A medicine cabinet organizer, an anti-wrinkle pillow and a bamboo bath mat

I’ve been getting ads on Twitter for Amazon products because the Internet gods know I am an Amazon junkie. The site 22 Words has a lot of product ideas so I combed through a bunch of their posts to get ideas for some of the stuff below. (In some cases I chose different products in the same category.) If you enjoy posts like this check them out. This is an Amazon affiliate post and we do get a small percentage if you purchase items from here, but please comparison shop and buy second hand where possible.

A bamboo bath mat to make your bathroom feel like a spa
I just realized that bamboo shower mats exist and now I want one! I’m so sick of it taking forever to wash and dry the bath mats after they get cruddy. The one above is the best mix of price and rating with a B from Fakespot, 103 ratings and 4.3 stars. It’s only $29 and is about the size of a regular bath mat at 17.8” by 23.62”. However it’s a mix of light and dark bamboo, which is not as attractive to me. Here’s one that’s $35 and a nicer mix of wood colors. People call the mat above “attractive and well made” and say it also works great as a door mat or standing mat in the kitchen, basement or garage.

Bioidentical estrogen cream may help with menopause symptoms
We talked about bioidentical progesterone cream last week. I really do think it helped me a lot and several of you said it helped you too and that you also use estrogen cream. Before I get into this, please consult your doctor and consider the risks. This cream is by the same company that makes my progesterone cream, Smoky Mountain nutrition. Women say this greatly reduces hot flashes, that it reduces anxiety, that they “feel normal again,” that they’ve lost weight and that “Estro-life and Progestro-life have been life changing for me.” I’m going to order this too. This is in no way meant to be medical advice!

A curved brush to get all the trapped lint in your dryer
If you have a dryer with one of those semi-circular lint traps you know that they’re almost impossible to clean. Enter these lint brushes, which can help you get into those hard-to-reach places and prevent the fire risk that comes with lint build up. These lint brushes are made in the US and are just $8 for a pair of two. They have 4.3 stars, almost 500 reviews and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers say they work great, that they’re sturdy and easy to use, and that they were “shocked” to see how much stuff they get out.

Medicine cabinet organizers will make your hidden spaces tidy
I’m one of those people who shoves stuff in closets and under sinks but I’m gradually trying to wean myself of this habit. Containers and storage solutions help. I didn’t know that medicine cabinet organizers existed before now! They remind me of the clear refrigerator organizers which have helped tame the mess in my fridge. These are $29 for a pack of three and they will make your medicine cabinet look so nice, judging by the photo with nothing on it. You can also get two double-tier organizers for $18 at this listing. None of these have great fakespot ratings but they’re unique and seem to work so I wanted to feature them.

Veggie liners to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher
We talked about refrigerator vegetable containers a couple of months ago. I didn’t end up buying them as I already have the clear refrigerator organizers. However these veggie liners might just be the trick. These have 4.4 stars, almost 400 ratings and a C from Fakespot. They’re only $10 for a pack of four. They’re said to work by creating air flow under your produce. Buyers say “they work well my produce has lasted longer than I expected,” that they’re “pleased with the freshness of my veggies” and that they like them so much they’ve bought them as gifts.

A phone holder to watch shows in bed which doubles as a selfie stick
I have to admit that I regularly watch shows in bed. I should be reading, I know, but it’s hard to resist when my phone is so big and clear. However it hurts my neck and I’m constantly falling asleep and dropping my phone. This flexible phone holder fits around your neck and sits up straight to keep your phone at eye level. It also comes with a little remote and can double as a selfie stick! It has 4.2 stars, 88 ratings and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers call it “amazing,” love that it switches from horizontal to vertical, and say that it’s both easy to move and holds its shape. You can also use it in the car or just as a handy stand for your phone.

An anti-wrinkle pillow you can use for back or side sleeping
YouTuber Hot and Flashy claims that sleeping on her back really helped with her wrinkles. I would counter that the retinol, botox and serums she uses are probably more responsible for that, but a lot of women swear by these anti-wrinkle pillows. This memory foam specially designed MyFacePillow is pricey at $70, but it’s said to help with neck and jaw pain, and to work for both back and side sleeping. This has over 1,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a C from Fakespot. (The adjusted rating is still well over 4 stars.) People say it helps avoid the deep creases you get from smooshing your face when you sleep, that it’s comfortable and that it doesn’t have any chemical smell when you first unwrap it. I like my memory foam pillow but I’m very tempted by this. Also I wonder if it helps with snoring. Not that I have that problem!




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  1. Lindy says:

    Just put the fruit and veggie fridge liners in my cart!

  2. tempest prognosticator says:

    I’ve been trying to sleep on my back to avoid wrinkles. I bought a Nurse Jamie pillow for a lttile more than than the YourFace pillow. Man, old habits die hard. In the middle of the night, I’m like – forget this- I roll to my side and smush my face deep into a normal pillow. It looks like the YourFace pillow might keep me from rolling over.

  3. susiecue says:

    That pillow…I could never. I’m a stomach sleeper. But I’m clicking on the bamboo bath mat and the veggie liners!

  4. My3cents says:

    Could you please try to find something that helps with snoring? My partner does and I’m such a light sleeper, it’s hard… Thanks!

    • Catherine Sheel says:

      Separate bedrooms. But I’ll wait and see if someone has a better solution. It sucks to have separate bedrooms but the alternative is that I begin to detest the person peacefully snoring next to me while I can’t. If he wears his mouth guard, wears those nose strips AND sleeps on his side — we can manage a hotel room and then I only feel deep irritation (vs. detestation).

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        We sleep in separate bedrooms since my husband snores so loudly that the kids could hear him while they were in their rooms. I have trouble sleeping and it grew to the point that we couldn’t sleep together anymore. And it’s hell when we travel together.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I use breathe right strips, not that I have that problem.

    • ClaireB says:

      Breathe Right strips helped my husband for a while, but we’ve moved on to him sleeping propped up on a foam bed wedge. That’s basically eliminated his snoring entirely.

      • Lady Baden-Baden says:

        @ClaireB Wow – in that case this may well be my next purchase! We’re also currently (sadly) in separate bedrooms. Husband has tried nose strips, nasal vents, acupressure ring, throat spray, overhauled his diet and eating times, tried different exercise regimes… you name it, nothing works. This gives me hope – thanks!

    • My3cents says:

      Separate bedrooms sounds ideal but I think I’ll have to wait a few years until one of the kids moves out….
      I’ll look up the foam wedge, thanks!

    • megs283 says:

      ear plugs. 🙂 it’s the only thing that helps my husband.

      • Soupie says:

        @Lady Baden, have you tried mouth taping? It works for me. Years ago a female doctor who specialized in asthma treatment came up with the idea and it worked for her patients. It forces you to breathe through your nose which is healthier anyway. At first it feels strange but you get used to it. You also have to use the right tape. It’s that whitish paper stuff that comes off really easily and doesn’t hurt when you take it off. I get it at the dollar store. Check it out!

    • margedebarge says:

      Good earplugs combined with sweatband-style wireless headphones blasting white noise are doing the trick for me so far. We’re still in our 20s though, I’m not sure what we’ll do if he snores worse as he gets older.

  5. Bubbled says:

    I don’t understand how the bamboo bath mat is supposed to work. Won’t the water drip between the cracks and pool there and take a long time to dry?

  6. Hnmmom says:

    Just ordered the lint trap cleaner, thanks for that! Can’t wait to get the build up out of there!