Carrie Underwood says Dolly Parton never wears sweat pants, always has her face on

Carrie Underwood was on Colbert recently in an outfit and with styling that would be perfectly suited for a stage performance. Check out the video below, she had on a short blazer with sequin tassels and a silver bustier underneath! As someone who loves dressing up, I enjoy it when celebrities are committed to their personal style and dress to the nines. As a professional gossip, she could tone it down a little for interviews. Carrie gives a good interview I have to say. She was promoting her tour and her gig hosting the CMA Awards for the 12th time. She also talked about the 15th anniversary of her Idol audition. Carrie grew up in a small town in Oklahoma with less than 3,000 people and her parents still live there. She was 18 when she was on Idol and had never flown on a plane before! There were a bunch of layovers and she missed a connecting flight due to another plane being late. She described it jokingly but it all sounded scary to her. My favorite part was when she described working with Dolly Parton, who is co-hosting the CMAs with her and Reba McEntire.

She had never been on a plane before Idol
It was terrifying. It still freaks me out. I was by myself and there were lots of connecting flights. One plane was late so I missed the next plane. I was on the phone with our contact person ‘please don’t get me off the show.’

Her impression of Dolly
Dolly is amazing. I’ve been around her many times. I got to sing with her a few years back. She’s exactly what you would expect her to be.

How Dolly is at rehearsals
[I wear sweatpants.] [Dolly] shows up to rehearsals [in] this leather tracksuit, high heels and the hair and the makeup, yards of rhinestones. She looks like Dolly. I was like ‘You don’t own sweatpants do you?”

On celebrating the legacy of women in country music, this year’s CMAs theme
Women are the backbone of country music. They’re some of the greatest country artists of all time. Dolly, Reba, Loretta, Patsy, Tammy, they don’t even need last names. They taught me how to sing, act, dress, how to be on stage.

[From Colbert]

It’s not surprising to hear that Dolly is decked out always for everything. In that context Carrie’s outfit makes complete sense. Dolly is a great role model. If you want to show up in a face full of makeup and dressed to the nines, do that! If you want to be in sweatpants or a house dress and wear sneakers, do that. Also, it’s cool that the CMAs are celebrating women in their industry. I need to watch Ken Burns’ country music documentary! Kaiser watched it, we talked about it on podcast #31, and my dad raved about it too. Neither one of them are big country music fans.

Look at this outfit! Can we get the 9 to 5 remake already? Ooh or Dolly could just make a cameo on Grace and Frankie, that would be cool too.
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Here’s Carrie’s interview!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Didn’t Dolly say she was gamed for a appearance on Grace and Frankie but no one from the show has reached out to her people yet.

    I mean, make it happen showrunners. She’s freaking Dolly Parton.

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    She is NOT wrong. Dolly is exactly what you see lol. I ran into her at an airport once. She was walking through with her people and she sparkled as though she were on stage. All smiles (huge smiles). Stopping to sign autographs and pose. As I’m old enough to remember appearances and duets with Kenny Rogers et al. she is her fancy self inside as well as outside, and she’s really the only celebrity I could say that and mean it lol.

    • Some chick says:

      <3 I got to see her on her last tour and she is a FANTASTIC entertainer and a through and through professional! I'm not surprised to hear that she is always "on."

  3. Nancypants says:

    I can’t imagine doing all that every day – the make-up and wig I mean – but God love her!
    Dolly has people to do that for her just like Kim K. and Gwen Stefani but it still takes a long time.
    Gwen says she has to have her roots touched-up every week.
    My natural color is lighter than hers and when my hair was that blonde, it was every other day.

    I can no longer sit still for a pedicure. I do my own.

    I’m not surprised about Carrie’s first trip on a ‘plane at 18.
    I also grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and it wasn’t like it is now.

    My kids have been flying their entire lives but I was 17 on my first flight and I was a little nervous/excited but I had a new friend and the Air Force with me.

    I’m not a huge fan of country music but I do like Carrie’s music and before Dolly was a huge star, my work buddies and I saw her outside of a place in Nashville smoking a cig without her wig and her hair was super fine and thin even back then.
    I keep saying I might get a custom wig when I get older.

  4. Velvet Elvis says:

    I read Dolly’s autobiography. She said that when she was younger, she met a star who she had always idolized. The person was dressed down/no makeup/no hair. Dolly was completely underwhelmed, and in her mind it kinda destroyed the image of that person that Dolly had always expected. She decided that she would never want to disappoint anyone…that when she met people, they expected her to be “Dolly” and that was what she was always going to give them.

  5. kelly says:

    I remember uk TV presenter saying you meet Dolly Parton and go away feeling that you’ve just fallen in love. She seems like adorable

  6. Amaria says:

    It’s a choice and everyone is free to construct their image as they please. However… My mother had a cousin like that – no-one’s ever seen her without full make-up and super-done hair, not even her husband and kids. It wasn’t charming – entire life centered around her perfection and perfect, 100% artificial image. She had little self-acceptance and it was very obvious, and very sad. When the woman got cancer in her 50s, one of her greatest fears was that you can’t be in a full “gear” for any surgery. I just think that clinging to artifice for your dear life and not being able to come to terms with your imperfect, natural physique is harming women. This way of thinking has come from somewhere and it’s not a good place. This is what happens when only men run things and women are either holy mothers or sexy decor. I know Dolly is a different generation, but let’s not idolize her stance on beauty.