Duchess Kate in a Gul Ahmed shalwar kameez in Lahore: cute & flattering?

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit Pakistan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Lahore, Pakistan today for a day full of activities. First there was an official greeting on a tarmac with various local officials, and then – without changing – William and Kate headed off for an event with SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan. I first heard about SOS Children’s Villages because of Angelina Jolie – she’s a long-time supporter of the privately-operated homes/schools for orphans. Jolie has visited SOS Children’s Villages around the world. The Cambridges spent time with the kids, played with finger puppets and listened to music. Then they went to play cricket with some famous Pakistani cricket players and kids.

For the arrival and the SOS visit, Kate wore a shalwar kameez by Gul Ahmed and a shawl by Maheem Khan. I… love this? Once again, Kate is making traditional Pakistani garments look so comfortable. People think that there are small jasmine flowers embroidered on Kate’s shalwar kameez – jasmine is Pakistan’s national flower. Kate still put her stamp on the ensemble with beige low-heeled Rossi pumps.

Kate also gave a speech, and part of it was in Urdu! She tried.

Duchess of Cambridge plays cricket

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit Pakistan

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit Pakistan

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  1. Annie... says:

    She looks fantastic.

    • L84Tea says:

      Agreed. Credit where credit is due. She looks absolutely lovely.

    • Kristina says:

      +1 and I kind of like to see Will’s various shoe choices 🙂 I usually assume boring menswear basic black, but he’s had a lot of colors and styles, which kind of surprised me!

  2. BayTampaBay says:

    Kate looks nice. I am surprised how good the white shalwar kameez looks on her and it does not look like cosplay.

    Unlike her husband, Kate really seems to be enjoying this Royal tour.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      I noticed that too-Kate is beaming in every picture. William is mostly grimacing.
      It almost seems like Kate has come into her own as far as her role, present and future.

      • Maria says:

        IDK. She looks great on this tour and it’s endearing me a lot to her, but to say she’s “come into her own” is a stretch. If she had she’d be more focused on the charities that would do the most good for her own preferences. I’m happy she looks more comfortable and I’m starting to like her but it’s still baby steps.

      • Amy Too says:

        Will always looks like he’s got the sun in his eyes but the people around him aren’t squinting or shielding their eyes so I don’t get it.

      • mint says:

        He wears glasses in private. Maybe a problem with the contact lenses orjust sensitive eyes.

      • Ellen says:

        That’s a bit of a stretch 😂
        Seriously all she has to do is get dressed & show up.

  3. BaronSamedi says:

    She look amazing but also gets zero credit for it.

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m giving her kudos for this look. I don’t always like every single thing she wears, but this look is fantastic on her.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I’m giving her major credit for it. She looks amazing in this style of clothing. And I’m not a Kate stan. She looks great.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    this is a great outfit, I love the embroidery.

  5. Bella DuPont says:

    Gorgeous outfit!

    Shame about the bland man she drags around with her everywhere.

  6. HK9 says:

    She really looks good and I’m glad she (or someone) had the foresight to put up her hair when she was playing cricket.

  7. Bri W. says:

    I love this outfit. Including the low heels haha.

  8. aquarius64 says:

    Pretty oufit on Kate. Anyone has the link of the speech? I would like to know how she did.

  9. Coz' says:

    SOS Children Villages is a wonderful organisation. I’m glad they visited.

  10. Evil Owl says:

    Kate looks cool, crisp and tres elegant. I own a kurta identical to what she’s wearing here. Apart from being uber comfortable, it’s also very versatile in the ways in which you can mix & match this with trousers, scarves & accessories of different colours and designs. It’s a really classic staple piece for your wardrobe if you’re South Asian; she chose well.

  11. Toot says:

    Kate looks nice and Will looks like Will, soooooo yeah.

    That’s all I got.

  12. Melissa says:

    She looks great. I hope she continues to wear slim trousers after this. She looks great in them.

    • Kk2 says:

      I think it’s the loose tunic length tops that really flatter her. She never wears that silhouette and she should! In Western clothes this could be just longer, looser tops /sweaters, a non formfitting shift dress. Maybe slim but not tight trousers with matching top. Anyway, she does look really nice. I have no doubt these clothes are more comfortable than the tight stuff she normally wears so maybe that’s why she looks so happy.

    • PrincessK says:

      She does look good. But it is difficult not to look good in clothing from the Pakistani/Indian region. I visited India once and fell in love with the styles and have several outfits which as an African woman l wear in the U.K. in the summer and in other countries. Asian women, poor or rich , dress beautifully in my opinion.

  13. ELLA says:

    Why is no one talking about the fact that there seems to be a sort of subtle and unhealthy comparison between the Sussexes’ South African Tour and the Cambridges on going Pakistani tour.
    So Harry is seen walking through the mine fields just like his mother did… and Viola! every media house is comparing Kate looks with Diana’s looks when the latter visited Pakistan.
    Plus yes a book of all Dian’s pictures whilst in Pakistan were given to the Cambridges as a gift.

    So its Africa —- Diana , Pakistan —– Diana!!!!!!
    STOPEEEETTTTTT !!!!!!!!!
    Sighs… I’M TRULY TIRED.

    • Bookworm says:

      It does seem like a lot but Diana was the most famous woman in the world and died young. She will always be a huge sentimental figure to people who were around then. I think it’s just the effect of seeing her sons grown and carrying on some of the things she did.

  14. Maria says:

    I noticed sometimes when Kate gives speeches he looks like she is embarrassing him/laughing at her. I feel for Kate because I hate giving speeches and it brings me severe anxiety but she has been improving immensely. I just wish he would look more supportive of her the way she always is for him.

    • PrincessK says:

      I get the impression that William has been trying to coax more out of Kate for a long time. He knows people feel that she hasn’t really made her mark on anything, and the arrival of the Duchess of Impact has brought it into sharper focus.

  15. Coffee says:

    And before people start complaining about he expense of the ‘bespoke’ outfit, id like to put it out there that all Shalwar Kameez is bespoke in pakistan LOL. People get cloth and then It gets stitched! And its CHEAP. I cant emphasize that enough.

    • ZR says:

      There was also some confusion about the white trousers she was sporting with the green dress the other day. That style is very much ‘in’ and trendy in Pakistan – bright shalwar kameez tops, with white trousers. Kate was repping Pakistani fashion at the moment lol

    • Elisa says:

      I’m absolutely in love with these outfits, they look compfy and stylish and elegant!

    • PrincessK says:

      Not true, l have bought loads of bespoke shalwar kameez off the rack in shops in India, Singapore and London.

  16. Cidy says:

    From the little part of the speech she did a good job. I’m not a good public speaker even though I do it all the time (addressing an audience of about 300-400 to smaller groups of like 10-40) I think some people just never get the trick of it, I took the classes, I watched all the videos and I still use note cards and stumble but at least its accurate lol so I think Kate did a good job.

    Another great outfit! I’m starting to think this is the best tour **outfit wise** for her! All of them have been a win.

    I think I just need to see more pictures. In some pictures it looks like William is smiling at her and they are kind of talking but in most he seems really uninterested, shes kind of looking at him and hes basically carpeting. But that could just be the pictures I’ve seen, there are probably better ones.

    • There are a ton of good pics and videos of them together floating around. It might be too expensive for the site to purchase rights to many of them.
      Having said that , you are never going to see a good pic of William or one showing them loved up around these parts.

  17. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous outfit.

    • Vava says:

      I like this outfit on her too. It will never see the light of day again, though, which is unfortunate.

  18. yinyang says:

    So who cares Kate is beaming, everyone beams when they’re on vacation.

    • bonobochick says:

      😁 Ha!

    • Lady D says:

      It’s not a vacation, they are on the job for Queen and country.

    • Ellen says:

      Lol exactly !

    • Olenna says:

      Sad, but true! Since I haven’t seen even a ballpark figure (or complaint) on what this trip cost, I assume it’s not even a concern for the stans and RRs. I guess we’re all suppose to accept that the money was well spent to promote diplomatic relations and host country exposure in lieu of funding economic or social welfare programs.

  19. bonobochick says:

    So this tour is basically a bespoke fashion show. Have outfits prices been posted?

    Most of the DoC’s clothes look nice – PW is still PW – but it all comes across as very light on substance. I guess this is a tour where we aren’t to focus on the work aspect. (and I know some are saying folks can google about the causes, which obviously yes, but that it isn’t being discussed broadly and it is only about how DoC looks being the litmus of success is the point being made). This is the first stop where I see a bit of work and attention to a cause but it still comes off as ultimately underwhelming.

    • Skydome says:

      So different from the Africa tour. I wonder if that’s due to the design of the tours or the preferences & personalities of the royals. Would Pakistan be more “substance” less style with Meghan? It’s hard to say -Meghan is truly a go getter and has a proven work ethic🤔

      • Lexa says:

        @Skydome I don’t think a Pakistan tour with Harry and Meghan would necessarily be more issue-driven—I think it would be pretty much the same tour in terms of the mix of events, except maybe with more to do with women’s issues. The purpose of the tour is to show of Pakistan and the way they’re moving forward and “open for business” with tourism and for investment (apparently the U.K. invests a lot in their economy?) whereas I think Harry and Meghan had more freedom to design a tour that focused on the causes close to their hearts rather than the countries themselves

      • ZR says:

        I keep seeing the word substance thrown around. I think their planned visits have been quite substantial and informative to others who don’t know much about what’s going on in Pakistan. The visits today were touching! What else would you like them to do? What do you think Meghan would do if she were in Pakistan? Girls education has been touched upon on the first day. I don’t really know what else Meghan could do in an area which is still tricky in some parts of Pakistan.

      • ZR says:

        Agreed @Lexa. They are in Pakistan to promote the country in a positive light, show the warm hospitality, and they are succeeding.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Right? People are crying about her not getting enough “credit”….for picking an outfit. I mean really…THIS is what’s supposed to garner praise for her? Being a clothes hanger?

    • ZR says:

      Our social lives are one big bespoke fashion showwww because most of our outfits are custom/ bespoke. As for the pricing, the likes of the DM won’t be able to get prices for her traditional wear, but it’s not like the various salwar kameez she has been wearing cost a pretty penny. They’re pretty simple & straightforward.

    • Lexa says:

      @Bonobochick – I actually thought that yesterday’s engagements were well thought out and had a great narrative flow. They viewed the receding glacier, saw the impact of the flooding the melting glacier caused in destroying a village, talked to rescue workers addressing the response to those disasters and the challenges they’re facing, and visited with people who had been directly impacted by the effects of that same climate change.

  20. yinyang says:

    imo, all these indian clothing that appear to be a “hit” look like conservative white people version on indian clothing. Also that green sparkly dress didn’t even look asian influence except that extra piece over her shoulder, the way everyone ohhed and ahhed over that one tells me we just miss the excitement and nostalgia of 80s era fashion.

  21. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Kate looks fabulous! Will has spent this tour looking like he’s sucking on lemons.

  22. Carolin says:

    Finally a brand from Pakistan. Yay. Now on to the female Pakistani designers!

    • Geane says:

      She wore Maheen Khan (a female Pakistani designer) on the first day of the trip and today as well.

  23. ZR says:

    Kate has been wearing more than a few Pakistani brands…. yes including Pakistani female designers. You might be getting confused with the names… poor soul. I’ve just read an article from Maheen Khan and it states there are more female Pakistani designers to come. Oh and there are already orders coming in for the dupattas, because of Kate giving her label wider exposure. I assume these orders are being placed by non Asian women!

  24. Oui oki says:

    She’s thin and pretty and pretty much everything is flattering! Her cropped pants that people call culottes are extremely flattering as are her skinny jeans , dresses, coat dresses, even her shorts were flattering. The white is cute on her.
    Interesting to me that she is wearing all the Pakistani clothes and wills not so much.
    Is it quite important in south Asian culture that the woman wear pants and a dress (or a very long dress which she’s also done)? I notice that in North America south Asian women (whether Hindu Sikh or Muslim) keep that silhouette and their cultural clothing more often than any other immigrant group it seems. Would Kate seem out of place or disrespectful if she wasn’t adapting the style, while William is fine in western suits?

    • Geane says:

      In Pakistan women don’t bare our legs and we wear shalwar kameez, which is the outfit she has been wearing (long shirt with trousers and a long scarf called a dupatta). If Kate didn’t wear Pakistani clothing she would not be considered disrespectful at all because she is a foreigner but she has made an effort to wear our traditional clothing and honour it and we appreciate it.

      Similarly, when William wore the sherwani at the reception dinner, Pakistanis were quite pleased. Sherwani, however, is formal attire and is not worn everyday nor in professional settings. So if William was wearing regular men’s shalwar kameez to other engagements like Kate is, it would certainly be appreciated but Pakistani men by and large wear trousers and suits in professional settings as well so it’s not a big deal.

  25. Alanna says:

    I worked in Pakistan for a year and had a few traditional outfits but always felt a bit like the clothes were wearing me rather than vice versa. Perhaps it is her tall and slender figure, but the shalwar kameez looks stunning on her and I adore the colours she has chosen. I hope she considers incorporating some of traditional Pakistani pieces into her regular wardrobe rotation because she shines in them.

  26. Brc says:

    Why is she wearing a long scarf on her left with each outfit?

    • Geane says:

      it’s called a dupatta and Pakistani women wear it like that with shalwar kameez like that or around the neck. The women who cover their hair drape it over their heads like Kate did at the mosque.

  27. Cosmo says:

    Still no outrage from the British tabloids about how much all of the clothing and trips cost the tax payers? It’s painfully obvious that some royals are treated way better than others in the media. It’s too bad because it doesn’t make the Cambridges look good. It just makes the British media look bad.