Meg Ryan dumped John Mellencamp again & broke off their year-long engagement

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan evening stroll

Almost one year ago exactly, Meg Ryan confirmed that she and John Mellencamp had gotten engaged. They had been on-and-off since 2011 – when they were “on,” they were always doing loved-up pap strolls in New York and Rome. When they were off, Mellencamp would date other women, like Christie Brinkley. Meg always took him back. But it looks like they’re back off! One whole year of being engaged – with no wedding planning or wedding – and they’re over. Again.

Not a match. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have split after eight years together, Us Weekly exclusively confirms in the new issue.

“She’d had enough and ended [their engagement],” a source reveals. “She has no regrets.”

Rumors began swirling about the on-off couple’s separation when Ryan, 57, was spotted out in Los Angeles without her engagement ring. The actress announced her engagement to the singer, 68, in November 2018. “ENGAGED!” she captioned an illustration of the pair on Instagram at the time. Ryan and Mellencamp were first linked in 2011. They broke up in 2014 before reconciling later that year, only to call it quits again in 2015 and reunite once more in 2017.

[From Us Weekly]

I wonder about so much of this. Part of me thinks that they truly love each other but they just fundamentally disagree about “what’s next.” My guess is that Meg would sort of like to get married but he sort of doesn’t want that. And so they go through these break-up and makeup cycles. Do you think this will be the final split? Probably not.

Here are some photos of Meg at the Governors Awards last weekend – she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

11th Annual Governors Awards

11th Annual Governors Awards

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Scorpio ♏️ Rants says:

    She looks great here. Thank goodness she quit the face jacking.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yes she looks like what she used to look like. I do think the lips are beyond repair at this point. She had trout pout for several years and after she stopped, the lips were never the same.

      She’s better off not marrying him. He doesn’t sound like a prize.

  2. BayTampaBay says:

    IIRC correctly, I read somewhere that Mellencamp has anger management issues. Also, he does not want to live in NYC full time nor be based out of NYC. I think I read that Mellencamp wants to live full time in Indiana. If any of the above is true, I could understand how there would be major problems.

  3. Sarah I the first sarah says:

    She’s looking a bit better. Still jacked

  4. DaisySharp says:

    Oh she looks like herself again. I’m happy to see this. I would love to see her in something. She should go to prestige tv.

  5. mellie says:

    Good for her, smart move, he’s a jerk-face.

    • Kosmos says:

      I’ve heard that, too, about him. I think he even said that about himself LOL. She really does look great here, even with all the plastic, but somehow looks a lot better now. Maybe it’s the hair or a combination of things. I also don’t like her ex Dennis Quaid. Maybe her man picker is just off? Well, there’s definitely a reason why certain people connect even though they aren’t good for one another. I really like her, though have no real idea what she’s like as a person. He really has good hair, at least…….

  6. Boodiba says:

    I so wish she’d find someone less douchey.

  7. minx says:

    I always thought they seemed like an odd couple.

  8. lucy2 says:

    She looks good!
    If one or both wasn’t happy in the relationship, hopefully it’s the end of the off and on. Time to move on.

  9. Andrea says:

    I wonder what she had had enough with??

  10. Ashley G says:

    He face is still messed up but she seems to sort of be going back to normal? It’s all so puffy and strange looking. Her body is so skinny but her face is so puffy…

  11. Ann says:

    She looks just like Olivia Newton John in those pics

  12. Janet says:

    Pretty obvious HE is the one who wanted to get married, she was not in a hurry. See her interview with InStyle, done this summer. She was in no hurry at all. He has described himself as an a*&hole, so I’d say that was their problem. The article says even her own kids are glad she broke it off!

    • Kosmos says:

      It kind of sounds like a Sean Penn type. He also sounds difficult and not relationship material for most women, but Robin Wright sure stuck around for a very long time before they split for good.

  13. Lizz says:

    I don’t follow the thinking that John was the one that wouldn’t commit. He made the really extraordinary sacrifice of moving to New York and setting up shop in a live/work studio for painting just to be near her apartment. Presumably it allowed the engagement in the first place and will be interesting to see if/when he relocates back to Indiana. That said, I understand better when he talks about loving to paint so much (for days on end) because it allows him to be by himself.

  14. Nightsky says:

    Wow, she looks like Meg again!

  15. Lizz says:

    John is a total workaholic, Type A personality anyway and has been doing even more art showings the last couple years in addition to recording and touring, musical productions, etc. She might not have realized how much things had changed and how much they were really going to be apart.