Duchess Kate & William visited a mountain settlement, got feathered headpieces

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Here are more photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today in Pakistan. After flying to the Hindu Kush mountains to look like Spanish conquistadors eyeballing a glacier, they went to a remote mountain settlement of Bumburet in the Chitral region to meet with the Kalash people. Princess Diana had also visited the settlement decades ago, and the people remembered Diana well. They were there to see the damage from a 2015 flood (from the melting glacier, see how it’s all connected?). They met with victims of the flood and they continued to highlight global warming.

Maybe it’s just the photos I’m looking at, but William continues to be an absolute charisma vacuum on this tour (arguably on every tour). Kate seemed especially keen though – she was happily talking to people and enjoying herself as she and William both wore feathered headdresses. Kate is really capable of being so cute and personable in these situations, which is one of the reasons why I’ve never really bought the “Kate has crippling social anxiety” argument. I don’t think she does. I think she enjoys some events and doesn’t enjoy others and she doesn’t really have a poker face about it.

Also: for all of this “following in Diana’s footsteps” stuff with the tour, it’s a wonder that few sites have mentioned WHY Diana was so interested in Pakistan for years. It’s because of her lover Hasnat Khan, the man she was deeply in love with, the man she dreamt of marrying when her divorce was finalized. She hoped her Pakistan tours would convince him that they could be together and happily live in both worlds. Khan remained unconvinced, and he was reportedly quite horrified when Diana met his mother during one of her tours.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    That first pic, I wonder if that is how he will look when wearing the crown when he is king. Lord help us.

    • Erinn says:

      LOL, I was just thinking that despite the weird expression he looked… better? I kind of want him to just shave his head, I think he’d look younger if he did.

      • Seraphina says:

        I just can’t get past that look on his face, hilarious. I wonder what goes through that head of his.

      • Erinn says:

        Personally speaking, I feel like when I make a similar face I’m thinking about food haha. “Boy… an oreo would be pretty good right now. I wonder if anyone would notice if I had a snack. I wonder if Kate packed any of the kids school snacks”

      • Amy Too says:

        I always find him so much better looking when he’s wearing a hat. He has a good looking face, when it’s not pouty or fussy, its just that his forehead always looks huge because he’s balding.

      • Agenbiter says:

        @Erinn – cheese toast for him, prepared by his doting MIL

    • Edo says:

      Beware of kings who longed for the crown as crown princes.
      He will grow into it.

      • Nic919 says:

        He’s almost 38. Can he grow into being an heir to the Prince of Wales first? Simply attending engagements more often would help. As it stands he is banking on a position without preparing for it acting like someone who is owed power and prestige and not one who earns it, thus proving the proverb that you tried to use as an excuse for his laziness.

  2. Emelia says:

    At this point William and Kate have very little impact on the world stage. No one cares about their tour…so sad

    • guest says:

      What do you get from lyin? Have you seen how many people in Pak & Pakistani diaspora and foreigners who don’t know much about Pakistan absolutely digging this tour? Go and take a quick look on the social media hashtag and see the love from everyone. Yeah you might not like the Cambridges but they are representing Pakistan in the way they are supposed to. Their tour is definitely making a positive impact.

      • Sticks says:

        Agree with Guest. I’m loving it all.

      • Kk2 says:

        Yea I just posted this in other thread but I think the Cambridges are doing a good job here. I am not a big fan of theirs and don’t generally see the value of the monarchy, but they are giving a lot of great pictures and giving Pakistan some positive media coverage, which is a rarity. Not that it takes much effort on the Cambridges’ part- they literally have to show up, look reasonably happy, and take nice pictures. They are doing that. Really the credit goes to whoever chose the location. Canada, for instance, doesn’t need this kind of press coverage really so those kind of tours are especially pointless, but I’m sure Pakistan appreciates the positive spotlight.

      • minx says:

        Honestly I haven’t been following their tour but it’s good to hear that it is successful.

    • guest says:

      If you’re from the US, you probably don’t care. The world is bigger than the US. *shrugs*

    • lily says:

      Speaking from where I am(the UK), British News Networks don’t seem to be dedicating any time to it but I think that’s more down to the fact Brexit is scheduled for the 31st and there’s little information on what will happen as well as the news surrounding Harry Dune’s death is simply more important than two royals in Pakistan, you know? But I will say BBC and ITV both covered the WellChild Speech this afternoon and had experts on to speak about it…

      I just wish I could enjoy Cambridge pictures the way I used to but the last year has shown me these two are willing to push anyone under the bus to avoid scrutiny including their pregnant sister in law and now it’s hard to even look at them…

      • ZR says:

        Lily, I don’t know which part of the U.K you’re from, but around here, most South Asians are buzzing about the tour. I agree with EvilOwl. Ah, I get it, Lily might be on the Katie Hopkins spectrum..Ignore those types. This tour is significant for the diaspora & we’re all positive about the way Pakistan is being highlighted. My non Asian friends are also enjoying it.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Harry Dunn’s death and the whole escapade surrounding it is just tragic.

    • Evil Owl says:

      I have family in both Pakistan and India. We all care and this tour makes a difference as it is politically and culturally significant in strengthening UK-Pakistan ties. And as a UK resident, I can confirm that there is nation wide interest and positive feedback about how this is soft diplomacy at its finest (which is what Royals are expected to do) while also championing worthwhile causes like child development, education & climate change. Find something else to moan about.

    • Emelia says:

      Say what you must the tour isn’t interesting. It’s not the fault of the Pakistan. William and Kate have no personality. I would rather watch paint dry

      • ZR says:

        So this is your *personal* take and it isn’t rooted in the facts, which all point to the tour being positive & interesting. Right, got it. For future reference, one opinion doesn’t mean nobodyyyyy cares – lol.

    • lingli says:

      I’m not sure that “no one” cares – the British/English tabloids are obviously covering the tour, and it clearly has importance (or will) for Pakistanis and their economy.

      However, the Guardian have barely covered it (admittedly they didn’t cover much of the Sussexes’ tour of SA, either) and the Daily Record (Scottish tabloid, similar to the Sun or Mirror) doesn’t appear to have anything about it on their website at all, so I’m not sure it’s of great general interest to the British public. (Outside of Royal-watchers, fashion-watchers like me, and Mail readers :) at least…)

  3. emerson says:

    In the words of my old dance school instructor,”Fake It To You Make it People! Someone is paying for this mess”. That’s all I got but looking forward to the other events.

    • aka says:

      Okay I have to ask why’s this a mess? We invited these two to our country, shared our culture with them, spent money on hosting them here & all you have to say is that it’s a mess? A lot of people went above and beyond to ensure they have a comfortable visit, designed their outfits, coordinated everything together….

      Like you really could not think of one positive thing?

      • ZR says:

        AKA, please don’t take their comments to heart. They will always be bitter about one thing or another, especially if it involves the Cambridges. It’s like people can’t see past their dislike of the Cambridges to realise the Pakistan tour is a huge success on all fronts. We can see the Cambridges are appreciative & respectful, that is what matters. Someone implying that it’s all a ‘mess’ doesn’t.

      • Elisa says:

        ITA with ZR: there are usually some super bitter commenters on all Kate threads. I simply scroll past their comments by now because it’s always the usual suspects. :)

  4. Bella DuPont says:

    The body language in that first picture is not good. The slight grimacing from both of them makes it look like there’s some tension between them.

    • Keekee says:

      Everytime Kate talks in front of William he looks like he wishes she wouldn’t… I remember a countdown they did at a radio station and when she would speak he would look at her and blink uncontrollably.

    • Nahema says:

      I think William is a naturally awkward person and could look uncomfortable in any situation. I personally still think Kate also has a lot of anxiety in certain situations. Maybe not one-to-one or in terms of having an impromptu chat but certainly when it comes to public speaking or being on an actual stage. People have been very unforgiving of that and I think that for some people it takes a huge amount of work to overcome that sort of anxiety.

      They both look tense but that seems more likely to be because of the situation rather than tension between them.

      Harry and Meghan both seem very confident in any public situation and they most likely feed off of each others confidence. William & Kate don’t help each other.

    • Andrea says:

      They are leaning away from each other–I am no body language expert, but that certainly is not a good sign.

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      That picture was cropped. I have seen other photos that show them surrounded by other people, and they clearly have someone on either side of each of them talking to them. Presumably to explain what they are seeing. I have also seen video that shows they are not awkward at all with each other at this location.

  5. Bros says:

    Girl that is not your leather vest. That’s all I came to say.

    • KattyK says:

      Just wanted to add something about anxiety. I have anxiety and panic issues which do affect my everyday life. I tend to avoid many social situations and often feel physically ill and have panic attack leading up to places/events I do go to. It doesn’t matter if it’s something I want to do or not, I still get the panic. Once I’m there or if I’m in a situation that I didn’t have time to anticipate, I usually can act as though everything is all right. I’ve had people tell me that there’s no way I suffer from anxiety like I do because I look okay. It’s just an act, and it’s exhausting to keep up sometimes. I have no idea if Kate has anxiety or not, but I just wanted to share my experience.

  6. Geane says:

    “She hoped her Pakistan tours would convince him that they could be together and happily live in both worlds.”

    Sorry but this is absolutely incorrect! she did not make these visits just to meet Hasnat Khan’s family. She wanted to marry him and did meet them during her trips BUT her trips in 1996 and 1997 were as a guest of Imran Khan and his then-wife Jemima Khan, a good friend of hers, to raise funds for Imran’s cancer hospital. that was the main purpose of her tours and that is the reason why she is beloved in Pakistan.

    • Mego says:

      Hasnat was very realistic about there being no future with Diana and I suspect they wouldn’t have lasted just like Imran and Jemima. I’m of the opinion that Hasnat Khan is a thoroughly decent man who has been very loyal to Diana always. Nice she had some people in her life who didn’t sell her out.

  7. ADS says:

    Kate actually looks quite comfortable and relaxed on this tour so far. More so than Wills. I reckon they woefully under-use her. I also don’t buy this social anxiety business. She has done public speaking and she is fine at it. With a decent speech writer and savvy team she could be an excellent figurehead for whatever causes she wanted. Considering how engaged she looks on this tour I am even starting to question the laziness narrative around her. I wonder if ultimately she does so little and fades into the background because Wills feels threatened by the attention she would otherwise get? He seems pretty threatened by everyone else with more charisma and drive than him. Why would his wife be an exception?

    • Amie says:

      Your comment is quite a reach. Why don’t you provide some proof William is threatened by anyone’s presence or ability? I’ve always viewed him as quite the reluctant heir, personally.

      • ADS says:

        I used to be a big fan of Wills – his and Kate’s wedding is the only royal wedding – heck royal event – I have ever made an effort to attend (I lived in London at the time). But over this past year, I have become convinced that he has been behind a lot of the targeted attacks on the Sussexes. There are a number of examples, but that photo call for the Cambridge’s commercial flight following the onslaught in the media about the Sussexes’ use of private jets alone is enough of a petty and mean spirited act for me to completely overhaul my previous positive view of him.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “quite the reluctant heir”, THIS!!!!

        IMHO, This is the reason Bill Cambridge really does not want anyone doing anything because he does as little as possible as he is very “reluctant” to be a true WORKING Royal and the more work other royals due the lazier he looks.

        IMHO, Bill Cambridge wants all the ROYAL perks and no ROYAL responsibilities.

      • yinyang says:

        @BayTampaBay , me too. the guy has so much free time on his hands he’s looking for and instigating fights. Get a job William.

    • Agenbiter says:

      William does seem like he needs career counseling – he hasn’t fully committed to the role, but doesn’t know what he would do otherwise. He’s always only ‘half in’.

      Could W abdicate in favor of George, and Kate be the power behind the throne until G comes of age?

      • Agenbiter says:

        Sussex fan/Cambridge skeptic here, but I agree with those who are saying Kate is really shining, both in demeanor and fashion (w/exception of arrival Elsa housecoat w/shoulder pads).

  8. Gingerbread says:

    That’s not really a fair assessment of social anxiety. Who knows if Kate has it, but I do, and it’s not just a blanket over all activities. Sometimes I’m ok, sometimes I can fake it, and sometimes I’m about to spiral. I have a very extrovert, presenting type career and it can be hell for me, but I think sometimes we need to just bite the bullet and do what we need to/what challenges us.

    • KattyK says:

      Agree with you, Gingerbread. I have anxiety and panic issues which do affect my everyday life. I tend to avoid many social situations and often feel physically ill and have panic attack leading up to places/events I do go to. It doesn’t matter if it’s something I want to do or not, I still get the panic. Once I’m there or if I’m in a situation that I didn’t have time to anticipate, I usually can act as though everything is all right. I’ve had people tell me that there’s no way I suffer from anxiety like I do because I look okay. It’s just an act, and it’s exhausting to keep up sometimes. I have no idea if Kate has anxiety or not, but I just wanted to share my experience.

  9. ojulia123 says:

    At least Kate appears to be genuinely interested and moved. William always looks like he is barely managing to endure these kinds of visits.

    • Mego says:

      Yeah I can’t knock her here because she does look genuinely interested and engaged in the above pictures.

    • undergalaxy says:

      I have to give it to her, so far the crazy facial expressions that she laid on thick in Bhutan haven’t come out. She’s clearly been working on it.

      For those of us who navigate our working and social lives without gurning, however, this is an incredibly low bar to try and hop over.

  10. M. says:

    They are visiting some very lovely places, but I feel like most of the media is only focusing on clothing and “following in Diana’s footsteps”. I know the news stories may be different in Pakistan, but outside of Pakistan the reports are mostly about hair and fashion. People are ridiculing the BBC right now because they just posted an article about Kate’s outfits mirroring Diana’s.

    • undergalaxy says:

      Let’s face it, it’s what the Cambridges want. Get some of Diana’s glory without doing anything more than copying some outfits? Brilliant.

  11. Sof says:

    What I got from these pictures is that Kate should wear bright colors more often.

  12. Esme says:

    They look good humored about it all, at least to me. It’s good that their clothes do not try to overshadow the bright traditional gifts.

  13. Skydome says:

    It must be hard for her being away from her kids especially the youngest. How long is the tour?

  14. undergalaxy says:

    Kate blooms whenever she is surrounded by small children, random commoners, or otherwise people who fawn over her. Match her with someone cleverer and sharper and THAT’S when the “social anxiety” kicks in, i.e. “wahhh I can’t compete so I just won’t try, I’m going to be the queen ANYWAY so everybody buy me another buttony dress”.

    • Skydome says:

      Give kids some credit though. They can be quite perceptive & see through people from a young age. Diana was so genuine & appealed to everyone young & old, rich & poor. Kate really has to try to seem interested & it shows

  15. Geane says:

    Disagree about Will being a ‘charisma vacuum’. Pakistanis who interacted with the couple so far, especially at last night’s reception, are all praise for them. They are coming across as gracious, warm and respectful of our country and culture. Will also had a story about Charles having his own sherwani that he wears around the house! Also in the Kalash photos both of them look like they are unabashedly having a great time.

    • undergalaxy says:

      Forgive those of us in the UK who are having to shell out for this parade, particularly as we’re under the shadow of Brexit, for being cynical that the Cambs are once again just frittering away money for very little substance. We have to put up with them most of the time.

      • ZR says:

        Don’t feel sorry for us, we’re getting our ‘money’s worth’. There has been a lot of substance to this tour, thankyou very much. I can assure you the Cambridges aren’t ‘frittering’ – they are strengthening. The world goes on, even with Brexit. This tour couldn’t have come at a better time. And as you brought up Brexit, quite a few of the reasons for this tour , were actually Brexit related.

      • Gingerbread says:

        @Undergalaxy You’ve commented so many times, especially after some say they’re enjoying this tour. Why? We get it, you hate the Cambridges. But if Geane, who is from the area, is saying the tour is very successful there, then what more would you like? That’s really all we can ask for both the Cambridges and the Sussex.

      • TorontoBeach says:

        @zr No one is saying they feel sorry for you. It’s just hard to believe in the integrity of a man who hasn’t made even the smallest gesture to show support for his sister-in-law who has been dealing with racially charged attacks on a regular basis. To make it worse, he staged pictures of the budget airlines trip to generate positive media for himself at the expense of his brother & wife all the while expounding on the importance of “Every Mind Matters”. William is a hypocrite at best. A man who treats his own family so poorly is not a man who cares one iota about anyone but himself. These tours are just an opportunity to pat himself on the back.

      • Lexa says:

        You don’t see any possible benefit to the UK wanting to try to acknowledge and strengthen their relationship with Pakistan and spread some good will there, not only for their security partnership, but for their post-Brexit existence? Really?

      • undergalaxy says:

        @Lexa and Gingerbread,

        Sorry, I really don’t see what a relationship with a country with numerous human rights abuses has to offer the UK. This is what we’re going to become known for – plunging out of the EU to become embarrassing vassals to the US and other unsavoury countries.

        I don’t hate the Cambridges as I don’t know them. I do hate their wastefulness, their callous nature, their attitude (or lack thereof) to work, their expectation that everyone grovels at their feet and eats up every little gesture they so *kindly* throw out. I hate their insincerity. I hate that they represent my country because people seem to think the UK just supports them without criticism. We don’t. We’re forced to accept them and their outrageous spending and clothing vices when we’re on the brink of recession.

        A lot of us hate what they stand for. For the record, the only royal I hate is Andy because of obvious reasons – he’s disgusting.

  16. Maria says:

    He always looks like he can’t stand her. Even in that top pic he’s angling away. I know pics don’t always capture body language, but I have never seen anything tender in his body language towards her. It really makes me wonder about them.

    • ZR says:

      You might be taking one photo out of context. I saw more than a couple of videos and pictures yesterday, where they looked very synced with each other. You know the point in relationships when people get to the comfortable stage and they mimic each other , without knowing that they’re doing it? If that makes sense – that’s what I saw. Jmo. There have been some nice clips floating about where William caresses her back, touches her hair etc. Of course we don’t really know what takes place behind closed doors with any Royal couple. Things could be different.

      • Maria says:

        I don’t know, over the years of following them as a couple he has always walked ahead of her, not helped her out of the car, not helped her into a car (him literally running away from her to get baby George into the car after their first post-birth photocall as if he completely forgot she existed – I get wanting to protect your newborn baby but come on, your wife just gave birth!). Even at their wedding when they exchanged vows (where she’s fighting back tears as she is clearly emotional with the moment and he is not) he drops her hand like it’s a hot stone when they’ve said them. The “hand on the back” is to guide her where he wants to go. Otherwise he forgets her. It’s kind of gross to me.

      • yinyang says:

        I see this too. I think in his way he’s quite proud of her, and shows her off atleast in front of the press and Harry. On the Dailyfail theres always a few idiot comments on what a good move he’s made for choosing HER as wife and to-be queen of England (rolling eyes). I think he’s just glad she’s not Meghan.

  17. Andrea says:

    What’s with the hats? Were they a gift?

    • Geane says:

      Kate’s feathered cap is traditionally worn by women in the Kalash valley. William is wearing the traditional Pakol cap from Chitral. In some parts of Pakistan shawls and caps are presented to guests as a sign of respect to welcome them.

  18. Rach says:

    The worst possible pictures are posted here to fit the narrative. There are pictures out there that show them enjoying themselves. I am sure they got great press in Pakistan.

    • Geane says:

      Yes they are getting great press and the photos KP posted on their social media are amazing too! You can tell in all of today’s photos particularly from the Kalash valley that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    • Elisa says:

      +1, there are tons of pictures on insta and they looks unusually happy and relaxed in most of them.

  19. Skyblue121 says:

    You know, as someone who is always caught looking like a kook in photographs, I’m genuinely starting to appreciate Kate’s ridiculous facial expressions. I envy Meghan’s poise but I’m a Kate. No poker face! I also think William shuts her down and it is a fair assumption that he operates from a place of jealousy.

  20. Beach Dreams says:

    “I’ve never really bought the “Kate has crippling social anxiety” argument. I don’t think she does. I think she enjoys some events and doesn’t enjoy others and she doesn’t really have a poker face about it.”

    Agreed. She beams and looks extra confident/happy at galas and red carpet events, where there are countless cameras on you and you’re greeting/making small talk with various elite figures. Severe social anxiety would likely have you feeling/looking more timid and unsure of yourself at such events.

  21. Natalie says:

    If there is so much UK interest why isn’t that reflected on the RF/KP social media accounts and in the media. Even the RP are barely getting feedback from all of this interest. I’m calling BS on those that are posting the huge interest. If I’m incorrect please site where I can find all of this nationwide interest in the Cambridge’s tour.

    • undergalaxy says:

      FWIW Natalie, the plane landing and the second day of the tour didn’t make the BBC’s top ten news stories on the website all day. Neither has the Diana v Kate outfit piece. Usually royal stories shoot straight to the top.

      I noticed this with Bea’s wedding announcement – you can almost hear the collective, “another one?!” sighing out of people.

      So yeah I agree with your assessment.

  22. yinyang says:

    I dont believe that social anxiety bit, she just likes reenacing shy di and comes across that way to onlookers. Youve seen all her premarriage and right after marriage days, she was a partier, always drinking dancing seariching for cameras and laughing amongst people, very extroverted.

  23. wisdomheaven says:

    I am seeing a lot of posters here saying they are Pakistani (which is great!) using a lot of the same talking points some truly terrible blogs on tumblr are using, almost word for word, which is making me a bit skeptical… The aggressiveness of the Cambridge crowd this week here has been interesting to observe…

    Anyway, I think the tour is going very well. Kate especially seems to be hitting a lot of the right notes with her fashion even though I find the Catherine Walkers to be terribly out of date. It was nice to see William in the sherwani as well. He looked very fetching in it as a matter of fact.

    The BRF has had two very successful tours by their senior young couples in the past month.