Chelsea Clinton feels like Jay-Z didn’t do enough to support Beyonce’s weight loss

Chelsea Clinton is mom for the third time with Husband Marc Mezvinsky! **FILE PHOTOS**

I honestly fast-forwarded through parts of Beyonce’s Homecoming. I just wanted to see the Coachella performance, you know? I appreciate that Beyonce wanted us to see all of the work that went into the performance at every level though. She worked her ass off to get into shape after giving birth to the twins, and rehearsed the show like crazy and she went on an insane diet to fit into the costumes and all of that. At one point in the documentary, Beyonce calls Jay-Z and tells him proudly that she fits into her costume, meaning she’s lost the pregnancy weight because she’s been working so hard. Jay’s reaction was muted. His reaction did not go unnoticed by Chelsea Clinton, who was pregnant at the time and watching Homecoming.

Chelsea Clinton thinks Jay-Z‘s reaction to Beyoncé‘s post-pregnancy weight loss was underwhelming. Clinton, 39, recalled being pregnant with her third child while watching Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary, “Homecoming,” with her husband, Marc Mezvinksy. In the film, Beyoncé is seen FaceTiming her rapper husband about how excited she is about fitting into a costume after giving birth to twins.

Clinton was less than pleased with Jay-Z’s reaction. “I said, ‘Marc, if that’s ever me, you better have more enthusiasm,’” she told The Cut in a recent interview. “It wasn’t the ‘I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing’ that I arguably think any woman deserves, particularly someone who has clearly worked herself body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to get to that place.” Clinton added, “Marc was like, ‘Duly noted.’”

“I was like, ‘I bet every woman watching this has this sense of she deserves more enthusiasm,’” she said. “Marc was like, ‘I got it. Can we go back to watching it, please? We’ve talked about it three times in the last 90 seconds.’”

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I mean, it’s funny that Chelsea Clinton has strong feelings about this and that she even talked about it in an interview. Hillary Clinton is a well-known member of the Beyhive, and I guess Hillary passed it on to Chelsea too. Members of the Beyhive aren’t always stanning for both Beyonce AND Jay-Z though. Most could take or leave Jay. Most Bey stans think that Jay-Z doesn’t do enough for Beyonce, that he doesn’t praise her enough, or keep it in his pants enough, etc. But yeah – I remember that part. Beyonce was so happy about her weight loss and Jay treated it like it was nothing. Men truly don’t understand that they’re supposed to get really excited by that kind of thing. “I fit into my jeans from college, don’t you GET IT?”



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  1. Michael says:

    Does Jay Z get excited over anything? I have never seen him super pumped. Maybe it is his personality. Not like Beyonce doesn’t have a hundred million cheerleaders already.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      Okay but there’s a massive difference between cheerleaders and your spouse.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking. I can’t recall ever seeing him actually pumped about… well, anything.

      So I don’t know how to feel on this one. As long as he was being supportive and not sabotaging or making dumb comments, I feel like it’s fine. I can’t see my husband getting super pumped up on that kind of thing, either. If I was excited about it, he’d tell me he was proud of me for meeting my goal… but I definitely wouldn’t see him making a huge deal about it. But in a way… I wouldn’t want him to? I mean, if he got super psyched and was like ‘oh thank god!’ that’d be pretty crappy, too because it’d come off like he hated the weight I was before. And it’s not like he didn’t know the documentary was being made – he’s kind of in an awkward position.

      • Kebbie says:

        I think I’d be offended! If he were super thrilled it’s kind of saying he prefers you thinner than you have been lately. It’s such a sensitive subject, there’s no real winning there.

    • tertia says:

      Everyone knows how frequently he cheats on Bey with teenagers (seems like he has started checking IDs though).

      It’s the least he could do to look publicly supportive.

  2. Purple prankster says:

    Actually I remember watching that part and thinking “Well I’m not Beyonce but I’m sure mr prankster would muster a little more enthusiasm than that”
    I was so inspired by how hard she worked to prepare for the show, it had me feeling like I too could live on apples and water and lose a bunch of weight in two or three months.

    • Lauren says:

      I actually was surprised they included that footage. She was so proud and he was so “meh” I’m not even a Bey-stan but I felt that.

      • Purple prankster says:

        I wondered the exact same thing, why did they put that footage in there? And like someone else said I felt a little bit sorry for her as I watched.

  3. Lenn says:

    Maybe he finds it unimportant. Maybe he finds her health more important Nd he worried about her. Iknow I would have.

    • Apalapa says:

      I feel this. I hope she follows her mom’s footsteps and remarries.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      So only what he finds important counts? She was really excited about something SHE worked very hard for. He could muster a little energy regardless of what he thinks of the thing to be excited and supportive of her.

  4. Tiff says:

    My love for Beyonce is only equaled by my hate for Jay Z. I can’t wait until Blue kicks him out of the house!

  5. Apalapa says:

    I am sure I am in the minority on this – but when I watched some parts of homecoming I was sad for B? I mean homecoming performance was amazing!! Shoulda won an emmy. But I was sad she was having to eat l000 calories a day despite rehearsing dance moves 10 hours a day, having almost died from pre eclampsia, coming off of breastfeeding, and being a mom to all her kids at the end of the day. That amount of food is how much a toddler eats. A person in a coma. And B is a full grown woman doing a whole day of exercise, 6 days a week. Why not perform with a bigger baby bump? It sounded like h*ll what she did.

    It’s hard bc I don’t want to judge her and I know the pressure is real. But I also I hear post partum “the 4th trimester” needs lots of rest, food, and sleep to heal from what the babies took while you are pregnant and breastfeeding. It’s the whole reason why other countries except the US give moms 4-8 months of maternity leave… Right?

    Also Jay sucks.

    • JulieCarr says:

      The Coachella performance was intense. It’s much easier to dance like that if you aren’t carrying extra weight, particularly if you aren’t already used to dancing with extra weight. With choreography like that you also don’t really want an extra 20-30 pounds putting pressure on your joints, as that’ll catch up with you one day. Not really a problem for an amateur, but I imagine Beyoncé is doing everything she can to make sure she can still dance at a high level for decades to come.

      She would have been better off postponing another year, but since she decided to go ahead and put on that show then, slimming down was smart. She gained a lot of the weight back before her next tour, and you could see she struggled a little, even though that was a much less intense show.

      • Earthbound says:

        So true. That’s what people dont get about wanting to lose the last 10 or 20 -you dont HAVE to but it is VERY helpful if you’re into sports or physical endeavors. It just makes a big difference in important ways. It isnt JUST vanity. On Beyonces level even more so. Still that plan she was on was some bullshit imho. Especially literally postpartum.

    • Strath23 says:

      Canada, one year of maternity leave.

  6. StephB says:

    I remember thinking if Beyonce chose to keep that moment in the documentary, which I’m sure was painstakingly edited, it is okay. We heard 30 seconds of a convo. He may have thoroughly celebrated when she got home. I don’t know but it seems messy and unnecessary to even discuss.

    • Green Desert says:

      Exactly, StephB. Maybe he truly doesn’t care what weight she’s at and that attitude came through there. Sure he could have shown some enthusiasm, but maybe in his mind he thinks she looks great all the time and it didn’t register that he should get excited about weight loss. I feel like this is the biggest shrug of a story ever. 🙂

  7. Keekee says:

    Like I said somewhere else maybe he didn’t want to seem too excited and make her feel bad.. Imagine if he jumped up and down that she lost weight?

    • JulieCarr says:

      This. Celebrating your partner’s weight loss is tricky. If you don’t seem happy enough you’re unsupportive, but if you seem like you’re even just a tiny bit too happy then that’s like opening a Pandora’s Box of insecurities.

      In Beyonce’s case the weight loss was purely aesthetic. It’s not like she was overweight and excited to be healthier, it was just about looks. Which is fine, but it’s a bit of an awkward thing for someone else to get excited about without feeling like they’re saying they didn’t like how she looked before.

      • Kebbie says:

        Especially if your partner is someone whose weight fluctuates! She gained weight back after that. If he had been over the top excited about her weight loss, how is she going to feel when she puts some of it back on? That’s a very fine line to walk.

    • Kate says:

      That was my thought too. If I were him I’d feel like it was a trap (and celebrating weight loss is kind of a trap because of all the implications). I think he had to stay measured in his response.

  8. BC says:

    This is so random ha. Chelsea about Beyonce on weight loss. Didnt see that coming.

    I too skipped through the documentary especially the rehearsal and skipping bits. Why cant she just make a separate behind the scenes docu and give us a separate coachella docu? Personally, i dont even like any kind of BTS vids. I dont want to know how hard you worked, thats for you and your team. And it kinda takes the magic away from the final product when i learn that you stayed up 625567245 days and ate nothing but water all through. I dont know what im supposed to do with that info. I just want to enjoy the final product and see it all come together effortlessly.

    I guess Jay is one of those guys that just dont show emotion in public but probably cry after sex hahaha. I like Jay. I appreciate his hardwork. Everybody knows his background, its incredible to have come so far. Yes he cheats, but thats his problem with Beyonce. What i have an issue with is his misogyny from back in the day and his profiting off of the suffering of black people. But still, cant hate on his hustle.

    Personally, i dont like people who try to fetch for compliments, like – i lost weight and fit into my jeans – thats good for you but please dont let it hang in the air, waiting for a response from me.

    • Ali says:

      Lol agree a totally random headline

    • Earthbound says:

      If you basically look pretty fit already and then just happen to look even more fit I don’t think men care to comment. Who wants a man constant commenting on your appearance anyway like a gross LA photographer or some such. The only men I’ve ever known like that are LA dudes in all the negative ways.

      Recently I was happy I lost a bit more weight after my long plateau from giving birth a year ago. From my husband I got a disinterested reaction. But later I thought well I guess in a way it is nice he isnt stoked. For me personally every inch is hard won after two kids. Let alone four like Beyonce. Goddamn.

    • Chaine says:

      Right, Chelsea Clinton versus Jay Z, weirdest celebrity beef ever.

    • Myrtle says:

      What I was going to say! #RandomestHeadlineEver

  9. Savannah says:

    Maybe he thought the whole losing baby weight was idiotic because B (and any woman for that matter) is beautiful no matter what size or weight they are.
    Maybe he didn’t care cause he was more concerned of other things than weight..

    It’s always about weight with women. How much space they take up, how clothes don’t fit, what numbers are on the scale.
    Who gives a s*** about being a SMALLER size if you still struggled healthwise or with your mental health.
    How is you making yourself physically smaller going to make your self worth bigger?
    Why are women afraid to take up space?

    • Lenn says:

      This. Like I said before, he might not care. I know my husband doesn’t care AT ALL what size jeans I fit into. He just wants me to be happy. Maybe Jay-Z was worried about her.

    • Ariela says:

      There are many reasons why a woman (or a man) chooses to lose weight. It is a personal choice.

    • Purple prankster says:

      I agree but there is also the element of having achieved a goal you have set for yourself.

    • Chaine says:

      It’s true, maybe he likes her just fine at the weight she was that, but the point is, he knew she had set a goal to lose weight and she was excited to do it, so maybe he could be more supportive. Overall though, I tend to think with the others up thread that he’s just not that emotionally Demonstrative, and she knows that and she’s fine with it.

  10. Kath says:

    I cannot believe anyone would skip through any of that. I love Bey but I’m not a rabid fan by any means, but all of that was a masterpiece. The level of dedication that went into everything including the documentary itself was amazing. I’m honestly horrified.

  11. LNG says:

    I haven’t watched the documentary yet, so this was perhaps the most random headline I’ve ever read on Celebitchy. I almost wish I hadn’t read the story so I could still be trying to figure out the connection between Chelsea Clinton and Beyonce’s weightloss story!!

  12. Sarah says:

    You fast forwarded?!? I watched it twice!!