’t wait. 🙄😣